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Thomas, entrepreneur
02.03.2018 07:03
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (6.5/10)

Learned about BreakingBet quite recently. Usually gamble on lives, so paid no attention to this scanner. Maybe, as developers promise, the service will operate in full force and effect, but so far, it cut no ice. Poor functionality. No lives or negative arbs. No comprehensive picture on bookmakers coefficients to compare. 

Roger White
01.03.2018 10:01
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (7.8/10)

Quite a highly recommended scanner but lacks the filter to select by sports. It seemed to be very inconvenient. I also think that there must be an accounting tool to control your finance. Moreover, the resource obviously has no certification. Sad.

28.02.2018 22:00
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (9.3/10)

PositiveBet is truly positive! Rapid monitoring. Extensions for Opera and Chrome run like clockwork. No currency issues: for selected bookmakers, everything is calculated automatically and swiftly. Got no limitations while working with this scanner. Recommend heavily!

26.02.2018 09:02
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (9.9/10)

The website is clear and convenient for me. For 2 years of betting there, we got used to each other. In the very beginning, it was very difficult to handle highly-dynamic surebets. But over the course of time, I got the hang of it and started working with lives only. Usually I use PC, but should I need to leave for a couple of days, it is quite good to bet using a smartphone. Sure, every gambler has their own preferences, but I recommend BetBurger as a great tool — consider it.

Ethan, NY
10.01.2018 18:56
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (6.5/10)

A nifty scanner. Smooth registration. Trial period included. Caught some nice 3-outcome arbs that could cost high on other scanners. All bookmakers covered, and new ones appear regularly.

Frank, student
06.01.2018 12:51
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (9.3/10)

It is all about rapid work there, especially for live arbs. To help a gambler not miss a valuable surebet, the service provides all information about it at once — just catch! Calculator capabilities are awesome: leverage amounts are handled in a tick. PositiveBet is great for stable income. 

Albert, Boston
16.12.2017 19:20
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (9.9/10)

Came to BetBurger official website. It was all beautiful, even in the Subscription Plans section. However, when I saw the prices I realized it was too costly for me. No way to name myself a professional arb better, so such plans would not be profitable for me.

Tim, beginner
02.11.2017 12:59
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (7.8/10)

Just trying to grasp the betting basics. Haven’t found my gambling strategy yet and decided to try arbs and talk about it on the forum. OddStorm reviews instilled my confidence, but I found out that a desire was not enough for success — I had to hone surebetting skills. First, I swallowed that bait of 300-percent profitability surebets. Paid more than 60 euros but never expected that most valuable arbs could appear and then vanish that fast! So, it all made me tick and I lost lots of good arbs.

09.10.2017 13:33
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (7.8/10)


It’s great. I liked almost instant update of Live, I would say, it took 1-2 seconds. You manage to play. Never once did I miss. It is convenient to make subscription payments. There is a free trial version, but do not look to more than 1% in it. It is possible to filter the bookmakers depending on your personal preferences right away - not to register at all bookmakers in a row at once.

Bob, 24 y.o.
12.09.2017 14:05
Feedbacks of scanner BMBets (5/10)

A nice service for permanent pre-match betting. Offers handy stuff such as calculator. Though I’m a newbie in betting, but this one appeared to be the most convenient and offered the greatest number of sports supported (I’m very fond of cricket – it’s not that popular, but this service supports it as well). I must also note the clarity of coefficients that enables to estimate the bet profitability.