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What Are Surebets?

Here is an abbreviated version (for full overview, please read the whole document):

  • What is a Surebet? — the safest way to gamble.
  • How to Find a Surebet? — use one of surebet-scanners.
  • How to Calculate a Surebet? — by yourself or with a calculator available in all high-quality scanners.
  • How Much Can You Make with a Single Surebet? — anywhere from 3 to 7 percent for pre-match surebets and 5 to 10 percent for live surebets.
  • Types of Surebets – pre-match or Live. Live surebets are more profitable and it’s safer to work with them.
  • Is it safe to work with Surebets? — the worst thing that may happen is that you may experience betting limits. However, if you work with reliable betting companies and exercise caution, you will be in good shape.



Surebets are specific situations taking place when different betting offices have various ways of assessing the same situation (setting various coefficients). For a gambler, such situation (which is also called arbitrage) gives the opportunity to gain guaranteed income independent from the outcome of the sport event. This income is called the profitability of a surebet.

A Simple Example

A football (soccer) match between Team 1 and Team 2. Different bookmakers set the following coefficients on the market 1X2:

  • Bookmaker 1. Bet 1X (which means the victory of Team 1 or Draw) – coefficient of 2.05. Bet 2 (which means the victory of Team 2) – coefficient of 1.75.
  • Bookmaker 2. Bet 1X (the victory of Team 1 or Draw) – coefficient of 1.82. Bet 2 (the victory of Team 2) – coefficient of 2.1.

In this example, coefficients are represented in the simplified view, which is more comprehensive. However, they are real and such situation may occur in real life.

This combination of coefficients creates a bookmaker surebet:

Win of Team 1 or Draw
Win of Team 2
Bookmaker 1 2.05 1.75
Bookmaker 2 1.82 2.10


If a gambler stakes on Team 1’s victory or a Draw, betting $100 at Bookmaker 1 and $100 on Team 2’s victory at Bookmaker 2, then they will be in profit regardless of the total result.


Sum of two stakes: $100+$100 = $200. Both bets: 1X and 2 cover all probable outcomes, namely: victory of either teams or a draw.

  • In case of first bet’s win (the second one loses, of course), the gambler will get 2.05*$100-$200 = $5 (or 2.5% of the staked amount).
  • In case of second bet’s win (the first one loses, of course), the gambler will get 2.10*$100-$200 = $10 (or 5% of the staked amount).

With any outcome, the gambler is always in profit! It goes without saying that, increasing the amount of bets and their quantity (looking ahead, we mention that using modern surebet-scanners, it’s possible to set 30 and more bets per day).

Bet on each possible outcome is called leverage of a surebet. There may be two leverages, as in the example above. This way, the surebet is called 2-way. A surebet with three leverages is called 3-way. With four and more – multiway. The most popular surebets are 2-way. It’s simpler to calculate and set them.


Pre-Match Surebets and Live Surebets

Surebets can be set before the match – they are called pre-match. Their advantages are: it’s more convenient to work with them; high number of them; lifetime is long (usually, several hours and more). Profitability of such surebets for comfortable working is 3-7%.

The second type of surebets is Live surebets. They appear during the competition. Their lifetime is usually between several seconds to 30 minutes. Longer surebets are rare. Such surebets are significantly safer for working (it’s quite tough for bookmakers to detect a professional in a gambler) and more profitable: 10%-surebets are ordinary for Live surebets. Upper limit of safe gambling is about 15% per Live surebet. $150 for each staked thousand is not bad, is it?


How to Find a Surebet?

There are numerous scanners made to find surebets. Some are better, some are weaker.
We’ve made a rating of surebet-scanners, which will help you to choose the best service.

Most scanners offer free packs providing restricted service. Though, it may be enough to start working with surebets and make money.


How to Calculate a Surebet?

1. Detecting the Surebet:


where N is the number of outcomes for a surebet. Coef1, Coef2, etc. are coefficients for each leverage of a surebet.
If C is less than 1, then a surebet exists. Its profitability is: W=100% / C – 100%

2. Calculation of the amount of bets at leverages of a surebet doesn’t have to match coefficients.

Surebets let make bets so that a gambler could get income only in case of one leverage’s win, while the second leverage would cover the stake. This allows to optimize (therefore, to increase!) incomes during working of surebets. I think you agree that it’s quite great. If, for example, coefficient for the one event is too low, while it’s very high for the second, then, the profit is likely to appear at the first leverage. Thus, you may set the stake so that the whole profit will fall on the first leverage. And the second would be just for hedging – a gamble wouldn’t lose money if the second leverage wins.

So, while calculating the bet for the second leverage, we will base on the amount staked for the first one – Bet1.

Then, amount of the bet for the second leverage is: Bet2 = (Coef1*Bet1)/Coef2  This formula is correct for the case of inverse proportionality to coefficients. Then, a gambler gets profits if any made bet wins.

Formulas for 3-way bets, and also for more outcomes are not needed. They are analogical to the described formula. And, of course, it’s more convenient to use calculators on scanners’ website.


Is there a risk in working with surebets? Is it legal?

Surebets (arbitrage betting) are absolutely legal and doesn’t conflict with any legislative framework. Working with surebets is not a fraud to a bookmaker, cheat or crawling rules. In fact, coefficients, which bookmakers receive bets at, are set by themselves and nothing hinders you from making bets at coefficients that are profitable for you rather than at others.

At the same time, bookmakers have been aware of surebets and professional players, which make money with arbitrage betting. And, obviously, they don’t favor such gambling (though, there are some exceptions – such bookmakers, which, conversely, encourage surebet-gamblers).

Some bookmakers may, for example, set limits at gamblers’ bets. But, before that, they have to detect one. And it’s very difficult. For that, gamblers have to stick to several simple rules. Presently, we translate a great article of our Russian colleagues, devoted to safe working with surebets. As soon as ready, it will be placed here.

So far, some brief tips for quiet working with surebets:

  • Choose trustworthy bookmakers for working with surebets. There are many of them.
  • Set only rounded amounts. Bad: $125.14; good: $120.
  • Clear cash of your browser before working with surebets, remove cookies.
  • Work with pre-match surebets having not more than 7% profitability. With Live surebets, upper limit of profitability is 15%. Note: too high profitability may be a trap of a bookmaker, which catches gamblers this way.


If it’s too brilliant, why doesn’t everybody works with surebets?

This question can be considered philosophical. But we will try to formulate some theses.

  • Betting on arbitrage situations is work. You can set 2-3 surebets and get 40-50% in profit. But, in order to make stable and good money with surebets, you will have to work with lower-profitability surebets continuously. Only in this case, profit can be equal to and higher than the income gained by a gambler in real life (it’s often by far higher!)
  • You must keep money at two bookmakers as minimum. It’s better to have more partners. Accounts must be open (and have money in disposal) at 5-7 bookmakers while engaging stable working with surebets.
  • Not all bookmakers love gamblers working with surebets. It’s described above.
  • Different rules of bet calculation of various bookmakers. Before starting working with arbitrage situations, it’s important to make sure rules are the same. First of all, it may concern time – regulation time, extra time, rules and terms of total calculation of bets.

Nevertheless, frankly speaking, all difficulties are mental. There is nothing special in working with surebets. But, there are many perspectives and opportunities for good money.


How Much Time Does Working with Surebets Take?

For pre-match surebets, betting on all leverages of the single surebet takes several minutes, including time spent on finding a surebet, filtering results on the website of a scanner and the betting itself.

For Live surebets, it takes even less time. And it rarely occurs that it take more than a minute.

In order to simplify working for gamblers and as an additional service, some surebet-scanners offer tools to automatize working with surebets.

Summarizing, we can say that surebets are almost the only one reliable way to make money with betting. Most bookmakers don’t like working with surebets, though, they allow surebet-gamblers to work successfully and stably. It lets consider income from surebets as the one of main sources for multiplying family funds. Those who use – get wealthy. Those who don’t – look for other ways of making money. For example, start working in McDonald’s. With all due respect to McDonald’s.