The basketball surebets

Surebets in sports betting sooner or later occupy the mind of any player of bookmakers, almost always this happens because the person gets tired of losing. He gets tired of giving money to the bbokmakers over and over again and adding money to his account every month. Having tried a lot of strategies and studied a lot of materials, most players come to the conclusion that only sports arbitration can bring income in the long term. Of course, you can still become an expert in sports and show high cross-country performance at a distance, but for many this is an unattainable requirement, after all, you need talent here. But arbs do not require to be a specialist, enough initial knowledge to earn steadily.

In the first place in popularity is football, it is with him that many people start surebetting. However, other disciplines great can be used for arbitrage betting, such as basketball, today we will talk about this discipline. We will tell you how to bet on it, the types of arbs, available markets, the advantages of pre-match and Live mode, features, and many other useful material. Plus, we will make an overview of the most popular leagues and championships in the world, which are perfect for betting.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It ranks second in the number of professional leagues and tournaments in the world, behind only football. Among betting enthusiasts, the discipline is also in high demand, with several billion dollars wagered on it every year. This is a good way to earn money, but you don't have to flirt with other sports, basketball is played almost all year round, every day, there is always something to get a coupon for.

Surebets in basketball are good because they occur in almost every match, you just need to choose the right bookmakers. Secondly, the game is dynamic, events happen quickly, as a result, you can make a decent number of bets per day and get a full calculation on them. Third, there are very profitable arbitrage situations with a yield above 10%, while bookmakers do not make returns as often as in football or hockey. In this article, we will look at the arbs on basketball in more detail, tell you about their features and much more. We hope that readers are already familiar with the surebet theme, and they do not need to explain the basics.

The betting options for basketball

The bookmakers line on basketball can't boast the same width as football, but it can't be called narrow or unacceptable. If you combine some similar markets and exclude long-term ones, then in General, the offers in all bookmakers look like this:

  • 1 X 2. First team win, draw, second team win. Standard basic outcomes that are common to all team sports. Note that the "draw" option is rarely given, since a peaceful outcome is very rare in the discipline.
  • Double the chances. 1X, 12, X2. Accordingly, the first non-game, there will be no draw, the second non-game.
  • Totals. Total points scored for the entire match. The range is usually very wide and depends on the bookmaker and the match. You can't specify specific values here.
  • Handicaps. Plus or minus. In the same way as totals and handicaps are of a great range. In some bookies, you can even find a European handicap.
  • Individual totals. The range of points that a specific team can score. And you can bet not on the whole match, but on separate quarters and half of the meeting.
  • First to score points/last to score points. Which of the teams will hit the opponent's ring first and last.
  • How the first points will be scored. Options: two-point, three-point, free throw.
  • Will win any part of the match. Usually the first/second half is specified, each quarter separately.
  • Number of successful three-pointers. How many times will teams be able to hit the ring from the three-point zone.
  • The most productive quarter. Which quarter will get the most points.
  • Race up to N points. Which team will score the first 15 points and so on.
  • Range of points in a match. For example, 0-150, 160-170, and so on.
  • The most productive player of the match.
  • Bets on statistics. Fouls, rebounds, blocked shots, penalties, timeouts, etc.

Almost every bet can be placed for each quarter separately or the first/second half. Also, some bookmakers separately indicate that they accept bets with or without overtime. Here you need to be careful not to make mistakes.

Depending on the bookmaker and the status of the match, there may be quite exotic bets, for example, "the first three-point shot will be missed". But we are not interested in them, because they are frankly unpredictable, plus they never have surebets for basketball. In general, arbitrage situations arise between simple and clear outcomes: the winner of the match, handicaps and totals. In other markets, it is almost impossible to find profitable bets.

How to search surebets on basketball

There are two main ways to search surebets: in scanners and manually. Let's look at each of them in more detail. First of all, we will focus on special services that search for arbitration situations in automatic mode. Here the process is the same as in other sports. First of all, we select the appropriate scanner, register in it, pay for the tariff plan, set up filters and delivery, search for matches and issue coupons for them. Then we consider the resulting profit. We advise you to use only proven and reliable services, their list and rating can be found on our website. You only need to double-check that the scanner supports basketball, otherwise it will be a shame to lose money for a subscription.

We also pay attention to the functionality of the scanner, convenience and comfort, speed of updating information and other important technical characteristics. The cost of the service is important, expensive products will not suit all customers in a row, but only the most experienced and operating amounts with five or more zeros. It is important to choose the right scanner according to your experience and skill.

Manual search

The arbs on the basketball really need to search and manually without paying for the services of specialized scanners. This is hard and tedious work, available only to the most experienced and experienced surebetters. However, many still resort to manual labor, believing that this will not cut the highs (an erroneous opinion), either without financial resources, or simply out of interest. There is a category of players who are so skilled that they can easily search and find surebets in basketball by viewing the lines themselves. They understand which leagues to use, which markets, which bookmakers, and other nuances. Such knowledge is the result of experience and long work, it is impossible to teach it. If you want, you can search for basketball shurebety hands, it does not make sense to dissuade, everyone has their own philosophy of sports surebets.

Just recommend how to find arbs in basketball more effectively in manual mode. First of all, you should focus on totals, it is on them that there are often disagreements between bookmakers. Often you can see opposite coefficients for the same value, which allows you to issue coupons with great benefits. Another good option is handicaps, often bookies put up different quotes that are surebets among themselves. In the main the outcomes have not so much arbitrage betting, basketball favorites and underdogs are clearly delineated and known in advance.

Alternative search of arbs

Basketball arbs can also be found using coefficient comparison services, and some of them are free. The essence of their work is simple: the program collects coefficients from several bookmakers, compares them, and then the best offers are placed in the first positions. Usually the main markets are taken: totals, handicaps, match winner, individual totals. Then it's a matter of technique, we look through the quotes and select the best options that are intertwined with each other. Of course, the method is not as effective as using scanners, but for primary earnings and training is ideal.

Possible combinations of surebets

There are several varieties of basketball surebets, let's look at them in more detail. They are most often used by surebetters of all kinds.

Surebets with two outcomes

In 95% of cases, two-outcomes surebets are used for basketball, that is, they have two opposite options. The essence is simple: we find mutually exclusive offers in 2 bookmakers and place bets on them. Usually the following pairs are taken as arbs:

  • The winner of the match is a double chance. That is, one "arm" is taken as a clean victory, the second "arm" for the second team's non-win. But we remind you that such surebets are extremely rare in basketball.
  • Total over/under. Variations are used not only for the entire match, but also for each half, each quarter, and individual indicators.
  • Handicap. Obviously, one team gets a minus handicap, and the other team gets a plus handicap.

These are the three most common markets, covering up to 99% of all basketball surebets. Other variations are extremely rare. And then in most cases they are nothing more than a mistake of bookmakers.

Surebets with three outcomes

In basketball, betting on a draw is extremely rare, three-way surebets are very rare. As a rule, these are different variations of totals and handycaps. Arbitrage situations with four or more outcomes can not be found here, at least, no scanner does this, and it is unlikely to work manually.

Championships and matches for basketball betting

Of course, no one forbids taking any basketball arbs that the scanner just found. But you need to understand that professionals do not earn so much, they take events that fit certain criteria, otherwise the cutting of highs will come so quickly that there will be no benefit. The only exceptions are bookmakers who are loyal to the surebets. In any case, we recommend that you play the following Championships and tournaments if you are equal:

  • Any major international competitions. This includes world, European, Asian and Olympic Championships. That is, tournaments where national teams participate.
  • NBA. The most powerful and popular basketball League in the world. It hosts hundreds of matches per season. So the player has a few months to find arbitrage situations here.
  • Championships of leading countries. Russia, Greece, Spain, China, Italy, Israel, and so on. In fact, there are a lot of them, we take everything without restrictions.
  • Club international tournaments. ULEB Euroleague, European Cup and other competitions. They are plentiful during the high season.
  • You can be careful to take 2 divisions of the leading European Championships.
  • Women's NBA. This tournament is designated as the WNBA.

Just not worth it to flirt questionable and minor meetings, which did not put even an avid ludomani. For example, the third Chinese division, the Malaysian Junior championship, and other events. Otherwise, bookmakers will quickly calculate and cut the highs. We also avoid Junior competitions, Amateur leagues, and small country Championships.

Basketball surebets in prematch

Basketball arbs can be placed in two modes: prematch and live. We will consider each option more carefully, describe their advantages and disadvantages, features, and point out some important points. We will give recommendations when and which regime is best used in arbitrage betting on basketball. First of all, let’s dwell on the basketball prematch surebets, as the name implies, they are made before the match starts. The coupon registration algorithm is very simple: the scanner finds a surebet, the player must have time to bet on it until the odds have changed. Nothing too complicated or incomprehensible.

Basketball surebets can be found almost all year round. The only question is to take large and popular events, and not secondary competitions. The season in most leagues begins in August-September and lasts until May-June, during the summer break. In the midst of the competition, you can easily find several hundred basketball arbs per day, and this is not necessarily the NBA or the Euroleague, there are a lot of European championships. Feel free to take them and arrange coupons on them. Playing exclusively on basketball can really earn substantial money, while ignoring other sports.

Basketball arbs by Time

This is an unofficial division of arbs by time interval, we use it purely conditionally to describe the advantages and disadvantages of arbitrage rates for matches starting at different times.

Arbs during the day

These are the most common basketball arbs among players, they are usually found a few hours before the start of the match, for a maximum of 24 hours. We advise you to flirt such bets in the first place, they give the greatest profit. The bank will turn around relatively quickly, the money works almost without downtime, and does not lie dead weight on several coupons. Plus, bookmakers are calculating fast enough. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that the coefficients can change at any time, which will lead to a loss of funds on one of the “arms”. Basketball arbitrage bets are also less common than football, hockey or tennis bets, because of which on some days they may not appear at all.

Betting a few days before the event

Let's take a conditional period of one week, it is in this interval that this kind of basketball arbs appears. We can not recommend them under any pretext, since there are obvious drawbacks:

  • Money for several days "hangs" at one event. That is, at this time they do not work, but simply lie idle, which is unacceptable for the surebetters.
  • Bank turnover is slow, in fact, it will not even increase by 25%, given the fact that coupons are calculated within a few days.
  • On other days, great options for basketball shurebets may appear, but what to bet if the money is already in another event? Well, if there is a supply of money, most often the betters does not have available funds.
  • Need money urgently? The bookmaker will not pay them ahead of time, except to buy the bet at a loss to himself.

Perhaps the only situation where bets on surebets starting within a few days are justified is if you know for sure that you won’t be able to work in the coming days. Then you can bet to start work immediately with a winning bet.

Long term surebets

These are surebets on basketball for a very long time, from one week and for the whole season. It is incomprehensible to the mind who uses them, but scanners regularly find them. We do not recommend them at all to anyone. Why wait until the coupons calculate when it is more profitable to invest money in arbitration situations arising over a period of several hours? On the other hand, you can load some free amount for the long term, if this does not affect the financial well-being. Just after a certain period, you will receive a nice bonus to your account.

Advantages of basketball surebets in prematch mode

Let us denote the obvious advantages of basketball surebets in prematch:

  • The main advantage is that the odds on both arms do not change every second, which means that you can take your time and comfortably bet. The risk of error is reduced to almost zero. You can double-check coupons several times, which is especially important for beginners.
  • There is no need to sit and look at the scanner without stopping. It is enough to set up a sound notification and go about your business. When appropriate events appear, the service will inform you of this by a signal, then we will conveniently arrange a coupon.
  • Easier job. This is a logical point arising from the first two points.
  • There is no such fatigue as when using the Live mode. There is no need to focus too long and focus attention. There is more time to relax.
Another significant advantage - the price of tariffs for prematch arbs is much lower than on Live. The difference is almost twofold.

Cons of bets

It is correct to point out some disadvantages of prematch surebets for basketball:

  • The yield is lower than in Live mode. 5% of the surebet is considered a great find. More profitable options are very rare.
  • The Bank turns around slowly. We will have to wait for the start of the match, then its completion. This will take up to 2-3 hours. Money will work less intensively.
  • Surebets with a high rate of return is usually not more than an error of the bookmaker. With a high probability, he will make a return of the bet with a coefficient of 1.0, which will bring losses.
  • Quotes are put up verified, experts carefully analyze them. Because of this, there are not as many surebets in basketball as we would like.
  • Huge competition. There are a lot of arbs that start working in the pre-match, which creates traffic for certain events. Bookmakers calculate unwanted customers faster and more efficiently.

The most significant disadvantage is that bookies cuts the highs for using prematch arbs much faster. You have to buy new drops more often and spend money.

Live bets on basketball

Consider more Live surebets in basketball, often experts advise to use them. Professionals almost do not use prematch because of the above disadvantages. We agree with this statement in part: the pros really work more in real time, but they also do not refuse profitable offers before the match. In live betting, the betting process is much more intensive and faster. in just a couple of hours, you can actually double the pot, or even triple it. During this time, pre-match arbitrage situations will bring much less profit.

As for the betting mechanism, it is no different from the pre-match: the scanner detects suitable bets and gives the result to the user. Next, you need to have time to issue coupons for them and wait for the matches to take place. Then the bookmaker calculates the bet and charges either a win or a loss. The only thing you need to know: you will have to forget about comfortable work, you need to turn on the maximum speed in order to have time to close both "arms".

At the height of the season, you can actually find hundreds of basketball arbs a day in Live mode. On weekends, you can significantly raise the Bank, and on weekdays, when there are few events, just relax.

Pros of Live arbs on basketball

You should choose live mode in basketball only after training in the pre-match and getting the appropriate experience, otherwise you can't avoid losses and offensive defeats. We note the following advantages of live basketball arbss:

  • There are many more of them than prematch arbs. Even if no suitable bid was formed before the match, it is more likely that you will be able to find them in Live mode. Moreover, different arbitration situations may appear within the same event.
  • The Bank turns around quickly. Events end within a few minutes, which allows you to quickly calculate coupons and flirt money on other events. It is possible to take dozens of matches per day, but in pre-match it is physically impossible.
  • The yield of surebets is higher. It is common to find a 10% arbitrage situation on the basketball and issue coupons for it. At the same time, bookmakers very rarely calculate them as a refund, since they are not able to keep track of everything.
  • From all the points it follows that the profit of the surebetters is much greater than when using domatchevyh options. More events are played, and more events are formed per day.
  • If you can't close one "arm", it's not a disaster. In live mode, you can actually follow the match and wait for the appropriate coefficient again, without losing money.

Bookmakers are not so quick to cut highs for arbs in basketball in Live. So the account lives longer, respectively, and spending on buying new drops is much lower.


Traditionally we will also indicate some disadvantages of arbs in basketball in live:

  • Increased risks of not having time to close one of the "arms". Real-time coefficients change almost every second, which creates certain problems. Even professionals often find themselves in such situations, in this case you have to either close in the negative, or hope that the bet will play.
  • The lifetime of live surebets does not exceed a few seconds, during which time the player must have time to cover both "arms", otherwise he will not get profit. There is almost no time to think, all movements must be honed and verified.
  • Fast work increases errors due to the human factor. A player can simply take the wrong outcome or odds, or forget to confirm the coupon. This also happens, and often leads to losses. No one is immune from such incidents, even professionals are subject to them.
  • Different rules of bookies. Some bookmakers have different interpretations of the same situations in a sporting event. Because of these disagreements may arise about the plugs on the basketball. Naturally, the user loses money because of this. Tip one: carefully study the bookies rules before you start betting.
  • Erroneous coefficients occur. It is in the Live mode in basketball that erroneous quotes occur. As a result, the fbetter suffers, which is made a return with the coeff 1.0.
  • Basketball arbs are a very time-consuming activity, it is tiring. The player gets tired, as a result, begins to make a lot of mistakes. It is extremely important to take breaks from work.

We recommend surebetting in basketball during a break between quarters or between two halves of a meeting. If you have experience, you can catch profitable bets during technical pauses and timeouts. During the match, it is extremely difficult to close all the "arms", usually this is done only with the help of special programs.

Leading leagues for basketball arbs

Let's look at the most popular tournaments for finding arbs in basketball. The first thing that comes to mind for any fan is the NBA. In Europe it is the Euroleague, Let's focus on them and briefly describe the standings of the teams.


The strongest League in the world, where the best basketball players from all over the world play. Every team meeting is an event for the sports world. The NBA accounts for more than half of all bets on basketball, totaling more than $5,000,000,000 per year. Each match attracts more than $100,000,000 of clients ' money.

As of the beginning of 2020, the Milwaukee Bucks are in first place in the overall standings with 59 points. Behind it is the Los Angeles Lakers with 55 points, but with one game left. Next up are the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Denver nuggets with a slight lag. The Los Angeles Lakers lead the Western conference, while the Milwaukee Bucks lead the Eastern conference. However, the final place in the table does not affect the championship, it is important to win at the play-off stage. The more interesting it will be to watch the battles of the overseas League.


The largest tournament in Europe, where the best teams from all over the Old world participate. It is also a popular betting League, attracting several hundred million dollars for the entire season. In the 2019-2020 season, the situation in the tournament was very interesting. Real Madrid took the first position with 39 points after 16 rounds (beginning of 2020). It is followed by Anadolu Efes with similar indicators, Barcelona is third, and Maccabi tel Aviv is fourth. Russia's CSKA is in fifth position with 33 points. Khimki is 7, Zenit is 17, and their chances for the playoffs are very slim.


Basketball surebets are a great opportunity to earn money on sports arbitration. Over the course of the season, it is quite possible to flirt with more than a dozen events a day without much strain. In addition, bookmakers are not as careful about basketball as, for example, football, which can be called an advantage of this discipline. In general, use arbs for the best ball game, don't ignore them.