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8.4 /10
Scan quality: 6
Scanning speed: 9
Operational safety: 7
Price: 3

Overview description of OddStorm

The fastest arb scanner is the best scanner. Speaking of the operation speed, OddStorm undoubtfully holds the leadership. The service provides tools for analyzing a wide range of abs — both pre-match and live ones. Processing such a bulk of information, it flicks through dozens of bookmakers within seconds, and therefore this software totally deserves the top place in our rating. Let’s figure out why.

Created in 2006, OddStorm has made it to get numerous long-standing fans, being a premium-segment service offering convenient interface and rich functionality. The service spans more than 60 bookmaking offices, and the quality of operation justifies subscription plans absolutely.

Characteristics Number of scanned BO 61
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Bets comparison
8.3 /10
Scan quality: 7
Scanning speed: 7
Operational safety: 7
Price: 5

Overview description of Positivebet

Positivebet Surebet Scanner provides a rare combination of excellent functionality, high operation speed and low cost of the offered services.

It searches live surebets only without analysing any upcoming events. In doing so, the scanner searches through a decent number of bookmakers and sports events. This scanner is not the best performer in this regard, but, given the nature of surebets (which, mind you, are two orders of magnitude more than prematch bets). To say the least of it, Positivebet can be called one of the best service products of this kind.

Characteristics Number of scanned BO 42
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8.0 /10
Scan quality: 7
Scanning speed: 6
Operational safety: 7
Price: 6

Overview description of SureBet

Surebet service exists starting from 2009, and at that time, being virtually the only surebet scanner, it won popularity and loyalty of the players. But today's trends give new conditions which are getting harder and harder to comply with.

  • Quantity of scanned bookmakers – over90.
  • Scanning time is 100 seconds which is, of course, a lot for today's surebet business level.

Besides surebet scanning which is a primary task of the scanner, Surebet also scans positive and negative middles and provides information on value bets.

Characteristics Number of scanned BO 90
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Bets comparison
7.5 /10
Scan quality: 5
Scanning speed: 6
Operational safety: 5
Price: 8

Overview description of ArbMate

This arbitrage betting scanner appeared in July 2018. Despite his young age, Arbmate got to interest a wide range of users. Let's understand why? The creators ArbMate could seemingly common list functionality scanners surebets and middles to add two unique.

Characteristics Number of scanned BO

Deprecated scanner


Another scanner with reasonable functionality and interface. Nevertheless, subscription is too expensive, as far as we think. This service has the unclear rule of restriction in number of users. A hype or poor server performance – the root is unknown. Using this software looks weird when there are many scanners that are better and profitable.

However, we must mention this surebet scanner in this rating.


Raw and shoddily translated. Nevertheless, it carries out its duties: it scans coefficients, compares them and finds surebets.

We cannot give you any reason to use this service for surebet scanning.

TX Odds

Brief Description of TX Odds: though this scanner works reliably and carries out all duties well, it is not that distinguished from competitors to have such expensive subscription.

It is quite good in finding surebets, but some scanners do the same by the lower price.


This scanner can be barely recommended, as there are many services that are by far more convenient and functional.

More than 10 minutes of latency in surebet information representation. Professional working with surebets cannot go with such interval. Wedon’tadviseyoutousethisservice! Scanning is related to risks of account blocking.

UPD, March 31, 2016: the website stops responding. Probably, the service is no longer available.