10 tips for surebetters from professionals

Each professional player earns in sports betting on their own strategy. Some prefer deep analysis and search for overrated coefficients, others copy the bets of more successful colleagues. A large pool of players prefer to play on arbitrage situations, in the common on surebets. This method does not carry the risks of the game,go into the negative, if done correctly, impossible. Only bookmakers strongly discourage, plus you can make a mistake in the design of coupons, the coefficients can grow or fall.

Players in arbitration situations can also be safely attributed to the professionals. It looks like everything is easy: put on a surebet and took the winnings without any risk of losing. In fact, such activities hide a large amount of work: registration in several bookmakers, account verification, deposit, quick registration of coupons, distribution of money on the bookmaker, many hours in front of the computer. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, and bookmakers are constantly fixing obstacles, not wanting to share profits.

No wonder not everything clients become surebetter, it's very complicated and time-consuming exercise. Not all newcomers remain in arbitration situations, this strategy, although it brings significant dividends, but requires diligence. The player needs to hide that he is a surebet plsyer, constantly be online to "catch " a good offer with a high level of income. And he also need from time to time to buy new accounts, learn how to quickly issue coupons.

Ruining newcomers that they thoughtlessly begin to put on all consecutive arbitration situations, absolutely not hiding and not trying to somehow systematize their earnings. Usually after a few bets such users offices mercilessly block, cut their highs and apply other sanctions. To hold out as long as possible and get a tangible profit, you need to follow some rules. Let's give 10 valuable tips on playing with arbs.

Tip # 1: Open an account in a large number of bookmakers

It is logical that the first thing you need to open an account in several bookmakers. At least 2, but for professional work, even 3-4 will not be enough. Than more bookmakers, the better. It is necessary to pay attention only to the checked institutions which differ in reliability and safety, and usually do not get used to such rigid measures as confiscation of a prize with full blocking of the account. The best options include:

  • Marathon;
  • Fonbet;
  • 188Bet;
  • WinLine;
  • Pari-Match;
  • Olimp;
  • Bet-at-home;
  • Sportingbet;
  • Favbet.

And of course, offices that never block the surebets, and are loyal to them: Pinnacle, Sbobet, Betfair.

The presence of a large number of accounts in different bookmakers gives tangible benefits to the player. First of all, it is possible to cover different events, outcomes and coefficients in different institutions. And this is a direct increase in earnings. Secondly, the same bookmakers will not be used so often, so the security service will not calculate the "smart" rates too quickly. Account will "live" longer, which will save on the purchase of documents. Thirdly, it will be possible to bet arbs on bonuses, in some cases it will be a profitable activity, since in any case, either a net gain in one bookmaker will be received, or bonus funds will be wagered in another.

Ideally, of course, you need to start in 5-6 bookmakers with a good amount of money in each account. But at the time of training, you can reduce their number, and the deposit is not too large. After the advent of experience it will be possible to gradually increase the amount of bookmakers and the amount on the balance sheet.

Recommendation. Even if there is a small deposit, it is better to divide it into several bookmakers in small amounts than into two BM in large parts. So the risks of "burn" will be less.

Tip # 2: Focus on football

Why football? Because this is the most popular game in the world, therefore, it takes a lot of competitions per day. Bookmakers always offer an extensive line and a list for this sport, in any office there is always a lot of matches a day. In such conditions, there is a huge number of arbs, it remains only to issue coupons on them and to calculate profits.

In addition, the security service is more difficult to detect the surebetters at football matches. The main array of bets falls on this sport, therefore, although the arbitration situation can be found, it is almost impossible to blame the client for it (provided that he complies with all the points of our recommendations). After all, a lot of players will bet similarly, and block all-it is unrealistic, it will spoil the reputation of the bookmaker hopelessly. If not to be impudent, it is possible to lift not bad bank only on football arbs, and practically without risk.

Football is still good because it usually does not have two interpretations of the rules. All bookmakers equally interpret the terms of the bet, apply the same methods of counting bets on the outcomes and similarly act in case of cancellation or postponement of matches. In other sports, unpleasant situations can be created when one bookmaker interprets the rules for calculating the coupon in its own way, a friend in a completely different way, and in the end the client suffers losses. This is especially true of tennis, when the athlete is injured in the first set, refuses to fight and so on. The player's money can hang for a long time in one institution, taking away potential earnings.

Information. Of course, arbs are not forbidden for other sports, but the risks of getting into the bookmaker's field of vision are much higher. Plus the number of arbitration situations will be less.

Tip # 3: Bet on the best leagues

The recommendation does not seem quite right, because if you put exclusively on the major leagues, more than half of the potential surebets are cut off. Yes, it is, but the risks of getting into the sight of the bookmaker's security service are also reduced. On top events are always a lot of bets that will allow the surebetter easily get lost among them and get a permanent and stable income. Of course, in the lower divisions there are always more inflated coefficients, and in them there are very favorable arbitration situations, but they have a number of disadvantages:

  • Too few people bet on them. A large bet on an unpopular event will inevitably attract the attention of the bookmaker. 
  • Not all bookmakers have all the matches. In 3 BM (bookmaker) can give game, in other there is no. Accordingly, the number of arbitration situations is reduced.
  • Low highs. This, first, reduces the total profit. Secondly, it may happen that putting in one bookmaker, the second may not have enough limits to issue a coupon for the desired amount. If you make 2 bets on the same market in the same BM, it is 100% account lock.
  • The coefficient of one" shoulder " changes much faster than at popular events. This is due to the fact that a lot of bets on arbs provoke the bookmaker to raise or lower quotes. The chances of not having time to issue a coupon are quite real.

It is better to choose the top championships, Cup matches and major international tournaments for which there will always be an extensive line, and a large number of bets are accepted.

As practice shows, if you choose only popular championships, the risk of blocking your account is reduced several times.

Tip # 4: Learn to bet fast

If you find a surebet, you need to bet on both "shoulders" as quickly as possible. After all, this situation does not  "live" for a long time, at any time bookmakers can change the coefficients, which will not leave any benefit. It is recommended to issue coupons with the use of some technical assistants, the benefit of the lack of them in modern betting is not observed.

It is no secret that most of bookmakers are equipped with special programs that monitor arbitration situations between them and competitors. If the flow of bets on one outcome greatly increases, reducing the potential benefit of the BM, or the discrepancy in the coefficients becomes too large, the security service will immediately close the reception of the bet and align the chances to the desired level. The player's task is to make a bet on the best quotes until this happens. Professionals work in the following way:

  • You receive a notification about arbs on the phone, computer, or just a sound signal on the scanner's website.
  • The user reacts with lightning speed, opening the website of institutions in two different browsers or even devices.
  • The special program is independently authorized. For example, it is convenient to use so-called Macros.
  • Then you need to find the match and the outcomes in each bookmaker and make a deal. Provided that the coefficients have not changed.

Then we can only wait for the result. Any stage can be automated through programs and extensions for browsers. Auxiliary tools, though paid, but at a distance completely pay for themselves. Potential profit directly depends on the efficiency of bets.

Important! In BetBurger  scanner, bets on all the surebet arms can be placed directly from the scanner, and the bookmaker's basket will be switched to the selected event automatically.

Tip # 5: Don't make long-term arbs

Do not issue coupons for games that will begin in a few days or even weeks. On the one hand, it is tempting, the coefficients in distant events change very slowly, you can have time to put, not in a hurry, in a comfortable environment. But it is worth remembering that the BM will calculate the deal only after the match. Means, money "will hang" in one bookmaker, they can't be used for further work. During this time, it would be possible to wrap the funds several times and increase the final profit. And so they will lie dead weight and reduce the profit of the player at a distance.

Ideally, if the events start on the same day, within a few hours. In extreme cases, you can wait 24 hours. If there are no forks, it is better to rest than to put on long-term arbitration situations. It is also noticed that the majority of risk-free bets appear on Monday morning, when the bookmakers update the coefficients and the line.

Tip # 6: Don't use obviously erroneous odds

Found a surebet with 70% yield? Great, think inexperienced players and then load it almost the entire bank to earn big money. But this in most cases will be a fatal decision, as bookmakers are not stupid to pay the winnings on obviously erroneous quotes. It is obvious that the analytical department incorrectly estimated chances or in the software there was an elementary failure which led to overestimation of coefficient.

In the rules of any bookmaker said that in the event of an erroneous coefficient, bets on it will be canceled, and coupons are calculated with a value of 1. That is, the user will receive a simple refund. And if the opposite "shoulder" lost, the losses will be huge. This causes indignation of many people, but after putting a tick in the paragraph of the agreement with the terms of use, each person automatically agrees that he is familiar with such situations and will have no claims. So you need to be offended only on themselves.

On the one hand, the bookmaker himself is to blame for putting the wrong quote, he must be responsible for his line. But from such situations, the institution protects itself with the rules on the possibility of calculating the bet with coefficient 1.0. Therefore, when detecting a super-profitable arb, it is better to bypass it. To work, you need to choose only arbitration situations with a yield of not more than 8-10%. Anything larger than that should be alerted, as the likelihood of a return coupon will be multiplied.

Important! The bookmaker pays special attention to surebets with a high level of income. While the arb 2-5% special suspicions does not cause.

Tip # 7: Bet "round" amount

One of the main tasks of a surebetters is to imitate the behavior of an ordinary client of a bookmaker. And what amounts are put by ordinary users? 10 euro, 50 euro, 100 euro and so on. That is, "round" amounts. Rare to see that the user issued the transaction 33, 67, 107,4  euro. So, in bets on arbitration situations, you need to follow this rule: to bet only "rounded" amounts.

Usually surebets calculators require that on each "shoulder" it was put, for example, 23,6, 98 and 342 euro. This ensures equal profits on each side. It seems logical and right. But BM is calculated arbitration specialists exactly permanent deal in fractional and not in "round" amounts cause unnecessary suspicion and checking account. As a result, the inevitable sanctions in the form of lowering the highs and blocking the account.

To protect yourself, you need to bet only on rounded values. Instead of 19, to put 20 euro , instead of 102 to put 100 euro, and so on. So the potential profit decreases, but the institution will not pay attention to the surebet for longer. At the same time, it is important to distribute finances in such a way that the most likely "shoulder" takes a large amount, and the least likely – a smaller one. In the long run, lower ratios will occur much more frequently, again yielding more substantial dividends.

That's interesting. And ordinary players bet "non-round" amounts, but this happens, as a rule, if the client went all-in after a series of losses. Or he plays on the strategy of "ladder", providing for consistent rates.

Tip # 8: Choose convenient and fast payment systems

Bet on the arbitrage situation provided that the player will always lose in one place, but to win in another. Therefore, he will have to constantly "pour" finances from one BM to another. That is, to withdraw money in one office and immediately replenish the account in another. This process is an integral part of the surebet strategy. Therefore, the user must choose the payment system wisely, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Be common enough to be supported by all the bookmakers in which the player bets. Otherwise, it will have to withdraw money to another site, losing time and money on commissions.
  • BM must quickly withdraw money on it. Understanding which systems are best suited for this comes with time. But you can always consult with more experienced colleagues, or ask a question to the support service.
  • It should be possible to withdraw and replenish the account in the BM. It so happens that the tool will allow you to make a deposit, but withdraw will be impossible.
  • The commission should be absent, or be scanty. Most modern bookmakers conduct financial transactions at all without additional fees, they can only be in the payment system. It is necessary that the commission was minimal.
  • It is convenient to withdraw money and transfer to another site. The platform should be convenient for cash withdrawal and replenishment of their accounts.

You can read about the best payment systems in this article on our website

On a note. The longest payments are made by Bank transfer: up to 5 days. It is better not to use it at all.

Tip # 9: Check your limits in advance

In any bookmaker there are restrictions on the maximum possible bet amount. On the most top and large contest permitted put several tens of thousands of euro, on small divisions can be conditional just 100 euro. Such moments should be specified in advance before the deposit is made, otherwise the whole strategy can go down the drain, and this is only because the limits of the institution do not allow to bet on suitable amounts.

Another option is to set a maximum for an individual player. As usually happens with surebetters, the bookmaker cut their bets to a very low level that makes playing it impossible. It happens that the limits are imposed for specific sports and even markets. BM analysts are closely studying the style of the player and applies certain penalties. Unfortunately, these actions are considered legitimate, as the rules say that the BM independently sets the maximum for each client.

It is almost impossible to avoid cutting the limits, sooner or later it happens to every surebet player. Contact the administration of the institution, write a complaint is useless, no company has not changed its decision. But you can postpone the sanction as much as possible, if you follow all our advice and recommendations. Do not forget that before making a coupon you need to view the line and the highs, it is possible they have already been reduced, and the conclusion of the bet will be unprofitable.

Into consideration. There are a great number of betting companies on the market. If somewhere limited rates, you can always go to another institution. Do not even have to buy new accounts.

Tip # 10: Use Betfair if something goes wrong

Surebets do not carry game risks, because at any outcome of the event the player will remain in the black. However, they also sometimes lose. And this is due to a number of reasons that each player will face:

  • A sharp change in the coefficient on one of the "arms". While the user makes a coupon in one bookmaker, quotes in another can change greatly.
  • One of the institutions may simply not accept the bet, closing the opportunity. This usually happens because of a massive bet concluded the other players.
  • You can simply not have time to make a deal for various reasons. For example, due to a weak Internet connection, the closing of bets and so on.
  • It turned out that the highs are reduced and put in one of the institutions is already unprofitable.

In this case, the Betfair betting exchange will help the player. It is always possible to resort to it, if suddenly it turned out that one of the "arms" is impossible to make a bet. Firstly, there is never apply sanctions against surebetters, and secondly, the coefficients are always higher, since there is no margin. Third, the good liquidity of the markets allows you to make a deal for very large sums. Choosing the opposite market on the exchange, the player will not come out in a plus, but at least greatly reduce losses. As a rule, they will amount to 5-10% of the working bank. These losses are then easily recovered in a few successful series.