Can I make money off betting on basketball surebets?

Basketball has a very important feature: it is played around the year and very popular in almost all parts of the world. Basketball is super popular in North America and very popular in Europe and Asia. Australia, South America and Africa are slightly less beneficial in this regard.

The wide geographic spread gives a nice bonus for bettors in the form of opportunity to bet on basketball surebets almost round the clock.  The games take place at night, in the morning, at the afternoon and in the evening.

It is quite possible to make money off basketball with surebets and other arbitrage situation and we don’t know any cases when a successful player would exclude basketball from the search.

Can I make money off betting on tennis surebets?

Tennis is the second most popular sport in the betting business. The marginality of tennis betting is usually lower (for the player) than for less liquid sports. The exception is games with participation at least one famous player. In this case, one of the arms of a surebet or a middle may be overrated, which offers the player enough possibilities to use this offset and earn well.

You do not have to go deep into the analysis of causes of a surebet, but only note that if there are a lot of tennis games, especially when Grand Slam tournaments take place, the probability of a good surebet increases dramatically, and a professional bet player should take advantage of it.

So, it is possible to make money off tennis.

Can I make money off betting on hockey surebets?

It is no less effective to earn on hockey with surebets than football, for example. The only major distinction of hockey surebets is their seasonal nature. It is very difficult to find a hockey game in the off-season or all the more to detect a surebet among those rare hockey games.

At the same time, the number of hockey surebets increases exponentially during the season, which lasts about six months.  Since the bookmakers, firstly, open up many markets for hockey games, and secondly, there appears a lot of difficult-to-calculate events which serve as the causes for surebets (see article on the surebets and factors leading to their occurrence).

The conclusion is simple:  It is possible to make money off hockey during the season, and sometimes it is even easier than with extremely popular football or tennis.

Can I make money off betting on football surebets?

Yes, you can. And if we talk about football in detail, it has a lion's share of all arbitrage bets. This is mainly due to the extreme popularity of this sport.  After all, football is easy to understood for most people. And even if you don’t play yourself, TV broadcasts are enough to satisfy the interest in football among the viewing audience.

If you visit a freely available surebet scanner website that shows surebets up to 1% yield, you can easily see there is enough football surebets there. And if you pay for a subscription fee, you will have multiple surebets with even higher yield.

Can you download a surebet scanner for free?

Yes, you can. Most scanners have a trial feature and publish free information about surebets with yield under 1% on their websites. But it is hardly possible to speak of serious earnings with a margin as small as this.

Surebets with unlimited yield are published on the website of a free surebet scanner BMBets.com. The main advantage of this resource is that it is free. Nevertheless, we would not recommend using it to make money from betting. Their scan speed is low compared to fee-based scanners and it is not enough for proper work with surebets. Surebets are visible to much more players as compared to fee-based resources, which greatly increases the risk to be banned by bookmakers.

How do I find the best surebet scanners?

The simplest and fastest way to find the best scanners is to use the surebet scanner rating on our website. It contains information on more than 20 surebet scanners. In addition, key figures such as quality of work and scan speed, reliability and price policy are described by quantitative indicators that depend on the functions and services of a scanner.

The top of the ranking contains the best surebet scanners as of today. Our rating is live, i.e. if services or prices change, or new scanners appear, the rating is rearranged.

Surebets at bookmakers - is this an arbitrage?

Yes, this is a kind of arbitrage. In general, arbitrage is an opportunity to bet with various bookmakers on all the possible outcomes. Thus, the player who has bet on all events receives profit regardless of the outcome.

The simplest type of surebet is a surebet with two arms, i.e. with two opposite outcomes. This kind of arbitrage is easier and faster to bet, because it becomes necessary to work with only two bets at two different bookmakers. These surebets are best suited to beginners. For more proficient players, there are arbitrages with three and four outcomes.

 Arbitrage also include so-called middles.

How can I make surebet search profitable?

As in most cases, you have to use professional assistance in search for surebets. It is easier, faster and more cost-effective to use the services of one of a list of surebet scanners, which can be found in the rating accessible at the main page. The great majority of scanners is developed by former (if there are some) professional surebet players. Who else could create a software product for surebet search automation?

The availability of surebet scanners does not mean that a player cannot find surebets by themselves. Of course it's possible. But scanners analyse the leads and bets of several dozens of bookmakers. A human is unable to process such amounts of information, you have to limit yourself to two, a maximum of three bookmakers and only a few events.

What is the best surebet software?

How do I know what type of surebet scanner is better?

Answer: You can use several ways, and they are all right to a different degree.

The first way: personal experience. Most surebet scanners offer the possibility to test access to their services for a short trial period. Typically, it is a 1-day subscription. Its price is cheap, and you receive an excellent opportunity to choose the right service.

The second way: read the information in the section Surebet scanner rating.   Since our project is multilingual, it also takes the regional characteristics into account. For example, the three best surebet scanners are different for Russia and for the United Kingdom. This is due to the fact that a number of factors are considered in the ranking, the most important of which are the speed and quality of scanning, work safety and the price.

Why do you need a live surebet scanner?

A live surebet scanner is needed to scan and show live surebets, i.e. surebets that pop up during a game or competition. 

The lifespan or, in other words, the duration of such a surebet is very short, from a few seconds to a few minutes. This is why we recommend that only experienced players with a good experience with conventional prematch surebets to work with this type of bets. But the benefits of live surebets are self-evident, as bookmakers will find it much harder to spot and ban a surebet player working with this kind of bets.