What Are Surebets?

Here is an abbreviated version (for full overview, please read the whole document):

  • What is a Surebet? — the safest way to gamble. Their varieties: live and prematch.
  • How to Find a Surebet? — use one of surebet-scanners.
  • How to Calculate a Surebet? — by yourself or with a calculator available in all high-quality scanners.
  • How Much Can You Make with a Single Surebet? — anywhere from 3 to 7 percent for pre-match surebets and 5 to 10 percent for live surebets.
  • Types of Surebets – pre-match or Live. Live surebets are more profitable and it’s safer to work with them.
  • Is it safe to work with Surebets? — the worst thing that may happen is that you may experience betting limits. However, if you work with reliable betting companies and exercise caution, you will be in good shape.


First, we give a definition of the term and understand why it is called so.

Surebets are specific situations taking place when different betting offices have various ways of assessing the same situation (setting various coefficients). For a gambler, such situation (which is also called arbitrage) gives the opportunity to gain guaranteed income independent from the outcome of the sport event. This income is called the profitability of a surebet.

At the very beginning of this section, it is necessary to warn that the bookies have a negative attitude to the arbs and apply strict sanctions to them: reduce the highs, block accounts, limit the coefficients and use other methods of influence.

A Simple Example

A football (soccer) match between Team 1 and Team 2. Different bookmakers set the following coefficients on the market 1X2:

  • Bookmaker 1. Bet 1X (which means the victory of Team 1 or Draw) – coefficient of 2.05. Bet 2 (which means the victory of Team 2) – coefficient of 1.75.
  • Bookmaker 2. Bet 1X (the victory of Team 1 or Draw) – coefficient of 1.82. Bet 2 (the victory of Team 2) – coefficient of 2.1.

In this example, coefficients are represented in the simplified view, which is more comprehensive. However, they are real and such situation may occur in real life.

This combination of coefficients creates a bookmaker surebet:

Win of Team 1 or Draw
Win of Team 2
Bookmaker 1 2.05 1.75
Bookmaker 2 1.82 2.10


If a gambler stakes on Team 1’s victory or a Draw, betting $100 at Bookmaker 1 and $100 on Team 2’s victory at Bookmaker 2, then they will be in profit regardless of the total result.


Sum of two stakes: $100+$100 = $200. Both bets: 1X and 2 cover all probable outcomes, namely: victory of either teams or a draw.

  • In case of first bet’s win (the second one loses, of course), the gambler will get 2.05*$100-$200 = $5 (or 2.5% of the staked amount).
  • In case of second bet’s win (the first one loses, of course), the gambler will get 2.10*$100-$200 = $10 (or 5% of the staked amount).

With any outcome, the gambler is always in profit! It goes without saying that, increasing the amount of bets and their quantity (looking ahead, we mention that using modern surebet-scanners, it’s possible to set 30 and more bets per day).

Bet on each possible outcome is called leverage of a surebet. There may be two leverages, as in the example above. This way, the surebet is called 2-way. A surebet with three leverages is called 3-way. With four and more – multiway. The most popular surebets are 2-way. It’s simpler to calculate and set them.

Surebets occur in any sport and on any outcomes, with the opposite "shoulder". It is important to have time to catch them and issue a coupon for win-win rates.


How to Calculate a Surebet?

1. Detecting the Surebet:


where N is the number of outcomes for a surebet. Coef1, Coef2, etc. are coefficients for each leverage of a surebet.
If C is less than 1, then a surebet exists. Its profitability is: W=100% / C – 100%

2. Calculation of the amount of bets at leverages of a surebet doesn’t have to match coefficients.

Surebets let make bets so that a gambler could get income only in case of one leverage’s win, while the second leverage would cover the stake. This allows to optimize (therefore, to increase!) incomes during working of surebets. I think you agree that it’s quite great. If, for example, coefficient for the one event is too low, while it’s very high for the second, then, the profit is likely to appear at the first leverage. Thus, you may set the stake so that the whole profit will fall on the first leverage. And the second would be just for hedging – a gamble wouldn’t lose money if the second leverage wins.

So, while calculating the bet for the second leverage, we will base on the amount staked for the first one – Bet1.

Then, amount of the bet for the second leverage is: Bet2 = (Coef1*Bet1)/Coef2  This formula is correct for the case of inverse proportionality to coefficients. Then, a gambler gets profits if any made bet wins.

Formulas for 3-way bets, and also for more outcomes are not needed. They are analogical to the described formula. And, of course, it’s more convenient to use calculators on scanners’ website.

Varieties of surebets Above we have considered the options of two-way surebets, that is, consisting of two markets. They arise in 2 bookmakers. The essence, we think, is clear to everyone, but just in case we repeat: the event and its two opposite outcomes are taken, their coefficients are substituted in the formula, and if they eventually give a result less than 1, then you can bet on a win-win strategy. In addition, there are other types:

Three-way surebets. The bet will consist of three outcomes of the same match. The same formula is used: V = 1/K1 + 1/K2 +..1/KN. "Shoulders" for betting may be drawn from the three bookies, either of the two. For example, in football it can be three markets for the main result: Win 1, draw and Win 2.
The combination of arbs. The most difficult option, consisting of 4 or more outcomes. Not very popular with players, due to the complexity of the design coupons. The same formula mentioned above is used here. Sample tennis of accurate accounts: 2:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:2. Putting on all possible accounts, the client must remain in the black.
Most common two-way options, they are easier to work with and they arise in large numbers almost between any bookmakers. With three-way options for the most part are professionals with long experience and time to issue coupons. With combinations it is difficult to work for any person, too many events have to be taken into account, there is a high probability not to have time to put down one of the "shoulders", which will bring losses.

That's interesting. The more outcomes are taken into account in the arbitration situation, the more difficult it is

Live arbitrage bets

In previous chapters, we have considered arbitration situations arising in the pre-match line, that is, even before the event. The player looks through the offer of bookies and looks for odds that would help to make a win-win bet. Next, it remains to issue coupons in 2 or more bookmakers and calculate the potential profit. With proper skill and experience, there is nothing particularly difficult here, the main thing – to have time to cover all the "shoulders" before the bookmaker will significantly change the quotes.

Professionals do not work long with pre-match surebets, but rather greatly reduce their share in their activities. Over time, almost every player prefers to switch to live mode and look for arbitrage situations here. Let's first give them a definition and see how they differ. Live surebets – it's the same a win-win bet, but make them directly in the course of the match. Before the event, such bets may not arise at all, but appear during the game. The player's task – to find them in time and have time to issue coupons, closing all the "shoulders". Work on this algorithm is much more difficult, but much more profitable and safer, but we will tell you about everything in order.

Beginners are still better to start their activities with bets before the match, they are much easier. Gaining experience, you can switch to live mode.

Example of live surebet

As always, you can not do without a good example, it will help to learn the material easier. With pre match rates we have already met, now let's deal with  live arbs. It should be noted at once that the formula used for the calculation is the same as we mentioned just above. Remind:

V = 1/K1 + 1/K2 +..1/KN
The yield is also calculated by the formula:

 D = 100 – (100 * V)
The only difference is that here the events and outcomes are right in the course of the match, so the calculations should be fast. And very quickly issued coupons for all "shoulders", because it is known that the quotes in live change almost every second.

Example. There is a basketball game, the second quarter, the score on the scoreboard 32:33. On Total Over 167,5 one bookie is given a coefficient of 2.4, the second on Total Under 167,5 gives 1.9. It turns out the arbitration situation with a yield of 6%. The task of the user is to quickly make a bet with both bookmakers to make a profit in any case.

Such situations in one game day can be formed hundreds and thousands. It is clear that the more the player sits at the computer, the more he will earn. As in the pre-match, in live mode you can "catch" the arbitration situation in almost any sport.

In live mode, there are 2-outcomes, 3-outcomes and combination of surebets.


The advantages of live arbs

Since we have started to compare the two variants of arbitration situations, let's consider the advantages of live arbs. And there are quite a lot of them, let's go through the items.

  • Surebets in live mode more than in prematch

Due to the fact that the coefficients change quickly, in the bookies formed a huge number of win-win betting options. Compared with the home bets in live mode, there are ten times more surebets, and they can occur several times within the same match and for different outcomes. Events on the court during the competition change quickly, especially in sports such as tennis and basketball, not all bookmakers have time to adjust the coefficients, as a result, and there are winning options for the client.

If before the match the player will be able to put 10-20 outcomes per day between the two bookmakers, then in live mode their number is practically unlimited. And it is not only football or hockey, but also tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball and other disciplines that have a lot of markets for betting. Due to the large number of surebets, the customer can work out a plan for bookie earnings per day in just a couple of hours.

If in the pre-match necessarily need to use 5-6 bookmakers  for tangible profit, in live enough and 2-3. Surebets between them formed in sufficient quantities.

  • Surebets during the match are more profitable


Quick change of coefficients plays into the hands of players in another plan, namely the profitability of arbitration situations. In the pre-match, a arb with a profit of 10% is a rarity, moreover, in the vast majority of cases it turns out to be a banal error of the bookmaker, as a result, the coupon is calculated with a coefficient of 1, that is, there may not be a profit. What can I say, even 5% of the options are already considered an excellent offer. Usually before the match, events with a yield of not more than 2-3% are taken.

In the case of live arbs 10% yield of each "shoulder" – a common thing. Sometimes it is possible to catch more profitable offers for 15-20%. On average, players prefer to work with arbitrage situations that have a profit of 5-8%, this range can be called the "Golden mean". Betting on win-win outcomes during the match, the client increases the Bank much faster, because the yield will be much higher.

  • Live surebetters are harder to detect

Bookmakers, with the exception of a few, fiercely fighting with the professional players, considering them the most undesirable customers, because they deprive them of profit due to the fact that they themselves are constantly playing plus. It is clear that the bookmaker strongly oppose such users, up to blocking the account and deprivation of legitimate winnings. The fastest under the sanctions are players working in the prematch, they are very easy to detect, bookmakers have a full set of tools for this.

In the case of Live surebets sanctions do not come so quickly. The client's account can "live" for a long time. The reason for this – again, rapidly changing coefficients and a huge number of emerging options for betting. It is very difficult for a bookmaker to keep track of such a huge amount of information, because thousands of people play, and among them are ordinary users who do not trade arbitration in sports. Only after quite a long time, the security service can see the potential "threat" in the client and apply appropriate measures to it.

Bookmakers capabilities are expanding, technologies are becoming faster and more perfect. If earlier it was almost impossible to detect the profi, now it is done very successfully, though not as quickly as in the pre-match mode.

  • In live bets, the funds turn faster

The big disadvantage of pre-match bets is that the calculation takes place only after the event. If, for example, a player bets 4 hours before the start of a football match, he will have to wait for these hours plus 2 halves of 45 minutes. All this time, the money remains as if "hang", they can not be used for further wagering on profitable outcomes. This is especially acute when the whole Deposit is put on the line, it turns out half of the working day is spent on waiting. Of course, if the Bank is large, the user can afford to make transactions for several pre-match surebets, but this again will reduce the potential profit.

In live mode, the player can quickly wrap the funds, as bets are made during the match. And often in the end, so in a few minutes really get a profit. Then use the winnings for the next bet. Thus, thanks to the operational turnover of money, the client increases the Bank BM, his income is growing before our eyes. Funds do not stay in a "hanging" position for a long time, but work and bring dividends.

Especially good bets on outcomes that are calculated quickly. For example, the victory of a tennis player in the game, total 1 period in hockey and the like.

Disadvantages of live surebets

But it would be wrong to consider only the advantages of the online mode, there are also quite significant disadvantages. They must be taken into account before you start betting live.

  • Arbs in live mode live less

Pre-match arbs in sports, there may be several hours or even days. During this time, the player slowly can calculate the bid amount and enter the trade at the best for itself conditions. Perhaps, to look for bookies with higher coefficients. Simply put, the user can find the most profitable bet option for himself and, without fear that it will disappear, issue a coupon. This is one of the main advantages of pre-match bets.

Live surebets "live" a maximum of a few minutes, the vast majority disappears within 15-30 seconds. It happens that they do not "live" and 10 seconds. During this time, the player must have time to issue a coupon for both "shoulders", otherwise it will remain in the red, as the outcome will not be blocked. It is important skill, experience, knowledge of the interface of each BM and the ability to quickly work with him. It is clear that inexperienced surebet players at first will not have time to put a lot on the right coefficients, but it should be considered as a tuition fee.

  • More risk of not closing one surebet "shoulder" in live mode

Again, due to the rapidly changing coefficients, the player may not have time to close one of the "shoulders". The reasons for this can be three:

  1. The bet just disappeared. That is, the bookmaker removed from the line the option of the outcome required by the client. Obviously, he has nothing to bet on, and the other coupon remains active.
  2. BK closed rates. Sometimes a bookmaker can simply stop accepting bets on a match or on its individual outcomes. 
  3. The coefficient has changed so much that it is unprofitable to bet on it. If the quote has fallen much, then taking it often turns out to be meaningless, it is much better to just expect that another outcome will play.

With such phenomena are often faced not only beginners but also professionals. It is never possible to predict how the bookmaker will behave and when it will reduce or increase the coefficient.

Not always closed "leverage" means losses, it can play already issued a coupon and bring dividends.

  • Different betting rules in bookmakers

It is difficult to call it a disadvantage, but still we will designate this moment. The rules for accepting bets and their calculations vary in each bookmaker. One operator can count the win for a certain outcome, the other, on the contrary, to count the loss. Such aspects the user should take into account in advance and get acquainted with the terms of use of each bookie is not for show, but quite thoroughly. Often inexperienced players and newcomers suffer from the fact that the rules in the two bookmakers are different and instead of a potential payment they received losses. It all depends on the client – he must quickly calculate the options before you make a bet.

How to set both the "shoulder" of the surebet

Above we have understood that the main drawback of online surebets is that the coefficients change quickly, which is why the player does not always have time to cover all possible outcomes. Many players are interested, and if the secret of how to manage to put both the "shoulder" of the arb. Immediately disappoint: there is no 100% effective method. However, there are some nuances, given that, you can significantly reduce the percentage of unsuccessful bets.

  1. First, issue a coupon for the non-refundable outcome of the event. For example, there was a profitable arb on Total Over2,5 and Total Under 2,5 with a score of 1:1. We recommend first of all to take the Total Over, because while the opposite outcome is formed, I can score a goal, and the position will disappear, causing losses. If the goal was scored after betting on TO, then you do not need to cover it, the bet has already played.
  2. Dynamic sports take only during the break or the next half/set/quarter. In tennis, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, the situation on the court changes so quickly that the coefficients jump every second, the arbs  "live" a maximum of 5 seconds. Therefore, it is better to avoid betting on them during the meeting, you need to wait for a break or pause in the game.
  3. In the first place to issue the coupon from the bookies that is faster takes the bet. Each BM before taking a bet in live pauses, checking the coefficients. The longer it is, the worse it is for the better, it is better to take such bookies  in the last place.
  4. To avoid 3-outcomes and combination of surebets. They take a lot of time, and the advantageous position can simply disappear. It is better to work with them in prematch.

Adhering to these basic rules, you can significantly reduce the risks of not having time to put one of the "shoulders". At the same time, it is worth noting that without unsuccessful bets there is no way, the main thing is that they are played out with the following victories.

Finally, no one canceled experience and common sense. Professional players already immediately see not very profitable options and try to avoid them. I mean, they know that arbitration may disappear in the near future and don't bet on it at all.

Why do surebets appear

We reviewed the pre-match and live arbitrage bets, outlined their advantages and came to the conclusion that this is actually the only win-win strategy, even with some reservations. Many beginners are interested in the question: how do arbitration situations appear? Why do bookies allow them to appear? Can't we get rid of them? Why don't the bookies do something? Let us answer these questions.

  • High competition

Previously, people could put in ground betting offices, then there were interactive bookmakers. At first, there were just a few operators, and they were not afraid of competition, as customers will still come to them. Today, the situation has changed dramatically: now the players choose where to play. The number of bookmakers has grown exponentially, each user is valuable for each brand.

Wanting to attract as many customers as possible, BM increase the coefficients for almost all events. It is easy to guess that in such conditions numerous favorable rates for users are formed. If the bookie begins to artificially understate quotes, it will simply lose players, people will go to the operators who have more profitable quotes. That's why the bookies are forced to overestimate the coefficicents.

Competition is the main factor due to which the formation of arbitration situations in sports.

  • Discrepancy in the assessment of the event

How are the odds for each outcome and an event? This can be done by regular analysts of bookmakers, they put their own quotes, analyzing the matches. Naturally, all people have different views, complete coincidence in opinions never happens. The first group of experts can put the favorite of one team, the other group – the second team. So there is a arb. That is, the opinions of analysts of bookmakers differ. Given the fact that there are a lot of bookies, such situations arise a huge number.

Some bookies buy coefficients from third-party analytical groups, others rely on purely statistical information, there are even automated services for the formation of coefficients. Be that as it may, the last word is left to the employees of the bookies. And it is different in different companies, hence there are win-win rates for customers.

  • Lack of time at the bookmaker

Analysts bookmaker may not have time to change the coefficients according to the trends in the market. How it works? For example, given a football match between a favorite and an outsider. An hour before the game, it becomes known that the leader intends to release the second team on the field, which has little experience, and the players are very young. While the underdog is going will deliver the strongest lineup, and he needs glasses. At such input the ratio on the favorite needs to go up rapidly, and for the outsider to decrease.

However, not all bookmakers have time to keep track of such trends, especially when it comes to 2-3 divisions of football championships. As a result, a surebet is formed between the BM that have managed to change the quotes, and those that have not yet done so. Such situations do not "live" for long, and some operators will simply count the return, but in any case, this is how a large number of surebets events appear.

To keep the coefficients at a certain level of BM is sometimes forced and cash flows of players. It is important for the bookmaker to distribute them correctly in order to be in the black, so the quotes do not always change.

  • No way to keep track of competitors

In the world there will be thousands of bookmakers, it is not possible to monitor the line of each. It is obvious that there are hundreds of thousands of arbitration situations per minute. Bookie is not able to respond quickly to changes in the coefficient of competitors. In this case, the coefficients can be set fairly and their average market value is taken. Of course, the flow of money from customers makes analysts change the coefficients, or close the possibility of betting, but before that many have time to issue coupons.

  • Pressure from professional bettors

There are professionals who deal exclusively with bets and can predict the outcome of a certain match much better than any analysts. They bet hundreds of thousands of dollars and do so at Pinnacle and Sbobet, or on any betting exchange. Since these brands are focused on professionals and always pay the winnings, regardless of their size. What will happen to the average match when professional players pay attention to it? Let us consider a specific example.

Given a football match with a favorite and an outsider. The odds are set at 1.2 against 5, respectively. No arb here. But here the above bookmakers take large sums to win the favorite, it means that the professionals have calculated his victory. Bookmaker boosts a quote for the outsider to 8, and his opponent lower to 1.09. As a result, an arbitration situation is formed with other bookmakers, because they have a coefficients for the success of the leader remained unchanged and equal to 1.2. Consider and get a fsurebet with a yield of 4.35%.

Of course, professional player bet on the favorite in small bookmakers and noprogress outsider in professional BM. What happens in the end? Pinnacle raises money for an unlikely outcome, and competitors for one that will take place with a high probability. This is the mechanism of formation of arbs due to the professional players.

How Much Time Does Working with Surebets Take?

For pre-match surebets, betting on all leverages of the single surebet takes several minutes, including time spent on finding a surebet, filtering results on the website of a scanner and the betting itself.

For Live surebets, it takes even less time. And it rarely occurs that it take more than a minute.

In order to simplify working for gamblers and as an additional service, some surebet-scanners offer tools to automatize working with surebets.

How to find an arbitrage bet?

We have already considered both variants of surebets, outlined how they work, how they arise. We came to the conclusion that this is the only method in betting that allows you to earn without gaming risks, while without deep knowledge of the sport. All this, of course, is good, but how to find arbitration situations? To do it manually, or there are specialized services? Let us give detailed answers to these questions.

To search for surebets created a large number of scanners. There's better, there's worse.
We have made a rating of surebet scanners, which will help you to choose the best service.

Many scanners offer free packages that provide a limited service, but it may not be enough to start working effectively with arbs and earn money.

Modern surebetters have long abandoned manual work, now there are special programs on the market that automatically search for the desired outcomes in the bookmaker and provide information about them to customers. Users can only issue coupons according to the introductory and calculate the final profit. This approach allows you to find a huge number of surebets every day and have time to make a bet on them, respectively, and increases the profit of the player.

Today, the market has a large number of all kinds of scanners, the player can choose a convenient option and start making real money. In this article we will not focus on individual brands. It is only necessary to weed out resources with a bad reputation and frankly inconvenient functionality. Professionals can pay attention to services with advanced features and additional tools. 

How do scanners work

First, let's look at how specialized services work and what algorithm they contain. The сhapter can be seen as a purely educational material designed to quench the thirst for knowledge. If you do not want to understand these nuances, you can skip it. First of all, we note the technical component of the scanners: they are based on a conventional parser – a program that scans and collects the necessary information from third-party sites and separates important information from the "garbage". In our case, the services study the lines of bookmakers and allocate only the coefficients that form arbitrage situations.

If the algorithm is easier to describe, it will consist of three steps:

  • The parser scans and analyzes the line of bookmakers.
  • The outcomes forming the surebets are found.
  • Found coefficients and events are provided to the user in the form of familiar information.

Almost all scanners user information is supplied in the form of a regular table, which shows the markets found, the coefficients to them, bookmakers, the start time of the event (except Live mode), the championship and the "life" of the surebet. According to these details, the player will be able to access bookmakers and place them in the coupons as quickly as possible.

An interesting fact is that the bookies themselves allow you to scan the line, leaving the page code open. But this is done not for arbitration search services, but for statistics resources by type .

Getting started surebet scanner

Scanners are friendly to all customers except burglars and various kinds of scammers. Anyone can register in them, they do not take money for it. The process of creating an account is very simple, it will be clear to any user who has encountered, for example, with social networks. By clicking on the appropriate tab, the player must specify the desired username, email address and create a password, then confirm the e-mail by clicking on the link sent by the system in the letter. That's basically all that most sites require, that is, you do not even need to write your real name, year of birth. Only some scanners may require such data, but this is a rare case.

After registration, the user can look around the site, explore the functionality and decide whether the resource suits him or not. If the answer is Yes, you will need to pay one of the rates offered by the scanner. Usually available payment for certain periods of time, from 1 day to 1-2 years. Only after that, the player can see the arbitration situations and begin to fully use the service, before that, almost nothing is available to him.

Most scanners allow you to view arbs with a yield of up to 1% for free. But it is clear that the use of them will not be enough.

Main features of scanners

As we have already discussed above, the main functionality of all services is the search for arbitration situations and display them in a format understandable to customers. Also, the main features include settings and filters available in any quality service. They help to better customize the search and show only the necessary events to the user, not relevant outcomes and matches are simply discarded. How it works? Very simply. On the page of issue of arbs usually on the side or in a separate tab, there are always filters in which the client indicates the desired items. It can filter events by the following parameters:

  • Bookmaker. The player marks with a tick the operators, surebets between which he wants to see. In the Arsenal of many scanners a few dozen of bookies, it is clear that all will not keep track of and even more so will not be registered. With the filter you can leave only the necessary brands.
  • Sport. Some services support only popular disciplines: football, hockey, tennis, basketball and volleyball. In others, the list consists of three dozen items, but it is impossible to work in all, so the user can choose the desired sports.
  • Outcomes. At the request of the player can exclude any markets: totals, handicaps, the number of goals, the victory of one of the teams and so on. In this case, they simply will not be shown.
  • The yield of the surebets. It is possible to disable arbitrage situations that have an unacceptable level of profit. For example, too large, or with a small yield.
  • For the Championships. You can bet on certain сhampionships of countries, and unnecessary simply excluded from the issuance.
  • On the regime. Here everything is obvious, you can disable the issuance of Live bets for example.
  • At the time of the events. Usually it is possible to set the display of events in the range from one hour to the whole month.

Depending on the scanner, the variety of filters can be much wider, but these are the main parameters that are present in almost all bookmaker.

In addition to filters in the range of services, there are often additional settings. The user can turn on the sound notification of a new surebet, it is also possible to connect push notifications on the desktop, in the form of SMS on the phone and e-mail. Plus setting the appearance of the site, pages and other parameters designed to facilitate the work of betters.

The more parameters and settings in the range of the scanner, the more expensive its services. As they say, quality cannot be cheap.

Other features of arbs scanners

Competition is present not only among bookmakers, but in specialized services. Wanting to attract as many customers as possible, they expand their capabilities, add new services and tools, improve functionality. Today,  scanners in addition to the basic functions additionally perform a lot of other operations, useful players. This is especially true of the popular and large scanners, the subscription price is very high, but it is fully justified.In addition to scanning surebets, they can also scan middles and overvalued rates (value bets).


Middles – a special tactic of the game, when you bet on two opposite outcomes, but not all possible options overlap. Usually the bet is placed on markets that have a certain range, for example, totals. Example: put the client in Тotal Over 155,5 and Тotal Under 168,5 a basketball match. If the total value is in the range of 156-168 points, the player will receive a profit on both coupons. If one does not play, the loss will not exceed 5-10%, at a distance the advantage on the face.

In addition, there are also positive middles, when any outcome brings victory. Example: for a football match bet on Total Over 2,5 and Total Under 3,5. If exactly 3 goals are scored, the profit will be up to 200%, if any other amount, then 10-15%. Such options scanners are also looking for, as supporters of the middles in the rates is becoming more and more.

Usually middles do not need to be paid for separately, they are already included in the standard tariff plan.

Value bets

Coefficients in the bookmaker reflect the probability of occurrence of an event according to analysts. It is clear that the human factor is not excluded, experts are also wrong, and quotes are sometimes set too high. That is, the true chances of passing the event are higher than analysts think bookmakers. Experienced players are able to find such inaccuracies in the calculations and bet on them, thus remaining in the black at a distance.

Beginners do not always understand how to look for inflated coefficients, and it requires a lot of experience and the ability to analyze the sport, and at the highest level. Scanners can take on this task, they automatically search for overvalued quotes and display them on the screen. In most cases, the algorithm is the same everywhere: compared to the cafes of several dozen bookmakers, the bookie that gives the greatest offer is displayed. This value is considered to be clearly overestimated, it is possible to issue a coupon for it.

Rates with a margin are popular among people who own a large betting bank and are ready to wait for a tangible profit at a distance of several months.

Analysis of the movement of coefficients

Another useful tool in the arsenal of services, it helps to analyze the change in quotes bookmakers from the exit of the line and to its complete closure. But what does it give the player? A lot if skill to use it. Each client of bookmaker knows that coefficients never stand still, and constantly increase or decrease, and often movement is observed in both parties in turn. This clearly shows how the money is distributed to the users.

A smart player in the movement of coefficients can see where he prefers to put most of the people some of the trends. Also noticed that the "crowd" and sometimes even wrong, but in most cases it puts true. In addition, you can recognize "strange" matches if the coefficient for any event went up or down sharply. For example, at the time of the line was given a value of 2.5, and a couple of days it was 1.6, it shows that the event is suspicious, and it is possible to make a bet.

Additional software

The most "advanced" scanners do not stop looking for arbitration situations, they already have additional programs that many times facilitate the lives of users. A striking example is the machine for registration of coupons in bookie. If you do not go into details, the algorithm of such software is as follows:

  • the scanner finds the arbs and enters it into the output table;
  • the user indicates that he wants to bet on it;
  • the robot independently opens coupons in 2 or more bookmakers and enters there the choice;
  • the player can only specify the amount and confirm the bet.

Thanks to this mechanism, the speed of betting grows many times. In addition, the program uses a proxy server to the bookmaker could not recognize dishonest game.

Another option for automation is artificial intelligence. It may be very different. Some programs automatically look for inflated odds and "strange" matches, others form forecasts based on the data from the BM.

It should be noted that the services of additional software is always paid for, they will have to pay a separate amount, and very rather big. But comfort is worth it.

Types of surebets scanners

Let's briefly list some features that can be used to group scanners:

  • Paid. The largest group of services. They for the services take money, the price to several thousand dollars a month, but also quality of work at height. There is an operational support service, a quick scan of bookmakers lines and a lot of additional functionality.
  • Free. There are services that do not charge money for their services, they earn on the affiliate program with bookmakers and advertising. Such resources are suitable for training and primary acquaintance with arbs, you should not even think about serious work with them, there is too much lack of them.
  • Software. These products need to be downloaded and installed on your computer or phone. Payment is made on the official website of the developer. Such varieties are slowly fading into the past, but several projects are still working.

Everyone can choose the service for themselves. Some important low price, other additional services, the third high speed.

Now many scanners work perfectly on mobile devices. Including in the browser and as an embedded application.

Manual surebets search

It should be noted that today there are few people who are looking for a surebet on their own, this method is almost a thing of the past. First, it is too long, have hours to seek out desired events and prices. Second, not too profitable, until you find arbitration, until you put down the rates – it will take an eternity. Third, it is quite hard work that requires perseverance, the ability to concentrate and make quick calculations. Fourthly, bookmakers as quickly as in the case of scanners, block accounts of surebetters. Fifth, due to the long search for the most profitable offers simply disappear.

It would be possible not to write this section, but there are still people who are interested in learning how to find plugs manually on their own, without the involvement of specialized services. Some have a simple curiosity, others want to try their hand at work, the third simply have nothing to pay for the services of scanners, or sorry to part with quite a significant amount. Anyway, let's try to describe in detail how to look for arbitration situations in sports manually. Give valuable advice and see if this makes any sense.

How to start seaching surebets

Searching for surebets in manual mode is no different from the software method, except that it will be possible to find much less options and cover not so many bookmakers. The rest is the same, the main task is to find the coefficients that will bring a plus at any outcome of the event. Then issue them coupons and get a profit.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the bookmakers in which arbitration situations will be sought. Usually it is only 2 brands, more experienced players can cover up to 5-6 operators. With a lot of work is unlikely to succeed, too difficult. The choice should fall on bookie, between which there are often arbs. The best options for this can be found in more experienced colleagues, to spy on the forums, or to focus on their own experience.

Next, you need to select the sports in which the search will be made. Again, to cover all disciplines will not work. It is necessary to focus on the areas in which you are well versed and there is at least an approximate idea of what outcomes there may be and on what proposals more often there are favorable coefficients. Do not choose exotic and unpopular sports, such as biathlon, skiing, figure skating and the like. Firstly, there are few arbs, and secondly, the bookmaker will quickly understand what's what and take retaliatory measures. It is better to give preference to football, tennis, hockey, basketball and other popular sports.

In the end, you need to determine the markets in which the work will take place. Again, don't try to cover all kinds of outcomes in a line, it's unrealistic. It is necessary to choose the main offers: totals, handicaps, the winner of the match, the number of goals, individual totals and other outcomes. Recently it became possible to play on statistical indicators: corner, penalty time and so on. However, for such rates bookmaker can quickly limit the highs. Exotic options should be excluded from the list.

In short, in the first phase the player must determine the type of activities, bookies, and the outcomes on which it will work. It is an important preparation, without it nothing will turn out.

The process of finding surebets

With all the primary parameters have been determined, now you need to go directly to the search for surebets. And this is the most difficult part, because it is not so easy to detect the arbitration situation and even more time to place a bet on it until the coefficients have changed. The whole process can be described in several points:

  • Open a line of selected bookmakers for the desired sport. It is desirable to focus on a particular match and markets.
  • Analyse the list of all bookies, comparing the coefficients and looking for possible arbs.
  • If it was possible to find arbitration, without delay to issue coupons on it. At any moment, the offer may simply disappear.

And so the procedure goes in a circle until the user gets tired, or reaches a certain level of profitability or plan. For example, finding 3 events, he decides to stop and continue the process later, or the next day. It's just in words, in fact, the search can take even a few hours. It is not always possible to find the right rates on the first attempt, often have to study any one or even two matches, and much more until you have an acceptable offer.

In Live mode, manually searching for surebets is even more difficult. There coefficients "jump" like crazy. The only effective method is to open the broadcast of a certain match and monitor the changes in quotes, and at the right time to issue a coupon until the markets have changed. But this is again a task for professional surebetters.

The more bookies involved, the better, but the more difficult the search process. But the odds quickly detect the arb.

Tips for finding arbs

Once again, finding arbs manually is very difficult. You can sit in front of the computer for several hours, and so nothing to find. It is clear that this is a waste of time, fatigue and vain work. But there are some tips that will help much more effectively to search for arbitration.

  1. It is extremely important to be able to determine by eye whether there is a surebet or not. That is, looking at the coefficients, the player must already understand whether they are displayed in a plus or not. If you constantly drive numbers into the calculator or do calculations on paper, it will take a lot of valuable time. It is convenient to make a clear table, which will be painted willowshine each other number.
  2. The largest and most popular tournaments like the Champions League, Premier League of England, Spanish La Liga are better to miss. These events account for the overwhelming number of bets, and bookmakers are closely watching them, trying to avoid arbitration. It is better to prefer more imperceptible competitions, for example, the first Bundesliga, Portugal Primera and so on. 
  3. If between two bookies there was no surebet for a certain match, try to look in the line of another BM. That is, not to be sprayed on many events at once, but to work with one if possible. So memorized coefficients, and the process is much faster and more fun.
  4. You can often see how a certain ratio starts moving up or down. This is a good signal to catch the arb.
  5. Many arbitration cases and totals are formed on the odds, in the first place is to monitor them. 

And most importantly – patience and hard work, without them nothing will happen. The process of manual search is very tedious, you can sit for hours for a few percent profit.

We believe that it is better to use the services of scanners, even if they are expensive, but over time, these costs are more than paid off.

Another way to find surebets

We will mention another option of manual search of arbitration situations, which arose recently. It allows you to find the necessary coefficients and issue coupons for them much faster, but you will still have to work hard. In this case, the scanner will still be used, but you will not need to pay for its services.

There are services that to attract customers do not completely hide information about the found surebets. They give information on the match, the date of its holding, the bookmakers, the profitability of the bet. And you do not even need to register on the site. The only thing that is hidden is the markets themselves. Further, as they say, it is a matter of technique and common sense.

The user should go to the specified bookmakers, open the match and start comparing the odds. If you sit for 10 minutes, max half an hour, will be able to detect the arb manually. Again, it is important to be able to "eye" to see it and make the necessary calculations in mind. Then will issue coupons in bookmaker and calculate the profit.

The advantage of the method is that a less experienced player will not be difficult to find an arbitration situation for the specified parameters. After all, already 80% of the information is known. In addition, often walkouts not only 2 outcome, but several. The coefficients are interrelated, and if there is a surebet in one market, it will inevitably arise in another. No wonder you can notice that one event services sometimes give up to several dozen surbets.

It would be a mistake to believe that manually searching for surebet would not lead to sanctions. The bookmakers still like the client to find a win-win bets, they will still retaliate.

Which bookmakers are loyal to surebetters

We have repeatedly mentioned that the vast majority of bookmakers have a negative attitude to the surebet, and try their best to get rid of them. On the one hand, the players do not violate anything, they just put on the proposed coefficients. If there was arbitration, in fact, it is a problem of bookmakers. But on the other hand, they can also be understood. Playing by win-win odds, the client does not risk anything, while the bookmaker pays him money. That is, the basis of gambling is lost – the user does not bear financial risks. This state of affairs can not suit the company, and they apply a variety of sanctions to "undesirable" players. We will discuss them in more detail in the following chapters.

In the field of betting there are also several bookies that do not just block the surebet, and even welcome them. Moreover, they themselves urge them to put on arbitration situations, and some even write detailed instructions about them. Unfortunately, such bookmakers are very few, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but they cause the greatest respect of all players, without exception, whether professionals, beginners or surebetters. What is their advantage, why are they not trying to impose sanctions on players? What do they do for a living? Let's look at these issues in more detail.

We have already mentioned the Pinnacle, SboBet and Betfair brands. These are three giants of the betting industry, which are considered bookiess for professionals. Often they become the initiators of arbs and dictate the market conditions for the formation of coefficients. Let's look at them in more detail.

Each surebetter is required to be registered in a professional bookmaker, it is with its help that arbitration rates often arise.


All professional players put Pinnacle in the head of the bookmakers, considering him a kind of king of the bookmakers. And this is not without reason, it is here that the strongest and richest professionals in the world prefer to bet. Yes and newcomers and ordinary places here a huge number of. But what attracts people this bookmaker? After all, the shortcomings at first glance it is quite a lot. In the first place is a poor line and painting are only supported with the important tournaments and championships, minor competitions to find here will not succeed. The number of available markets is also small, in fact, these are only the main outcomes, without any exotic and combined options.

Pinnacle is also a small number of sports, the list is far inferior even to regional betting shops. In Live mode, the situation is not better, the painting becomes even more scarce, and the number of events is greatly reduced. In addition, the bookmaker never offers bonuses for registration and does not hold special promotions to attract customers. Regular users also have nothing to count on.

Nevertheless, Pinnacle is very popular, its money turnover is the largest in the world of betting. Every player wants to earn in this bookie, and the strongest pros work exclusively here. The above shortcomings can be called purely conditional, in fact, for a professional game, these factors do not matter. Big players are also short of the events that the bookmaker offers, they prefer to work on the main outcomes, rather than on the combined options and exotic markets that can not be analyzed. In live mode, bets are made by them rarely, only for insurance. And the available sports are enough to comfortably pick up events.

Pinnacle has other benefits:

  • Very high highs. Such figures will not be able to offer any competing bookmaker.
  • Extremely low margin. Often it is at the level of 1-2%. Only in Live mode can the value increase somewhat, but this is normal practice.
  • Loyalty to the + EV players. It is no secret that many bookmakers try to get rid of customers who do not bring them income. There is no such thing, they are only welcome here.
  • Player accounts are never blocked for far-fetched reasons. Only in case of violation of the internal rules of the bookmaker and attempted fraud.
  • Professionals are welcome and allow you to put on any strategy. Other operators try to get rid of them.
  • Ideal conditions for betters. In the Pinnacle allowed to put in the arb in any amount and for any amounts, and ratios. No sanctions will follow.

It is the last point that causes us increased interest in this article. Having registered here and successfully passed the verification, the player can be sure that he will not be blocked, will not reduce the highs, will not delay payments, and will not apply any sanctions. No matter how much he won and how many surebets he managed to put down in total. But why is this happening? Did the bookie is willing to suffer losses? Let us answer this question.

Why doesn't Pinnacle block surebetters?

This topic can be discussed for a long time. Each professional and expert has his own answer to this question. The owners of the office have repeatedly commented on their policies, but so vague that a clear answer could not be obtained. We will try to provide readers with the most plausible statements.

First, here is the most correct line. No wonder Pinnacle has a rather limited line, which includes only major sports and markets. Each coefficient is analyzed by experts and the most probable value is set. The staff of the bookmaker has its own experts who are well versed in sports, mathematics, psychology and other aspects. They form a painting, strictly balanced and accurately reflects the chances of the passage of an event. Accordingly, competitors ' quotes will often be overstated or understated. On long distances this leads to the fact that Pinnacle makes money on subetters, while the competitors suffer losses, acting as donors. So this bookmaker welcomes bets on arbitrage opportunities.

Secondly, a large money turnover. The bookmaker boasts of hundreds of millions of dollars moving through its accounts every year. Even if most of the money has to be paid to professionals, the profit still remains amounts that are many times higher than the average income of most competitors. Professional betters provide a significant part of cash injections, so they are always welcome here.

Third, professional bets help to balance the line. We talked about this in more detail in the section "Why surebets appear". In short, the pros of large rates provoke the movement of coefficients and form the most reliable values. Making bets on them, surebets often lose here, but get winnings in other bookmaker. Those would serve as a donor money.

Thus, Pinnacle is the best office for professionals and surebetters. Have an account here is not just desirable, but necessary.


SboBet is an asian bookmaker, also aimed at professional customers. He has a lot of similarities to Pinnacle: high odds, low margins, loyal to a pro betters and vsurebeteers, great highs, no sanctions for positive game. Customers can use almost any strategy without fear of being blocked. In the casino rules says that in relation to lilacinum may apply different measures at the discretion of the administration. But in practice this has never happened, the bookmaker is very loyal to fans to bet on arbitration situations.

The reasons for the good attitude to the surebets in the Sbobet are the same as in the previous case. They provide a large cash flow and help to form more fair coefficients for various events. Due to the presence of a large number of professionals in the bookmaker you can always find a good surebets and issue them a coupon, and without any risk.

The popularity of SboBet is not as high as that of Pinnacle, however, the bookie can be called the largest operator focused on professionals. Here, too, quite a meager line and painting, supported only major championships tournaments, such as the Champions League, NBA, NHL and the like. But for the pros it is not a disadvantage.

Perhaps the main dream of all surebetters -to put on opposite outcomes in SboBet and Pinnacle to receive constant profit. At the same time without risking anything and without fear of getting under sanctions. Just make a reservation, it is impossible. Arbs between these two brands practically does not arise, and if they do, they are so insignificant in yield and so few that the profit will be meager, which is not enough even for currency conversion. Therefore, earning in this way will never work.

Block in "Sbobet" can only for violation of the terms of use and fraud attempts. In other cases, the bookmaker does not apply sanctions.


The world-famous betting exchange, which is played not only by professionals but also by beginners. It is considered an excellent option for systematic earnings, while without the risk of being blocked for plus bets and surebets. Every pro better is uniquely registered in the Betfair, even if it makes a bet here from time to time. Betfair also creates excellent conditions for surebetters and never blocks them, moreover, the betting exchange is only happy and encourages them to register at home.

The betting exchange has quite significant differences from the classic bookmakers, this is its main advantage. Let's first consider the principle of its work at least brief theses:

  • There is also a line with coefficients. The client can choose the appropriate match and quotes.
  • The bet is made in a standard way in the coupon, where the outcome and the coefficient are entered. Then the end of the event is expected and the win or loss is fixed.
  • The bet is accepted not by the exchange itself, but by other players. That is, one client takes a bet from another, Betfair acts simply as an intermediary, providing the conditions and guarantee of payment.
  • If the bet is successful, the player receives a win on the account of a pre-set coefficient. At the same time, another player who accepted the bet pays him.
  • If the bet is lost, the user will have to pay out of their own funds.

Such a simple scheme. Betfair has the concepts of Back and lay, that is, "for" and "against" respectively. If the offer in total over 2,5 with cafam 1.8, the player may indicate that he is "over", that is, puts the total over 2,5. If you do not agree, then select the option "against", then there will not be total over 2,5. Bet against, it is the same as to act as a bookmaker, in the case of TO 2,5, will have to pay to another user at a predetermined rate. But let's not go into details, and move on to the next section.

The work of betting exchange is quite difficult to master. Beginners are best to play in a classic bookmaker.

Why exchange doesn't block surebetters

You first need to figure out how Betfair makes money. It seems that users argue with each other, respectively, pay each other, and not the bookmaker. But this is only at first glance, in fact, with each win exchange takes a Commission of 6%, regardless of the amount of payment. The simplest example, the player won 100 dollars, 6 dollars from it will keep exchange, other 94 dollars remain to the client. And so in every case. That is, Betfair will always remain in the black, and he doesn't care who wins and who loses.

Next, it is easy to guess why the exchange is loyal to the surebets. If the player wins on one of the "shoulders", he will pay 6%, if he lost, then the other will pay. In principle, the administration is still on the arbs, they get a commission in any case. That's why the place is always happy to surebets and professionals. They provide a large cash flow, and the exchange can only "pinch off" its share.

Among the disadvantages it is worth noting that the functionality of Betfair is quite difficult to understand the first time, especially for beginners. Plus quite a meager line and painting. Original outcomes and combined markets here, in principle, does not happen. In addition, the size of the rate is limited by the liquidity of the market, that is, how many people are willing to bet on it and what amounts. Only at popular contests, you can find high peaks and relatively wide painting. Little-known tournaments and championships are not supported here at all.

Inside the exchange also operates a classic bookmaker Betfair. 

Other bookmakers

Above we have described 3 giants betting aimed at professional players, they never block the surebets. Yes, there are too few of them, players would like to see more options for betting on arbitrage situations, and without the risk of being blocked. But, alas, while it's acceptable and the best restaurants just 3. However, you can use some exchanges:

  • BetDaq;
  • BetDSI;
  • Matchbook;
  • Smarkets.

They are not so popular with players, there is low liquidity of the markets, few events for betting and not too high coefficients. But as an alternative, we can consider them.

As for the bookmakers for surebets, nothing better than Pinnacle and SboBet, has not yet appeared on the market.

Is there a risk in working with surebets? Is it legal?

Betting on surebet (arbitration situations) is completely legal and does not contradict any of the laws. Working with arbs is not cheating bookmaker, cunning or circumvention of the rules. The fact is that the coefficients at which the bookmakers take bets are set by themselves and nothing prevents you from betting on those coefficients that are beneficial to you, and not on any other.

At the same time, bookmakers have long been aware of the existence of surebets and professional players who earn on arbitrage situations. And, of course, do not really encourage such a game (although there are exceptions – such bookmakers, which, on the contrary, encourage players on arbs).

Arbitrage situations in sports – a great way to make money in bookmakers. Moreover, this is the only method of betting that does not carry any gaming risks, they mean events that occur during the competition. Regardless of the outcome of the match, the player remains in the black. Even if it is cancelled, the money will simply be returned to the account in all bookmakers. Having made a bet on the best odds, the user can safely wait for its end without worrying about the final result.

But why all betters masse do not deal with surebets? After all, this is a pretty profitable occupation. Why do professionals learn to analyze sports for years and make accurate forecasts for sports, when you can bet on win-win tactics and always be in the black? The answer is simple: arbitration is quite a time-consuming process, despite its apparent simplicity, requiring perseverance, common sense, and at least a few hours a day. Not everyone is ready to "work" in this way, it is easier for many to predict a couple of events a day, or even to put on luck than to bother with surebets.

In addition, many novice players on the surebets go away, realizing all the risks and difficulties of the process. Yes,they are. We have already mentioned that it is impossible to lose purely on bets, but there are other obstacles that can lead to losses. In most cases, they are repaired by the bookmakers themselves, but it is the client himself who is to blame, sometimes completely third-party factors interfere. Let's look at them in more detail and tell where they come from and why they bring losses.

Because of the risks involved in the sport arbs are not entirely win-win. They are designated as a win-win system, but with some reservations.

Risk #1: cutting highs

The most unpleasant thing that a player can face is cutting the maximum possible amount. Moreover, such a sanction by the bookmaker sooner or later overtakes every surebet, only in Pinnacle, Sbobet and Betfair this does not happen. In other bookmakers, such a scenario of relationships with unwanted customers is considered the norm. This is the most effective way to get rid of the user, reducing, for example, the bet limit to 1 euro, bookmaker makes the very essence of betting meaningless. Profit from such amounts will be meager, a person has no choice but to leave the bookie and look for other options. Formally, the bookmaker did not break the law and did not block the account, he just limited the maximum, and the possibility of this is spelled out in the rules of each operator. Moreover, even gambling commissions recognize such a measure is quite legitimate and does not go beyond the gaming ethics.

Cutting the highs is the main headache of thesurebetters, forcing them to look for other bookmakers for betting, or resort to various tricks to circumvent the sanctions. The most popular method – re-registration with other people's data, for example, relatives, wife, friends, neighbors. But they eventually "end", then have to buy documents from third parties and negotiate with them about the passage of verification. We will talk about the additional risks arising here in the following paragraphs, while we consider the nuances of cutting the highs.

The lower limits are the primary weapon against professional betters. But why do they resort to them? Many people are interested in, and why the operator does not allow customers to play, who went into the negative in it, that is, made a profit. After all, they received income from another competitor. It should be noted at once, the bookmaker will resort to sanctions regardless of the minus or plus account of the player engaged in arbitration. The reason lies in the notorious margin, it is on it that bookie earn, but in the case of surebets, they do not make a profit, but the player who found profitable outcomes. That is, it has an advantage over the bookmaker, and in the long term. Even if a couple of months the account will go into minus, sooner or later the variance will put everything in place and the company will suffer losses. That's why the establishments try to get rid of the arbs as quickly as possible.

Talk about the legality and fairness of cutting the highs can be a long time, but it should be noted that this is a legal method practiced by all bookmakers, and even casinos. It is clear that the betting company is created in order to bring profit to the owners, and not vice versa. That's why the surebets are like a bone in their throat, they take away the income. You can not condemn the bookmaker for such measures, everyone tries to earn money, including players who have to cheat and invent new ways to circumvent the sanctions.

With the advancements of modern technology, the bookies have learned faster to calculate surebetters and restrict their highs. If you are not careful, the account will not "live" and ten bets.

Risk No. 2: the return of the bet

The biggest catch for the surebetters is the cancellation of the bet or its calculation with a coefficient of 1, that is, a banal return. In this case, we can only pray that the opposite "shoulder" will play, otherwise there will be a significant loss. The ability to calculate the coupon as a mistake is provided in the rules of all bookmakers, and they actively use it, in this case, even complaining somewhere will not make any sense, the terms of use are the same for all. In what situations can the betting company use its right to cancel the bet? Usually there are only 3 scenarios:

  1. An obvious typo in the line. There are no claims to the administrators can not be. An experienced player will simply bypass such quotations side. A good example: in all bookmakers, the average cf. for a certain outcome is 1.8, and in one 18. Obviously, this is a typo in the line, and all bets taken at such a high value will be void.
  2. Referring to the test match. Here, the explanation from the bookmaker is simple: they allegedly suspect that the competition was of a contractual nature and therefore there is a service check. In this case, the money can be returned to the account, and the "verification" of the event go several months in a row. And in the end without any result.
  3. Wrong ratio. Here everything is vague and has a conditional character. Administrators can say that they have an error in the formation of the coefficient and therefore the calculation will be based on the coefficient 1. Although the quotation was exactly the same as in other bookie. But the operator has the effect of full right, as cafy in a line are placed at the discretion of bookmaker, and it may declare that they are sealed.

It should be noted that in large and reputable companies, the rate is refunded only if there was an obvious typo in the line. In other situations, this is not practiced. Small bookies do not shun their right to use about and without, especially if the calculation of the rate for them will be unprofitable.

The client is actually powerless to do anything if the winning bet is cancelled. To write to the gambling commission, to complain to the regulatory authorities does not make sense, because the bookmaker has every right to do so. All players know that absolutely identical coefficients do not happen, the difference can be up to 0.9 units (for example, in one bookmaker 2.0, in another 2.9). And the BM can safely say that they wanted to set the ratio of 1.7 instead of 1.8, and there will be nothing to argue. With such incidents can only put up. But again, we repeat that reputable companies are not engaged in such.

Cancellation of the bet can take place right during the match, if the bookmaker considers that the odds were incorrect.

Risk No. 3: changing the odds

Every player who has at least minimal experience in betting knows that the odds never stand still, they always change in a big or smaller way. This is especially noticeable in live mode. It is impossible to guess exactly when the quote will go to one side. This can happen at any time, including a few days before the match. And often changes occur only on one of the "shoulders", the second can remain stable.

If the coefficicent changes unexpectedly, the player will suffer losses as the surebet will actually cease to exist. Experienced surebetters to such an incident is always ready, depending on the game situation, they can take the following measures:

  • Wait until the coefficient reaches a value that allows for arbitrage. There is a risk that this will not happen, here you need to look at the type of bets and events in the competition. For example, if the "shoulder" on the total more, over time, coefficient it will grow and you can make a bargain. However, again there is a chance that the total will break through, which will bring a minus.
  • To bet on the second "shoulder" even with a minus. It is better to lose 5-10% of the bet than the whole amount. In addition, the following winnings will easily cover losses.
  • Nothing to do but wait, that will play at the exposed "shoulder". Usually you need to understand the specific of the game, if there is a chance that the bet will win, why not take a chance.

In general, the player can not affect the situation with the change of coefficients. They should be considered as an integral part of betting.

The most quickly quotes change in dynamic sports: basketball, tennis, volleyball and so on. It is better to bet on them during breaks and game pauses.

Risk #4: account forfeiture

Perhaps the most unpleasant and unprofitable situation for the surebetter, however, it will be so for any player. If you open the rules of any bookmaker, you can always find items related to account locks and confiscations. Here it is stated that the company can block the client's account if it is found that it:

  • minor;
  • has multiple accounts;
  • swindler;
  • abusing bonuses;
  • launder money;
  • applies prohibited software;
  • incorrect personal data;
  • he couldn't pass the verification;
  • grossly violates the terms of the agreement.

Usually, it is not written anywhere that the rates for arbitration situations are blocked, but it is actively practiced by some bookmakers, especially those that do not have authority and are blacklisted by the majority of customers. What usually makes unscrupulous bookmaker? He closes the player's account and confiscates all his winnings, only the deposit is paid. Now let's say the user has 100 000 euro on the account, and made it only 10 000. So, 90,000 euro legal winnings are appropriated by the office. And, it is obvious that money in other bookmaker was lost. It is difficult to imagine a worse scenario.

Bokmaker can explain the motives of their actions in different ways, for example, to say that the client violated the rules, tried to launder money, transferred the account to third parties, created several accounts.  Of course, you can try to achieve a legitimate win, but it will take many months, and most often to no avail. It remains only to accept the losses and put the office in the "black" list.

Such tough measures are contemplated only by little-known bookmakers that do not care about their reputation. Reputable bookies allow you to withdraw and deposit and win.

Risk No. 5: the errors of the player

Here we describe a whole group of risks that are difficult to call, but, nevertheless, they are also unpleasant and bring losses. They arise because of the surebets, which lost concentration, or just made an elementary mistake due to inattention. List of the most common mistakes:

  • The outcome of the coupon is incorrect. That is, the player banal poked the wrong market and ratio. Instead of a total of 2.5 took a 3.5 instead of a handicap of -1 indicated to 1.5 and the like. The stupidest situation in which you need to blame only yourself.
  • Not calculated maximum. The client put $ 1000 on one "shoulder" and $ 2,500 on the second, but the maximum here is limited to $ 2000. We have to overlap at a loss. It would be possible to issue two coupons for $ 1000, but often it can not be done according to the rules of the bookie, and the risk of getting a refund is too high.
  • The bet amount is entered incorrectly. For example, instead of 100 euro indicated 1000, and the player did not recheck. The result is negative, and significant. Again, there is a factor of inattention.
  • Such incidents can happen to anyone, they occur most often due to fatigue and monotony of work. It is better not to work a few hours in a row, and take breaks and carefully recheck all the data before issuing coupons.

Do not worry about the minuses and unsuccessful rates, the subsequent profit will cover all losses with a vengeance. So no need to bother.

Ten tips on how to minimize the risks of account blocking

We have repeatedly mentioned that the vast majority of bookmakers do not like surebetters and get rid of them at any cost. No one wants to share the profits. The player's task is to keep the account active for as long as possible, until the bookmaker has not reduced the highs or worse, has not blocked the account. Inexperienced players make a lot of mistakes that give them a head literally through a couple of bets, respectively, the account is taken under control and various sanctions are applied. Then there are complaints and claims that arbitration in sports ceased to exist as such and it is almost impossible to earn on it. But no one wants to sort out their mistakes.

Without a doubt, bookmakers have greatly improved their algorithms and technical equipment in the last few years. However, you can still earn, even with some difficulties. Let's look at the most common mistakes beginners on the arbs and try to understand why their account "lives" just a few hours. Plus, how bookies calculate unwanted customers and how to counteract this. The material will be useful not only inexperienced betters, but also quite established professionals: you can refresh your memory and learn some additional nuances.

The information below should be seen as advice, not a call to action. Perhaps someone will complement them, and someone will reject some recommendations.

Tip one: rounding rates

Immediately it is worth noting that the bookmakers primarily calculate the surebet because of the fact that their behavior does not match the behavior of ordinary customers. Each operator has its own characteristics, which they mean "normal" players and fans of surebets. In addition, you do not need to be a psychologist to understand how to put an ordinary user. Any person will be able to describe themselves and to recognize your own features thousands of the same players, provided that it is not the first time makes a wager in bookmakers.

For everyone, it is obvious that when playing by the classic rules, the amounts of bets will be "round", that is, they are integers. For example, 10, 100, 500, 1000, 1200 and so on. Many years put flat the same amount, even when using aggressive strategies, the numbers try to round up for ease of calculation. It concerns and enthusiasts, and capper, and professionals.

Now let's move on to the surebets. As he usually questioning, in the absence of experience? Properly, arbitrary amounts, not rounded, for example, 133, 2347, or even cents: 67,28, 56.78 has. It is clear that such numbers give the head of the player, because an ordinary customer never puts it, he prefers whole numbers. Having concluded several such bets, a person immediately gets on the pencil of the security service, then his style is already analyzed, and there before the application of sanctions is not far.

Hence the first advice: you need to put only round amounts of bets. Even if with the loss of some share of the profits. So it will be possible to simulated the behavior of ordinary player. Blame some kind of calculators that calculate the necessary values to a penny, and inexperienced players do not know that such advice can not be used.

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that most modern scanners are equipped with the function of rounding the rate to 1 or to any other values. And it already takes into account the commission, conversion losses and other important nuances. The user can only follow the prompts and issue a coupon for the required parameters. Once again, you can not bet on non-circular amounts, only whole numbers.

Of course, there are many ordinary players who put on the strategy of "ladder" or the remains of the Bank. They also have non-round betting amounts, but bookmakers quickly deal with them on other grounds and do not interfere in the further game.

Tip two: no VA-bank

The "life" of a surebet account can expire at any time, so people are in a hurry, trying to make the most of the win-win rates. How to increase your income, if each surebet gives a total of only 1-15% of the winnings? That's right, you need to put the maximum possible money on the event. If you bet 10  for each "shoulder", the payment will be equal to 1-2 euro. And if 1000, then already 100-200 euro, provided that the day is played for 10 matches, you can get a very good income.

Chasing big profits, players often make a deposit and put it all on one outcome, wanting to get the maximum exhaust. Such behavior is more than abnormally and 100% gives a surebetter. No ordinary user will not bring money to the bookmaker and immediately make a bet on all the money, as a rule, use from 1% to 20%. In rare cases, up to 50%, but this applies to the most gamblers. Daring by all means, the customer warrants that gets to the pencil of security, it actually will instantly lower highs or satisfied very long verification.

To account "lived" longer, the user will have to abandon the idea to put all-bank and use only a certain percentage of the bank. It is recommended to bet a maximum of 20-30%, everything above is already extremely suspicious. Yes, the player loses a significant profit, but his account will last much longer than in the case of bets on the entire deposit. Also, do not forget that in the long term the profit will be actually the same as when playing all-in.

There is no doubt that there are customers who, in principle, put only va-bank. They replenish the account and then risk all the money that is on the balance, but this style is quickly identified by the bookmaker. Surebetter  gives himself and other signs that we are considering.

All-Bank is justified only if it is the remains of the Bank, or to the bookmaker the user no longer plans to return.

Tip three: rarely withdraw and deposit

This advice seems illogical, because the essence of the game on the arbs is just that in one bookmaker is a loss, in another win. Naturally, it is necessary to transfer money from one bookie to another. The mistake of most players is that they do it too often, which is not typical for ordinary users. An ordinary client of the bookmaker will replenish the balance only if he lost all the funds, or the amount on the account does not allow to apply certain strategies. Similarly, when withdrawing, players are used to accumulate some funds, and only then request a payout. Often this does not happen, just increases the amount of the next bet.

The professional player can't afford to save money, he needs to redistribute it between bookiies. However, you need to do this as carefully as possible, trying not to cause unnecessary suspicion and security issues. There are several reasonable recommendations in this matter:

  • It is not necessary to request payment after each successful transaction. This behavior is generally unusual for ordinary players, they save money and wait for at least a doubling of the balance.
  • We do not recommend to make a conclusion, while there are not raffled coupons. You always have to wait until the bet is settled. It's more than suspicious.
  • You can not replenish the account while there is money in the account. It is necessary to reset them, or wait until the Bank will be empty.
  • The most strange and suspicious action is making a deposit while there is a decent amount of money in the account. It is clear that so the player tries to maintain balance in all bookmakers at one level. However, this is a 100% way to fail in front of the  bookmaker.

The user needs to put as long as the finances allow on the account, only then make a Deposit. Or request a withdrawal if the balance had increased.

The player will lose some percentage of profits, but these costs are scanty compared to the fact that you have to buy new accounts and documents.

Tip four: do not play on high-yield surebets

Again, the seemingly illogical advice, because the high-yield surebets, the higher income. However, do not forget that high coefficients on one of the "shoulders" are often no more than a bookmaker's mistake. We talked about this in more detail in the section on the risks of arbitration in sports. Once again, if you issue a coupon for a surebet with an income above 20%, there is a risk of running into the fact that the bookmaker will return the bet with a coefficient of 1. Well, if the opposite outcome will play, in others the situation will be a significant minus.

If the player is inexperienced and even more greedy, he will constantly play at ultra-high coefficients, which, of course, will not escape the attention of the security service. Needless to say, that will be followed by cutting the highs. And in some cases, and blocking the account, the bookamker will accuse the client that he is trying to manipulate errors in the line and will be a long time to understand.

It is also impossible to exclude the situation that the bookmaker deliberately gives an inflated quotation for one unpopular event. For example, division 3 of Uganda up to 20 years. An ordinary player will never pay attention to him and will bypass the party, as information about the tournament in the network can not be found. Whether it surebetter. Seeing such a good offer, they all together go to issue a coupon for it. And it allows to apply sanctions to security service and to close at once several thousand accounts at the same time. But let's make a reservation, such a scenario is possible, but no one has proved that the bookmaker used it.

It still requires minimal knowledge of the sport to understand that the event is exposed clearly inadequate coefficient, which is better to ignore.

Tip five: betting on unpopular events

Continue to make a portrait of an ordinary player. What he will put in most of the cases? Several scenarios are possible here:

  • Bets on a little bit on everything in the line. Then a logical "drain" of the Bank and a new Deposit. So play beginners, bookies easily calculates and does not preclude, even if sometimes they fall on male outcomes.
  • Bets on a certain sport. A football fan is unlikely to bet on badminton and cricket. A tennis fan will not issue a coupon for hockey and darts. A maximum of one user will bet on 3-4 disciplines.
  • Bets on certain outcomes. That is, the player will play only in a particular market. In fact, it applies a strategy.
  • Use of any financial strategy. Let the events are different, but the strategy and the amount of bets will be the same.
  • Bets on extremely popular events and matches. Often, bookmakers even put them in a separate tab to make it convenient for users.

What does the surebetter do? He does not bet exclusively on popular matches and outcomes, he takes everything that brings a guaranteed income. Today won on football, tomorrow on table tennis, then baseball and so on, no preferences. It is clear that the bookmaker quickly learns about it, as the first thing is a portrait of a suspicious client.

That can be here advise? Perhaps, nothing concrete. You could say to bet on popular events, but they are few in the line, and rarely found in them surebets. In a similar way it will play except on weekends and during major tournaments. Therefore, the recommendations of the following: you need to bet on 2-3 of the sport, nothing more; to exclude exotic markets on the yellow cards and corners, they were quickly "shoot"; to select main outcomes on the match winner betting, totals and handicaps; not to pay attention to quite a small and unknown games. Again, this will lead to lower revenues, but the risks of running into a quick lock will be significantly reduced.

More stakes on the secondary event, the sooner will come the approval of a bookmaker.

Tip six: do not re-bet

This advice applies more to pre-match arbs, as in live mode it is almost impossible to do. Saying repeated bets means that the player makes 2 or even more coupons for the same match or for the same outcome within a short period of time. The logic is simple. During the day, the quotes in the bookmaker change, they can become more profitable than they were before. If the user has already made a bet, he sees that now it is possible to break even more jackpot. Without hesitation, he puts again on the market, which has already flirted. And both "shoulders"are blocked. You can understand the client, because he tries to squeeze the most out of his activities, but such actions are identified as arbitration, it is easy to guess what will follow.

It is important to understand that an ordinary player rarely makes a re-coupon for the same outcome. He puts and just waiting for the result. The only exception is professionals who monitor the movement of coefficients, but their security service identifies quickly and without problems. If there is a series of bets on the same outcomes, it is a signal to the bookmaker, which will limit the activities of the surebetter as quickly as possible.

What can you advise here? There is nothing supernatural. You can not re-put the same event, no matter how attractive the coefficient. Yes, the profit can be huge amounts, but the bookmaker can easily make a return, so as not to pay the winnings. It is better to make a deal once and just wait for the result, as thousands of ordinary customers do.

It is also necessary to exclude bets on the same match, albeit on different markets. It will be extremely suspicious if the player first put on Total Over, and a little later on Total Under.

Tip seven: the choice of bookmakers

You can not become a surebetter and register in the first available bookmakers, this is the way to lose money, fast cutting highs and other troubles. Before you start, you need to spend a lot of time looking for suitable bookmakers. We do not deny that arbitration situations arise almost between all companies, but not all of them are suitable for earnings, some are better to be excluded from the list.

It is not possible with 100% probability to specify the best bundles for surebetting, but there are 3 operators that never cut the highs and are loyal to any customers. We have already mentioned them in previous chapters and even made a detailed review, this Pinnacle, SboBet and Betfair. It is highly desirable to have an account in all three brands, but not necessarily, you can open an account in at least one bookmaker. It is with one of these giants that surebets often appear, because their line and coefficients are the most correct, and competitors are inflated.

At once it should be noted that arbitration situations between professional bookies do not arise. And if it does, then in very small quantities and with a very small percentage of profitability, they are not even worth spending time. Therefore, as a donor selected other bookmaker.

All of the above factors should be taken into account in the first place, plus additionally you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The authority of the bookmaker. How long has it been in the market, whether there were scandals with non-payment of money, whether the brand is known to a wide range of players.
  • Available ways to withdraw and deposit money. It would be a shame if the desired payment system is not on the list.
  • The size of the commission for financial transactions. 
  • How support works. Whether quickly answers inquiries, whether there is an online chat on the website, what ways of communication are available.
  • Whether the site is convenient for transactions, or have a long time to get used to the functionality.
  • What currencies are supported, how much will have to lose on converting dollars or euros.
  • Much do arbs occur in the line. The range of available sports and outcomes on them.

Ah other important nuances. Especially carefully it is necessary to study the rules of accepting bets and calculating coupons, often they are different. In one bookmaker may be counted a defeat in another victory, these points should be indicated in advance, so as not to lose money.

Most users at the time of registration, without hesitation, put a tick in the paragraph of the agreement with the rules of the bookies. And then they complain that they didn't know the rules. It is worth spending half an hour to protect yourself from such troubles.

Tip eight: double-check coupons

You can not issue coupons immediately after receiving a signal from the scanner, or rather, do not do it thoughtlessly. Specialized services are developed on the basis of a program that deals with complex calculations, errors and incorrect calculations also occur in its work. As a result, the user can bet on very unfavorable conditions, he will lose money and time. Plus, do not exclude the factor of technical problems in the scanner can be elementary something to break, the site may give incorrect information and other nuances. In order to avoid such troubles, you need to double-check the coupons before you confirm the bet.

Often it is not possible to arbitrate because the coefficients have changed significantly in a short time and now it is not profitable to take them. Some automated scanners are able to warn about this signal or message, but their services are expensive. More budget options will not react to this fact. Therefore, the player will have to manually or using a calculator to carry out additional checks in order to avoid stupid losses of money. Of course, this action takes precious time, but the loss of funds will be much more insulting.

That is why it is extremely important to see the surebet in the eye. That is, looking at the odds, the player should immediately understand walkouts or not, and without the aid of calculators. This skill will save a lot of time.

Tip nine: use a VPN proxy to hide the identity

It is no secret that the technical capabilities of bookmakers are growing every year, they have long learned to calculate the surebet on the characteristic features. Especially those who tries to create multiple accounts in one and the same place, without bothering about the basic rules of safety. First of all, before each visit to the bookmaker's website you need to clean cookies, it is easy to do, the operation will take just a couple of seconds, but the security will be provided. It is also recommended to clear the browser cache and, just in case, its history. In principle, many recommend that each operator have their own browser, and even a device. The scanner should be on a separate device.

If the player tries to re-register in the bookmaker, he should change the IP address. To do this, you can use the services of proxy servers, anonymous networks, special extensions for browsers. The address of each surebetter is noted by the security service, and when you re-create an account, it simply will not allow to bet, citing internal rules. The most cardinal, but also the most effective method is the purchase of a new device, whether it be a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. But a large budget is needed, which not everyone can afford.

In any case, the client should make sure that his identity was not disclosed through the fault of the computer. VPN, proxy and other services need to take only paid and high-quality, free options will be of little use. This will allow you to create new accounts in bookmakers, in any case, one full-fledged gaming circle will definitely be enough. Then again, replacing the IP address and new rates.

There were occasions when surebetters "issued" cameras, which were made photo documents. They create a unique label on each image, which is not left without attention of the security service. Therefore, it is better to use different gadgets for photos.

Tip ten: the correct sequence of bets

Every more or less experienced betting player knows that the odds on some markets change quickly, while others remain unchanged for a long time. The task of the surebetter is to understand these trends and use them in work. It is necessary to properly prioritize the design of coupons to avoid incidents with returns and negative outcomes. Prime example – over and over. Any client of bookmaker knows that on Total Under quotes fall during the match, and on Total Over rise. It is recommended first of all to take TU, only then TO to coefficient on the first option is not much sagged.

Similarly, in other variations. Minus handicap on the favorite will fall if it leads to the score, and the plus on the outsider only rise. Bets on individual goals are calculated in the same way. That is, it is important for the user to understand what "shoulder" to make out first in order to prevent subsidence, and this comes with experience and time.

Although there are tips that you must first take the total more, as if immediately held the next goal, the bet will be winning. Another "shoulder" and do not need to put. If, after betting on Total Under, a goal has taken place, then money will be lost. However, this strategy is not justified, as the goals will not be so much immediately after the transaction, but the coefficients are always moving.

In any case, at a distance it is much more justified to put the "shoulder" with a decreasing coefficient first than Vice versa.

The final thesis

The chapter with risk mitigation advice was the most extensive, and this is not surprising. After all, a lot of people refuse surebets only because they were under the sanctions of bookmakers, the money hung on the account, failed to pass the verification and other troubles. Above we have tried to give the most rational advice to reduce them. Let's go through the short list of 10 recommendations again:

  1. It is necessary to put only round sums. For example, instead of 133 take 135, instead of 127 take 130. And in any case not to put a penny after an integer, that is, 50,98 and the like.
  2. Don't go all-in. Once the bookmaker will "forgive", but take a pencil. If the second and third time this happens, sanctions can not be avoided.
  3. Try not to withdraw money or Deposit too often. Once a day at most. More frequent financial transactions look very suspicious.
  4. Not to flirt too profitable surebets. First, most likely, the office will make a return, and secondly, such tactics will not hide from the attention of the security service.
  5. Don't bet on unpopular events too often. It is desirable that they go mixed up with popular matches. And ideally at all are excluded. There is nothing more suspicious than a large wager on Cameroon's 3rd basketball division.
  6. Do not re-bet. That is, one coupon for one match, no more. Even if the coefficients will be more profitable, they do not need to take.
  7. Choose the right bookmaker. There are operators who can generally confiscate the winnings on the surebets, which will bring significant losses. They should be avoided. Plus take care of the comfort of work in the bookmaker.
  8. To double check coupons before confirmation. Scanners are wrong, too, and the coefficients can change significantly.
  9. To use the methods of IP spoofing, especially if the re-registered account. Without them, the surebets can not.
  10. Correctly distribute the order of bets. First of all, take the "shoulder" on which the coefficient moves downward, and not Vice versa.

Here, in principle, simple tips to help protect your account from too fast cutting and blocking. Be sure to stick to them in the work.

But do not delude yourself. Sooner or later, the account will be sanctioned. The player's task is to delay them as much as possible.

Incomplete surebets

From the previous chapters of the article we have learned that to deal with surebets, though profitable, but very difficult, especially in the last few years. The reason is that bookmaker do not favor surebets and try to quickly get rid of them. In fact, arbitration in sports is as tedious work as any other activity. Earn normal money, carelessly and for a couple of hours a day there will not work, you need to constantly change IP-addresses, look for drops (new accounts), allocate funds and much more. It is not surprising that many players leave the sphere, because it takes strength and requires constant work.

This does not mean that the surbets have ceased to exist, a large number of people continue to earn on them, and very successfully. They are just ready to invest time and effort here, plus experience and desire to work helps. Others as an alternative you can suggest incomplete surebets. From the name it is immediately clear that these are bets that cover not all possible outcomes, but only some. Usually, bets are made in such a way that the most probable markets are taken into account, and the least probable ones are simply discarded. Thus, the player overlaps most outcomes, while others are expected to fail.

Another name for Incomplete surebets is dutching.

Example of incomplete surebets

It is more difficult to search for Incomplete surebets than usual arbitrations, since it is impossible to take only two opposite outcomes, for example, Total Over and Total Under, handicaps and the like. There must be at least 3 possible results on the market, otherwise it will not be possible to name an incomplete rate. Let's look at them in illustrative examples. First of all, football, as it is most often used strategy, and often taken the main proposals for the winner of the match.

Let's say there is a game where the victory of the first team is given a coefficient of 1.87, a draw of 3.9, and the victory of the second 4.3. Put on all three outcomes will not work, the result will be a minus, but you can take the two most likely markets. The way it will be a victory for the first of 1.87 and a draw in 3.9. The success of the second club is ruled out as unlikely. Now, if you play one of the two bets, the net gain will be 26%. Compared with the classic surebets is a great result, as there is such a yield is considered almost sky-high, and even then most of the bookmakers will not pay. In the case of incomplete surebets, the player does not use prohibited strategies, because he still risks: if there is a victory of the second team, the money will be lost.

Another example with hockey. There is a match in which there are favorite and outsider. The main outcomes are unprofitable for working out for the strategy. Therefore, the user goes the other way, he makes out a coupon for a weak team's non-win for 2.6 and a leader's victory with a total of more than 4.5 for 2.3. The logic is simple, if there is any draw or success of the outsider, will play one "shoulder", if the favorite wins, he must do it big, breaking the total 4.5. Here excluded when a strong team will celebrate victoria Тotal Under4,5. And it is quite logical, as the team scoring, plus she always misses.

In dutching can be excluded not only 1 option, but also several. Plus, 3.4 or even more mutually exclusive markets can be considered.

How to find bets for dutching

It seems that there is nothing easier than to earn on incomplete surebets, just discard the least likely outcomes and that's it, it's in the hat. However, there is an important point: an unaccounted outcome will still happen, and bring a minus. Often inexperienced players are at a loss at a distance due to the fact that they took everything in a row for bets and did not take into account the theory of probability. And it says that any market will take place, despite the coefficient. The calculation formula is simple:

  • 100/coefficient = probability as a percentage

That is, if the quote is 4, then it will play 25% of the time. 100/4 = 25%. Plus, the variance is sure to make its own adjustments. As a result, these quarter-matches can bring such a loss that the winnings will not cover them. So, incomplete plugs can not be considered profitable? Not if you follow the important rules.

In the strategy of dutching, it is important to use only overvalued coefficients, that is, ordinary valuis. They are at a distance will bring a stable plus. But how to find them? Nothing particularly complicated there, but you will need knowledge in sport, common sense and the ability to count probability. Consider the following example. In a hockey match will meet two strong teams, the match for the next stage of the world Cup. And draw in the main time does not suit any team, as it leaves them behind. At the same time, the bookmaker set the coefficient for a peaceful outcome with a coefficicent of 3.5, although it should be higher, the probability of such an outcome is extremely low, which means a high quotation. It is obvious that the bookmaker has overestimated the draw. So, the coefficients on Win 1 and Win 2 are clearly overstated. Here they need to issue coupons, in the long term, such outcomes will give a stable income.

There is another, easier way to find undervalued coefficients. You need to open any scanner and view it arbitration situations. The presence of a fsurbet in itself suggests that one of the outcomes is overestimated. Just need to take it plus the other the outcome is unlikely to eliminate the market and to issue coupons. So incomplete surebets is ready. Here, too, are taken inflated quotes that can guarantee profit at a distance.

Usually, dutching is used on the exact score in football, the main outcomes, totals and handicaps. Exotic and combined rates are not suitable here.

Surebet as a value bet

We will continue to consider the strategies created on the basis of full surebets. One of them is based on the statement that the presence of a surebet means that one of the bookmakers incorrectly estimated a certain outcome. So, it is profitable to bet on it. Even if he loses, the distance will still get a stable plus. This approach is fully justified, as indeed, in the pursuit of customers, or simply because of the slow work, bookmaker often does not have time ratio. Because of this, the ibookie gives favorable quotes for the match, this is actively used by the surebetters.

Of course, there are strong analysts who are better able to determine the probability of bookmakers and on this basis to make predictions. Then they can only issue a coupon at a favorable rate. But are there many such players? Their units, after all, most people can not stand on an equal footing with the analyst of bookmakers. It is they who will approach the strategy with the use of scanners. Let's look at how to work here, what are the risks and what you need to consider.

How to search value bets

As mentioned above, this is perfect for conventional scanners. Open any of the services and configure the convenient parameters. Then you just need to watch and observe the coefficients, as soon as there is a favorable offer, you need to go to the office and issue a coupon for an undervalued coefficient. Nothing complicated, but there are some nuances.

You first need to discover really value bet. Only one "shoulder" can be considered as such, and it is the initiator of the surebet, that is, the bookie, because of which the arbitration was formed. If the player is experienced and versed in sports, plus analyzed the match, he will be able to determine the appropriate option by eye. If there is no experience, you will have to open the lines of other bookmaker and compare the quotes, where they differ significantly is an inflated coefficient. But this method is outdated, it has not been used for a long time. There is a much faster and easier way: use the tip of the scanner. In the best services in front of the initiator of the arb is a special label, it shows that this rate is underestimated. So, on this market and you need to make a bet. Easy and comfortable. But first of all, this functionality is not available in all services.

Additional scanner functionality

Value betting strategy is in great demand among customers, so some scanners offer bets on undervalued coefficients as a separate functionality. That is, they are already looking for valui and give information to users in the finished form, it remains only to make a bet according to the tips. Such a service, unfortunately, is not found in all services, plus it is often unfinished, but it can be effectively used. How does a soulless computer determine that the coefficient is too high? There are 2 approaches:

  1. One of the "shoulders" of the surebet. This we have discussed in the section just above. The scanner determines where the initiator of the arb and puts his ratio as too high. In fact, it makes it easier for the player, sorting the desired outcomes and giving them in a convenient format.
  2. The other option is more complex. The scanner compares the coefficients of several dozen bookmakers and displays the average denominator, it can be called the most fair. In those bookies where the coefficicent is higher than the average by several points, there is a value. Information about it and provides service.

But do not blindly trust the scanners. Still, common sense should be present in any case. It is still necessary to analyze the events and decide whether the quotes are inflated, or it is self-deception.

Profit from undervalued coefficients is provided only at a distance. In the short term, you may not even beat off the cost of the scanner, you need to be prepared for this.

Features of value betting

The strategy is good because the player gets an advantage over the bookmaker, he puts on an undervalued ratio than guarantees a profit. However, there are some nuances:

  • The bank in the bookmaker will need a large one. Income will be visible at a distance, and often it does not exceed 10%. If the deposit is 100 euro, it is only 10 euros. If 1 000, then 100. The difference is obvious.
  • For constant rates for the shaft, cut the highs too. After all, in fact, the client puts on a potential arbs"shoulder", and no one cares that he has not issued a coupon for the second outcome in another bookmaker. The security service will sooner or later apply sanctions.
  • You need to understand the sport, analyze it, view statistics and draw the appropriate conclusions. Simple knowledge of mathematics, as in the case of a full arbitration, can not do.
  • The shaft also have a feature with time to disappear. Therefore, the speed of the line-up is also important. Especially when using scanners.
  • To search for undervalued coefficients it is better to prefer pre match surebets, they are not so frequently and dramatically change the ratio. That allows you to work in a more comfortable environment.

If the bank is too small, it is better to prefer conventional surebets and a little on them to earn extra money, then go to the shaft.

It is noticed that bookmakers sanctions though come, but not as quickly as for surebets.

Overvalued middles

Another derivative of surebets is overvalued middles. They are also called  positive middles. To catch such a situation is quite difficult, it occurs very rarely, to catch one such arbitration per day is already considered luck, and if it also passes, it is already a great success, bringing the player at least 100% profit from the invested funds.

What is an overvalued middles? Consider the illustrative examples. There is a football match, the score is 1:1 to 60 minutes. In the first bookmaker's office on the outcome of Total Over 2,5 is given a coefficient of 2.16, in another bookmaker on Total Under 3,5 exhibited a value of 2.25. Each bookie is required to issue coupons to these markets and expect to win. Depending on the final account, the profit will be different. If the score remains unchanged, will play a bet on Total Under 3,5, which will bring plus 10%, if it is scored 4 or more goals, will play the outcome of Total Over 2,5,which will also bring 10%. But the most profitable option is if exactly 3 goals are scored, because then both coupons will play and the total payment will be 110% of the bet. That is, if 1000 euro were spent, the prize will be 2100 euro.

A similar situation can occur not only on totals, but also in the handicaps. Take the same match, where the 60 minute the score was 1:1. Nominal favourite is given a handicap of -0.5 and 1.8, and the underdog at +1.5 in 2.5. Version of events:

  1. The score hasn't changed. Played bet +1.5 and brought a 4.6% profit.
  2. The favorite won and 2 or more goals. Played coupon on -0.5, which also brought 4.6%.
  3. Favorite won exactly 1 ball. Both bets were played, the total income was 109%.

And such options can be anywhere where half-values are used. Whether it is an individual total or any other indicator.

How to find overvalued middles

The first question for beginners: where and how to find positive middles? Immediately it is worth noting that doing this manually is almost impossible, too quickly changing the coefficients in live mode. And in the pre-match they practically do not happen, bookmakers are wrong only in real time, when they do not have time to change quotes. It remains only to use the services of scanners that quickly recognize the middles and provide information on it.

It should be noted that not all scanners are looking for positive middles, to find them in the standard issue will not work. Services that support this functionality, give information about these surebets on a separate page and even in a separate tab. As a rule, the user is required to pay an additional price for the middles, they are not included in the total price. For the convenience of customers, sometimes separate tariff plans are provided, which cover only middles and give them the most detailed information.

The most often positive middles can be found in basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, handball and tennis. That is, in team sports.

Features positive middles

Bets on positive middles are very attractive, because the player can count not on the standard 1-10% profit, but on as much as 100% and more. This is a great offer, in which there is virtually no risk of losing. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • The presence of a positive middle is a gross mistake of one of the bookmakers who did not manage to change the coefficient in time. So get a refund on the rate here is especially great.
  • If you find such arb, you need to act especially quickly, since it "lives" for a very short time. Bookmaker pulled myself together and already put up a fair ratio.
  • Do not take a couple of unreliable and small places, they often make a return. While large and reputable bookmakers will not admit a mistake, this will happen only in very rare cases.
  • Do not get too carried away with positive middles, the bookmaker will not "approve". The risk of getting cut accounts increases several times.
  • They are too few to issue. As mentioned in the beginning, to find one such situation for the day is a great success. And not always it brings the maximum possible jackpot. Therefore, it is unprofitable to make it the main source of income.

Due to the demand for overvalued middles, the best offers disappear very quickly. Since they issue coupons a lot of professional players.

Particularly profitable and many overvalued middles arise between the exchange bookmakers such as Betfair.

Negative arbs

The name itself is controversial, because, in fact, there are unprofitable rates. What's the meaning of that? The usual arb brings the player profit at any outcome of the match, he can not worry about the final score on the scoreboard. In the case of negative arbs on the result will be a minus. For example, on both "shoulders" a total of 500 euro, but the coefficients are such that the passage of any market the client will receive only 490 euri, that is, lose 2%. This situation is called the negative arb. Inexperienced surebetters immediately have a question: what is the point to put yourself at a loss? This can be done within the same bookmaker, why involve several of them?

The answer is quite simple: negative surebets work well together with bonuses from bookmakers. They help with minimal losses to win back the rewards of bookmakers and withdraw them. In addition, many players thus cash out free bet, get cash back and so on. That is, squeeze the most out of incentive programs. In the people this action was called bonus hunting, literally meaning "hunting for bonuses".

Bonus hunting is considered to be prohibited reception of the game in the bookamker, they are struggling with this in every way and apply various sanctions in case of detection by the client of abuse of the bonus offer.

Example with free bet

Often a negative surebet is used together with a freebet. Recall, freebet – free bet from the bookmaker at his expense. If successful, the difference between the bet amount and the net winnings is credited to the real account. Given a bonus when registering, regular customers, just as a gift. Many players abuse the free bet and get a guaranteed jackpot from it, using a trick.

Consider the following example. Bokkmaker gives a new client 10euro as a free bet, which can only be put entirely on a resident. Obviously, it does not make sense to put on a low coefficient, since the profit will be scanty. Therefore, a negative surebet is taken in two institutions. One issued a coupon for 1000 gift rubles with a coefficient of 3.5 in the other at their own expense, the opposite outcome is taken with a quotation of 1.25 in the amount of 1,500 rubles. If you passed the free bet, the result will be a profit of 1 100 rubles net, if the opposite outcome is played, there will be a profit of about 400 rubles. The point is that the player does not risk his money in one of the offices, so the loss of this "shoulder" does not bear losses.

There are players who register many accounts in one bookmaker, where the free bet is issued and then repeatedly play and withdraw money.

Example with bonuses

Consider another case where a player receives an increase in the initial deposit by 100%. For example, he has made a deposite of100 euro, and received a bonus of 100 euro. These funds can not be withdrawn immediately, the bookmaker puts a condition that you need to wrap them at least 5 times, putting on coefficients not lower than 1.8. Yes, and the deadline is in 1 month, that is, during this time, you must complete all wagering conditions. The task is difficult for professionals, and to be honest to the end, it is almost impossible, hardly anyone can show high permeability at this level. That's where the negative surebets come in.

The player in the other bookie puts exactly opposite bets than takes in the first. Trying to take only surebets with minimal losses. In this mode, the work goes from 3 days to several weeks. In the end, the condition is fulfilled: 100 euro are put down 5 times, the coefficients are from 1.8 to 3.5. The total loss due to negative surebets was 20 euro. So, the net income of 80 euro (100 - 20 = 80).

Such methods can be used for any incentive offers from bookmakers, whether it be loyalty program, cashback, risk-free bet and the like. You just need to calculate everything correctly, assess the risks and in the end get the long-awaited profit. At the same time, it is important to be careful that the institution does not have unnecessary suspicions and uncomfortable questions. Plus try to take the surebet with minimal loss. Ideally from 0.15 to 2%.

There may be a logical question: why not use normal surebets, because they will generally break even. Yes, it is, but for arbitration in its pure form sanctions come quickly, then the user will lose the bonus. Therefore, it is better not to risk and to apply a negative arbs, they are not so suspicious.

Sum up

In the end, let's draw General conclusions and repeat the most important points of the article:

We must understand that you can not immediately start making a lot of money. Quite a long time will have to gain experience, many times "burn". But the reward at the end will be very significant.
  1. The surebets exist. Every day, they formed several hundred thousand among the thousands of bookmakers. There will be no shortage of them, we can say that they are more than enough for everyone and even remain.
  2. Professionals prefer a Live arbs. They are more profitable, they are much more and they are less suspicious in the security of bookmaker.
  3. Bookies don't like surebetters. They block their accounts, cut highs and use other methods to limit the account.
  4. There are only three major operators loyal to the surebetters: Pinnacle, SboBet and Betfair. To have accounts in them – it is obligatory for each player.
  5. There are no game risks in surebets, but there are a lot of other dangers. Bookmakers can apply sanctions, you can not have time to put one "shoulder", elementary mistake in the design of the coupon and the like. 
  6. It is important to follow the safety rules when betting on surebets to account "lived" as long as possible. Not to put broke, not to flirt the secondary championships to round amounts rates, less withdrawals and recharge, not to put on high-yield  fork.
  7. You can search for arbitrage situations manually, but it is better to do it with scanners. So the work will be built much more efficiently. Plus, in specialized services there are many additional tools to help increase earnings.
  8. In addition to standard surebets, there are negative surebets, overvalued middles, incomplete surebets, rates with a margin. With their help, too, really earn.

Final thoughts

In the final part of the material we will give an answer to the main question of beginners: is it possible to make money on forks? Possible. Quite a lot of people are doing it successfully. However, do not expect that it will be easy and do not have to do hard work. In fact, this is the same work as in the office, you need a few hours to sit at the computer, strain your eyesight, conduct mental activity. Plus constantly "fight" with bookmakers. But the reward for this is quite significant, you can safely earn up to several million rubles a month, if only allowed by the Bank. Plugs will exist as long as the competition between offices remains high.