Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz: the best payment systems

Clients of bookmakers are obliged to choose a suitable and reliable payment system for making a deposit and withdrawal of funds. It should be safe, desirable to provide services around the world and have an impeccable reputation. This is especially important for professional players who bet in several institutions and constantly replenish the balance and withdraw money. They need financial transactions to go smoothly, quickly and without errors, and the funds are not delayed anywhere.

Now three systems are in the lead: Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz. They are preferred by most professionals, as they are aimed at an international audience and are considered the most reliable and safe.

Payment systems are used not only in sports betting, but also in online casinos, Forex and other areas where electronic money is accepted.



The payment system Skrill began working back in 2001, it was founded in the UK. Initially, the brand was called Moneybookers, customers with years of experience still call it that way. Under this name, the company existed until 2011, then was renamed. Now all over the world it is known under this designation.

The company is headquartered in London and has offices in new York and Stockholm. Since its inception, the site has focused on the safety and security of users ' finances, it uses advanced technologies and the best software solutions that provide a high level of reliability. No wonder "Skrill" has repeatedly become the winner of the award as the best payment system on the Internet.

Ease of use – the main postulate in the platform. To transfer money to another customer, just need to know does his e-mail.

How to start 

Registration in Skrill is implemented by a simple algorithm, special difficulties no one should have. Works English version of the site, so players will be easy to get an account and start to conduct financial transactions. First, you need to go to the official resource of the system and click on the "register" button, a page with fields will open, you need to enter personal data:

  • name and surname;
  • email address;
  • create a password.

Then agree to the terms of use and click on the "Register now"button. The e-mail will receive a letter with a link, clicking on it, the client activates the account. After that, you can replenish the balance and start conducting financial transactions, but before that, the system will ask you to specify the currency for work. It is important to specify it correctly, because in the future you will not be able to change the selection.

Skrill supports more than 40 currencies, which are the most common and in demand all over the world.


In Skrill there are some limits for users who have not passed the account verification. Upon reaching a certain limit in the transfer of money, their account becomes inactive, and the funds can not be used. However, this does not promise any trouble, it is enough to pass a simple identification to the account became active, and the restrictions were removed.

As soon as the limit starts to approach zero, the administration will send a letter to the client, in which it will ask to pass the verification, so that there are no pauses in the use of the site. After that, it is recommended to start identification immediately, for this you should send a copy of the main page of the passport with a photo and a registration page to the support service. In some cases, you may need a selfie in the background of the document.

Verification of documents can take several days, but in fact everything happens much faster. After that, the limits will be significantly expanded. Ordinary users should be enough of them, if you need a larger size you should apply for registration of a business account.

When registering, you need to be very careful and specify only reliable data. Otherwise, it threatens long proceedings with the support service, which may last several months.

Account replenishment

You can deposit money to your Skrill account in several ways:

  • The accounts of mobile operators,  commission 1%.
  • Bitcoin. The collection of 1%.
  • Neteller. The Commission is 3%.
  • American Express. The collection of 1%.
  • Diners Club. One%
  • JCB. 1%.
  • Visa. 1%.
  • Swift. 1%.

Withdrawal is carried out on the following systems:

  • Bank transfer. The cost of services 5 euro.
  • MasterCard. The collection of 7%.
  • Visa. 7.5%.
  • Swift. 5 euro.

In addition, the user can transfer money to the account of another client of the wallet, the fee for this is 1.45%, but not less than 0.5 euros. If the currencies of the wallets differ, another 3.99% will be charged for conversion. Also, do not forget that depending on the region of residence of the person, he will be offered other options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

If the wallet is not used for 12 months, it will be charged 3 euros per month until the balance is reset. After that, the account will be "frozen".

Verification of bank cards

If the client uses bank cards for depositing and withdrawing funds, he will definitely need to verify them in the system. Only after that is allowed to carry out financial transactions with them. There are 2 ways to identify card:

  1. With a four-digit code. As soon as the user deposits with the card, it begins its automatic verification. If the operation is successful, a 4-digit code appears next to the payment history, it will need to be specified in the "card Verification"section.
  2. By writing off the amount. The second method is more complex, but effective. Once a customer adds the "plastic" in your account, it debited a random amount between 1.01 and € 2.99. The user can find it in the Internet banking, SMS or other way and specify on the verification page.

If any of the above methods is successful, the Bank card will be identified, it can be used without restrictions. 

The written-off amounts remain on the account in Skrill, they can be disposed of without any restrictions.

Statuses in Skrill

The administration is ready to provide additional dividends to customers who provide greater financial turnover in the system. This is a reduction in the Commission for transactions, or their zeroing, various bonuses and gifts, a personal Manager, an increased level of security, priority in service and many other advantages.

VIP is given to users who spend certain amounts for one quarter (3 months). There are several levels of VIP-status:

  • Bronze. Spending from 6000 to 15 000 euros per quarter. Commission for loading card of 1.25% for the currency conversion of 3.79%.
  • Silver. Spending from 15 000 to 45 000 euros per quarter. There is no Commission for Deposit and withdrawal of money to cards and Bank transfer. Ability to open 1 multi-currency account.
  • Golden. Spending from 45 000 euros to 90 000 euros. There are no fees for card transactions and Bank transfer. There is a personal Manager, the ability to open 2 multi-currency accounts.
  • Diamond. There is a personal Manager, you can open 3 multi-currency accounts. Commission for foreign currency exchange only 1.99%. Reduced fees for all types of financial transactions.

At each level, the user can use the services of a personal support service that works around the clock and comes to the rescue quickly.


Skrill is a modern, reliable, secure and convenient payment system, the services of which are used by 20 000 000 people around the world. Its advantages were also appreciated by the clients of bookmakers who actively use Skrill as the main tools for withdrawing money and replenishing the account.



Neteller is an international payment system used by millions of people around the world. It was founded in 1999 in the UK, mainly created for fans of gambling and sports betting and as a worthy alternative to Bank cards. Today, the wallet is distributed in 200 countries, the interface is translated into 18 languages, 23 world currencies are supported, among which there are Russian rubles.

Registration procedure

Open an account in Neteller will not be difficult, the registration procedure is very simple, it will cope with any person. First of all, you need to go to the official website of the site and click on the "free registration" button, a new page will open in the browser. It will contain the fields you need to fill in:

  • name and surname;
  • email address;
  • create a password of at least 8 characters.

At the end you need to click on "Register now". If everything is done correctly, a message will pop up about the successful opening of the account. Then you should open the e-mail and click on the link in the letter sent by the system. After that, the client can start using the services of the wallet.

After creating an account, each user is provided with one virtual Bank card free of charge.


Neteller does not require customers to undergo mandatory verification, you can use the wallet without it. However, there will be strict limits on payment limits, the number of transactions, methods of withdrawal and replenishment of the balance and functional restrictions. For those who work with small amounts, the available functionality will be enough, while others are advised to identify the account.

The verification procedure in Neteller is standard, any client of bookmakers is familiar with it. It is necessary to make a copy of the main page of the passport and send it to the support service in the "Verification"section. As an alternative, suitable driver's license, passport, ID card and other documents where there is a photo.

In addition, you need to confirm your identity by sending a photo of a person with an open passport in his hands (selfie). After checking these documents, it is necessary to identify the postal address by sending copies of utility bills, Bank statements, or any other certificate and document where the address of residence of the user. If all data is correct, the account will be verified, limits on limits and the number of operations are removed.

Verification of documents can take up to 3 working days. At this time, you can continue to use the wallet without restrictions.

How to Deposit?
You can top up your Neteller balance in many ways, on the official website there are more than 60 options for customers from different countries. 

  • Bank cards Visa and MasterCard. The Commission is 1.9%, the money is deposited to the balance instantly. For unregistered cards there is a limit of $ 100.
  • Bank transfer. You can do it through any Bank, the wallet does not charge a Commission, but an additional fee can be in the financial organization itself. Money goes to 3 working days.
  • E-wallets of Yandex. Money and Qiwi. Very convenient method, but there is a Commission of 8% per operation.
  • Bitcoin. The fee for the use of cryptocurrency is flexible, it is constantly changing, you need to specify it directly during the transaction.
  • Skrill. The Commission is 3%.
  • Exchange office. Works as exchange. Some users offer others to exchange money for any other system. The Commission is arbitrary.

Also, you can withdraw winnings from bookmakers to your wallet, most players use it for this. The Commission in this case, the gambling establishment will take over.

With a full list of available methods and existing commissions better acquainted on the official website of the payment system.

How to withdraw money

It is necessary to mention that the methods for withdrawing money from Neteller is not so much, but it is enough for comfortable work. Bank cards are not supported, they can only replenish the balance, but do not withdraw funds. But you can send funds to any bank account with a standard fee of 7.5 euros, or its equivalent in another currency. The duration of the operation is 2-3 working days.

You can also use the services of exchangers, operating on the principle of the exchange. Users offer to transfer money to any other wallet, provided that they will be sent funds to Neteller. This method is considered the fastest and most convenient. The fee is established by the exchange office itself and its visitors.

It is also possible to order a Net+ Prepaid Master Card. You can withdraw money from it at any ATM in the world serving MasterCard. The commission depends on the bank that owns the terminal. In most cases, it is free.

However, clients of bookmakers often use Neteller as a universal wallet to replenish their accounts in gambling establishments and withdraw funds from them. The platform is convenient primarily because it works with almost all bookmakers. Plus, there is no commission for transactions.

Neteller accept a lot of online stores, the card can be paid in stores, restaurants, gas stations and other places where they accept cashless payments. Additional fees in this case are not provided.


If you do not pass the verification procedure, you can still use the wallet, but there will be some restrictions in the limits, payments and the number of operations. If there is no goal to wrap thousands of dollars a month, it is not necessary to identify, the basic functionality will remain available. The following framework will apply:

During the use of the site, you can add a total of $ 2,850 to your account. After it is reached, the account is "frozen", the restriction is removed only after passing the verification.
Bank cards are allowed to Deposit no more than $ 150 at a time, Bank transfer no more than $ 1,100. And then, no more than 1 time per month.
You can send $ 100 to another customer's account only once. Then all transfers are prohibited.
After verification restrictions are removed, the limits become much wider. Bank cards will make up to $ 4,000 per month, Bank transfer up to $ 400,000. On the balance of bookmakers allowed to make up to $ 50 000 per month, which allows you to comfortably operate with money.

If the user does not use the site for 12 months, $ 5 per month is deducted from his account for account administration.


Neteller is an international payment system focused primarily on customers of gambling establishments. Players in sports betting actively use it, as it allows you to conduct transactions without commissions and spend money on the Internet and stores. Users usually do not have any problems, it is enough to pass the verification procedure once. Ideally, "Neteller" is suitable for those who do not bet big, and used to play on small sums, and the winnings to spend without cashing them.



The British payment system ecoPayz is considered one of the most reliable and secure sites in the world. It serves more than 20 000 000 people in 45 countries of the world. Geography of distribution is very wide: Europe, CIS, North and South America, some Asian countries. The official website is available in 7 languages, 45 world currencies are supported. The activity is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority.

Players in sports betting appreciated ecoPayz, with wallet you can Fund your account in any of the bookmaker. There are a lot of additional tools, fast financial transactions, support for a huge number of currencies and quite acceptable commissions.

ecoPayz can be called the main competitor of such giants as Skrill and Neteller .

How to start 

It is obvious that to start working in the site, you will need to first register, here it is not difficult and will take just a couple of minutes. In the upper right corner of the site you need to click on the "Register" button, which will open a form to fill in with personal data. Here you will need to specify:

  • Login and password. Must be unique and not used by other customers. The system will warn about it.
  • Email address. Must be active and viewable by the user.
  • Country of residence and account currency. Both positions are selected from the drop-down list.
  • Name and surname. Just like in the passport. There should be no mistakes.
  • Birthday. Day, month and year are specified.
  • Residential address. Region, city, street, house/apartment, zip code.
  • Mobile phone number. Must belong to the user.

Then you need to enter the captcha, agree to the terms of use of the system and click on "Create account". Then you need to confirm the e-mail by clicking on the link in the email sent by the system. This procedure is over, you can start using the services of the site.  

Verification is standard here. To confirm your identity, you will need to send a copy of your passport, driver's license or ID card. To identify the postal address of the Bank statement or utility bill.

Deposit money

To deposit money to the ecoPayz account, the user can choose one of 3 ways:

  • Bank cards of Visa and MasterCard systems. Both credit and debit cards are accepted. The Commission is 1.69-2.9%. The deadline is immediate.
  • International Bank transfer. Can go up to 7 days. Commission up to 7%.
  • Prepaid ecoVoucher. The duration of the operation is instant, no Commission is charged. It is considered the most convenient, fast and economical option.

In addition, the wallet can be withdrawn money from the account of bookmakers, in most cases, such payments are completely free. Transfers within the system are not subject to Commission.

How to withdraw funds

In ecoPayz not a lot of options to withdraw money, in fact, this system was created for the virtual circulation of money without cashing out. But if you want it can be done without problems. You can withdraw funds by Bank transfer to the account of any institution, the Commission will be 5.9 - 10 euros. The term of the operation is 3-7 working days. You can also order a special ecoCard card and use it to receive cash at any ATM in the world, but the additional fees will be too large. In the case of using online exchangers will have to pay up to 1.5% Commission.

Payments in favor of bookmakers, gambling establishments and online stores are not subject to commission.

Payment card

EcoPayz customers can use standard Bank cards to pay for services and withdraw cash from ATMs. You can order a virtual card, which is accepted by foreign and domestic online stores and other services that work online. To order it in your account, go to "Prepaid ecoPayz cards", select "ecoVirtualcard" and click on "Get your card". Then follow the instructions of the system and in the end become the owner of a virtual tool, which you can immediately start using without restrictions. Extension of "plastic" is carried out at the touch of a button.

To order a real card you need to do the same steps as above, but in prepaid products choose "ecoCard". When ordering the product, you must consistently fill in the personal data, paying special attention to the postal address, it is to him that the card will be sent. At the end, you need to click on the "Order" button, after which the application will be sent for consideration to the support service, it lasts 1-2 working days. If the order is approved, "plastic" will be sent to the client by mail, it should then be picked up. After receiving and activating the card, the user will be able to find out the PIN code in the personal account of the wallet.

ecoCard can be used as a usual bank card: withdraw cash from ATMs and pay in stores.


As in any other service, ecoPayz also apply levels of loyalty to the client. There are 5 of them. And each has certain advantages and additional features.

  • Classic ecoAccount. Assigned to all customers immediately after registration. It has a number of restrictions: you can not transfer money between wallets; a maximum of 1000 euros to replenish; not available to withdraw funds to a Bank account and cards. To get the level you need to pass the standard registration.
  • Silver ecoAccount. Assigned after verification of personal data and residential address. Status holders can transfer money to other wallets, withdraw funds to a Bank account, order real and virtual "plastic" and count on higher limits.
  • Gold ecoAccount. It is assigned after the verification of the Bank card in the system and making the account from 2 500 to 5 000 euros in any way, plus the total cost should be 25 000 euros. Holders significantly reduced fees for operations and increase the available limits.
  • Platinum ecoAccount. It is assigned to users who were at the previous level for at least 30 days and whose total turnover exceeds 50,000 euros for the entire time of using the wallet. Here you can count on a free international money transfer and increased payment limits.
  •  VIP ecoAccount. It is assigned to customers who have provided a turnover of 250 000 euros and were at the previous level for at least 30 days. There are the lowest commissions and high limits, plus bonuses and gifts from the site.

As you can see, the higher the status, the more privileges in the system.


Of course, in the world there are many other sites through which you can make a Deposit to the account in the bookmaker and withdraw funds from there. However, their main drawback-not all foreign offices to accept them, and even more to make payments. It is clear that professional and surebet players not happy with this situation, it is important that the payment system has worked with many institutionsprovide quality services.

Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz are the choice of most professionals. These are the most reliable and secure platforms that have proven their worth through years of excellent work and thousands of positive reviews. Using them, you can not be afraid for the safety of their finances, be sure that all payments will be on time and in full.