Surebet scanner overview Betburger

Number of scanned BM
Bets comparison
7 /10
Scan quality: 7
Scanning speed: 7
Operational safety: 7
Price: 7

Tariffs and payments

For service, several tariff plans are provided, and each user can select the most appropriate in order not to pay extra for functions he doesn't need.

All available tariffs are listed in the table, the price is specified for 30-days subscription:


Free 0 €

  • Surebets up to 1%
  • All markets
  • All sports
  • 900 sec delay for prematch and 60 sec for live

Prematch 129,99 €

  • Unlimited surebets
  • Middles + negative surebets
  • All markets
  • All sports
  • Extended functionality

Live 299,99 €

  • Unlimited surebets
  • All markets
  • All sports
  • Extended functionality

Prematch + Live 294,99 €

  • Everything from Prematch + Everything from Live

You can purchase subscription of any duration, from 1 to 360 days. When buying 6-month subscription, 20% discount is provided for tariff, and 1-year subscription provides 30% discount.

Subscription to any tariff can be "frozen", i.e. suspended in case if you don't plan to use service for short period of time (up to 7 days per time).

For scanner service payment, payment systems that are most popular among players are available:
Skrill / Master Card / VISA / Netteler


Technical support and contact information

Betburger is surely today's best surebet and arbitrage situation scanner. And though our rivals are always up-and-doing, Betburger still develops faster than anyone.

In primarily regards to key factors for any surebet scanner: number of scanned bookmakers and speed of scanning. These are the factors that define comfort of player when betting all surebet and safety arms when in concerns of player's resistance to surebet game. Betburger demonstrates following indications:

  • Number of scanned bookmakers – over 100 (64 bookmakers and 88 clones for prematch and 55 bookmakers and 81 clones for live surebets, respectively).
  • Speed of scanning – 3 seconds for live surebets and 15 seconds for prematch surebets. It's fast by today's standards.

Besides work with surebets, which the main task of the scanner, Betburger also provides an odd comparison service. It is mandatory for analysis of odds change also known as leads movement.

For high-quality and comfortable work, scanner provides flexible filter system. It allows to increase speed of work with surebets. This applies especially to the live surebets mode. Also, the interface is user-friendly and doesn't scare a user away with unnecessary elements. It's well optimized for various devices.

Additional tools must be especially noted: Surebet Calculator is one of the most convenient among many other similar calculators. It calculates both two-odd bets and multi-odd bets. It is intended for users planning to make profit professionally without risk of restriction which is a significant support.

Same regards to the warning system provided by the service. Alarms are set by many criteria and significantly facilitate player's activity.

Service makers put special emphasis on help and training of work with bookmaker arbitrage and, in particular, with surebets. Help section gives tons of information divided into categories:

  • How does it work? A detailed description of surebets and their generation.
  • Arbing Academy. It contains a lot useful information both for beginners and professional players.
  • FAQ. Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Manual. Detailed description of all functions and features of the AllBestBets scanner.
  • Blog. Consulting articles about surebets and sport bets in general.
  • Forum. Provides communication with mate surebeters.

Client panel

Having paid selected tariff, player receives data to enter his personal profile. In the left part of the screen, panel of scan results display settings is located. Surebets can be sorted by profit rate, ROI (if available in tariff), age, event start time. User can also switch to the middles scanning results. In order not miss new surebets, sound or text notification can be used.

Besides standard surebet arm calculation,  built-in surebets calculator also provides very convenient feature "close odds". It will be required in case if odds of one of the surebet arms decreased, and you need urgently replaced at another bookmaker.

For users' convenience service provides hiding menu allowing to remove from results list a certain surebet, event or bookmaker in general.

Additional features

Arb Helper. This is in-house development allowing to make bets directly from the calculator in bookmaker's shop. This feature is implemented as plug-in (software) that can be downloaded for free at scanner web-site.

Integration with the BetFair exchange market. This feature allows to connect an exchange market account to the Betburger account, giving range of benefits to players:

  • No-delay access to the Betfair bookmaker surebets.
  • Convenient exchange market interface.
  • Bets can be made quickly directly from our scanner interface.

Easy integration, 3 steps only, described at surebet scanner web-site.

Odds comparison service. This feature is also available after registration. Bookmakers' odds are scanned, and best offers are listed as table. All you have to do is choose an event and market, and ABB finds best odd.


The scanner is implemented in an online version with a browser access, so it is convenient to use it with any device, including Android and iOS devices. Mobile version of the website is also available. Thus, wherever you are – home or, for instance, cafe, you can use surebet scanner both on desktop PC or smartphone or tablet – convenience and operability will be the same.

Pros and cons of Betburger surebet scanner


  • High scanning speed
  • Scanning not just pre-match, but also live, negative surebets and middles
  • Convenient interface, wide range of filters and settings
  • Selection of tariffs depending on players' needs
  • Possibility of extra-short-term subscription, whether for one day or a year. When extending the subscription, price per day decreases.
  • Unique additional features such as Close Odds, Arb Helper and Integration with the BetFair Exchange Market.


  • High subscription price, especially for Live tariffs.
  • Sometimes some bookmakers disappear from scanning results. It's most likely due to bookmakers bans rather than scanner software failures.

Betburger scanner reviews

Most users appraised work with scanner as 9 of 10. The appraisal was based on speed and stability of scanning, convenience of work at basic functions, errors in displayed results.  Price policy of the scanner was appraised as 6 of 10.

Interface screenshots

Feedbacks of scanner Betburger

A position of administration of the project is that there can't be any substance of the matter which is impossible to solve. So share your opinion, enter into the debate. We are grateful for all feedbacks!

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Bar xxl
20.03.2022 19:20
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Love this scanner, because thanks to it I got up a little financially and forgot about the long series of drains. Now I have already learned better the principle of betting on an almost win-win strategy, so I began to earn a furious plus. Colleagues from work advised to use surebets only in live, but by alternating bookies and not charging large amounts, it is easy to avoid a ban.

04.02.2022 14:27
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Cool service that fully  recoups the money invested. I am working with BB for a long time and I am not going to change anything. To whom the prices are high - what amounts do you bet on? It is easy to win back investments even in a day. I don’t litter with money, but it’s useless to put 1-2 EURO. With burgers, you need to bring down more and earn enough!

Rita Margarita
12.01.2022 18:37
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Such a normal scanner, any package is very profitable and even the maximum can be served. It pisses me off that bookmakers don't like these surebets and often issue bans. I re-registered all my friends and relatives, and the bans continue, therefore 4 marks, not 5. Although Betburger are not to blame here, it’s still not very pleasant to play with registrations like this, wasting time.

NihileGO 4
08.10.2021 21:59
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

have been looking closely at the BBurger for a long time and only a month ago I took a tariff. I will not write for a long time, I will go through the pluses with a list:
1. There are a lot of surebets and this is worth admitting.
2. Tariffs are practically for nothing, because such money is easy to recapture even in a day, without much effort.
3. The functionality of the scanner is optimal, but for some reason the calculator often fails.
4. A simple site where everything is clear for people too.
To summarize, it really is one of the best, if not the best scanner at the moment. I'm not going to change anything and I'm already waiting for the height of the sports seasons to go into plus for a long time.

30.05.2021 08:46
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

I think this is the best scanner of all. It is inexpensive, very few errors, a convenient plugin. I've been working with him for over a year.

08.11.2019 10:33
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

I liked the scanner, a lot of фкиы, but still I would like more for the Champions League. There are a lot of matches, all of them are important and cool, and there are only a couple of arbs for a day. But the Spanish La Liga is good so give

07.08.2019 20:31
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Best scanner of arbs I've seen ever. Better than OddStorm and Rebel both

13.03.2019 16:34
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

I'm giving 5! this scanner.

Yes, it is expensive, especially a live subscription. But the minimum number of errors, high speed, very convenient plugin. All this helps to quickly work out a lot of arbs and go to a plus on the money. 

However, it is necessary to spend at first a lot of time to explore all the possibilities of the scanner.

04.09.2018 06:30
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Don't use it. Almost all odds are delayed. When I asked customer support for help I needed to wait 3 days to get answered. Very not satisfied..

30.08.2018 05:58
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

I take a subscription is not the first time. I will say why I like Betburger the most
1. Scans unpopular events
2. In the calculator there is a function to look at all the coefficients for this outcome
3. A large number of bookmakers
4. High speed scanning
5. Good price

28.07.2018 14:42
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Start with the disadvantages.

The service is paid. Free access is only to low-income forks, only to 1%. So there is nothing to catch. Good money can be raised only on the forks with the income from 15% and above. Subscription prices are high. Second, for some  for me to adapt to the desktop on the site, the interface is not particularly clear. 
From merits.

Pluggin Arbhelper. He's really helping. Thanks to it, I have much less errors when transferring bets. It also helps to avoid exposure to bookies.

26.02.2018 09:02
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

The website is clear and convenient for me. For 2 years of betting there, we got used to each other. In the very beginning, it was very difficult to handle highly-dynamic surebets. But over the course of time, I got the hang of it and started working with lives only. Usually I use PC, but should I need to leave for a couple of days, it is quite good to bet using a smartphone. Sure, every gambler has their own preferences, but I recommend BetBurger as a great tool — consider it.

Albert, Boston
16.12.2017 19:20
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

Came to BetBurger official website. It was all beautiful, even in the Subscription Plans section. However, when I saw the prices I realized it was too costly for me. No way to name myself a professional arb better, so such plans would not be profitable for me.

28.07.2017 08:21
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

BetBurger’s main features are simple and functional.  1% bets are free, but there is a limited resource access with 900 seconds delay for Live betting and one minute for PreMatch. Young people who speak English and make first steps in betting can fill this niche to get acquainted with the scanner. For serious gaming, the monthly payment of 189.99 Euro (Live) and 99.99 Euro (PreMatch) gives bonus features with profitable bets. I think for beginners it's better to start with "PreMatch".

16.06.2017 14:13
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (7/10)

BetBurger is one of the few resources to scan unpopular events, it is clearly an advantage. I'd like to note the multi-operation calculator with an option to prompt all odds for a specific outcome. In addition, it supports popular payment systems like Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney, which is also most welcome. They are simply added to the relevant section, the Settings tab. The choice of the desired currency and the bet calculation are made automatically. It's convenient.

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