Bookmakers loyal to the surebettors

In search of the optimal strategy for sports betting players use a variety of methods. Constantly win, making predictions, will not work, but with the right approach will be able to significantly reduce the number of all kinds of costs. One of the most rational variants of the game is the surebet strategy, which is actively used in practice by both experienced customers of bookmakers and those who are just making their first steps.

The arbitration situation arises when bets on different outcomes in any case will bring a positive result. For example, take a basketball game in which different bookmakers have established the same total. In the first of them on "less" the rate 2.05, and in the second on "more" – 2.07. Thus, no matter how the meeting ended, the player in any case will be in the black. This strategy is quite effective, although it has its own characteristics, which also should not be forgotten if you are going to use it in practice.

You can read more about the types of arbitrage betting in this section.

Why do arbs occur?

There are several reasons for the appearance of arbs. Among the main we highlight:

  1. Margin. A key factor in the appearance of surebets. When choosing a bookmaker, which laid down a minimum rate of overpayment, you have the opportunity of obtaining a stable income.
  2. Balance of forecasts. Bookmakers adjust quotes depending on which of the forecast options is popular with players. As a result, there is a bias, which can lead to an arbitration situation.
  3. The update rate of the line. It depends on the servers and the audience load. Many bookmakers are slow to respond to updates, and this is a chance for those who want to try the strategy in practice.
  4. Bookmaker's mistake. This factor can not be excluded, because periodically the situation develops in favor of the player. Yes, it happens rarely, but it is important to closely monitor the market situation.

However, in the latter case, there are risks, because often the offices are aware of their mistake, and then correct it as if the rate quoted 1.0, ie just return your money.

The administration of many bookmakers are well aware that even if a person uses this strategy, it is always likely that the forecast made in their company will be unsuccessful. No one wants to lose the audience now, so users, on the contrary, try to provide the most comfortable conditions for long-term cooperation. So, let's take a look at those bookmakers who are ready to give players freedom of action.



Pinnacle is first on our list. It works on the market for more than 20 years and during this period has managed to establish itself only from the best side. Loyalty to the arbitrage situation is further proof of that. Like many other bookmakers, Pinnacle is licensed by Curacao, which allows you to almost completely eliminate the existing issues with the legislation.

The success of the Pinnacle is doubly amazing, because it practically does not conduct advertising and marketing campaigns. Instead, professionals focus on the quality of services provided. Through this approach the players at the Pinnacle get:

  • access a wide line of events;
  • good odds;
  • convenient options to top up balance and withdraw the cash.

As a result, users will be able to start earning thanks to their own knowledge. As for sports arbitration, there have been no contradictions in this area in the history of observations. For the bookmaker, the most important thing is that betters do not violate the internal rules of the game. The rest is not so important for Pinnacle management, they are ready to "close their eyes" to surebets and other strategies. It is thanks to the quality of services provided and the BM has earned such flattering reviews from the audience.

The advantage of this bookmaker in a very low margin. Due to this, there are always attractive quotes for players. The best thing to do in Pinnacle forecast for the pre-match. The choice for arbs will be wide.

As for the live mode, it is not worked out so carefully, so it is difficult to find attractive options in real time. It is better to carefully examine the pre match line, because there is almost always presented the best deals.



Another company that is loyal to the practical application of various strategies. Sbobet understands that the main thing is to provide favorable conditions for long-term cooperation. Given the fact that the bookmaker set a very small margin, you can always count on a positive outcome of a confrontation.

The presented bookmaker has been working since 2004. The advantage of the Sbobet can also be called a good selection of events from the world of dozens of sports disciplines. If you look for a surebet in this bookmaker, the second is better not to take Pinnacle. Attention should be paid to other companies operating in this market segment. It is in them that you can find current proposals.

Loyalty to the surebet strategy is manifested in the absence of sanctions, as well as high quotations, which are offered here for all groups of events. For forecasts, it is also better to take the prematch not only because there are more trivial events, but also because of the relative stability of the quotes.



If in the first two cases it was about bookmakers, now focus on the betting exchange. Here, by definition, more loyal conditions of the game. Other players also do not have anything against, so to implement such a strategy is quite easy. This is one of the advantages of playing on the betting exchange. Along with Betfair always easy to implement their knowledge in practice and to count on a worthy reward.

The only difficulty is finding relevant proposals. The fact is that the betting exchange is played by the same fans of sports forecasts. It is unlikely that they will offer obviously unprofitable coefficients for themselves. Moreover, the probability of finding a surebet here is not so high.

The advantage of the arbs here is that the scanner searches quickly. Every second is important for the arbitration situation, so the opportunity to quickly find a proposal is a chance to make a favorable forecast. In addition, the exchange arb is simply not tracked, which greatly simplifies the application of the strategy in practice.



The next company where you can find great deals is Betdaq. It is also loyal to the fact that players apply this strategy in practice. The exchange is not very large compared to Betfair, so the company is also loyal to the surebets to attract the audience.

In case of arbitration situations – there will be no problems. Professionals are well aware that this is just one of the possible strategies of the game and there is nothing illegal in it. If you compare, it is better to use the coefficients of famous bookmakers. Here, under each market, the maximum profit is indicated. This is an important advantage for the surebet strategy. Although not too high odds, in practice, finding the event difficulties arise. The exchange's audience is gradually expanding, which contributes to the emergence of new arbitration situations.



And another bookmaker, which is loyal to the sports arbitration - is BetDSI. Here players will find quite a good list of events, which includes dozens of sports disciplines. The factor of coefficients offered by professionals is also very important. The fact is that for a surebr even 0.01 can play a crucial role. In the BetDSI with this there are no difficulties, which is sure to have a positive impact on your financial condition.

An additional advantage of the work in this bookmaker is the increased coefficients for all types of events, as for both the pre-match and the live mode. In General, BetDSI – this is quite a good version of the game for those who expect to regularly earn on their knowledge in the field of a sports discipline. Additionally, it provides information about the percentage of forecasts. Such information can always be beneficial to use for arbs. In particular, correlate the data and quickly find the opposite outcome, which will bring income.

The bookmaker accepts bets in live mode. It is here that it is best to look for surebet. First, in BetDSI good line, which includes many confrontations from around the globe, and secondly, the coefficients. If you take the same football and basketball, the quotes can be called one of the best in this market segment.

Should we trust to the bookmakers?

The presented bookmakers are a good example of companies in which you can apply the surebet strategy and regularly count on a decent financial reward. There are also other bookmakers in which you can realize your potential, but you need to approach his choice as responsibly as possible. It is important to consider the following indicators:

  1. The choice of events. If there is no good variety in the line, then you simply can not find profitable options for betting and, as a result, do not realize your potential, because it will be impossible to apply knowledge in practice.
  2. The level of coefficients. Usually you can find out about the margin of the bookmakers  by calculating it at least for several events.
  3. History of relations with other bettors. Another indicator that should be taken into account. Usually, if the conflicts and contradictions they were before, this is known.

In general, now many bookmakers are interested in long-term cooperation, so they are ready to provide customers with favorable conditions. Loyalty to the arbitration situation is one of the indicators that there are no restrictions. Among the presented bookmakers it is easy to find the one that will provide you with the maximum income.


A surebet is often only available for a few seconds. To be able to find it in live is a real art, although thanks to special technical means it has become much easier.

In general, the presented version of the game is well suited for implementation in practice. An additional confirmation of this is the popularity of this strategy. When using it, users practically do not risk anything, because the basis for their victories will be attractive coefficients. Of course, in real time, there may be situations when the quotes change quickly and the scanner shows one information, but in fact the data has already changed. That is why speed is extremely important here.

It is important to calculate in advance the margin of the bookmaker, as well as a variety of proposals to understand how the game is right for You. Arbitrage situations arise for various reasons: from the difference in quotes to the failure of the bookmakers. In any case, this game is a chance to reduce costs and bring income to a new level. The probability of this increases if modern technical means are used.

Thus, choosing one of the presented bookmaker, you significantly reduce the risks associated with the game of arbitration. Practice shows that they are loyal to the emergence of arbitration situations. This is their main trump card, which helps to stand out from the competition. There are also many disloyal bookmakers  now, so if you decide to look for a arb, then be as careful as possible, there is always a risk of getting sanctions.