What outcomes in Live surebets quickly disappear

Live surebets disappear quickly, every surebettor is aware of this. Usually a player has literally a few seconds to have time to put on all arms in different bookies. He hesitated a little - did not have time to overlap, and this is fraught with the loss of money. It's good if a little later you still manage to close or go into a small minus. 

Today we want to raise the topic, which events in Live surebets disappear quickly, and which ones last a little longer. Which matches are better not to climb, which outcomes are better to take, how to bet if there is still little experience and other important points. Let's take a look at the example of the most popular sports and types of bets on them.

Soccer and online surebets

We have already described soccer surebets in detail, be sure to go and read, there is a lot of useful information. In the meantime, let's consider which arbitrage bets on football disappear quickly, and which "live" longer.

Main outcomes

This includes bets on the victory of one of the teams, a draw, there will be no draw, double chances. It is better to take them in real time, because football cannot be called a super-dynamic sport. Unlike, for example, basketball and tennis, swings are extremely rare here: that is, clubs do not exchange balls for a couple of minutes and the advantage in the score remains stable. Because of this, quotes for the success of one of the teams can hold out for quite a long time, as well as bets on a non-loss or a draw.

In Live mode, it is comfortable to place bets on the main outcomes, as a rule, they are quite "tenacious" and can last for several minutes. And sometimes they do not disappear until the end of the match, if the score in the game has not changed. If one of the teams scores, the odds will, of course, change and the arb may disappear. You can also run into a situation when you did not manage to issue a coupon for one of thearms, and at this time there was a goal. But this shouldn't be a disaster, there is always a chance to overlap for the remainder of the match.

Of course, we are not saying that surebets on the main outcomes do not disappear quickly. They can also disappear, and within a couple of seconds, but this situation rarely happens.


Handicaps on football are also a "tenacious" option for arbs. They are tied to goals and the advantage of one of the teams, and as we have already figured out, balls are not scored every second, therefore, the arbitration situation persists for a long time. If the score in the game does not change for a long time, then the odds for the handicaps change smoothly, that is, there is no sharp jump, and this is in our favor.

Let's simulate the situation. If a team is leading 2: 0, then a handicap of 1.5 per team will remain until the end of the game, provided that there are no goals in either direction. In another bookmaker, +1.5 per losing team will also remain until the end. Moreover, the coefficients will be steadily decreasing on both sides, that is, the surebet will remain. As with the main outcomes, one goal will change the quotes.

Quite a lot of controversy revolves around whether to bet on a positive or negative handicap in the first place. We recommend looking at the value of the handicap and the score in the match. If the team is leading 1: 0 and you take - 1.5 and +1.5, then it is better to take +1.5 first, because the odds for it will decrease, and increase for minus.

Our article "How to use Asian handicaps in surebets" will be useful to you.


This type of bets is tied to the number of goals, so the movement of the odds depends entirely on the situation in the match. With a calm game, quotes should not change quickly for quite a long time, so you can bet on surebets comfortably and calmly.

Advice: first bet on Total Over, because while you issue a coupon in the second bookmaker, a goal may occur and you will lose.

Other types of bets

In principle, the overwhelming majority of surebets fall on the main outcomes, totals and handicaps. Other markets are also used, but less frequently. Firstly, there are fewer arbitration situations, and secondly, not all scanners look for them. Therefore, we will not dwell here in more detail, we will only note that here, too, everything depends on the situation in the match.

What live surebets in tennis disappear fast

We also talked about tennis arbs, read on and find out how to make money with them. For now, let's tell you on which Live outcomes the surebets disappear quickly, and on which ones they don't.

Main outcomes

Tennis is a dynamic sport, points are gained here almost every second, so the odds change like crazy. Without proper surebet experience, it is better not to go here at all, there is a great risk of losing the pot.

The victory of one of the tennis players can be estimated at 2.3, and after a couple of seconds only 1, 9. Such jumps, on the one hand, are not in the hands of arbers, but on the other hand, you can catch a "fat" arb on the difference in odds. And even by hand, without the help of scanners. Often tennis players exchange victories in sets, so quotes go up and down. Even if they did not manage to close one of the arms, a little later a situation may arise when the quote rises to the desired level.

Totals and Handicaps

We combine these two types of bets, since here the situation is the same: the odds will jump after each point scored. To catch them, you need not only skill, but also powerful tools, for example, software that will automatically go into a coupon and place a bet in a couple of seconds. Hands are usually too long.

Live arbs for totals and handicaps in tennis quickly disappear, provided that the next point is played. But if there is a pause in the match - a timeout, a change of sides, and so on - then the quotes freeze. And at this moment you can issue coupons. If you are a beginner, we advise you to wait for the game to stop at first, when the odds also freeze. Many scanners show that now there is a break, or, alternatively, you can watch the broadcast yourself.

Basketball surebets in live mode

We also talked in detail about basketball arbs, there is a lot of useful and necessary information, do not forget to read.

What outcomes in basketball surebets quickly disappear

Let's combine all basketball outcomes into one section at once. Since we have provided the tips and necessary information above, and it also applies to basketball:

  • The game is dynamic, points are gained here in less than a minute. This means that the coefficients change quickly. Your task is to manage to issue a coupon. It is advisable to wait for a pause in the match, and there are many of them: time-outs, free throws, a technical break, and so on.
  • Surebets for totals and handicaps are the most unstable, they can appear for a couple of seconds and disappear. It is extremely risky to take them during an active game, it is better to wait for a pause. Advice not only for beginners, but also for more experienced players.
  • The main outcomes are more stable, but it is also better to wait for a break, or use powerful scanners that will provide a quick setting on all arms.

Note that there are other types of bets in basketball, for example, on the number of free throws, rebounds, who will score more points in each quarter, and so on. But they are practically not used in sports arbitration, so we will not cover them in more detail.

What live surebets are fast disappearing in ice hockey

We talked in detail about ice hockey arbs, we also recommend that you go and read the article. Hockey is somewhat similar to football, but it is more dynamic, but not as much as basketball or tennis, so arbitrage rates “live” here a little longer.

Surebets for the main outcomes in hockey can be made during the match, they usually do not disappear in a couple of seconds. Yes, a goal can happen at any moment, but often such situations will not arise. Unlike tennis or basketball, teams do not score points every 5-10 seconds, so the odds are fairly stable.

Totals and handicaps are similar to the main outcomes: they will not jump like crazy, so it is quite possible to make a bet during the match without waiting for pauses in the game. But, of course, it is much more comfortable and safer to bet during breaks, there are plenty of them in a hockey game too.

Other sports betting in live mode

The five sports described above are used by 99% of arbers, they are quite enough for good earnings. Of course, in other disciplines, arbitration situations also arise, but they are used much less often. Only a limited number of scanners cover them, and in general there are not very many such arbs. Yes, and bookmakers cut the highs pretty quickly.

Let's briefly denote which sports are still looking for surebets:

  • Volleyball. Live arbs disappear in this sport, similar to tennis and basketball, but the dynamics are slightly less, because at least a minute of time passes between the rally of each point.
  • Cybersport. We talked about the surebets for it in a separate article. This is a fast growing area of ​​betting.
  • UFC. Recently, the trend in sports betting has become incredibly popular.
  • Boxing. This is a real men's sport, fights are frequent, and bookmakers set different odds.
  • Handball. A team sport, very dynamic. Betting is generally better during the breaks of the match.
  • Table tennis. Lots of matches every day. In terms of dynamics, it surpasses its older brother.

Plus other sports you prefer to bet on. But it is important to understand that there are not so many arbs on them.

How manage to overlap the arms of online surebets

We have already given a general advice for all sports: try to wait for a pause in the game so that the odds do not jump like crazy. Then there is a greater chance that the quotes will not change at the most inopportune moment, especially for dynamic disciplines: basketball, tennis, table tennis and others.

If your budget allows, purchase special software that will automatically issue coupons for you. It's much faster than doing everything manually. Some scanners already have additional software for such purposes, it requires a separate payment, but it pays for itself with interest. Most of the services, of course, will offer to go to the event coupon directly, but this is fraught with a quick cut of the highs.

First of all, bet on an unplayable outcome, that is, one that can happen in the foreseeable future. If the score is 1:1 and a arb of Total Over 2.5 and Total Under 2.5 is formed, first of all load on Total Over, because a goal can be scored 5 seconds after that. If you bet Total Under, the next goal will lead to a loss, and you may not have time to cover Total Over.

And if, nevertheless, they did not have time to overlap

This happens to all arbers without exception, even the most experienced ones. The main thing is not to panic and not rush to win back everything in the next surebets. You need to calmly and judiciously analyze the situation, this is a normal workflow, you will come across it regularly. There are several options for action:

  • Close in minus. The opposite leverage does not disappear anywhere, it just becomes unprofitable. The easiest way out of the situation: to lose a few percent of the bank, but save time and nerves. The next victories will beat off a minus.
  • Wait. It has long been noticed: if a surebet for one event is formed between two bookies, it is formed throughout the entire match. That is, sometimes it is worth waiting and catching a suitable coefficient.
  • Wait for the bet to work. If you didn't manage to cover the big odds by more than 4.0, but made a bet on 1.3-1.4, then it makes sense not to do anything and hope that the bet will just go through. Small quotes are more likely to pass than large ones, so the odds are quite high. But we advise you to take a look at the broadcast of the match and see if there is a probability of a bet entering.

It is much worse when you do not have time to overlap, and bets on the other leverage are no longer accepted. That is, BM closed the line, for example, at the end of the match. In this case, you will have to accept and hope that the rate will go.

Conclusion about live surebets

Experience is the most valuable thing a forklift gains. With experience you will begin to understand which bookmaker quickly accepts bets and which takes a long time to “think”. Get your hands on it and you will be able to issue coupons faster. Learn at a glance which event is most likely to disappear in a couple of seconds and which will live longer. This cannot be taught within the framework of any courses or articles, it comes after some time. Therefore, play, bet, share your experience in the comments.