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The website is dedicated to such area of sports betting as "sports arbitrage" and its private format, surebets

Let this be immodest, but our website is the best in the world in the surebet scanners and arbitration situations. Welcome!

We have collected the most information to work with surebets and other arbitration situations (middles, value bets, polish middles).

And, first and foremost, we assembled and evaluated all existing scanners of arbs, making just two of rating: overall rating scanners and scanners Live surebet.

Also, from the beginning, our site is multinational:
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This lets gamblers from all over the world conveniently use services of scanning surebets and get any other information. Please note, our rating is created with reckoning regional service features in mind. Therefore, German rating may vary from British, as different scanners are adapted (or not adapted) for German audience.


What is surebets?

"If you are interested in the topic of surebets, we suggest to have a look at the main terms ":

What is a Surebet?

The safest way to gamble.

How to Find a Surebet?

Use one of surebet scanners. READ MORE

How to Calculate a Surebet?

By yourself or with a calculator available in all high-quality scanners.

How Much Can You Make with a Single Surebet?

Anywhere from 3 to 7 percent for pre-match surebets and 5 to 10 percent for live surebets.

Betting on Surebets (Betting arbitrage) is completely legal and does not break any existing laws.
Let it will be immodestly, but our website is superior in the world in scanners of surebets and arbitration situations. Welcome!
Full information on each method, you can find in the Description of methods:
Surebets   Middles   Value Bets   Polish Middles  

Feedbacks of surebets' scanners

NihileGO 4
08.10.2021 21:59
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (9/10)

have been looking closely at the BBurger for a long time and only a month ago I took a tariff. I will not write for a long time, I will go through the pluses with a list:
1. There are a lot of surebets and this is worth admitting.
2. Tariffs are practically for nothing, because such money is easy to recapture even in a day, without much effort.
3. The functionality of the scanner is optimal, but for some reason the calculator often fails.
4. A simple site where everything is clear for people too.
To summarize, it really is one of the best, if not the best scanner at the moment. I'm not going to change anything and I'm already waiting for the height of the sports seasons to go into plus for a long time.

30.05.2021 08:46
Feedbacks of scanner Betburger (9/10)

I think this is the best scanner of all. It is inexpensive, very few errors, a convenient plugin. I've been working with him for over a year.

03.09.2020 16:15
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.8/10)



From administration of SmartScaner.com

Unfortunately, we don't know Chinese, but we have Google Translate. And the translation was as follows:

There are buddies who use it together, you can add my email.


We are definitely against sharing scanners' services as this primarily carries risks for users. Be careful please.


14.08.2020 13:11
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.8/10)

They have probably the best navigation from all services. Many supported bookmakers and it fills in the amount in the betslip as well. Very good navigation and services. I am using them for 1 year already.

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What outcomes in Live surebets quickly disappear

Live surebets disappear pretty quickly, every surebettor is aware of this. Usually a player has literally a few seconds to have time to put on all arms in different bookies. He hesitated a little - did not have time to overlap, and this is fraught with the loss of money. It's good if a little later you still manage to close or go into a small minus.

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When betting on arbs, speed is important: if you do not have time to put one of the "arms", you can easily go into the negative. Switching from scanners and searching for events manually in a huge line of bookmakers has become unprofitable — in a wide variety of outcomes, it is easy to get lost and never have time to find the right market. To make the work of arbs easier, some scanners offer different software solutions that can independently go to the bookie and fill out coupons, the user only needs to confirm the bids.

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Arbs in 2021

Is it still relevant to earn money on arbs in 2021? Some betters claim that sports arbitration is "dead", that it is useless to engage in it, allegedly, bookmakers easily find and block surebetters. This is partly true: bookies have indeed become much smarter in recent years, and technology has advanced far. But the betters do not stand still, there are new ways to hide their tactics, and tools are also being created for effective camouflage from the security service of the bookmaker.

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