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Number of scanned BM
6.8 /10
Scan quality: 7
Scanning speed: 6
Operational safety: 7
Price: 7

Tariffs and payments

In order for the scanner to be able to find bets with more than 1% winning rate, you must sign up and pay for your subscription. You can buy a subscription for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 3 months. Depending on the tariff plan, a subscription can be suspended for a certain number of times (1 week - 2 times, 1 month - 4 times, 3 months - 8 times).


The cost of service

At the time of writing this article:

1 day - $ 7
1 week - $ 21
1 month - $ 70
3 months - $ 175

As with many other services, long-term subscriptions significantly increase the efficiency of the scanner due to a reduction in daily cost.

From time to time, on average three times a year, the service provides promotion sales when you can buy a subscription with an even higher discount.

As a convenient feature, the fee is only charged for the time of the product use.

For example, if you purchased a month subscription and use the scanner only for a week, you will be returned the rest of the money. However, it is necessary to warn the administration in advance that you are going to stop using the service.

The following payment options are available:
PayPal / Qiwi / WebMoney / Skrill / Master Card / VISA / Payonline.

Technical support is provided in English; the following contacts are available:

  • E-mail: support@positivebet.com;
  • feedback form on the website;


PositiveBet was developed in 2013 and, as of today, has taken the leading position in its market niche.  The scanner analyses bets at the largest and most popular bookmakers in live mode. 

There is an opportunity to test the scanner for free. This means that all surebets with a winning rate of less than 1% are displayed in a freely available form. The service works in an online format. It searches for data with a high speed rate, which makes it possible to process surebets that are active for about 1 minute.  In some cases, one can make a bet in 15-25 seconds.

Registration on the official website of the scanner is extremely easy: you only need to enter the user name, e-mail, password and a verification code. In addition, the data form can only be sent if you have accepted the terms of use. They are publicly available on the website and contain all information on the rules of service usage as well as the terms of settlement payments. Please read them before using the service.


The scanner works with Surebets in all popular sports:  football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, hockey.

It should be noted that the interests of all players are taken into account: not only those who work with multiple surebets with low and average margin (more than a hundred active surebets in the calmest times), but also those who deal with low liquid sports like volleyball.

Basic functions of the scanner

Live surebets: Over the years, the PositiveBet scanner has become a benchmark for services working with live surebets. This scanner was the first to operate normally, without errors, and really fast. We have to thank its developers for their work: the quality of the scanning, advanced functions and the speed become better and better, and the service is developing.

The scanner offers numerous possibilities of bet filtering, which help to choose bets according to the required parameters very quickly, in one to two clicks.

In order to sift out so-called “garbage bets”, experienced players recommend to set the action time of 20 seconds and above for surebets or middles.

Middles: this is another scanner function that, unlike the surebets search, had not been implemented in early versions of the project. In this case, addition of scanning of both positive and negative middles greatly enhanced profit opportunities for clients of the service. As a convenient feature, the scanner immediately displays the percentage of loss in case of missing the middle for negative middles.

A nice bonus is that PositiveBet does not fraction its services unlike some competitors, and that the subscription provides the access to the fullest range of features, regardless of whether the player is dealing with middles or surebets.

Bookmakers and markets offered by the service

The selection of bookmakers is also adequate for professional betting: 

  • Williamhill / Unibet / Titanbet / MarathonBet / Fonbet / Olimp / PariMatch / Pinnacle / 1XBet / Leon / 10Bet / 888Sport.

As you can see, the service includes the most popular bookmakers on the betting market. Only a couple of important bookmakers are missing, which are Bet365 and Ladbrokes.

PositiveBet mostly shows the general results:  total goals and handicaps. The selection for football includes corners betting.

Convenient operation in different languages

The scanner analyses a sufficiently large number of bookmakers on the market. The website supports Russian and English. There is also an English-speaking support team. You can select the following currencies in the settings:

  • USD / EUR / PLZ / GBP

Although currencies play a subordinate role on the online scanner, they are only needed for the best use of the integrated calculator to increase the speed of the profit calculation for each bet. So, if you do not find your currency in the settings, it does not matter. You can calculate in USD and bet in any currency.

User interface and usability of the PositiveBet website

The scanner is implemented in an online version with a browser access, so it is convenient to use it with any device, including Android and iOS devices. There is also a mobile version of the website.  Upon payment for the subscription, you are given access to the selection of surebets with more than 1% yield. The necessary functions for the players are available at Middles and Live Surebets sections.  The settings provide the following selection filters:

  • bookmakers of interest;
  • surebets with yield of up to 10%.
  • surebet time;
  • bet type (outcome, total, handicap, corners, card bets, etc.)
  • possibility to bet in a half time;
  • currencies required for the surebet calculator.

As a convenient feature, you can enable surebet updating: in this mode you will feel more confident during the game. The section "Live Surebets" differs from "Middles" only in that it contains two additional indicators to the additional profit column: 

  • loss at error;
  • profit at hitting the middle.

Additional features and software

PositiveBet has an extension of the same name, which helps to bet more quickly and easier, transferring only the bet and the amount into a special voucher on the website of the selected bookmaker. 

The plugin does not work with all bookmakers, but with the overwhelming majority of them.  In addition to simplifying the process of betting, it also masks the surebet player, imitating transitions from the bookmaker's main page to Live Bets sections and the like. 

This is a very important feature as many bookmakers try to identify surebet players, and it is undesirable to go directly from the scanner website to the website of the bookmaker.

The extension is developed for the three most popular browsers:  Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Of course, the Surebet Calculator is integrated in the extension. Its features include simple and intuitive interface, which can be also said regarding the whole website:  instead of complexity and overabundance of information, its design focuses on functionality.  The calculator works fast, has a quick currency change feature for each of the surebet arms and provides capability to work with accounts in different currencies and with different bookmakers.

Another extension, PositiveLink, can hide your IP address and makes it possible to browse surebets even for players with restricted access to websites of some bookmakers.

Pros and cons of PositiveBet surebet scanner


  • Low subscription cost.
  • High speed of bet analysis.
  • Positive and negative middles.
  • Detailed bet filter.
  • Handy extensions for surebets.
  • A wide range of payment systems.


  • Relatively small number of scanned bookmakers.
  • The events cannot be sorted by sports or a specific event.
  • A small number of additional features and services,  Although in the case of PositiveBet, this element can be considered an advantage, as the ease of use comes first for this service.

PositiveBet scanner reviews

Most user reviews of this scanner are positive with regard to the expected result. Users looking for live surebets with leading bookmakers are satisfied with the outcome. Also, players like the feature of time-unlimited access to the actual scanner in a trial mode, as it efficiently shows surebets with yield of up to 1.00. Many notice a responsible attitude of the developers to their product: a representative of the service answers the questions of customers, even on third-party websites. There are some downsides in the work of the support team, which does not respond as fast as the users would like.

In summary, one must say that PositiveBet is one of the best tools for live surebet search. Its use comes cheap (especially when looking at the profit that can be achieved with its help). The product has a simple and user-friendly functionality: it takes only a few minutes to master it. In addition, its developers offer a high level of service.

Interface screenshots

Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet

A position of administration of the project is that there can't be any substance of the matter which is impossible to solve. So share your opinion, enter into the debate. We are grateful for all feedbacks!

feedback: 4  
feedback: 1  
27.03.2022 07:48
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (6.8/10)

A top-end scanner that looks like a betting exchange. A calculator is presented immediately in the sections - very convenient and practical. It can also be inserted into the browser with a special extension. The tariffs are normal and the suspension is especially useful, because there are not always many good tournaments where you can make a lot of money

28.02.2018 22:00
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (6.8/10)

PositiveBet is truly positive! Rapid monitoring. Extensions for Opera and Chrome run like clockwork. No currency issues: for selected bookmakers, everything is calculated automatically and swiftly. Got no limitations while working with this scanner. Recommend heavily!

Frank, student
06.01.2018 12:51
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (6.8/10)

It is all about rapid work there, especially for live arbs. To help a gambler not miss a valuable surebet, the service provides all information about it at once — just catch! Calculator capabilities are awesome: leverage amounts are handled in a tick. PositiveBet is great for stable income. 

10.09.2017 17:15
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (6.8/10)

If Positivebet is well regarded by experts through personal experience of game playing, then from beginners in betting it attracts attention, because everything is provided for them to check out its services. All large bookmakers are monitored here. The free trial version with all available 1% Live arbs and 24-hour subscription allow to be dab hand and to adapt to the service. One cannot pass over the administration’s prompt response: scanner’s technical support deals with questions 24/7.

08.07.2017 10:28
Feedbacks of scanner Positivebet (6.8/10)

I am new in betting. I think that for a beginner who starts playing with arbs, the PositiveBet scanner is the best option so far. It has a good reputation for years. Then, today it is one of the cheapest online services that find Live arbs. Sign in without problems. Not much information required: password, e-mail address, verification code, login. It is as easy as it gets, isn’t it?

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