Why not everyone bet on surebets: 5 pseudo-causes

For more than a year in the so-called expert environment discussed the topic that rates on arbs outlived their usefulness. Professional players who have made this strategy the main for earnings, are surprised to discuss statements that they need to move away from surebet betting a couple of years ago. Well, the betters novice, choosing your gaming niche, don't understand how to interpret the extremely inconsistent information regarding arbitration cases. And, though not all build your model of betting based on arbitrage situation. We decided to express our point of view by considering the arguments against it.

# 1 You will not earn much on arbs

It is believed that the surebet players are not truly professionals, because their technology can not bring really big winnings. Yes, with a successful set of circumstances, you can get winning series, but the earned amount is unlikely to be classified as a “big score”.

In fact, this submission of information is one-sided. Yes, surebetting, like work, not entertainment, means playing in the long run. But, with patient, well-considered players and with a solid initial bank, the income for the analyzed time period will be the same as that of the “classics of the genre”.

# 2 Bookmaker quickly find a surebettors

“It’s impossible to have earnings on surebets, making bets only on the Internet. Bokkmakers already know how to find such strategists veru quickly. As a result, accounts are cut or even blocked accounts "- confirms some skeptics. As an argument, modern Internet technologies are presented, which allow a site visitor to be analyzed very quickly - from which device he came in, which scanner he uses, which way the photo was created, and so on. Plus, the verification of documents by the security service of any bookmaker. 

But, not everything is as gloomy as it may seem. Bookmakers ability to "calculate" is often exaggerated. If their services worked so perfectly, then in principle there were no arbitration situations. And they are always there.

In short, the conclusion: on the arbs you can earn decent money on the Internet. The main thing is to create a competent scheme of work, choosing the classic arbitration situations, not forgetting the value bet and middles.

#3 Arbs quickly get bored

There is a stereotype that making a profit in the event of arbitration situations – the process is interesting only for beginners bettors. They say at the start, and you can powerboat, it is not professional approach and interest quickly disappears. In fact, the professional player is very cool. And among the users and these guys... a small quote from the letter:

"Hello, I'm the dispatcher. We work as a team-50 people. Each registered in a separate bookmaker and uses only its services. My job is to monitor the surebets. As soon as the situation is found, I inform 2-3 people who are ready to start. Each participant of the operation is informed of all the necessary data-outcomes, coefficients, amounts, etc. For bets, a common bank is used, from which their accounts are replenished under my control. At the end of the game, all winnings are reset to the same general pot. Thus, we all earn quite successfully and for a long time." Here, we think, comments are superfluous.

5 псевдопричин, по которым не играют на вилках

# 4 Surebets are hard to find

Obviously, there is no need to specifically describe this problem, but its discussion does not lose sharpness among newcomers. Yes, if you search surebets manually, it takes a lot of time and effort. In this case, the number of detected arbitrations will be relatively small, and therefore the earnings will be the same. But the pros go the other way - they use special tools to optimize the process of rates. These are surebet scanners and surebets shoulder calculators. And very often the first and second elements are located on the same service. Moreover, the surebet player has the opportunity to choose between a paid and free scanner. Naturally, paying for a subscription, it will open maximum functionality, which greatly increases the chances of good earnings. The online calculator is usually offered as a free bonus.

# 5 Arbs are illegal

Such a point of view, we refer to the category of "myths" that are created and actively promoted to the masses by no one else, but by the bookmakers themselves. Here is the key question: what laws are violated by players? Actually none. Here, we are talking about the internal rules of work of the bookmakers themselves, where, according to the logic of things, there are prohibitions on the use of any strategies and other tricks. But, as it is presented - “arbs are illegal”, it’s about manipulation.

Shortly, the surebettor does not violate any legislation. Moreover, there are bookmakers on the market that are very loyal to such specific players. First of all, it is Pinnacle, Sbobet, Winlinebet. They do not cut the highs and do not ban accounts. That is, the players are absolutely legally able to earn on the difference in quotes of bookmakers. And the problem with the latter is that they allow arbitrage situations.


We do not advocate surebetting as the best 100% win-win strategy. There can not be some agitation, because the choice of the model of behavior by a player of any qualification must be conscious, however banal it may sound. But ... we could not help but say that the rumors about the end of the era of arbs, to put it mildly, are exaggerated. And, yes, surebet betting is not the only strategy in the industry that deserves attention, it is not pleasant to everyone, which is natural. You can read about other types of arbitration in this section on our website.