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This lets gamblers from all over the world conveniently use services of scanning surebets and get any other information. Please note, our rating is created with reckoning regional service features in mind. Therefore, German rating may vary from British, as different scanners are adapted (or not adapted) for German audience.


What is surebets?

If you are interested in the topic of surebets, we suggest to have a look at the main terms ":

What is a Surebet?

The safest way to gamble.

How to Find a Surebet?

Use one of surebet scanners. READ MORE

How to Calculate a Surebet?

By yourself or with a calculator available in all high-quality scanners.

How Much Can You earn with a Single Surebet?

Anywhere from 3 to 7 percent for pre-match surebets and 5 to 10 percent for live surebets.

Betting on Surebets (Betting arbitrage) is completely legal and does not break any existing laws.
Working with surebets is not a bookmaker's deceit, cunning or circumvention of the rules.
Full information on each method, you can find in the Description of methods:
Surebets   Middles   Value Bets   Polish Middles  

Feedbacks of surebets' scanners

02.02.2024 16:31
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (7.3/10)

I've been working with them for two years now. You have to get used to any tool, but breaking-bet was a pleasure to get used to.

30.10.2022 23:07
Feedbacks of scanner TheForks (6/10)

A simple and convenient program that does not require almost any action from the user. Two bets are places by one click. If the odds change, the recalculation automatically goes on, there is no need to start counting all over again in a panic. Of the minuses, a rather meager number of arbitrations found can be noted. It happens that you come in with the expectation of a long and fruitful work, but here two surebets lie with a minimum percentage and nothing more. The low cost of the subscription offsets the slow growth of the bank, but I understand that with a different scanner I would earn faster.

18.10.2022 15:47
Feedbacks of scanner OddsJam (5.5/10)

I understand why the scanner is popular in America, but for a European it is of little interest. The standard set of features, a lot of baseball and American football, which for us take place at night, the possibilities of filters are also not amazing. You can arb here, and even probably successfully, but it’s easier to find a cheaper scanner.

06.10.2022 14:12
Feedbacks of scanner OddsJam (5.5/10)

A good program for leisurely and thoughtful arbitrage with reliable surebets. There are practically no wrong coefficients here, the scanner works carefully and this does not affect its speed. You can choose an arb without any extra effort, but the calculations will have to be done manually, since the calculator here is not the most reliable.

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How to increase the betting bank on surebets by 20 times in one month

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In an effort to speed up the work with surebets, scanners develop additional applications for browsers. Oddsclicker for Breaking Bet can greatly simplify the process, but it is important to familiarize yourself with its features.

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