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5.5 /10
Scan quality: 5
Scanning speed: 5
Operational safety: 7
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  • 1 day - $9
  • 1 month - $199

When buying any tariff, a free 7-day period with full functionality is provided.

Loss money back guarantee

The scanner guarantees the return of lost money if this happens. Literal quote:

"I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you lose money. It just won't happen. That's how confident I am in these filters. No questions asked, I'll give you a FULL refund. You will make money. It's just math."

In short, the main advantages of OddsJam:

  • Fast processing of odds in real time, which works with bookmakers in the USA and Canada;
  • Intuitive interface, many user guides and tips to help you start making profits, even if you are new to betting arbitrage;
  • They show not only surebets, but also overestimated odds and corridors.

First of all, the OddsJam scanner works with bettors from the USA and Canada and scans bookmakers allowed there. Online sports betting is being legalized in more and more US states, but the betting market is still very new. It is now easier for professional arbers located in North America to make money, because the competition is minimal and local bookmakers are still loyal to arbitrage.

OddsJam Sports

OddsJam covers 7 sports - that is lower than most other betting software. However, these are the most popular sports in the US and this is where the majority of all surebets and value bets come from.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • American football
  • Hockey
  • Football (soccer)
  • Tennis
  • UFC

Working with surebets in the US and Canada has its own characteristics, as the local market is focused on domestic sports competitions, the rules of some of which are not always clear and familiar for Europeans. Oddsjam is an arb scanner developed in the USA and designed for the domestic market, which gives it its own features and advantages.

Pros and cons of OddsJam

Initially, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the platform in order to determine in advance whether the proposed functionality will suit the existing requests, or whether you should choose another program. Among the advantages of Oddsjam are:

  • User-friendly interface of the program, designed taking into account user requests. On the site, you can quickly find the desired tab and function.
  • Detailed tracking of bets and fast processing of live odds are available. Bettors who prefer the game in real time are able to quickly receive information without violating the built strategy.
  • Statistics of completed bets are available.
  • The platform provides information not only on available surebets, but also on corridors and revalued odds.
  • A regularly growing number of scanned betting companies, the number of which has already exceeded one hundred. At the same time, North American bookmakers are more loyal to arbitrage, which opens up more freedom for arbers.
  • Filters allow you to customize the view of odds for the same events for different US states.

Despite the extensive list of advantages, Oddsjam also has a number of disadvantages:

  • All functionality is only in English
  • The presented arb calculator does not always automatically fill in all the data. Sometimes you have to enter the coefficients manually.
  • A small number of viewed sports. Oddsjam is focused on the North American market, and the respective sports are Baseball, American Football, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and UFC. In other words, fans of surebets in handball or volleyball will not receive the expected information from the scanner.
  • The cost of using the program is $199 per month, which is quite expensive in the early stages of strategy development. However, there is a weekly free period during which you can study the functionality in detail and determine whether it is worth using the scanner in the future.
  • A small number of sports impose their limitations on the functionality of the resource. The number of surebets offered is not amazing, and there are no necessary filters in the offered rates. However, the platform is popular in the North American segment, as there are not many venues focused on domestic sports.

OddsJam scanner interface

It is known that a well-configured interface is necessary for a good work with the software. Oddsjam stands out from its competitors in this matter. There are no confusing odds, misaligned calculators, and jumbled events that can ruin the whole game. Everything is set up clearly and conveniently. The surebettor quickly receives the necessary information and does not get confused in it.

Initially, Oddsjam was created as a service for comparing odds, so the developers took into account all the features from the very beginning, promptly responding to user comments. In total, there are 4 main sections on the platform, each of which we will consider in more detail:

  1. Comparison of coefficients. As the name implies, this section provides detailed information on the available quotes for a particular match. At the same time, not only profitable surebets are reflected here, but in general all coefficients. Games are sorted by the time left before the start of the match. By clicking on the selected event, the arber gets the opportunity to select the type of bet, and gets to the page with odds. The best offers are highlighted in yellow for ease of use and selection of suitable quotes.
  2. Available tools. This section is similar to the previous one, but is filtered in such a way that only profitable bets are reflected in it. There is no division into sports, all matches are shown together. This section presents surebets, as well as middles and revalued odds. Low-hold, Middle (corridors) and Positive EV rates (overvalued rates).
  3. Calculators, including for surebets.
  4. A tracker that can be configured both to track changes in quotes and to check the movement of funds on accounts, which allows you to track profit and loss trends over a distance.

Using of this tools is simple and intuitive. The bettor does not need perfect knowledge of the English language, as the functionality is configured as competently as possible.

Features of surebets on Oddsjam

The functionality of the selection of arbitrage rates is made by the developers quite conveniently, but not without flaws. The creators understood that surebets are exactly what will attract the majority of users, and they tried to sort out the proposed events. The most profitable games come first on the list. The display shows the start time of the match, the type of sport, the teams playing, the type of event, betting companies, coefficients and, directly, the size of the profit from the surebet.

The convenience lies in the fact that all information is displayed in one line, which allows you to quickly view the proposed options and see which surebets have already been bet on. However, it is important to carefully review the information provided, as the scanner displays information on quotes from all the bookmakers it works with. In other words, not only the preferred options for surebets are displayed, but in general all odds.

Another disadvantage of working with Oddsjam is the unfinished arbitrage rate calculator. This functionality is present and works successfully, but coefficients are not automatically entered into it, as in other popular scanners. You need to enter data manually, which takes extra time. This is especially inconvenient for those who bets in live mode. While all the numbers are entered in the right windows, the current data may already change.

Available calculators OddsJam

Despite most of the positive feedback from Oddsjam users, it is clear that the calculators provided on the platform are its weak link. There are several programs configured for specific events, but not one of them can be said to be 100 percent thought out:

  • Arbitrage rates calculator. As noted above, the arb calculator is bad because it cannot fill in the data on its own, requiring the user to do it manually. This is the simplest type of calculator, in which there are windows only for quotes and bet amount. Entering the amount for the first outcome, the resource calculates how much you need to bet on the second one to make a profit.
  • There is a simple converter calculator where you can determine the type of coefficient in decimal, fractional and American values. The value entered in one of the fields is automatically converted into other types of quotes, as well as into a percentage probability of winning. However, it is unlikely that users often use this feature. Despite the fact that this is an American scanner, on the main page you can immediately select the appropriate odds option for a convenient and understandable game.

There are also calculators for retention, expected value, free bet conversion and more. Each of them can be useful in a specific situation.

Bet tracker Oddsjam

If the functionality of calculators has room for improvement, then the tracker, on the contrary, is one of the strengths of Oddsjam. This is one of the most detailed arb trackers of all scanners. It is divided into two parts, the first of which tracks individual bets for income and loss over a distance, and the second unites all the player's accounts in different bookmakers and allows you to quickly control the availability of money in accounts in order to make deposits or withdraw funds on time.

By accessing their profile on Oddsjam, a player can view an information panel that displays detailed statistics of bets made, divided into columns. At the same time, the developers are open to new suggestions - they can always send a request to add a new section, which will be considered.

Additional Features of the Oddsjam Scanner

Among other features that complement the overall impression of working with this platform, we can distinguish:

  • Working with surebets does not differ in the necessary filters. It is not possible to sort the presented events by event start time, bookmaker or sport. All matches are initially presented conveniently, but if you want to customize the list according to your preferences, then Oddsjam is not suitable for this.
  • As you know, depending on a particular US state, the legislation can seriously differ. This also applies to the work of bookmakers. Companies that successfully develop in conditional Alabama are banned in conditional Carolina. Knowing these features, the developers of the scanner allow players to independently determine their location in order to work with all betting offers.
  • Features of betting arbitration in North America are such that local companies are more loyal to such players. There is no such thing that the account will be blocked within a week after registration, as regularly happens with arbers in the CIS countries. However, this loyalty is rather limited. Cappers are still advised to merge with ordinary users, not to stand out with an even balance and fractional rates. Oddsjam won't help with that. The calculators here do not round the amount, so players have to think through these points on their own.

Despite all the shortcomings, Oddsjam is considered the best surebet scanner in North America. The convenience of the interface and quick tracking of odds attracts many players. Poor calculators and lack of filters are not critical problems and can be dealt with. At the same time, players can learn in the process, learn new features of the strategy, keep track of all their accounts and study statistics, which allows them to improve and regularly increase the amount at the bookmakers.

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feedback: 1  
18.10.2022 15:47
Feedbacks of scanner OddsJam (5.5/10)

I understand why the scanner is popular in America, but for a European it is of little interest. The standard set of features, a lot of baseball and American football, which for us take place at night, the possibilities of filters are also not amazing. You can arb here, and even probably successfully, but it’s easier to find a cheaper scanner.

06.10.2022 14:12
Feedbacks of scanner OddsJam (5.5/10)

A good program for leisurely and thoughtful arbitrage with reliable surebets. There are practically no wrong coefficients here, the scanner works carefully and this does not affect its speed. You can choose an arb without any extra effort, but the calculations will have to be done manually, since the calculator here is not the most reliable.

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