The best bots for finding surebets

To earn money seriously and systematically on surebets, you need to work hard: sit at the computer for several hours a day, be patient, attentive and disciplined. Add to this the need to constantly buy new drops and register accounts, butt the support service, and correctly throw money across bookmaker accounts. As a result, some players are convinced that you won't earn much on sports arbitration, or you will quickly abandon it.

We talked about these misconceptions in the article "Why not everyone bets on surebets: five pseudo reasons".

But every arbitrator will agree that it would be cool to have a bot that would automatically do everything: look for surebets, calculate the amount of bets, place and withdraw winnings himself. And when cutting the maximums, I would send a notification. That is, in the morning I launched the program, and it earns money without the participation of the player. Unfortunately, there are no tools with such capabilities today. There are only programs for surebets, which can be called bots for surebets, today we will tell you more about them.

Arbhelper - shareware and user-friendly bot

BetBurger scanner customers can use the Arbhelper plugin, it is completely free, does not depend on the selected tariff plan and does not require additional conditions. To install it, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the bot's official page and download the archive to your computer, then unpack it using the standard device tools.
  • Go to the Google Chrome browser and open its settings. In the "Extensions" tab, select "Developer Tools", then click on "Load unpacked extension" and point to the Arbhelper archive.
  • Open theBetBurger scanner in Google Chrome, its output should sync with the Arbhelper extension.

That's all, the arbs bot is installed, you can start working. Please note that you must definitely use Google Chrome, the plugin does not work with other browsers.

In the issuance of the scanner, you need to specify the bet amounts and click on the "Place" button, after which two windows will open with already prepared coupons in all bookmakers, you just have to confirm the bet. If the coefficients have changed in a disadvantageous direction, the plugin will immediately warn about this.

Arbhelper provides Proxy functionality, where you need to enter the addresses of the proxy servers, and then the traffic will go through them. Bookmakers will not recognize that you are going through the scanner, the extension mimics the behavior of an ordinary player.

Arbhelper deservedly be called one of the best arbitrage tools. It gives customers all the basic functionality completely free of charge, they only need to pay for the BetBurger scanner tariffs. At the moment, it supports work with 48 bookmakers, but the developers are constantly adding new operators at the request of players.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting just the same attachment to only one scanner and to the Google Chrome browser, not everyone can be comfortable. Well, the functionality is not as wide as that of complex but expensive bots. Overall, Arbhelper is a good budget tool.

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RebelBetting - a smart bot for prematch surebets

RebelBetting is the only betting bot in our review that works exclusively with prematch surebets. It is a program that runs in the background and minimizes to the computer tray. When a plug appears, it notifies the user with a sound signal or a message on the desktop.

To install a bot on your computer, you need to go to its official website and click on the Download button. Then install the program using standard Windows tools and run it. Before you start betting according to the RebelBetting tips, make the initial settings: bookmakers, sports, surebets profitability and other parameters. Then you can get to work.

RebelBetting also includes a built-in browser, which you will be taken to by clicking on the fork. Coupons will be issued immediately, all that remains is to confirm them. The bot will warn you if the odds suddenly change and the surebet disappears.

RebelBetting's prices cannot be called low: the minimum cost of services is 39 euros per week, and you will have to pay 799 euros per year. For a separate subscription, you can get premium support and the ability to order exclusive functionality according to your requirements. Payment must be made on the official website before or after downloading the bot.

The surebot bot supports about 90 bookmakers and 10 sports, in principle, this is enough for a comfortable and full-fledged work. The developers regularly add new names, check the current information

The developers claim that their bot is faster than any online scanner, since it communicates with the data of the user's computer and servers directly. The truth is in these words - the program really works quickly.

The disadvantages are the high price and the lack of Live mode. Otherwise, it is a good bot for pre-match surebets.

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The Forks is a powerful, multifunctional bot

The Fork is one of the best bots for surebets, focused on working in Live mode. It comes with a Positivebet scanner and is paid for on its website. Very powerful, fast, with a lot of features. Perfect for professionals who are used to betting high and who value the speed of work.

To start using the bot, you need to go to its official website and click the "Go to the partner site" button, we are talking about Positivebet. Next, on the scanner resource, select the "Tariffs" section and the "Subscription +" .

After paying for the tariff, do not forget to make the initial settings of the bot: scanned bookmakers, proxy server addresses for each bookmaker (optional), appearance, and so on. The Forks is a very flexible tool, it has many fine settings, but you don't need to be afraid, they are all in Russian and are intuitive. There are also detailed instructions on the official website and you can always contact support.

The Forks features:

  • There is a built-in browser for simultaneous work with all the arms of the surebet. Two or more windows open at once.
  • All bets are immediately put into a coupon, you just need to confirm them. And this is done with one button for all bets. Substantial time savings.
  • The data on the player's hardware is changed and real traffic is hidden. The bookmaker will not see that the transition to the coupon is carried out through the bot.
  • There are built-in proxy servers, if you wish, you can replace them with your own addresses.
  • If the coefficient of one leverage has changed, the bot will automatically rearrange the bet amounts. And, if necessary, will cancel the bet.

In fact, all your actions boil down to confirming the rates and making sure that they are filled in correctly.

Disadvantages of The Forks: Hard to spot, to be honest. This is one of the best arbitrage bots at the moment.

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ArbMate Odds Navigator - a bot for fast and safe work

ArbMAte Scanner offers all customers a free Odds Navigator extension. To install it, open the Google Chrome browser and download the program archive from the link. Then unzip the file and open the "Extensions" tab, select "Developer Tools" from the menu and click on "Load unpacked extension". Point to the Bet Navigator archive. The archive is installed. Now you can go to the ArbMAte scanner, it should sync with the extension.

ArbMAte Odds Navigator features:

  • Places bets for the player. The extension will automatically open bookmakers, go to the match, find the desired outcome and issue a coupon. No user involvement is required at any stage. If suddenly the coefficient has changed, the bot will warn you about it.
  • Supports multiple devices. With one account, you can work on several computers or phones at the same time. You do not need to register separately.
  • Hides that the player is navigating out of the scanner. The bot imitates the behavior of an ordinary user: it does not go directly to the event coupon, but first clicks on the match, then on the outcomes, and only then on the odds.

Thanks to the "Odds Navigator" bot, you can significantly save time: the program will take on the lion's share of the work - it will conclude rates in all offices. In addition, the player will not make mistakes due to the human factor: he will not accidentally poke at the wrong event and will not bet on the changed odds.

What are the disadvantages of the bot? The most important thing is that it only works with the Google Chrome browser, and not everyone prefers it. ArbMate's Odds Navigator does not have any questions regarding workflows.

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How to choose a bot based on surebets

We talked about bots for finding surebets, which included four tools. These are the best options for making professional money. At the same time, it is important to give preference to one of the programs, focusing on your needs and skills.

If you play for high stakes and don't want to be constantly looking for new devices and IP hiding methods, use The Forks. He will take on a bunch of responsibilities and free up valuable time for you. Plus, accounts will live a little longer, which is a very important aspect in sports arbitration.

If you don't have enough experience, or, in principle, you are not satisfied with the barking of the surebet because of the need to quickly place them, stop the choice on RebelBetting. It looks for the surebet prematch and allows you to go to the betting shop coupons directly. In most cases, you do not need to rush and do everything quickly. Of course, Live surebets are more profitable, but you can also make good money on the prematch.

Arbhelper is the choice of Allbestbets customers. It does an excellent job of providing anonymous transitions to bookmaker sites and allows you to automate a number of actions. Equally suitable for both professionals and beginners. Very simple and convenient functionality. The same can be said for the Bet Navigator from ArbMate.

At the same time, we will make a very important note: a high-quality arb bot cannot be cheap. Therefore, all the tools we have described are worth a lot of money. We cannot recommend them to absolutely novice arbers who are just mastering the profession. Still, working with them will require experience and a decent investment.

Be careful. Scammers!

In the Internet, you can find dozens of ratings of bots by surebets, in which the so-called "experts" offer super tools for automatic arbitrage. The "developers" assure that the bot will look for surebets by itself, bet by itself, change the amounts itself, and even withdraw money itself. From you, ostensibly, only the initial settings are required. The rest will be taken over by the program. It's good: you launch the bot, and it earns itself, withdraws the winnings itself.

Remember, these are all scammers. Their goal is to get you to fork out and then disappear with the money. Of course, you won't get any bot, or you will get it, but something incomprehensible. Now there are simply no such advanced tools on the market, while a lot has to be done by hand. Whatever the scammers promise, whatever evidence they bring, don't believe it.

Scammers can offer their product on forums, blogs, social networks. Submit "confirmation" videos, show reviews, and so on. Of course, all these are fakes, created to rob the wallets of gullible bettors.