Surebet scanner overview ArbMate

Number of scanned BM
6.5 /10
Scan quality: 6
Scanning speed: 6
Operational safety: 6
Price: 8

Tariffs of ArbMate

  • 1 day - 7 €
  • 1 week-19 €
  • 1 month-51 €
  • 6 months-90 €
  • 1 year-156 €

Main features of ArbMate

The scanner operates in two modes – prematch and live. In addition to surebets and ordinary middles, the program also works with polish middles. You can read more about the Polish middles here. In the pure form it is not arbitration, but to try to understand and earn makes sense. Previously polish middles was scanned only by OddStorm. But the subscription to it is so expensive that it was little attractive to most users.

All bookmakers were divided into 2 groups. The first group-must have, mandatory, that is, those bookmakers, accounts which should be at every self-respecting professional. These are WilliamHill, Sbobet, Pinnacle Sports, BWin, Bet365. 

By purchasing a subscription, you get access to all arbitration situations, namely arbs, middles and polish middles as prematch and live mode between the listed bookmakers.

The second group of bookmakers is available for an additional fee. Their list is constantly updated. Among the popular bookmakers are  MarathonBet, BetFair, Ladrokes, FonBet, SportingBet. The full list is available on the website in the relevant section. The cost of connecting one bookmaker is mainly 3€, but there are bookmakers and more expensive, which will cost 4 € or even 5 €. More expensive than 5€ while bookmakers there.

The creators of ArbMate recommend to use the following bookmakers:

  • For Live: Sbobet, WilliamHill, Pinnacle, Bet365, Bwin, 188bet, Marathonbet, Unibet.
  • For Prematch: Sbobet, WilliamHill, Pinnacle, Bet365, Bwin, 188bet, Marathonbet, Unibet, Betfair.

Is this a limitation good or bad?

In our opinion, this is a very good and promising idea. Due to this price restriction, the owners of the service were able to make the subscription price very attractive. And users do not overpay for scanning the bookies they do not need. Still, no one uses all the BM, which are in the issuance of other scanners. Usually, in order not to clog the issue, customers of paid subscriptions set up all sorts of filters. Users of A are spared from this, because in their scan results only the bookmakers they need. 

If the list of bookmakers is not the one in which you have an account, then on request support@arbmate.com it can be added for some time if a certain number of users will have such interest. But the list of already scanned offices, which are already 60, is multifaceted enough that almost any user can find their favorites.

What to do if there is a need to change the selected bookmaker from the second, paid list?

Once every 30 days you can change the selected bookmaker similar cost for free. If any of the BM is not available for more than 3 days, it is also free to change to another with the same price connection.

Free access to the arbs found by ArbMate

There is no free trial period here. You can buy a 1-day subscription to get acquainted with the capabilities of the scanner. At the moment, it cost 7 € - it is manageable and not burdensome. Moreover, it is a very rich software product.

As an incentive for the purchase of a weekly or monthly subscription, the service administration can give you access to several (up to five) bonus BM for 24 hours for free. This bonus is given to the user once.

Payment method

You can pay for the selected subscription in several ways. 

  • Skrill
  • PayPall
  • Neteller

All these payment systems allow you to work with debit and credit cards.

To suspend an active subscription is impossible. Also, you can not buy an incomplete package, i.e., for example, only arbs or only live bets. By purchasing a subscription, you get access to all scanned arbitration.

The pros and cons of the scanner ArbMate

The advantages include:

  • Speed of work-it is noted by the majority of already tried players.
  • Low cost of subscription.
  • The presence of prematch and live mode.
  • The opportunity to make a bet on the surebets,middles and polish middles
  • The availability of extensions for Google Chrome, which allows you to bet on arbitrage faster and avoid mistakes.

Of the minuses:

  • There is no possibility to pay with WebMoney, as well as the lack of some other popular payment methods (for example, through mobile operators).
  • It is not clear how the speed and stability of a large number of users.


Worth a try. Scanner ArbMate came with a good offer for professional players on the betting arbitrage. It has everything to take a leading place. I want to wish the creators of the scanner good luck and keep it up!

Interface screenshots

Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate

A position of administration of the project is that there can't be any substance of the matter which is impossible to solve. So share your opinion, enter into the debate. We are grateful for all feedbacks!

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22.03.2022 16:53
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

Good scanner, affordable prices, enough arbs. I think 7 euros can be found to check everything individually for a week. Who cares - what amounts do you bet on?

03.09.2020 16:15
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)



From administration of SmartScaner.com

Unfortunately, we don't know Chinese, but we have Google Translate. And the translation was as follows:

There are buddies who use it together, you can add my email.


We are definitely against sharing scanners' services as this primarily carries risks for users. Be careful please.


14.08.2020 13:11
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

They have probably the best navigation from all services. Many supported bookmakers and it fills in the amount in the betslip as well. Very good navigation and services. I am using them for 1 year already.

30.05.2019 10:52
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

Cheap and fast scanner with a lot of useful filters. I recommend it.

07.02.2019 14:59
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

Yen, maybe you don't have enough money in your e-wallet?

25.01.2019 19:47
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

I want to buy a trial subscription. But the payment does not pass. Can you help?

17.12.2018 07:30
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

They have additional software for fast input rates and a Russian version of the software.

Rene Tres
04.09.2018 06:10
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

I recommend it. The base subscriptions are recurring, but you are asked several times during the payment process if you are sure you want to subscribe for a recurring subscription and that you will be charged automatically. It is also mentioned on their prices page from where you are choosing products: http://prntscr.com/kqcu1a This was clear enough for me. You can cancel your subscription at any time and won't be charged automatically. You can always add more bookmakers, no matter what subscription you have. There is even an option to switch one bookmaker for another for free once on every 30 days. The speed is good, the price is the cheapest I have seen so far for this good quality odds. They are consistently adding new bookmakers for navigating and new filters, so I believe it will become a much greater service than the existing ones.

Forever and ever
07.08.2018 12:36
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

I didn't like the scanner. An ill-conceived and unfinished project. Who gives good reviews about him?

It is not possible to use it yet.

Mr Smith
31.07.2018 13:51
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

I've made some test comparing with other arbs softs like Betburger and Oddstorm. They are more convinient but too expensive. 

I think it's more easy to earn money with cheaper scannner. Speed of arbmate is enough, price is good. I'll try service for a week.

Paul Andrews
30.07.2018 07:48
Feedbacks of scanner ArbMate (6.5/10)

Do not use the site. Subscriptions are recurring which is not made clear on their website and if you buy a weeks subscription you can not upgrade to bookmakers (which is also not made clear on there website, therefore, you need to upgrade to a month. Also you can not cancel subscriptions through your phone. The number of arbs falls short compared to other sites. Avoid.

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