Scanners rating of surebets

Types of arbitration


Here is an abbreviated version (for full overview, please read the whole document):

  • What is a Surebet? – the safest way to gamble.
  • How to Find a Surebet? – use one of surebet-scanners.
  • How to Calculate a Surebet? – by yourself or with a calculator available in all high-quality scanners.
  • How Much Can You Make with a Single Surebet? – anywhere from 3 to 7 percent for pre-match surebets and 5 to 10 percent for live surebets.
  • Types of Surebets – pre-match or Live. Live surebets are more profitable and it’s safer to work with them.
  • Is it safe to work with Surebets? – the worst thing that may happen is that you may experience betting limits. However, if you work with reliable betting companies and exercise caution, you will be in good shape.
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Working with arbitrage situations gives another opportunity to gamblers eager to make money betting. We mean middles – situations when all probable outcomes of a sport event are covered, and some of them are covered twice.

For example, having taken two bets: Goals Total Over 1.5 и Goals Total Under 2.5 (let we find a bet with coefficient 2.0 for each outcome), we get the picture as follows:

  • if there are less than 2 goals in the match, Goals Total Under 2.5 wins;
  • if there are more than 2 goals, Goals Total Over 1.5 wins;
  • if there are exactly 2 goals, both bets wins, which significantly increases the profit.

This way, if a gambler would have staked $100 on each bet, then a surebet would take place in the outcome 1 or 2, and the gambler would have no profit. But if the outcome 3 would emerge (2 goals), then the gambler would have $200 in profit at once. Such situation is called  a middle.

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Value Bets

How Do Value Bets Work?

Coefficients for all events are usually set based on two main criteria: line of agencies providing event data and own analysis. That is why different bookmakers have roughly the same coefficients.

Meanwhile, some bookmakers increase coefficients for some markets due to any reasons. This way, surebets appear, which are one of the most efficient ways of betting, able to give stable and solid income to a gambler, in case of proper usage ($1000 a week are ordinary for surebet gamblers ). Aside from surebets, positive middles also emerge.

This effect of raised coefficients realizes another way of making money – using value bets.

If some event of X probability is estimated as less probable by a bookmaker, than the former will have higher coefficient for it. This way, making N bets (usually more than 10), than a gambler is to get profit soon.

There is an expected question: how to detect an increased coefficient and what is this rise relative to; which coefficient level is considered correct? Because, talking about an upcoming event, coefficients are just a pre-match estimation. Nothing more.

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Polish Middles

Polish middles are not the most common method of bet gambling. However, they are depreciated. To remove the most frequently asked question about the name of the method, we must mention first that “polish middle” origins from the post-war history, having nothing to the essence of the technique. Nevertheless, such term is very handy as it cannot me confused with anything else. So, remember this name. It’s recognized by all the scanners.

Polish middles are not that advertised as traditional middles, surebets and value bets. Though, with the correct approach, this method may give profits not less than other listed gambling strategies.

Going deep into calculations (given further), than you may notice this method of gambling has similarity with the “Lay” bet, i.e. “put”, which may be taken at exchanges or offered by some bookmakers. Let’s look at the example of a polish middle, which will help us get on with it.

There are two bets participating in the polish middle below: H1 (-0.75) and X2. Bets are set in different bookmakers, analogically to surebets and traditional middles. Though polish middles may emerge in the line of the one bookmaker, we recommend distributing bets.

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