Surebet scanner overview OddStorm

Number of scanned BM
Bets comparison
6.3 /10
Scan quality: 6
Scanning speed: 8
Operational safety: 7
Price: 4

Plans & Payments

After completing subscription payment, a user gets all OddStorm capabilities, including:

  • web and desktop version with no hidden tournaments or teams;
  • arbs (1.00 to 300);
  • max scanning rate;
  • selection of the most worthwhile bookmakers;
  • access to unique cross markets;
  • 24/7 support desk (including contacting via Skype and online chat).



The scanner offers a rich choice of plans divided according to the searching purposes:

  • Live arbs;
  • PreMatch arbs;
  • Live & PreMatch arbs;



  Prematch InPlay PreMatch
1 Day €7 €9 €14
1 Week €50 €63 €95
1 Month €155 €195 €295
6 Months €775 €975 €1475
1 Year €1395 €1755 €2655

VIP Plus

  Prematch InPlay PreMatch
1 Month €250 €290 €390
6 Months €1250 €1450 €1950
1 Year €2250 €2650 €3510



The following payment systems can be used for services:

  • Skrill;
  • PayPal.

Subscription status will be updated straight after the administration receives funds.


Support Desk

Support quality will depend on the plan. While just-registered users will be offered with email support only, paid users will enjoy the following contacting methods:

  • Live chat;
  • Skype;
  • email.

VIP Plus members are provided with 24/7 Skype support.

The fastest arb scanner is the best scanner. Speaking of the operation speed, OddStorm undoubtfully holds the leadership. The service provides tools for analyzing a wide range of abs — both pre-match and live ones. Processing such a bulk of information, it flicks through dozens of bookmakers within seconds, and therefore this software totally deserves the top place in our rating. Let’s figure out why.

Created in 2006, OddStorm has made it to get numerous long-standing fans, being a premium-segment service offering convenient interface and rich functionality. The service spans more than 60 bookmaking offices, and the quality of operation justifies subscription plans absolutely.

This is why novices rarely give it the nod, but for solid-stake gamblers, there is no another professional tool as great as Oddstorm. The scanner is capable of providing the following data:

  • Live surebets;
  • PreMatch surebets;
  • Middles (pre-match and live);
  • Polish Middles;
  • Bookmaker price analysis;
  • Arb bet amount estimation (via an online calculator).

It should be noted that OddStorm is the only scanner processing Polish Middles. Though the latter are not purely win-win ones, numerous gamblers are interested in them. Being “arbish”, they are perceived as ordinary bets by most bookmakers. The core of the strategy is leveraging as many outcomes as possible. With that, the first bet is Asian Handicap, bisected during calculation; the second bet is made for the opposite outcome. Usually, Polish Middles emerge in soccer, and lose in case of a draw. 

For testing, the service offers searching for surebets of up to 1% profitability. No registration required, testing goes just through the website. No-donation simple sign-up will open up the following opportunities:

  • both web and desktop scanner versions available;
  • searching for surebets up to 1.50 profitability ration;
  • comparison of coefficients and movements;
  • arb-subject learning materials;
  • priority e-mail support.

Scanner is notable for its speed: processing time amounts to 1-3 seconds for live arbs and 15 seconds for prematch ones. It becomes even more crucial considering the speed is the most significant factor in arbitrage betting — particularly in searching for max-profit surebets.

Features for International Audience

OddStorm is an international service with the user base not limited by the only linguistic group. The website supports various languages, namely:

  • Russian;
  • English;
  • Czech;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Swedish.

However, language switching doesn’t always work properly. But the 24/7 support desk operates in several languages.


OddStorm enables customers to choose the most preferable way of using the scanner. A website-based version is available without any sign-up. Besides, full-value Windows-compatible software can also be downloaded. The only factor that influences the scanner speed is your Internet provider’s service. By the quality and analysis speed, OddStorm holds one of the top places in its market room. In the web version, arbs are searched for through InPlay and PreMatch section. Both sections have high-detail filters offering to set the following parameters:

  • surebet profitability limits;
  • betting shops;
  • surebet parameters (just-started events, half-game-done events, etc.);
  • notification sound.

The arbs themselves are displayed in the central window block, updated mostly every second. Having found a worthwhile arb, one just needs to click on a betting shop’s name and then estimate a bet amount by means of the built-in calculator. The entire process will take just a few seconds, while “time is money” cannot be more suitable anywhere but here.

Pros and cons of OddStorm surebet scanner


  • Free access to surebets with profitability of up to 1% before sign-up and up to 1.5% after sign-up.
  • High surebet search and analysis speed.
  • Rich choice of industry-leading betting offices.
  • Searching for up to 300%-profitability surebets on subscription.
  • Sound notification at detecting a fitting surebet.
  • 24/7 email and online support desk.
  • Multilanguage website.


  • Subscription plans are more expensive than the market average.
  • Bets cannot be filtered by sports.


Among users, Polish Middle backers pay most attention to OddStorm, as this is the only scanner capable of finding them. Speaking of service quality, speed and number of arbs detected, the scanner can barely be criticized. Based on customer feedbacks, the only pinch point is the subscription price.

OddStorm is a grave and highly-functional product offering numerous opportunities for an experienced gambler. It can be beyond budgets of novices, though it is not reasonable to invest much into a subscription when learning basics. Instead, an any-experience gambler can easily grasp ins and outs of arbitrage by virtue of a free version of the scanner. Rich functionality, high-grade support, analysis speed and volume are the factors that bring OddStorm to the top 5 scanners of our rating.

We offer you a video OddStorm Surebets InPlay Navigation

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Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm

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06.03.2020 11:49
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)

Middles are good, but still do not twist 100% will never be , although you can still get in. Especially the Polish ones are great , but I just want to warn you -it's better to read and read first the info about all the offers of the scanner, so as not to waste money.

26.01.2019 15:45
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)

I can not understand what the Polish corridors. Can it be profitable? Has anyone figured it out?

In this scanner for nothing else makes no sense to pay such a lot of money.

23.09.2018 16:32
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)

Very complex and incomprehensible navigation on the site. I could not understand where are free arbs.
It seems to me that the cost is too high compared to other scanners.

Roger White
01.03.2018 10:01
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)

Quite a highly recommended scanner but lacks the filter to select by sports. It seemed to be very inconvenient. I also think that there must be an accounting tool to control your finance. Moreover, the resource obviously has no certification. Sad.

Tim, beginner
02.11.2017 12:59
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)

Just trying to grasp the betting basics. Haven’t found my gambling strategy yet and decided to try arbs and talk about it on the forum. OddStorm reviews instilled my confidence, but I found out that a desire was not enough for success — I had to hone surebetting skills. First, I swallowed that bait of 300-percent profitability surebets. Paid more than 60 euros but never expected that most valuable arbs could appear and then vanish that fast! So, it all made me tick and I lost lots of good arbs.

09.10.2017 12:33
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)


It’s great. I liked almost instant update of Live, I would say, it took 1-2 seconds. You manage to play. Never once did I miss. It is convenient to make subscription payments. There is a free trial version, but do not look to more than 1% in it. It is possible to filter the bookmakers depending on your personal preferences right away - not to register at all bookmakers in a row at once.

Tony, 42 y.o.
29.06.2017 15:47
Feedbacks of scanner OddStorm (6.3/10)


It seems the best I've ever tried. OddStorm works not only with arbs, but also with middles. In particular, the Polish Middles are the best here. Then, the built-in calculator allows users to assess the financial viability in a short period of time. If you play for the high stakes, feel free to choose OddStorm. The 5/5 rating is quite well deserved.

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