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Working with arbitrage situations gives another opportunity to gamblers eager to make money betting. We mean middles.

Middles – situations when all probable outcomes of a sport event are covered, and some of them are covered twice.

For example, having taken two bets:

Goals Total Over 1.5 и Goals Total Under 2.5 (let we find a bet with coefficient 2.0 for each outcome), we get the picture as follows:

  • if there are less than 2 goals in the match, Goals Total Under 2.5 wins;
  • if there are more than 2 goals, Goals Total Over 1.5 wins;
  • if there are exactly 2 goals, both bets wins, which significantly increases the profit.

This way, if a gambler would have staked $100 on each bet, then a surebet would take place in the outcome 1 or 2, and the gambler would have no profit. But if the outcome 3 would emerge (2 goals), then the gambler would have $200 in profit at once. Such situation is called  a middle.

Middles appear on different markets: Goals Total, Corners, Cards, Handicaps, etc. They come quite frequently and give extra chances to make money (or to increase your common profit of surebets).


Finding Middles – Where and How to

It is not difficult to find a middle. Most surebet scanners may help with it, while some of them even have sections dedicated to finding middles.

Working with middles is as easy as surebet routine: detect and bet.


Positive and Negative Middles

Another feature of working with middles is the chance to obtain a strong hand over a bookmaker, betting on coefficients that make a middle rather than a surebet.

Here is an example: two bets of 1.9 each.

  • The first goes on Goals Total Over 145.5
  • The second goes on Goals Total Under 152.5

We are talking about basketball. Betting $100 on each leverage.

In this case, if there are less than 145 or more than 153 goals, the gamblers will get just $190, i.e. lose $10 (5%) of the total stake.

However, if the number of goals lies between 145 and 152, then profits will be significantly higher: $380, which stands for $180 of net profit (90% of the initial stake of $200).

Therefore, it seems to be enough if each 17th middle wins to let a gambler make money (every 18th middle’s win will give 0 for a gambler in the long run of bets).


Main Points of Working with Middles in Sport Betting

  • at least one bet must win after the middle is closed;
  • there must be a range covered by both bets.

Working with middles has lower risks of decreasing the limit of amount, which is sometimes used by bookmakers over middle-gamblers.