What is lay back in betting?

In bookmaker betting, the terms "lay" and "back" have a specific meaning. It is most often used on betting exchanges such as Betfair.

"Lay" means placing a bet against an event. In this case, you are betting that the event will not happen. This is different from traditional betting, where you bet that an event will happen. By choosing a "Lay" bet, you get the opportunity to act as a bookmaker, accepting bets from other players.

You can read more about these types of bets in the article on our website.

Is it true that free sure bets are worse than paid ones?

Arbs cannot be worse or better; they are found by the same scanner tools according to given algorithms.

But, as a rule, scanners reduce the functionality of free sure bets compared to paid sure bets.

For example,

  • Delays in scan results of 15 minutes or more are quite common. Given that many forks disappear within 5-10 minutes of detection, you will therefore receive alerts for many forks that no longer exist.
  • Limited rate of return on arbitrage. Arbs displayed for free are usually limited to profit margins of 1% or less. The most profitable sure bets are hidden, meaning that you can only bet on sure bets with a low return on investment.
  • Limited number of bookmakers. While paid scanners will show you the odds of all bookmakers for a particular match, a free surebets program may just show you just a few of its choice.
  • Restrictions on the type of bookmaker arbitration. In the free arbitrage bets search mode, middles and values are usually not displayed.
  • Some scanners limit their free versions to just a few sports.

What are the methods for searching surebets?

There are only two methods.

  1. Manually. Long outdated. The lifetime of surebets in our time is sometimes tens of seconds, especially in Live mode (where you can get the most profit). Finding it all by hand is next to impossible.
  2. With the help of specialized software (scanners). This is software that will find surebets instead of you. There are also modifications that will fill in the coupons for you, and sometimes place the bets. Of course, this is more risky (bookmaker can find out surebetting more easily), but also more profitable.

What is an antifraud analyst?

The profession of an anti-fraud analyst can be considered outdated. Now its work is almost completely performed by automatic systems.

What is the anti-fraud system doing? It identifies surebettors. Analyzes rates, their sizes, quantity. How many people won, how many lost, what sports and what leagues they bet on. It compares these data and finds the surebet. And betting on surebets, as you know, bookmakers do not welcome.

The work of an analyst in our time is reduced to intervention in cases where there is a suspicion of an error and it is required to check the data manually.

What fees does the arber pay?

Let's go through all the monetary commissions that you will have to pay in order.

  1. Your bank fee. For what exactly he will take a commission depends on the terms of your contract. This can be a percentage of the payment or a fixed amount. Sometimes a commission is charged for replenishing the account. The cash withdrawal fee also needs to be taken into account if you are going to cash out.
  2. Payment systems commission. This is not the same as bank interest. Most often, when replenishing bookmakers or scanner accounts, third-party payment systems are used (for example, AnyPay or the well-known PayPal), but they do not work for free.
  3. Commission (margin) of the bookmaker. The most implicit point, requiring a detailed explanation the size of a small book to fully understand. Here we simply state that the bookmaker takes his commission from each bet. Online, this amount is usually in the region of 3 to 10%.
  4. Intermediary commission. If you buy accounts, you want to do it with a guarantee. And for the services of a guarantor or a reputable store, you will also have to pay extra. In this case, commissions sometimes reach inadequate amounts of 20%. But most often the percentage is less.
  5. Commission when withdrawing money. Many bookies do not hesitate to ask you for a certain amount just for the fact that you want to take your hard-earned money.
  6. Conversion commission. If you bet in dollars and then convert to euro, then you will be charged a percentage for converting from one currency to another.

Commissions for transfers are applicable to any cases: replenishment and withdrawal of money from the bookmaker, payment for scanner services or purchase of accounts (even from individuals). Again, the presence of a commission and its size depend on the conditions of your service at the bank and the use of additional services.

Is it possible to surebetting on mobile phone?

On mobile phones, it is technically possible to engage in arbitration - bet on surebets, value bets, middles. It is difficult to find a bookmaker who currently does not have a mobile app. Rather, you will find those who do not have a familiar site. But even offices without applications have convenient mobile versions of sites.

The advantage of playing on a mobile platform in a high level of concentration is that attention is not blurred. It is more difficult to make a mistake when analyzing and setting the required amount.

The disadvantage manifests itself when playing in more than 2-3 bookies: you need to constantly switch between applications. A long time the program is in the background often leads to the need to log in again, and this is a waste of time.

Also, large arbitrage services do not provide mobile applications for finding arbitration situations. But you can use bots directly on their sites from a mobile device, if such an option is provided.

What is a 2 way surebet calculator?

This is the simplest version of the calculator and only calculates the result for two events.

Why do you need a calculator for 2 outcomes?

This tool may seem too simple and outdated. Arbs for two outcomes are extremely rare in the prematch these days. But he is still irreplaceable in two situations.

  • For teaching beginner arbers. It is best to start with simple situations and with simple software, gradually complicating the task for yourself.
  • When you need to place bets in the “Live” mode, where even now you can find many surebets with only two outcomes. Here it will be useful for both beginners and experienced specialists. The speed of work in this case is of decisive importance (coefficients in life change very quickly), and simplicity speeds up the process.

How does the 2-way calculator work?

It is enough to enter the odds for each event and the total amount that you plan to bet on the surebet. The calculator will calculate the bet amount for each leverage and the total profit.


The bookmakers give 1.9 odds for the victory of team A. Team B to win 3.5. In this case, the "draw" option is impossible. We enter these odds and the total bet amount of $ 100 into the calculator. We get the following values:

Required bet on team A - 64.81;
Bet on team B - 35.19;
The guaranteed profit is $ 23.15.

Which calculators to use?

We do not recommend using questionable calculator services. It will be very unpleasant when, at the most crucial moment, the site with the calculator "falls down" or the software starts to glitch. Such savings are not justified.

We have a lot of calculators on our site that are recommended for use. Most of them work in tandem with a single developer scanner, which further increases their value and reliability. Here is a list of reliable scanners that have a built-in calculator:

Is it possible to buy accounts collectively?

As a matter of fact: theoretically it is possible. It has long been no secret that an account can be bought together on the same sites where courses are merged.

Now to practice. How will the purchase of an account end up in a pool?

The first problem that will arise is how do you plan to share time with other collectors? You will not be able to use the scanner at the same time, while everyone will want to use the acc at the "fattest" time for surebets (usually the weekend). You cannot control everyone, so sooner or later two or more fillers will log into your account simultaneously on different devices from different places. This will result in the account being banned and money lost instead of the expected savings.

But even if you work at different times, it will come from different geolocations on different computer hardware (yes, the programs know that too). You will receive a security check with a temporary ban, which will grow into a permanent one.

Conclusion: you don't need to buy accounts together.

At what time of day can you bet on surebet outcomes?

It is best to bet at the time you will find the most comfortable.  Nothing should distract you, you should be calm and focused, your Internet connection must be stable. Surebets can appear at any time of the day, their existence is characterized by the appearance and changing of prices in the bookmaker's line.

If we talk about live surebets, then there are more of them in the afternoon Moscow time - this is the time when there are more of football games. The more the events, the more surebets the scanner can find.

What are the most important parameters for a surebet scanner?

The most important are the following parameters:

  • Scanner speed: the higher the scanning speed, the faster the arbitrage bets are found and become ready for betting.
  • Scanning quality: in other words, the fewer errors in the displayed selection, the fewer mistakes the players make.
  • Price: everything here is self-evident, but a lower price is not always the best. It is important to find a balance between quality and price.

It is also important for the scanner to process as many bookmaker offers as possible, have a good selection of customizable filters, as well as a nice and user-friendly interface.