Scanners rating of surebets


Overview of surebets calculators

Bookmaker surebets calculators are essential tools for a surebettors. Without them, it is very difficult to calculate the amount of bets, the percentage of profitability, take into account currency exchange rates and make other important calculations. You can do this manually, but it will take so long that the arb will simply disappear. This is especially true for live betting.

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Is there a future for arbs?

The debate over whether arbs have a future has been raging for years. Open specialized forums, social networks, or just thematic sites – you will see that the players are divided into two opposing teams. The first are sure that arbitrage situations in sports betting are gradually dying, they say, a few years will pass, and that's it, they will disappear completely. The second object that the surebets are alive and will live as long as there are bookmakers.

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150% per month - scam or true story of the player on the surebets

You tried to bet on sports and you even started to get?! But, I want the game, and a stable income! In this context, it is very correct to consider arbs betting. At first glance, the topic is real, but I want to know whether it is possible to make good or even very good?

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