Surebet scanner overview ArbIQ

Number of scanned BM
Bets comparison
5.5 /10
Scan quality: 4
Scanning speed: 7
Operational safety: 6
Price: 5

Tariffs and payments

  • Surebets up to 0,7% for free
  • 1 day - 5€
  • 1 month - 29€
  • 6 months - 150€ (25€ per month)
  • 1 year - 252 € (21€ per month)

All tariff plans include arbs, middles and value bets. There are no restrictions. There is no option to "freeze" a subscription for a certain period of time.


ArbIQ is a new surebets scanner, launched in 2021. So far, it is only available in English, but this will not prevent you from working with it, all the sections are intuitive and obvious. Basic knowledge of betting  is enough. Now we will consider its functionality, cost, convenience, registration procedure, personal account and other important points.

Navigation and design

Go to the official website of ArbIQ is not difficult, the scanner is available without restrictions. In the first window of the resource there is a standard advertising slogan that this is the best service for finding arbitration situations in sports. There is also a button for registration, just below information about the number of arbs found at the moment, as well as value bets, middles and how many bookmakers are supported. The information is updated regularly.

At the top there is a menu consisting of sections:

  • Start. Button to start working with the scanner. It doesn't work until you register.
  • Register for free. Another tab for passing the registration.
  • Features. Description of the functions available in the scanner. In fact, a reference book with different sections.
  • Log in. Button for authorization on the site.

The first screen is made according to the scheme that is standard for most scanners. There is nothing unusual or incomprehensible.

Just below is an information panel that tells you about arbs, middles and value bets.

The links open training articles and advanced information about ArbIQ.

In the basement of the site, standard information about supported payment systems, additional materials.

In general, the resource is made logically and clearly, it is unlikely that you will get lost in it. Even without knowledge of English, it is easy to navigate here.

Visual performance

The design of the site is dominated by dark blue and black colors, the general background is white, with the exception of the first window and the basement. There are no sharp transitions, eye-cutting elements, or ad blocks here. The resource is comfortable to be on, there are no complaints about the design.

ArbIQ functionality

ArbIQ works in three ways:

  • The surebets scanner. This is its main functionality.
  • Middles scanner.
  • Scanner of value bets.

Each direction does not raise questions, all of them have long been added to the popular scanners.

There is also a section with a description of betting strategies. At the time of writing, the Kelly Criterion, Martingale, and the Henze system (ladder) are published. There is no doubt that over time there will be more strategies.

On a separate page, there is a training center, which has articles and videos about surebetting. In addition, there are publications describing the bonuses of bookmakers, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets and a large reference book with sports betting terms. The content on the page will be updated.

There are 3 additional tools in the Features menu section.

  • The first is the surebets calculator.

It is simple, supports a maximum of three outcomes. Shows the amount of bets on each coefficient. Additional features — rounding rates, commission, different currencies-are not available here.

  • The second is the search for the best coefficients.

Interestingly, the functionality is not implemented on the principle of representing all the coefficients in the form of a table. In a special search field, you enter the name of the desired team, and the service will show the best quotes from different bookmakers for one of three outcomes: W1, W2 or a draw.

  • The third tool is the coefficient converter.

What bookmakers does the scanner support?

At the time of writing, ArbIQ scans the lines of 54 bookmakers. It is clear that this value is relative, over time, any service increases the number of BM, or reduces it. Therefore, always check the current list on the official website of the scanner.

What the result of the scanner looks like

ArbIQ results are slightly different from what we are used to with other scanners. Take a look for yourself.

Each event is presented as a separate information block. At the top is the league and the match, when it starts, which teams are participating. In the middle are the odds, bookmakers, the size of the bets, the percentage of income. Support the main outcomes, handicaps and totals. On the right there is a calculator icon, where you can calculate the amount of bets on each "arm".

The filter system is still weak. You can choose the bookmaker, the type of outcome and the size of the potential bet, on the basis of which the bet amounts for each "arm" are calculated. There is no way to sort events by sports, leagues, arbs yield, and other parameters, and this is not very convenient. Also, there are no additional settings, for example, an audio notification about the appearance of new arbitration situations.

In a separate drop-down window, you can specify the currency for the game: Euro, Swedish krona, US dollar, British pounds sterling.

The results value betting

Let's take a look at the section with value bets. Here the picture is almost the same as in the section with arbs.

The event itself and the bookmaker where the inflated coefficient appeared are indicated. The scanner shows the expected profit and how overvalued the outcome is in percentage terms. In filters, you can configure all these values.

The results of the middles

We go and see almost the same visual picture.

For each middle, the chance of its passage and the potential win as a percentage are shown. Only totals are covered. There are no filters at all, you can only choose the bookmaker, the amount of bets and the currency.

What sports are supported

On the ArbIQ website itself, it was not possible to find clear information, the developers simply did not give a list. Therefore, here we can only judge by the issue. It features football, hockey, and basketball. Perhaps these are the only sports that the service supports so far. Again, the value is not constant, for sure, in the future, more disciplines will appear in the scanner.

How to register in ArbIQ

On the home page of the scanner, click on the registration button, and then a window will open.

You need to specify your personal data in it:

  • email address;
  • name;
  • surname;
  • desired password;
  • the password again.

Enter the captcha and click on the complete registration button. Then it remains to confirm the email address and the account is ready to work.

You can top up your account and choose one of the tariff plans in the Purchase tab. There you can also pay for a 1-day subscription for 5 euros. The scanner accepts bank cards and e-wallets.

Personal account

After registration, the home page of the scanner will look like this.

All the main sections are presented as a list, and they are also duplicated in the main menu. While the site works only in English, the developers have already announced the appearance of Swedish. It is possible that if the service becomes popular, other languages will be introduced.

Conclusions about ArbIQ

ArbIQ is a new arbs scanner that has a lot to grow and develop. In the future, I would like to see additional tools, Live mode, and more sports here. There are very few different filters in the list with events. However, we will not find much fault yet, as long as the service is launched recently, there is no doubt that the developers will improve it in every possible way.

Among the positive aspects, I would like to note a good navigation on the site and a nice design — these are important factors for a comfortable work. There are main sports — football, basketball, hockey. The line of 54 bookmakers is scanned, not every service can boast of such a number. A large training center will help beginners a lot, and professionals will be able to learn a lot of useful information. The presence of middles and value bets can also be added to the scanner as a plus.

In general, ArbIQ is a convenient and reliable betting tool. We hope that over time, the developers will eliminate the shortcomings, and it will become a good competitor to other services.


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27.01.2022 17:16
Feedbacks of scanner ArbIQ (5.5/10)

Not a dummy and not a top, a kind of average combination in terms of level. You can find a lot of good values in the demo, but believe me, there are many more of them in paid packages. I just didn’t like that the settings get lost quite often and there is no application / plugin

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