Surebet scanners and value bet scanners: are they the same kind of services?

A surebet consists of several bets on the opposite outcomes of the same event. These are the so-called arms of a surebet. Typically, a bet on one of surebet arms is also a value bet.

However, a value bet scanner provides information for the selected event only for the best bet. A surebet scanner also provides all the necessary information about all arms of a surebets required for profit-making.

What are surebet scanners?

A surebet scanner is a program that analyses bookmaker leads and searches for bets conforming to the concept of a surebet among all the different bets.  A surebet, or arbitrage bet, is a combination of multiple bets for the same event, making it possible to receive profits regardless of the outcome.

User interfaces of scanners (how they look like) are very different. For the convenience of the user, scan results can usually be ranked using filters such as profit, duration of the surebet, start time of the event, etc.