How to safely bet on surebets "arms"

Arb is a very promising occupation from a financial point of view, it is possible to earn several times more than the average office worker. The main thing is to work hard, have a goal, not be lazy, be stubborn and pushy. Well, and adhere to the safety rules when making bets on arbitrage situations. Otherwise the bookies will very quickly figure out the style of betting, and all efforts will be reduced to nothing. It is especially disappointing when the account is blocked after just a couple of bets, and it was not even possible to double the pot. As a result, again the purchase of new documents, which leads to additional costs, they do not always pay off. This means that all surebettors should strive to keep the account active for as long as possible.

With tricks like round amounts of bets, working with a couple of sports, avoiding minor championships, almost everyone is familiar. These are the very basics that any bettor starts with. More life hacks on setting up arbs can be found in this article on our website. Today we intend to touch on such a topic as ways to safely place a surebet arms, or rather, how to correctly go to the bookmaker's website and open the desired event and coefficient. Many do not even think about it, making a bet with a simple click in the scanner, which does everything automatically. It's time to correct the gaps in knowledge.

Very often it happens that the farber tears his hair, gets angry and does not understand why was his account blocked after half a day. It seems that all security measures are observed: bets are rounded up, major events are taken, the average percentage of yield is taken and so on. What's wrong? In fact, inexperienced players often do not understand that their mistake is to go to the bookmaker's website directly through the scanner. The security service easily tracks suspicious visits directly to the betting basket via third-party web resources, analyzes the client's behavior and promptly makes a verdict: "Block!". An inexperienced bettor is left with nothing and is forced to pass verification for months, or even lose money, as the BM administration decides.

In no case can we say that absolutely all bookmakers track the traffic of each client. It's not physically possible. But if you constantly sin with transitions from scanners, for sure, the account will not live long. Specially trained programs will send an alarm signal to the security service, which will make the final decision. At the same time, there is every reason to believe that not every institution can afford to monitor the transitions of players, it is financially expensive. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of users playing in the bookie. So what is better: to go to the website of the BM through the surenets scanners or do it manually? Let's figure it out together.

The mechanism of surebetting 

Let's consider the algorithm of arbs betting . In fact, they are no different from the usual coupon design, the only differences are in the way the coupon is opened with the event. Let's look at each option step by step. In the first case, using scanners, everything looks like this:

  1. The scanner opens, and a suitable bid with arbitrage is found.
  2. Click on the event, the calculator opens.
  3. Specify the amount that should be allocated to each" arm of a surebet.
  4. The calculator makes calculations and offers to go to the bookmakers website.
  5. Agree, click on the appropriate button.
  6. The user is transferred to the site of bookmakers with already opened coupons.
  7. It remains only to confirm both bets.

Advanced scanners are able to signal if the arb is missing while the player was performing manipulations. Some even can confirm the bet themselves without the participation of the user, that is, he acts simply as a controller and is engaged in accounting.

Manual labor. Here the algorithm looks like this:

  1. Find the arb, again in the scanner.
  2. The amounts of bets on each "arm" are calculated.
  3. Then the user goes to each bookmaker and manually searches for the desired matches.
  4. The bid amounts are entered and the coupon is confirmed.

That is, everything is as usual, but first you need to find the events in the scanner. Then turn on the fifth speed to have time to make a bet before the arb disappears. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Automatic bets on arbs

This is an option when you do not do manual labor, but trust the scanner and directly go through it to the coupon with events. The advantages of this method are significant:

  1. the speed, the whole process is as fast as possible, the risk that the surebet will disappear is minimized;
  2. saving time, you do not spend a lot of minutes to issue just one coupon, in an hour you can really catch a lot of arbitrage situations;
  3. you do not need to turn on your brain and find incomprehensible matches, because each obookmaker has its own name of events, go figure it out and dig into all sorts of tournaments and championships;
  4. it's just convenient and comfortable, manual labor has always been and will always be more tedious than automated;
  5. most scanners save BM mirrors, so you don't have to enter them into the browser every time, save them in the history, or resort to other tricks.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the most important, and to be more honest, the only one. Bookmakers can clearly see that the user came to them directly from third-party sites, moreover, opened the coupon directly. For an ordinary client, this is not typical, so you need to take a note of it and send it for verification, or block the account altogether. In general, all the charms of these offices. For the speed and convenience of setting the arb, we pay for the reliability and safety of work.

Arbs seaching without surebets scanners

Here you have to do everything yourself. I will immediately point out the main advantage: bookmakers do not block your account so quickly, since you are as similar as possible to an ordinary bettor. In the same way, you open the BM website, search for events, click on the coefficients, enter the bet amounts, and confirm them. In short, you do not arouse suspicion. Of course, sooner or later you will fall under sanctions, but it will not come because of traffic from suspicious web resources. Other advantages of the method I can not designate, probably, this is the only advantage. Unless you train your skills to quickly search for events in the office and learn how to tap the keyboard at lightning speed.

But there are a lot of disadvantages here, in fact, these are the antonyms of the advantages of automated labor:

  • You're wasting a lot of time. The surebet may disappear.
  • The odds will jump so that you will have time to place a bet on only one "arm".
  • You cover fewer arbitrage situations.
  • You get less tired. Since you have to strain your brain less.
  • You need to search for events manually. You'll have to open a bunch of tabs in the database.

Manually, we provide higher reliability and security of the account, but we have to pay for this with increased risks of the surebets disappearing, plus we waste precious time.

How do bookmakers understand that this is a surebettor

I mean, how do bookmakers understand that a player came from the scanners? We need to have at least a minimal understanding to develop methods of fighting. I note that no one will ever give a clear answer as to how bookmakers separate surebettors from ordinary players, what algorithms and tools they have. This is strictly an official secret. We can only speculate. The most common theories:

  • The bookies have a special program that tracks traffic from third-party resources. If there are too many of them for one account, a signal is sent to the security service.
  • Bookmakers are only interested in switching directly to the coupon of a particular event. If you just open the main page – you can ignore it.
  • Thanks to special software, the BM can see from which particular site the user came. On the verge of fiction, there is definitely no such software.
  • Bookmakers only study the behavior of the client on the site. If there are signs of a arb, immediately check the player's transitions. Together with other signs, the verdict of the security service is issued.

It seems to me that the most true version is that bookmakers use a special program to track active transitions from third-party portals. If the user is constantly doing this, he takes a pencil. Well, some bookmakers really just observe the style of the client's game, and the history of his visits to the site is studied if signs of surebets are found. In any case, our task is to disguise ourselves and not show the bookmaker that we come from third-party resources. It seems that the only option is to use manual labor. But do not worry ahead of time, there are ways to automatically place bets, and the BM will not have any suspicions.

Secure automation methods

In popular surebets scanners, there are additional tools for a quick and safe transition to betting shops. A striking example is the BetBurger service, which offers the Arb Helper plug in. The extension is installed in the Google Chrome browser, it opens betting coupons in 2-3 bookies. Moreover, it does this as a normal user, the BM in theory can not see that the user came from other sites. Plus, the app notifies you about changes in coefficients, fills out coupons on its own, and has a bunch of other buns.

Other large scanners also have a similar tool available, it does not make sense to describe each one, the principle of operation is the same everywhere. I don't think you're stupid enough not to see that another project offers you an extension to work safely with arbs. Their effectiveness is obvious, almost all experienced surebettors use them for years and there are no complaints. So feel free to install applications and start working in automatic mode.

How to work manually with surebets

Ways to safely automate betting are certainly good. I definitely recommend using them, especially if your income has increased significantly. However, they may not be suitable for beginners for a very banal and everyday reason – there is no money. For additional functionality, the scanners ask for a separate fee, and a substantial one. The Vilki VPS service is similar. If you suddenly do not have the funds to buy a quality tool, I will give you some tips to improve the speed of betting in manual mode.

  • Know the bookmakers you work with. In particular, the functionality, the location of sports and functionality, you must navigate the site with your eyes closed. If you registered in the office yesterday, today you will be lost and will not be able to quickly find the necessary matches. Before you start, carefully study the length and breadth of the navigation in the BM.
  • Do not use arbs that disappear within a few seconds. Totals in basketball, points in tennis, and so on. They are hard to keep up with and put in automated mode. It is almost impossible to close both "arms" manually.
  • Do not hesitate to use the search form, which is available in many bookies. There you can quickly find the desired event by keywords: the name of the teams, the championship, the country.
  • Turn on the function of quick acceptance of bets in the BM. Then you won't have to confirm the coupon all the time, which will save you precious seconds.
  • Don't be afraid to keep betting shops ' websites open in your browser. It doesn't look suspicious, many people do, including me. Contrary to popular belief, bookmakers do not see that you have an open scanner resource. No one can get into your browser and dig into it.
  • It is desirable to have high-speed Internet, so that coupons are issued quickly. Hanging up and updating information for a long time are your worst enemies.
  • Do not play in minor and exotic matches. First, they are hard to find. Secondly, they are not in all BM, and thirdly, you are not only falling through the transition, but also simply because you took an event that no one takes. Large and popular matches, always in sight, they will not be difficult to detect.

And of course, strive to earn money and go to work with the help of automatic systems. Still, they are more convenient and more profitable.

So what is better to choose in surebetting?

If you were able to read up to this point, you have already realized that we are inclined to believe that it is better to use automatic transitions to bookmakers ' coupons. So it is faster, more profitable and more comfortable to work. We think many people have a similar opinion. Nevertheless, we will draw some parallels and compare both methods, we will indicate the moments when it is better to use manual labor, and when automated.

When do I need to set arbs manually?

There are several situations when the user should refuse automated transitions to the site of bookmakers. That is, it is better to use manual labor. First of all it concerns the beginner and novice milosnikow. First, there is no guarantee that the arbitration will like it, maybe later a decision will be made to abandon this activity. Then it will be a shame, because several thousand rubles have already been paid for the possibility of automation. Secondly, not everyone can afford to start with large amounts of money, there may not be enough money to pay for additional services of a scanner and a virtual machine. Willy-nilly, you have to limit your budget and work with your hands. Third, training never hurts, working in manual mode, the player gains experience, "pumps" skills, and this is the most important thing in sports arbitration

Also, you should not spend money on automation if you use only the pre-match surebets. Such events "live" from several hours to several days. Really have time to put down the "shoulders", even without hurrying, in a calm environment. If you have a knack, you can have time to close all the outcomes during the break of football, hockey, and basketball matches. The odds also jump there, but not as much as during the match.

When can I use automation?

We start from the facts of the previous chapter. If the player has already gained experience, his income has grown significantly, then you should pay attention to the possibility of purchasing tools for automatic transitions to bookmaker. At the same time, paying for them should not "eat" more than 10% of the profit, otherwise it will be a risky and unprofitable occupation. The number of flirts grows over time, the user already does not have time to make out coupons with his hands.

The second obvious case is Live surebets. Especially in dynamic sports: hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis. There the account goes for seconds, you need to close both "shoulders" very quickly. It is physically impossible to keep up manually, you need to directly switch to coupons. We advise you only to use additional tools, and not to go head-on through the scanners, otherwise the account will quickly be blocked.

A professional better usually wraps the pot with five-digit amounts, it is stupid in such situations to try to play with his hands. It is better to resort to the help of virtual machines or additional extensions, over time they will pay for themselves with a vengeance.

Choosing the right way to bet on arbs

As you can see, it is impossible to clearly and unambiguously give recommendations on which option to choose, it all depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the experience of the surebettor and his ambitions. Drawing conclusions from the chapter, we will give brief instructions:

  • If the bettor is a novice, came with a small bank of up to 200 euro, it is better to prefer manual transitions. With the growth of revenue, you will be able to think about buying additional extensions.
  • If only the events in the pre-match are played, it makes no sense to go directly from the scanners, risking quickly losing your account. You can already have time to close both "arms".
  • In Live mode, you will have to go directly from the scanners, otherwise it is simply impossible to keep up. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the highs will cut quickly enough.
  • With the increase in revenue, it makes no sense to take risks and make direct calls from scanners, it is better to purchase a subscription to additional extensions or virtual machines.

Each bettor must describe his portrait, calculate the expenses and expenses, then make a decision: to put it manually, switch from scanners, or place bets via additional tools. We hope we have given the right direction.


Any bookmaker strongly denies that it tracks user activity and analyzes where they came from. But you can't believe them. There are quite good reasons to believe that the situation is exactly the opposite. At least the fact that the surebettor, who goes directly from the scanners, catches the ban much faster than his colleague, who makes bets manually. This observation was made long ago and has already become an axiom.

Any surebettor will face a choice: manual labor or direct calls? In the first case, the risk of blocking is reduced, but the income falls and the work becomes tedious. In the second case, the chance of cutting the account increases, but the work becomes easier and the process goes faster. In this article, we have outlined all the points when and what choices should be made by professionals and beginners. Stick to them, we hope they will be useful for you.