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The football surebets

Surebets in sports betting allow players to earn money without gaming risks, because no matter how the selected event ends, the winnings will be credited to the account. The danger is only with bookmakers, they do not want to share profits with customers and cut their highs if they are caught using arbitrage bets. In particularly difficult cases, the account is blocked at all, and the money is taken away. Despite all the difficulties, arbs continue to gain momentum, every year the number of their fans is growing. Today, this is almost the only strategy in the world that helps to earn even with minimal knowledge of sports.

The most popular sport for betting consistently and invariably remains football, including among surebetters. The increased interest is easily explained: the game is the most common in the world, it is held daily hundreds of matches in almost all countries of the world. There's always plenty to choose from. Of course, other sports are also in demand, but they can not be compared with football battles. Today we will consider the rules for football, how to put them, in which bookmakers, their features and many other nuances. Plus, let's focus a little on the most popular tournaments and championships, their prospects for arbitrage bets, tournament position, and so on.

You do not even need to resort to statistics to understand that the most popular direction in betting on arbs will be football. In fact, all surebets start with this discipline. It is the most understandable, somewhat predictable, it has a lot of statistical information, plus a lot of events in the scanners. Moreover, we ourselves recommend starting with football surebets, they are easier to put, to close each "arm" the user has more time, since the game is not as dynamic as, for example, in hockey, tennis, basketball or tennis. Even in live mode, events don't go so fast that you don't have time to make a bet on them. Learn to earn on betting on football surebets will not be easy, it would be the desire and hard work. 

In this article, we will not dwell on the mechanisms of arbitration rates, their principles and other basic knowledge. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with surebets, and now studies their different directions, in our case football. We will give useful tips on how to bet on the most popular game on the planet, we will focus on specific leagues and tournaments. We hope that the material will be useful and interesting not only for beginners, but also for experienced players.

Football betting options

This topic is not something that a separate article, but a whole book. From the abundance of possible bets on football eyes literally run away, today there are thousands of options for betting on the game of millions. We will not stop and cover each of them, we will focus only on the most popular, obvious and popular outcomes that are most often used in arbs for football. Main types of bets:

  • The main outcomes of the match. Everywhere it is expressed the same way: W1 (victory of the first), W2 (victory of the second), X (draw). They attract the largest number of bets, and a huge number of arbitrage situations are formed between them.
  • Totals. All sorts of variations in the number of goals scored in a match. The classic value is 2.5 Total Over / Total Under. There are also asian versions, expressed as 2.25, 0.75, and the like.
  • Handicaps. Betting options that allow you to give a head start of 1 or more balls. It is usually used to equalize the chances of teams that are not equal in strength, or as a safety net against a draw.

  • Both team to score. Whether each team will score at least one goal against the opponent.
  • Double chance. It takes into account two outcomes per match: a win for one of the teams or a draw.
  • Individual totals of teams. As long as one of the teams can.
  • Exact number of goals. Exactly how many goals will be in the event.
  • Dry victory of one of the teams. That is, the team will score, but it will not miss.

  • Who will score the first goal. Which team will open the score.
  • Statistical parameters. This trend is gaining popularity, especially after 2015. Players can issue coupons for corners, cards, removals, penalties, outs, offsides, goal kicks, rule violations, and other. Quite often between them there are surebets.

These options have many directions in the line. You can bet on each time individually, on each team, and even on specific players. There are also segments of the match for 5,10,15, 20, 30 minutes, and so on. Goals in the final minutes of a match are widely practiced. Almost all bets are available in Live mode.

All other bets are no more than variations from the above bets. There are a lot of combination options in the line of bookies. For example, the "both teams to score and total goals, double chance and handicap", "win 1st team and total over 2,5" and other derivatives. Note that in football surebets, they are almost never used, since they have too complex conditions and require a lot of "arms" to cover all possible outcomes. Also listed among professional betters low bets on correct scores, multicity, latest goals, comparison of periods and so on. The margin is too high there, which leaves no chance of finding a suitable arb for football.

How to find arbs on the football

Football arbs are the most numerous, they are used by the vast majority of players. It seems that the question of finding them looks ridiculous, because it is obvious to everyone that there are special scanners that find the bids we need without risk. Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to cover the topic in more detail. First of all, we will focus on the notorious scanners. As part of our project, there are special articles that help you choose the best services. Here we just say that you should focus on your own skills and ambitions. If arbitrage rates are the main source of income, and the Bank's turnover is at least 3000 euro per month, the choice must be stopped on professional websites. If spending on football is just an additional income, you can stop at cheap options.

Among the scanners are actually not those that don't offer search on football surebets. Therefore, you can choose any, even for the initial acquaintance with them. It is only important that finances allow and the service is convenient, covering as many leagues and tournaments as possible.

Manual search

Looking for arbitrage bets in football seems unthinkable and useless. But as practice shows, quite a lot of people are doing this, and very successfully. First, not everyone has the money to pay for the services of scanners, and secondly, some do not want to pay them in principle, and third, they are so skilled that they earn well with the help of manual search. It is unlikely to give any good advice here. We only recommend that you use the Live mode to a greater extent, as the match progresses, a lot of suitable ones are formed that can be used profitably.

Usually arbs in football are found on totals and fora, it is on them that efforts should be directed. The main outcomes contain as many as three conditions, which complicates the search. You must have accounts in bookmakers with the best odds, such as Pinnacle, Sbobet plus Betfair exchange. It is noted that the largest number of arbitrage bets is found in minor leagues and tournaments, and it is difficult to find them in major competitions, since bookies carefully analyze them.

Coefficient comparison services

A number of players manage to find football arbs using coefficient comparison services. Let's remind you how they work. Offers for certain matches are collected from two dozen bookies, the system places them in a list and shows the highest quotes. Looking through them, you can easily find an arbitration situation. Here is a simple example. On Total Over 2,5 in the meeting of "Manchester United" and "Chelsea" in one bookmaker is given 1.7, in another bookmaker for the same option is given  1.8. A profitable bet is available. The beauty is that there are many services for comparing coefficients in the network, most of them are free, and very high quality, so use life hack.

Possible combinations of surebets

Let's take a closer look at what types of surebets betters usually use in football. In other sports, everything is obviously straightforward, there is also a place for fantasy, and there are almost no restrictions on available bets.

Two outcomes

The most obvious option. Most surebets are two-way. As a rule, the following variations are used:

  • Total over/under. And not whole, but half: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and so on.
  • W1 and X2. The victory of the first team and the failure of the second.
  • There will be no draw. We think the meaning is clear.
  • Handicap +/-. You can take +1.5 for one team and -1.5 for the other.
  • The N team to score/not to score. Also a clear link.
  • Individual total of the team N over/lunder.
  • There will be a goal/no goal. Usually it is taken for each time separately.
  • Both teams to score/both teams to score no.

The essence is simple. You need to find opposite outcomes and issue coupons for them.

Three outcomes

They are less popular than two outcomes arbs, but they are also actively used. The following options are usually used here:

  • W1, draw, W2. The most common option. It is usually located in three bookmakers.
  • The total is over/ equal to/under. For example, Total Under1, 5-the number of heads is exactly 2-Total Over1, 5.
  • Individual totals. Example: score under than 0.5-score exactly 1-score over than 1.5.

We think the meaning is also clear. You need to find events that cover three possible outcomes.

Combination of arbs

Immediately note that no scanner in the world does not search for combination of arbs. Their essence is not to use 2 or 3 outcomes, but 4 or more. Let's just give a couple of examples:

  • Total Over 2, 5-exact score 0: 0-exactly 1 goal scored – exactly 2 goals scored;
  • the first team will not score – a dry victory for the second team – a dry victory for the first team-both will score.

The direction is poorly studied, almost no one uses it. Try it, maybe something will turn out. Moreover, bookmakers also do not work with combination arbs, so they are unlikely to apply sanctions. Some even believe that such shurebety in football is a new and promising direction, which in the future will replace the usual arbitrage bets on two or three outcomes. Moreover, it becomes more difficult to earn money on them every year, and bookmakers ' sanctions come in just a couple of days.

What events to take