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Betting requires a dedicated amount. Because without putting your money, at least at first, it is impossible to earn anything in this area. The choice of the size and rules of the game bank – it's undivided topics. A lot of players are in the red, which speaks, among other things, about the problems with the size of the allocated bank, and not only the gaps in money management, strategies or forecasts. The amount of money you play should correspond to your financial situation in general, as well as experience, skill in betting. In this article we will analyze these aspects and dependencies in detail. The big amount of money is burdensome, makes the game too nervous and exhausting. Small – does not have washed away, because for its promotion to noticeable amounts require too risky strategies, or profit will be ridiculous. The selected game bank should not be large or small specifically for you. So let's consider what to start from, how to choose this key instrument of the betting mechanism.

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ROI or percentage of income - what to choose

There are two types of players in the bookmakers.. The first ones are amateur players, they just come to relax, have fun and try their luck. Putting 1000 on your favorite team, they fervently “support” for it, without thinking too much about making profit in the long term. Such players never keep statistics of their own bets, do not adhere to certain strategies, do not apply financial management. If you lost money - replenished the balance, and so on in a circle.

The second type of players consider betting as a real way to make money and get a steady income. It is important for them to adhere to the strategy and financial management, plus you need to keep statistics on rates and evaluate your success. Many betters are left with a choice: take into account the ROI or the percentage of profitability, which of the counting methods is the most correct and preferable? To answer the question, it is necessary to examine each aspect in detail and compare their strengths and weaknesses.

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What amount does the professional player need to start

Almost all newcomers who have decided to try their hand at betting arbitrage are wondering: "how much money do you need to start?" After reading many forums, special sites, a and "standing at the fork", not finding the answer. After all, the numbers called there may differ from each other not even tenfold.

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Arbs or Bitcoin: pros and cons of investing in both systems

When ones have a certain amount of spare money, they usually find ways to invest and multiply them. Among numerous methods, arbs and Bitcoin should also be taken into consideration. However, as in any other financial operation, never a one correct decision can be made without clear realization of the subject, profitability and risks. It means the essence should be studied.

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Why not everyone bet on surebets: 5 pseudo-causes

For more than a year in the so-called expert environment discussed the topic that rates on arbs outlived their usefulness. Professional players who have made this strategy the main for earnings, are surprised to discuss statements that they need to move away from surebet betting a couple of years ago. Well, the betters novice, choosing your gaming niche, don't understand how to interpret the extremely inconsistent information regarding arbitration cases. And, though not all build your model of betting based on arbitrage situation. We decided to express our point of view by considering the arguments against it.

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Whether you can make money with free surebets

When it comes to popular sports betting strategies, the professional players are confident that it is surebets. We would like to say in a moment: it is certainly true. But this is our execution in the first line for newcomers who want to know how to make money with 1% surebets and put really good money.

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How to make money with value bets

Why has the bookmaker business been successful for hundreds of years? It’s quite clear: while most gamblers accept rules dictated by bookmakers (even considering the fact that each coefficient already bears the margin, and specialists calculate the probable outcome), professional gamblers architect their own unique methods for systematic gaining through betting. One of them is value bets strategy — following it, they bet only on outcomes with overvalued coefficients, or make value bets.

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150% per month - scam or true story of the player on the surebets

You tried to bet on sports and you even started to get?! But, I want the game, and a stable income! In this context, it is very correct to consider arbs betting. At first glance, the topic is real, but I want to know whether it is possible to make good or even very good?

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