What surebet scanner is the most reliable?

According to a combination of factors, such as history in the scanner market, general development, the number of scanned bookmakers, scanning speed, absence of lags and freezes, additional options for the user, AllBestBets is one of the most reliable scanners. It deserves its top rank in the surebet scanner rating.

PositiveBet and OddStorm are also very reliable. They have the most features mentioned, and OddStorm can also search for Polish middles.

What surebet scanner is the best?

Based on the comparison of more than 10 factors, our website provides a surebet scanner rating. Since our website supports several languages, the rating depends on the location of the users in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of Russian services have only English versions or none at all.

If you speak Spanish, for example, it is not so easy to use this option compared to more accessible websites in Spanish.

So, if you have chosen the language you want, you can read the reviews and get the most up-to-date information on what a surebet scanner is above all others. At this point, AllBestBets is currently holds the top spot in the Russian market.

In order to better understand which surebet scanner is right for you, you can buy a subscription for a day: only by practicing you will find the best tool to make money.

What are the three best surebet scanners?

There are many scanners, some are developing, and some are discontinued.  New features and options appear, lists of scanned bookmakers expand, the number of sports for betting and variability in the choice of the market increase.

Therefore, the answer to this question is more appropriate in the context of today's situation.  Thus, the answer to the question of the three best scanners is relevant only at the time of writing this article.

The three best scanners are: AllBestBets, PositiveBet and 3Bet. Among these scanners, only 3Bet has no long and rich history and is inferior in some important features compared to the leading two. However, all these scanners: have high performance, work with live surebets, have a reasonable pricing and a support team.

In addition to these three, there are a lot of average scanners; they are described in detail in our ranking.

What’s so great about the PositiveBet live surebet scanner?

The PositiveBet scanner was the first to process live surebets. It was a breakthrough: for a long time the bookmakers were not able to track surebet players who were betting during the game. And even now it's much more complicated compared to prematch surebets.

At the moment, this is not the only service that provides information about live surebets, as there are also AllBestBets and other scanners which are regularly trying to reach the market with their offers.  But according to the existing price policy, PositiveBet offers the most attractive tariffs: a subscription for 1 day costs only $7.9 without any restrictions on the markets and bookmakers. 1 month subscription costs $79, which is more than twice as profitable as the competitors' offers.


What’s so great about the AllBestBets scanner?

AllBestBets is truly one of the leading surebet scanners. As of today, it processes 64 bookmakers, meaning an opportunity for players to choose more arbitrage bets.

Despite the processing of a sheer volume of data, the speed is high, providing an unquestionable advantage to the users: 3 seconds for live surebets and 15 seconds for prematch surebets.

  • Competent search algorithms of outcome combinations minimize the probability of errors.
  • Flexible pricing allows the player to bet with a very modest budget - the minimum subscription is $2.49.
  • Scan both prematch and live surebets.
  • Convenient data output and wide choice of filter settings.
  • A unique feature of automatic selection of close odds among different bookmakers, which is relevant when the odds for one arm of a surebet decrease while the player is betting on the other arm.
  • Integration with the BetFair exchange market, which offers a range of benefits to AllBestBets users.

How much can you make with surebets?

Your result depends on your bank and the time spent.  We recommend working with surebets with a yield of 4-7%. Surebets less than 4% makes no sense to deal with; with more than 7%, the risk of errors in the bookmaker's line clearly increases, resulting in cancellation of the bet. With a bank of $100 you can get $4 to $7 from a single bet. There are more than 1000 arbitrage situations every day, even in the off-season.

The main thing is not to be distracted from the chosen surebet strategy, keep calm and not to drop control. Loss of control is the main cause of defeat of any strategy, including surebets.

How much money is needed to win sustainable income from surebets?

In our opinion, you should have at least €500.  About €50-70 will be paid for a monthly subscription to the surebet scanner, the rest of the bank must be placed on the accounts of bookmakers, where you plan to bet, i.e. make arms of surebets. The bigger the bank, the more you can bet, and thus gain more profit.

 If you are planning to work with prematch surebets, it does not require a lot of time. You can run the surebet scanner in the background and go about your own business, and if a surebet appears that matches the filter, a sound notification is made (such a function is provided, for example, by AllBestBets and Surebet scanners). If you bet on live surebets, you need at least 2-3 hours a day to make good money.

What do bookmakers think of surebets?

Most bookmakers are extremely negative against surebets and surebet players. At the least suspicion, they can place restrictions for a professional player, for example, set the maximum bet to $1 or completely ban your account.

How do the bookmakers realize that they are dealing with a surebet player, not a common player?  Fractionate bets like $20.58, regular withdrawals of funds from the bookmaker's accounts, betting on smaller events and youth tournaments. Sometimes the bookmakers make "traps" with apparently high odds for an event and blacklist anyone who has bet on it.

How to make arbitrage betting more safe?

The answer to this question should be divided into two parts: how to protect yourself from your own mistakes and how to protect yourself from the interference of the bookmakers.

To minimize your own mistakes, you must:

  1. Keep accounts only with well-established bookmakers.
  2. Before starting to bet with any bookmaker, carefully read the terms for approval, calculation and repayment of bets. Particular attention should be given to the part of the rules that is about stoppage time. Bet on surebets with bookmakers who offer identical conditions.
  3. Start working with surebets with small amounts to get more experience.
  4. Do not hurry and check bets and odds on bookmaker websites before betting on surebets (if you use a surebet scanner).
  5. Do not make bets during the last minutes of the game. At this time, many bookmakers stop accepting bets and you may be too late to bet on all arms of the surebet.

To avoid the risk of ending up in a "surebet players blacklist" made by bookmakers, we recommend the following:

  1. Do not make unrounded bets.  $30 would be a good bet, while $32.42 is bad.
  2. Avoid repeated bets on the same event. Even if you really want it, and the odds are very attractive.
  3. Do not put all of your bank on a single bet. Common players wouldn’t do it.
  4. Do not bet on surebets with more than 10% yield. There will most likely be a mistake (random or intentional) to catch surebet players in the line. In this case the bet is canceled and recalculated with a rate of 1.00.

What are advantages and disadvantages of live surebets?

Live surebets are surebets that may appear during a game or event. They have a shorter "lifespan" compared to prematch surebets, from a few minutes to literally a few seconds. This results in a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional surebets.

The advantages of live surebets are:

  • quick turnover of bet money. Surebets are relevant only in the course of the game (competition), the maximum duration of a football game with a break and stoppage time is approximately 2 hours.

Typically, live bets are calculated quickly, so money is freed to continue betting.

  • In order to work effectively with live surebets, the required bank can be lower than with conventional surebets. It is connected to the first item above, a fast turnover.
  • The risk of an account ban or other type of bookmaker sanctions is significantly lower than in prematch surebets.  It is much more difficult for the bookmakers to spot surebet players betting during the game.

The disadvantages of live surebets include:

  • Quick odds’ changes. Sometimes you just don't have enough time to bet on all surebets.

How to protect yourself when betting on live surebets?

  1. If you have little experience with live surebets, we suggest starting with small bets.
  2. Bet on surebets with two possible odds. If things change quickly, it is easier to make bets in time and don’t make any mistakes than with three odds.
  3. For live surebets, choose sports where the score does not change quickly. For example, it could be football or hockey.
  4. If you bet on Total Goals, bet on total over at first, although the odds may increase over time. This protect your against a goal at the same time while you are betting on the total over. It would be nice to watch an online live broadcast, some bookmakers offer this feature to their users.
  5. Do not bet at the end of the game: bets should be stopped 5-7 minutes before the end. Many bookmakers stop accepting bets at this time, and you must be sure you cover all selected arms of the surebet.