Scanners rating of surebets


What surebet scanner is the best?

Based on the comparison of more than 10 factors, our website provides a surebet scanner rating. Since our website supports several languages, the rating depends on the location of the users in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of Russian services have only English versions or none at all.

If you speak Spanish, for example, it is not so easy to use this option compared to more accessible websites in Spanish.

So, if you have chosen the language you want, you can read the reviews and get the most up-to-date information on what a surebet scanner is above all others. At this point, AllBestBets is currently holds the top spot in the Russian market.

In order to better understand which surebet scanner is right for you, you can buy a subscription for a day: only by practicing you will find the best tool to make money.

What surebet scanner is the most reliable?

According to a combination of factors, such as history in the scanner market, general development, the number of scanned bookmakers, scanning speed, absence of lags and freezes, additional options for the user, AllBestBets is one of the most reliable scanners. It deserves its top rank in the surebet scanner rating.

PositiveBet and OddStorm are also very reliable. They have the most features mentioned, and OddStorm can also search for Polish middles.

What are the most important parameters for a surebet scanner?

The most important are the following parameters:

  • Scanner speed: the higher the scanning speed, the faster the arbitrage bets are found and become ready for betting.
  • Scanning quality: in other words, the fewer errors in the displayed selection, the fewer mistakes the players make.
  • Price: everything here is self-evident, but a lower price is not always the best. It is important to find a balance between quality and price.

It is also important for the scanner to process as many bookmaker offers as possible, have a good selection of customizable filters, as well as a nice and user-friendly interface.

At what time of day can you bet on surebet outcomes?

It is best to bet at the time you will find the most comfortable.  Nothing should distract you, you should be calm and focused, your Internet connection must be stable. Surebets can appear at any time of the day, their existence is characterized by the appearance and changing of prices in the bookmaker's line.

If we talk about live surebets, then there are more of them in the afternoon Moscow time - this is the time when there are more of football games. The more the events, the more surebets the scanner can find.