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02.02.2024 16:31
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (7.8/10)

I've been working with them for two years now. You have to get used to any tool, but breaking-bet was a pleasure to get used to.

30.10.2022 23:07
Feedbacks of scanner TheForks (6/10)

A simple and convenient program that does not require almost any action from the user. Two bets are places by one click. If the odds change, the recalculation automatically goes on, there is no need to start counting all over again in a panic. Of the minuses, a rather meager number of arbitrations found can be noted. It happens that you come in with the expectation of a long and fruitful work, but here two surebets lie with a minimum percentage and nothing more. The low cost of the subscription offsets the slow growth of the bank, but I understand that with a different scanner I would earn faster.

18.10.2022 15:47
Feedbacks of scanner OddsJam (5.5/10)

I understand why the scanner is popular in America, but for a European it is of little interest. The standard set of features, a lot of baseball and American football, which for us take place at night, the possibilities of filters are also not amazing. You can arb here, and even probably successfully, but it’s easier to find a cheaper scanner.

06.10.2022 14:12
Feedbacks of scanner OddsJam (5.5/10)

A good program for leisurely and thoughtful arbitrage with reliable surebets. There are practically no wrong coefficients here, the scanner works carefully and this does not affect its speed. You can choose an arb without any extra effort, but the calculations will have to be done manually, since the calculator here is not the most reliable.

AmoRe 5*
09.04.2022 12:56
Feedbacks of scanner TheForks (6/10)

Good scanner, inexpensive and enough

27.03.2022 07:48
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (6.8/10)

A top-end scanner that looks like a betting exchange. A calculator is presented immediately in the sections - very convenient and practical. It can also be inserted into the browser with a special extension. The tariffs are normal and the suspension is especially useful, because there are not always many good tournaments where you can make a lot of money

22.03.2022 16:53
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

Good scanner, affordable prices, enough arbs. I think 7 euros can be found to check everything individually for a week. Who cares - what amounts do you bet on?

Bar xxl
20.03.2022 19:20
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Love this scanner, because thanks to it I got up a little financially and forgot about the long series of drains. Now I have already learned better the principle of betting on an almost win-win strategy, so I began to earn a furious plus. Colleagues from work advised to use surebets only in live, but by alternating bookies and not charging large amounts, it is easy to avoid a ban.

04.02.2022 14:27
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Cool service that fully  recoups the money invested. I am working with BB for a long time and I am not going to change anything. To whom the prices are high - what amounts do you bet on? It is easy to win back investments even in a day. I don’t litter with money, but it’s useless to put 1-2 EURO. With burgers, you need to bring down more and earn enough!

27.01.2022 17:16
Feedbacks of scanner ArbIQ (5.5/10)

Not a dummy and not a top, a kind of average combination in terms of level. You can find a lot of good values in the demo, but believe me, there are many more of them in paid packages. I just didn’t like that the settings get lost quite often and there is no application / plugin

Rita Margarita
12.01.2022 18:37
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Such a normal scanner, any package is very profitable and even the maximum can be served. It pisses me off that bookmakers don't like these surebets and often issue bans. I re-registered all my friends and relatives, and the bans continue, therefore 4 marks, not 5. Although Betburger are not to blame here, it’s still not very pleasant to play with registrations like this, wasting time.

NihileGO 4
08.10.2021 21:59
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

have been looking closely at the BBurger for a long time and only a month ago I took a tariff. I will not write for a long time, I will go through the pluses with a list:
1. There are a lot of surebets and this is worth admitting.
2. Tariffs are practically for nothing, because such money is easy to recapture even in a day, without much effort.
3. The functionality of the scanner is optimal, but for some reason the calculator often fails.
4. A simple site where everything is clear for people too.
To summarize, it really is one of the best, if not the best scanner at the moment. I'm not going to change anything and I'm already waiting for the height of the sports seasons to go into plus for a long time.

30.05.2021 08:46
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

I think this is the best scanner of all. It is inexpensive, very few errors, a convenient plugin. I've been working with him for over a year.

03.09.2020 16:15
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)



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14.08.2020 13:11
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

They have probably the best navigation from all services. Many supported bookmakers and it fills in the amount in the betslip as well. Very good navigation and services. I am using them for 1 year already.

06.03.2020 11:49
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)

Middles are good, but still do not twist 100% will never be , although you can still get in. Especially the Polish ones are great , but I just want to warn you -it's better to read and read first the info about all the offers of the scanner, so as not to waste money.

08.11.2019 10:33
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

I liked the scanner, a lot of фкиы, but still I would like more for the Champions League. There are a lot of matches, all of them are important and cool, and there are only a couple of arbs for a day. But the Spanish La Liga is good so give

02.11.2019 16:33
Feedbacks of scanner BMBets (3.8/10)

Advised the scanner and generally like it. Arbs are given normally, the delay is minimal, so the coeff can be more or less worded. But special profitability for the month has not reached, +-10%, despite the fact that the balance is not enough for me , because there is nothing to risk and lose everything is not a pity)) dream to rise from zero almost as long as it remains)

07.08.2019 20:31
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Best scanner of arbs I've seen ever. Better than OddStorm and Rebel both

15.07.2019 10:55
Feedbacks of scanner DevilBets (5.5/10)