Surebet scanner overview BreakingBet

Number of scanned BM
7.8 /10
Scan quality: 8
Scanning speed: 8
Operational safety: 7
Price: 8

Tariffs and payment (arbs)

Tariff PreMatch

  • 7 days - $5.99, renewal $5.4
  • 30 days - $18.99, renewal $16.15
  • 90 days - $49.99 ($16.66 per month)
  • 180 days - $89.99 ($15.00 per month)
  • 365 days - $169.99 ($13.97 per month)

Tariff Live

  • 7 days - $7.99, renewal $7.2
  • 30 days - $24.99, renewal $21.25
  • 90 days - $67.99 ($22.66 per month)
  • 180 days - $119.99 ($20.00 per month)
  • 365 days - $224.99 ($18.49 per month)

Tariff PreMatch & Live

  • 7 days - $11.99, renewal $10.8
  • 30 days - $34.99, renewal $29.75
  • 90 days - $94.99 ($31.66 per month)
  • 180 days - $167.99 ($28.00 per month)
  • 365 days - $314.99 ($25.89 per month)

You can pay for your subscription using:

  • MasterCard and Visa
  • Qiwi
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Perfect money
  • Cryptocurrency: bitcoin, litecoin and some other coins

A subscription of any length can be suspended  for up to 90 days.


Technical support and contact information

  • Technical support is conducted in the format of ticket messages within the system for more rapid and efficient response from support.
  • Twitter and Facebook – in English

History of BreakingBet

Finding the right arb scanner is required by bettors in several different situations. Someone wants to get acquainted with the features of arbitration and study its intricacies, while someone, on the contrary, already has the necessary knowledge base and wants to use a reliable program that can make a competent selection and make the necessary calculations. There are many scanners, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but the general opinion of arbitrageurs and various ratings unanimously point to the fact that BreakingBet is one of the best programs for finding surebets.

BreakingBet is a scanner created in 2017 and initially positioned as free. For almost two years, the program did not require money from users, testing its services, honing functionality and focusing on user opinion. At the end of 2018, the use of the resource became paid, but this decision did not cause the expected negative among affiliates, who are used to the availability of surebets. Everyone understood that compared to other scanners, this site already offers the best conditions, so there is nothing wrong with having to pay for the proposed functionality. The developers, in turn, were able to correct all the initial shortcomings and present a truly high-quality platform equipped with a number of beneficial advantages. At the same time, the prices for the proposed tariffs turned out to be noticeably lower than those of most competitors, which only added BB pluses in the eyes of ordinary users.

BreakingBet: Features and Advantages

Before dealing in detail with the functionality of the resource, you should find out the main points that this scanner can boast of. It is important to note that not all the features noted by the developers themselves as advantages can actually be considered a plus, but most of them really distinguish the scanner from others:

  • The interface is presented in eight languages, but several questions immediately arise for developers. The list of languages ​​includes English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and... Brazilian. At what point the creators decided that the Brazilian language exists is unknown, but the presence of Portuguese next to the list hints that there is probably some secret meaning hidden in this that eludes ordinary users. In general, switching between languages ​​is not done in the best way. Some phrases are not translated at all, others remain in the old language after the change. For example, by turning on the Russian language first, and then switching it to Portuguese, the user will still see the names of the playing teams in Cyrillic.
  • The number of scanned bookies exceeds 180. In this regard, the scanner is developing rapidly, every year increasing the list of betting companies whose data is regularly analyzed. Initially, there were about 30 bookmakers here, but this figure is growing rapidly and is not going to stop. Even arbitrage gurus are unlikely to be familiar with all the presented bookmakers, but for the most complete immersion in the process, the scanner opens up truly limitless possibilities.
  • There is an opportunity to preview the functions presented on the site in order to study the main features of the scanner and determine how suitable it is for a particular user. You can open the filters and see how well the surebets are selected, as well as use the calculator that opens both in a separate window and directly above the selected surebet. The information is displayed conveniently, you can see the proposed sport, the participants of the match and the bookmakers selected for arbitration. At the same time, outcomes and odds remain hidden and are available only after subscription.
  • Work is done with 12 sports. Unlike other programs that focus only on football, for example, or games that are popular in a particular country, BreakingBet covers the general interest of the audience, offering surebets for all major sports, from football and baseball to table tennis and darts. At the same time, the filter includes the ability to sort, so that the user can exclude events that are not of interest to him, concentrating on the main thing.
  • In addition to surebets, the site also selects bets with overestimated odds. The search and selection of values ​​is carried out according to the same principle - detailed filters allow you to select the necessary events and bookmakers, and a competent display of information quickly demonstrates the necessary data.
  • To improve the quality of work with arbitrage rates and help betters in building strategies, the scanner saves the history of completed bets in your personal account and analyzes statistics.

The BreakingBet arb scanner is a combination of benefits suitable for both beginners and experts. Each affiliate will be able to find the advantages of working with a scanner. Based on the reviews and development of the program, we can conclude that the vast majority of users who have subscribed here once, continue to continue their cooperation.

Surebets Breakingbet in prematch and live

The functionality of selecting an arbitrage situation and submitting information in pre-match and live in BreakingBet is done in a similar way. The information is presented in a compressed form, but the user sees all the necessary data. The standard display arranges matched surebets by percentage of profit, but this function can be configured. In addition to the percentage, the player sees the sport and the teams playing, the start time of the match, betting companies offering the most favorable odds, the outcome on which to bet, and the odds. Each presented outcome is selected in several different variations with different bookmakers, which allows users who have a small number of accounts in offices to find the right option for themselves.

In addition, the search box includes:

  • The ability to sort events by several criteria, including event start time and ROI (time to live).
  • You can exclude unsuitable games from the list by match time, possible profit and lifetime.
  • Filtering includes the ability to select only the group of outcomes that the user needs. You can leave only totals or handicaps, or you can, on the contrary, concentrate on additional painting.
  • The scanner is able to select two-way and three-way surebets, as well as exclude integer or fractional values.
  • Each surebet found can include several thousand different combinations of bookmakers for arbitration. The filter allows you to exclude unnecessary offices from the list that currently have an empty balance or no account at all.
  • Selection of a suitable sport, with which you can exclude competitions that are not of interest to the better and concentrate on attractive bets.

Each provided arb has the option to remove it from the feed or report a possible error to technical support. You can also enable push notifications to quickly receive information about changes.

Tariffs of Breakingbet 

BreakingBet is rightfully considered one of the best arbitrage scanners in 2022. Despite its relative youth, the program was able to embody a whole range of advantages and, more importantly, get rid of the disadvantages inherent in scanners. There are practically no sags and lags, there are no dead odds and frankly bad surebets, when the program mistakenly gives two quotes for the same outcome. At the same time, the speed of search and selection is so high that you can feel confident in live.

Despite the existing advantages, the developers are trying to keep the price of tariffs affordable. The cost remains lower than many other scanners, and the subscription options make it easy for anyone to find what they need:

  • Subscriptions can be made for one week, one month, three months, half a year or a year.
  • You can subscribe to surebets or values ​​separately, or you can choose an option that includes both.
  • Tariffs are divided into prematch and live, there is also a combined option.

The cheapest subscription option - a week of pre-match value bet - costs 3.99 euros. And the most expensive one - an annual subscription to surebets and values ​​with the ability to work both in prematch and live, costs 413.99 euros. The amount is more than available to arbitrageurs who are able to recoup it in a month or even faster. In the future, all available opportunities will remain, and the bank will move strictly in a positive direction.

More details about the tariffs - on the left side of the screen.

Additional Advantages of the BreakingBet 

BreakingBet is a fast arbitrage scanner focused on the quality of selected events and providing the necessary reliability when making a bet. The creators of the platform did not overload the resource with a variety of various functions, most of which no one uses. Here only the necessary tools and quality service. Among the additional points that can be added to the asset of the scanner, it is worth highlighting:

  • A simple and reliable surebet calculator, which can be used both directly when choosing an event, and separately, after making the necessary calculations. It allows you to set rounding, select the type of currency, select the desired outcome and get accurate calculations even for three-output surebets.
  • The support service works in several languages, always carefully approaching questions and problems of users. There are cases when competent functional proposals or found bugs were encouraged by the company in the form of additional days of free subscription.
  • The site contains the necessary information that will be useful to beginners. Including articles about what surebets and values ​​are and how to work with them.
  • There is a special extension for the OddsClicker browser, when installed, the user will be able to significantly improve the work with surebets. This extension is able to independently open the website of the required betting company, find the selected bet there and add it to the cart. In other words, an arbitrage specialist, having found the necessary surebet in the scanner, uses the extension to complete all transactions in a couple of seconds, without wasting time searching for the selected coefficient. The site provides detailed information about the extension, including instructions for its installation and settings.

A distinctive feature of the scanner is the fact that developers closely monitor reviews about their product and strive to respond quickly to them. Previously, there were complaints about the lack of a mobile version and a small number of scanned bookmakers, but Breakingbet solved this problem. Now the site is available on all devices, a browser extension has appeared, and the number of bookmakers is already 180+.

Interface screenshots

Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet

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02.02.2024 16:31
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (7.8/10)

I've been working with them for two years now. You have to get used to any tool, but breaking-bet was a pleasure to get used to.

Thomas, entrepreneur
02.03.2018 07:03
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (7.8/10)

Learned about BreakingBet quite recently. Usually gamble on lives, so paid no attention to this scanner. Maybe, as developers promise, the service will operate in full force and effect, but so far, it cut no ice. Poor functionality. No lives or negative arbs. No comprehensive picture on bookmakers coefficients to compare. 

Ethan, NY
10.01.2018 18:56
Feedbacks of scanner BreakingBet (7.8/10)

A nifty scanner. Smooth registration. Trial period included. Caught some nice 3-outcome arbs that could cost high on other scanners. All bookmakers covered, and new ones appear regularly.

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