Value Bets

Value Bets

This way of betting contains analysis of coefficients suggested by a bookmaker, comparing these coefficients with some referral values (more info about finding them below), and decisions upon reasonability of the certain bet.


How Do Value Bets Work?

Coefficients for all events are usually set based on two main criteria: line of agencies providing event data and own analysis. That is why different bookmakers have roughly the same coefficients.

Meanwhile, some bookmakers increase coefficients for some markets due to any reasons. This way, surebets appear, which are one of the most efficient ways of betting, able to give stable and solid income to a gambler, in case of proper usage ($1000 a week are ordinary for surebet gamblers ). Aside from surebets, positive middles also emerge.

This effect of raised coefficients realizes another way of making money – using value bets.

If some event of X probability is estimated as less probable by a bookmaker, than the former will have higher coefficient for it. This way, making N bets (usually more than 10), than a gambler is to get profit soon.

There is an expected question: how to detect an increased coefficient and what is this rise relative to; which coefficient level is considered correct? Because, talking about an upcoming event, coefficients are just a pre-match estimation. Nothing more.


Tyranny of averages

It is not a tough thing to find a perfect coefficient to compare a bookmaker’s one with. All other betting offices may help with it. Having take the arithmetic mean of all analogical coefficients, just compare and check whether the certain one is higher or not.


That Is How It Works

Let’s take 5 bookmakers for example:

Bookmaker 1, Bookmaker 2, Bookmaker 3, Bookmaker 4, Bookmaker 5. They give coefficients for the same events as follows: 2.02 / 1.95 / 2.10 / 2.00 / 1.90

The average coefficient is: (2.02+1.95+2.10+2.00+1.90)/5=1.994

1.994 is the average coefficient on the market. With that, real probability of the event does not depend on this coefficient (as any event does not depend on anybody’s assessment). Therefore, we may state with fair likelihood that a bet on any coefficient higher than 1.994 will give them a strong hand over a bookmaker.

Such bets are surebets. Making them for long runs, gamblers have great advantage over bookmakers and awesome chances to make money.

The main point of this method – almost no risks.



How to find increased coefficients for making value bets?

There are not as many services providing analysis and comparison of coefficients as scanners of surebets. Thanks God best surebet scanners also allow to deal with value bets.

  • First of all, BetBurger. Reliable and swift service with the function of comparing coefficients.
  • Also, we must mention OddStorm offering the wider range of capabilities, while scanning goes reasonably fast.
  • SureBet – the scanner of pre-match coefficients. Worse than two previous, but still good to go for working with raised coefficients.
  • MellBet. Has questionable quality, analyses changes of coefficients. Besides the default professional tool of scanning coefficients, this service offers some dubious projects, forecasts causing problems with defining the quality level of the scanner.