The football surebets

Surebets in sports betting allow bettors to earn money without gaming risks, because no matter how the selected event ends, the winnings will be credited to the account. The danger is only with bookmakers, they do not want to share profits with customers and cut their highs if they are caught using arbitrage bets. In particularly difficult cases, the account is blocked at all, and the money is taken away. Despite all the difficulties, arbs continue to gain momentum, every year the number of their fans is growing. Today, this is almost the only strategy in the world that helps to earn even with minimal knowledge of sports.

The most popular sport for betting consistently and invariably remains football, including among surebetters. The increased interest is easily explained: the game is the most common in the world, it is held daily hundreds of matches in almost all countries of the world. There's always plenty to choose from. Of course, other sports are also in demand, but they can not be compared with football battles. Today we will consider the rules for football, how to put them, in which bookmakers, their features and many other nuances. Plus, let's focus a little on the most popular tournaments and championships, their prospects for arbitrage bets, tournament position, and so on.

You do not even need to resort to statistics to understand that the most popular direction in betting on arbs will be football. In fact, all surebets start with this discipline. It is the most understandable, somewhat predictable, it has a lot of statistical information, plus a lot of events in the scanners. Moreover, we ourselves recommend starting with football surebets, they are easier to put, to close each "arm" the user has more time, since the game is not as dynamic as, for example, in hockey, tennis, basketball or tennis. Even in live mode, events don't go so fast that you don't have time to make a bet on them. Learn to earn on betting on football surebets will not be easy, it would be the desire and hard work. 

In this article, we will not dwell on the mechanisms of arbitration rates, their principles and other basic knowledge. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with surebets, and now studies their different directions, in our case football. We will give useful tips on how to bet on the most popular game on the planet, we will focus on specific leagues and tournaments. We hope that the material will be useful and interesting not only for beginners, but also for experienced surebettors.

Football betting options

This topic is not something that a separate article, but a whole book. From the abundance of possible bets on football eyes literally run away, today there are thousands of options for betting on the game of millions. We will not stop and cover each of them, we will focus only on the most popular, obvious and popular outcomes that are most often used in arbs for football. Main types of bets:

  • The main outcomes of the match. Everywhere it is expressed the same way: W1 (victory of the first), W2 (victory of the second), X (draw). They attract the largest number of bets, and a huge number of arbitrage situations are formed between them.
  • Totals. All sorts of variations in the number of goals scored in a match. The classic value is 2.5 Total Over / Total Under. There are also asian versions, expressed as 2.25, 0.75, and the like.
  • Handicaps. Betting options that allow you to give a head start of 1 or more balls. It is usually used to equalize the chances of teams that are not equal in strength, or as a safety net against a draw.

  • Both team to score. Whether each team will score at least one goal against the opponent.
  • Double chance. It takes into account two outcomes per match: a win for one of the teams or a draw.
  • Individual totals of teams. As long as one of the teams can.
  • Exact number of goals. Exactly how many goals will be in the event.
  • Dry victory of one of the teams. That is, the team will score, but it will not miss.

  • Who will score the first goal. Which team will open the score.
  • Statistical parameters. This trend is gaining popularity, especially after 2015. Bettors can issue coupons for corners, cards, removals, penalties, outs, offsides, goal kicks, rule violations, and other. Quite often between them there are surebets.

These options have many directions in the line. You can bet on each time individually, on each team, and even on specific players. There are also segments of the match for 5,10,15, 20, 30 minutes, and so on. Goals in the final minutes of a match are widely practiced. Almost all bets are available in Live mode.

All other bets are no more than variations from the above bets. There are a lot of combination options in the line of bookies. For example, the "both teams to score and total goals, double chance and handicap", "win 1st team and total over 2,5" and other derivatives. Note that in football surebets, they are almost never used, since they have too complex conditions and require a lot of "arms" to cover all possible outcomes. Also listed among professional betters low bets on correct scores, multicity, latest goals, comparison of periods and so on. The margin is too high there, which leaves no chance of finding a suitable arb for football.

How to find arbs on the football

Football arbs are the most numerous, they are used by the vast majority of surebettors. It seems that the question of finding them looks ridiculous, because it is obvious to everyone that there are special scanners that find the bids we need without risk. Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to cover the topic in more detail. First of all, we will focus on the notorious scanners. As part of our project, there are special articles that help you choose the best services. Here we just say that you should focus on your own skills and ambitions. If arbitrage rates are the main source of income, and the Bank's turnover is at least 3000 euro per month, the choice must be stopped on professional websites. If spending on football is just an additional income, you can stop at cheap options.

Among the scanners are actually not those that don't offer search on football surebets. Therefore, you can choose any, even for the initial acquaintance with them. It is only important that finances allow and the service is convenient, covering as many leagues and tournaments as possible.

Manual search

Looking for arbitrage bets in football seems unthinkable and useless. But as practice shows, quite a lot of people are doing this, and very successfully. First, not everyone has the money to pay for the services of scanners, and secondly, some do not want to pay them in principle, and third, they are so skilled that they earn well with the help of manual search. It is unlikely to give any good advice here. We only recommend that you use the Live mode to a greater extent, as the match progresses, a lot of suitable ones are formed that can be used profitably.

Usually arbs in football are found on totals and fora, it is on them that efforts should be directed. The main outcomes contain as many as three conditions, which complicates the search. You must have accounts in bookmakers with the best odds, such as Pinnacle, Sbobet plus Betfair exchange. It is noted that the largest number of arbitrage bets is found in minor leagues and tournaments, and it is difficult to find them in major competitions, since bookies carefully analyze them.

Coefficient comparison services

A number of bettors manage to find football arbs using coefficient comparison services. Let's remind you how they work. Offers for certain matches are collected from two dozen bookies, the system places them in a list and shows the highest quotes. Looking through them, you can easily find an arbitration situation. Here is a simple example. On Total Over 2,5 in the meeting of "Manchester United" and "Chelsea" in one bookmaker is given 1.7, in another bookmaker for the same option is given  1.8. A profitable bet is available. The beauty is that there are many services for comparing coefficients in the network, most of them are free, and very high quality, so use life hack.

Possible combinations of surebets

Let's take a closer look at what types of surebets betters usually use in football. In other sports, everything is obviously straightforward, there is also a place for fantasy, and there are almost no restrictions on available bets.

Two outcomes

The most obvious option. Most surebets are two-way. As a rule, the following variations are used:

  • Total over/under. And not whole, but half: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and so on.
  • W1 and X2. The victory of the first team and the failure of the second.
  • There will be no draw. We think the meaning is clear.
  • Handicap +/-. You can take +1.5 for one team and -1.5 for the other.
  • The N team to score/not to score. Also a clear link.
  • Individual total of the team N over/lunder.
  • There will be a goal/no goal. Usually it is taken for each time separately.
  • Both teams to score/both teams to score no.

The essence is simple. You need to find opposite outcomes and issue coupons for them.

Three outcomes

They are less popular than two outcomes arbs, but they are also actively used. The following options are usually used here:

  • W1, draw, W2. The most common option. It is usually located in three bookmakers.
  • The total is over/ equal to/under. For example, Total Under1, 5-the number of heads is exactly 2-Total Over1, 5.
  • Individual totals. Example: score under than 0.5-score exactly 1-score over than 1.5.

We think the meaning is also clear. You need to find events that cover three possible outcomes.

Combination of arbs

Immediately note that no scanner in the world does not search for combination of arbs. Their essence is not to use 2 or 3 outcomes, but 4 or more. Let's just give a couple of examples:

  • Total Over 2, 5-exact score 0: 0-exactly 1 goal scored – exactly 2 goals scored;
  • the first team will not score – a dry victory for the second team – a dry victory for the first team-both will score.

The direction is poorly studied, almost no one uses it. Try it, maybe something will turn out. Moreover, bookmakers also do not work with combination arbs, so they are unlikely to apply sanctions. Some even believe that such shurebety in football is a new and promising direction, which in the future will replace the usual arbitrage bets on two or three outcomes. Moreover, it becomes more difficult to earn money on them every year, and bookmakers ' sanctions come in just a couple of days.

What events to take

This means which championships, leagues, and tournaments to use. Surebets in football are formed in almost any competition, scanners find thousands of options every day, but is it safe to play them all? What should I limit myself to? Let's give a small guide to football shurebetam.

First of all, we will indicate the games and tournaments that are best avoided:

  • Unknown championships and teams. Iran's second Junior League? Asian women's under-23 championship? Division of fans of Gibraltar? In any case, we do not flirt. Here bets exclusively surebetters(inexperienced), which the bookmaker will be happy to send to the ban. An ordinary betters is unlikely to bet on such events.
  • Matches where a profitable arbs were formed. The higher its yield, the higher the risk that the bookie will calculate the coupon as erroneous. We avoid arbitrage rates with a profit of more than 15%, but it is better to limit ourselves to 10%.
  • The game at the last minute. If it is 85 minutes or later, do not take a arb. The bookmaker can simply accept a bet that will not allow you to close one of the "arms" and will bring losses.

What events can be taken? In principle, any that do not fall under the criteria described above. We especially recommend bet on major events such as the Champions League, they account for a huge number of bets, which will allow you to bet big, avoiding suspicion from bookmakers. The main thing is not to make a big bet on obvious smallmarkets like corners, outs, offsides and other statistical indicators, this will immediately attract extra attention from the security service of the bookies.

Prematch arbs on football

We have already mentioned that you can issue coupons for football surebets in Live and pre-match mode. It's time to look at them in more detail and identify the advantages of each direction. Plus, we will give you tips on how to make profitable bets in each case. Let's start with arbitrage situations that are detected before the start of matches. Bets on them are made in the standard way: the scanner finds the desired event, the user must have time to close both "arms" before the arb disappears. There is nothing particularly complicated here.

The number of available football arbs in the pre-match mode reaches several hundred even on weekdays, when the top Championships are resting. The only question is to exclude frankly second-rate events that will cause unnecessary attention from bookmakers. Otherwise, there are no problems with finding suitable matches, which will allow you not to violate the financial plan and earn a predetermined amount for the day. At the same time, in other sports in the pre-match for the whole day may not be found any arbitration situation. This is perhaps the main advantage of football meetings, they are held much more often, and there are much more competitions in this discipline.

Who can use pre-match football arbs?

The answer to this question is clear - beginners. That is, for those who have recently entered the field of arbitrage betting and have minimal experience of wagering. Immediately rush into the maelstrom of the Live mode is not necessary, it will lead to financial losses and deep disappointment in the field. At first, it is extremely difficult to have time to close all the "arms" quickly, especially if events on the field change too quickly. In the pre-match, the bettor has the opportunity, without hurrying, rechecking each coupon several times, to make a deal on favorable terms for themselves. The coefficients here also change, but not so intensively, you need to be very slow in General, so as not to have time to close the "arms". In addition, even if suddenly the quotes on one of the parties changed, there is a high probability that over time they will return again to the desired values.

For beginners, football surebets are a great opportunity to train and improve your skills, gain experience. Plus, at the same time, bookmakers are being studied, their features, the procedure for verifying the identity, the speed of withdrawal of money, navigation, the efficiency of accepting bets, and other points. The pre-match mode allows you to use a lot of bookies at the same time, arbitrage situations between them still hold for a long time, so you can make bets on them in turn.  

Another category of bettors who are suitable for betting on football in prematch is experienced users who do not want to place bets in Live mode for one reason or another. For example, a person is slow in principle, no matter how hard he tries, he still will not learn how to make bets quickly. Or betters by nature (because of laziness) does not want to be nervous and plunge into real-time mode, he prefers slow bets before the events begin. In such cases, football arbs are perfect, because the benefit from them will be noticeable even without Live. The only thing you will need is a fairly large Bank to have a profit on the distance. We assure you that there are a large number of surebettors who bets exclusively in prematch and manage to earn several hundred thousand rubles a month.

Thus, we conclude that the prematch arbs for football are ideal for beginners to train and just for bettors who do not accept Live mode for any reason. We are not against prematch rates, they also have the right to life and are able to bring a good income. The main thing is to approach them wisely and again disguise yourself in every way so that the account in the bookmakers lives as long as possible.

Types of football prematch surebets

The further division will be purely conditional, but we will still divide the prematch surebets for football into three large groups and figure out in which cases each will fit and what advantages and disadvantages it has.

Bets during the day

We recommend using them for all beginners and experienced betters. Events here start during the day, no later than 24 hours after the bet. The advantages are obvious:

  • Coupons are calculated in the course of the day. So you won't have to wait long for the Bank to return.
  • The Bank's turnover is fast. Money is actually always in business.

As for the disadvantages, there is one: the coefficients can change dramatically, which will lead to losses. The closer the match, the more bookmakers will move quotes to one side. But whatever it is, we definitely recommend betting on events that will take place in the near future to raise money on your account.

Bets for several days

These events will take place over the next few days. We conditionally set the bar for 2-5 days. It is difficult to recommend such surebets for football matches, because there are obvious drawbacks:

  • The Bank is "frozen" on one event, it doesn't work. Money cannot be put on other surebets.
  • Great bets may appear over the next few days, but there will be nothing to bet on. We'll have to wait for the current bets to be calculated.
  • The Bank's growth is slow. Bets are calculated only after a few days, which does not add profit.

It is difficult to identify any advantages here, except for the fact that the coefficients change by just a few hundredths, which will allow you to issue coupons at all without hurrying anywhere. We recommend using such arbitrage situations only in situations where the better knows for sure that he will not be able to bet in the next few days.

Long-term bets

These are events that will happen in a fairly long time. Let's take a period from one week to infinity. There are arbs for a month, and even for six months, and even at the end of the season for 9 months. It is difficult to recommend them to anyone, because the disadvantages here are the same as in the previous paragraph: too long calculation of coupons, which leads to idle Bank. Imagine that you bet on a match that will take place only in a month, the profit from it is 5%, the total spent is 500 euro. We get a prize of 25 euro, and this is for a month. Such bets are suitable only if there is a break in the work for a very long time. In this case, what is better for the bettor to choose - ROI or percentage of return

Live bets on football

Now let's move on to arbitrage bets on football in Live mode. You can often see tips that you need to use them, we agree with this. Professionals always work during the match, so the profit will be much more, plus the working time will be reduced, just a couple of hours to actually earn the entire daily rate. At the same time, in prematch, you sometimes have to sit from morning to evening, waiting for the coupons to be calculated.

The mechanism for making bets here is no different from the pre-match: the scanner finds a surebet for football, the user must have time to issue coupons for both "arms" before the coefficients have changed.  However, it is unrealistic to do this slowly, the signal about the appearance of an arbitration situation must be responded to promptly, otherwise there can be no question of any profit.

The number of surebets for football in Live reaches several thousand per day, this is a lot of tournaments and championships. The main thing is to filter them out, avoiding frankly third-rate events that no one in their right mind will bet on. Otherwise, you can work quite comfortably, especially on weekends, when there are a huge number of football battles in the line. It is on such days that surebetters earn a significant part of their monthly profit, while on weekdays you can just relax.

Advantages of Live surebets on soccer

Obviously, surebets in Live football can only be applied if you have the appropriate experience, otherwise they will only lead to losses. The advantages are obvious:

  • A greater number of events per day. Almost at any time, it is possible to find several dozen surebets, even if it is a weekday.
  • You can find arbs with a yield of more than 10%. For a prematch, this value rarely exceeds 3-5%.  In live, the rate is 5-10%.
  • Big profit compared to the pre-match. This is achieved due to a larger number of events and an increased percentage of profitability.
  • The Bank turns around much faster. In live mode, you only have to wait a few minutes for the event to end, rarely up to an hour. The same Bank can be wrapped 2-3 times a day.
  • New surebets on soccer appear almost every minute. You can put almost without interruption.

Finally, one of the main advantages of Live football arbs is their safety. It is much more difficult for bookies to track a bettor who bets exclusively in live, because the situation changes every second. Of course, sooner or later the cutting of highs will still occur, but not as quickly as if only the prematch mode was used.

Disadvantages of Live football arbs

You should also consider the obvious drawbacks of real-time arbs. The following disadvantages can be identified:

  • Short life. Football surebets in live mode appear and disappear so quickly that there is almost no time to think, you need to make decisions very quickly and issue coupons for all "arms".
  • Increased risks of not having time to close one "arm". The odds change so quickly in the course of the match that you really can't make a bet on one end of the surebet. In this case, you have to bet with a clear minus, or hope that the opposite outcome will win.
  • Different rules for bookmakers. Some bookmakers treat events in live by one rule, some by another. Because of these differences, the bettor can go to the negative, or even lose both "arm". Therefore, it is necessary to study each bookmaker, its policy of providing services.
  • Erroneous coefficients are more common. That is, the bookmaker can calculate a bet with a coefficient, referring to the fact that the system made a mistake and put the wrong quote.

Another drawback is that the bettor has to work quickly, there is almost no time for reflection and relaxation. The slightest confusion can be unprofitable and lead to the loss of a significant amount of money. Attention and concentration are the main qualities that every better should have, plus we don't forget to rest and take breaks.


Let's draw conclusions about football surebets in the pre-match and Live mode. We had time to consider their advantages and disadvantages, and outlined the essence of the work. It is difficult to give preference to any direction, everyone chooses how and what to bet on. We will give only final advice:

  • We recommend using football arbs in prematch for beginners. It is better not to go into live mode until you have confidence in your abilities and get the appropriate experience. There is also a category of betters who, in principle, put only before the start of the match, we think that advice will be superfluous.
  • In Live mode, betting on football is more profitable and numerous, but they require increased attention, concentration and the ability to quickly issue coupons in different bookmakers. They are suitable for professionals who want to earn five-digit amounts.

At the same time, you can bet both Live and pre-match modes. Why not? Why waste the money? But you need to be prepared for the fact that sanctions from bookmakers will come much faster.

Geographic soccer arbs

Do not be confused by the name of the section, then we will explain in detail what it is, and how to use them profitably. We have already explained the different directions and varieties of football arbs, it's time to divide them by another feature, geographical. Did you yourself put it, maybe somewhere already read about them. The point is to catch profitable arbitrage situations between regional bookmakers, or in large operators, by betting against the crowd.

This direction is considered one of the most promising in sports arbitration, because bookmakers do not block accounts so quickly, but allow you to bet for a long time. The main thing is not to be impudent and follow basic safety rules. But we will not breed demagoguery, we will pass at once to the essence.

The essence of geographical surebets

There are football fans in all countries, in the domestic championship they support certain teams, in the international arena for their national team or any club that plays in team competitions. There are not many professional betters among them who soberly assess the capabilities of their native team. For the most part, these are ordinary fans who, purely out of Patriotic motives, bet on their favorite athletes. They simply can't imagine any other scenario than the victory of a club close to them. Plus, there is an opinion that if you load against "their", then you are not a fan, but a traitor. This position is instilled almost from childhood.

Let's take any country, and each country will have an army of fans of the national team or certain clubs, who invariably bet on them, even if all the pre-match deals are against these teams. As already mentioned, this phenomenon is called out of purely Patriotic feelings, and not due to a sober mind and common sense. And the statement is true for any continent: Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Africa. The psychology of fans is almost the same everywhere. How else to explain the fact that people put hundreds of thousands of dollars on the championship of a certain team, when it consistently occupies a place somewhere at the bottom of the standings from season to season.

With the fans sorted out, we go to the bookmakers. There are international operators who are ready to accept bids in dozens or hundreds of countries around the world. Their name is known to almost everyone, they are considered large and reputable operators. The odds in them are quite balanced, reflect the opinion of the world community of betters, so we have nothing to catch here. It is better to pay attention to regional bookmakers who provide services to an audience living in a specific geographical area.

We came to the essence of football surebers on geographical grounds. There are two regional operators, and there are football fans who bet on their favorites in them. Now let's imagine that the most important match will take place between the teams from these countries. For each team in their country, fans will place bets exclusively on winning, minus handicaps, totals, and other options. That is, they do not doubt that their compatriots will win. A similar pattern will be observed in each bookmaker.

Under the pressure of betting on one side, bookmakers will be forced to raise the odds on the other "arm". And in one operator it will be one side, in the other the opposite. Here's a surebet. If we take the first bookie win for one team, the second reprogress the opposing team, then we'll go in confident plus, since it doesn't matter how the match will be finished.

Example of a surebet

To make it clearer, let's give a specific example with specific teams and tournaments. So, the input data:

  • tournament – the Champions League;
  • stage-1/4 final;
  • teams-Barcelona vs Liverpool;
  • the match – the first meeting;
  • meeting place- Spain, Camp Nou Stadium.

In all international and major bookmakers, the odds are slightly biased towards the Spaniards, since they play at home, plus the team is considered the strongest in the world. The global community of betters thinks the same way when betting on Barcelona. But if you look at the English bookmakers, you can see that the quotes for the Spanish club are slightly overstated, and for Liverpool are understated. True fans of the United Kingdom massively load up on their favorites, without even imagining that they can lose. As a result, bookies are forced to move quotes in favor of Liverpool.

Now let's visit the Spanish bookmakers. Here, the picture is exactly the opposite: the odds for Barcelona to win are greatly underestimated, and for Liverpool to fail to win are clearly overstated. This happens for the same reason as in English operators. Our goal is to take the opposite outcomes in both bookies at favorable prices and stay in the black in any hands. Let's say in the English bookmakers we take Barcelona's win for 2.4, and in the Spanish bookmakers we take Liverpool with a double chance for 1.9. The result was a football surebet with a yield of 6%. Moreover, some bettors manage not to even use the services of scanners to detect such arbitrage situations, since the situation here is so obvious that you just need to turn on common sense. Although we recommend using auxiliary services, it is still more comfortable and faster to work with.

What else you need to know

It seems that the geographical influence on football is very profitable, because international competitions are often held throughout the playing season. On the one hand, this is true, regional bookmakers are not so zealous to block surebetters, since they do not cause them much trouble. The volume of bets on one of the teams is too high, the opposite bet helps the bookmakers to equalize both "arms" and get a margin. Therefore, accounts here live longer, but we note that sooner or later the cutting of highs will still occur.

In addition, it is important to understand the following points:

  • Surebet in football can't always be formed based on geographical features. For example, one of the clubs is experiencing such serious problems that even zealous fans do not risk betting on it.
  • The arbitration rate will not exactly occur if one team is frankly weak. Real Madrid vs Everton? It is unlikely that the English have any illusions about their club, so they will not bet on it.
  • Surebet also does not occur if the match is from the category when one of the teams does not need anything anymore, and it can simply "merge" the game.

Finally, an urgent question for many newcomers: where to find regional bookmakers, whether they are given in the scanner, whether it is possible to register in them. We answer all three questions at once. Today there are even more local bookmakers than international ones. we enter the corresponding query into the search and get a list of the operators we need. In the best scanners, they will no doubt be presented. Most regional bookmakers are ready to accept residents from other countries, but their main core will live in a certain region. A striking example is the german bookmaker Intertops, almost 90% of its audience is from Germany, while Russians can create an account here without any problems at all.

Surebets on major events

We will continue the topic of geographical surebets and highlight the major football events that are taking place on the European continent in 2020. First of all, we will focus on the European football Championship, which will cause the greatest excitement among fans. The main event of the summer will start on June 12 with the match Turkey-Italy. The group stage will continue until June 24, after which the play-offs will begin between the top 16 teams ranked 1-3 in their group.

The semifinals will be held on July 7 and 8. The final will be held on July 12 in London at 19: 00. That is, the tournament will last exactly one month, the same amount of time will be available for bookmakers clients to make extra money at the main tournament. There is no doubt that Euro 2020 will attract a huge number of bets, and the total amount is expected to exceed several billion dollars. 

Bets on Euro 2020

Already at the end of 2019, many bookmakers are ready to accept bets on Euro 2020. At the moment, users can issue coupons for the following options:

  • For all group stage matches. That is, until the beginning of the 1/8 final. Only matches where the 4 teams that will come from the League of Nations are still unknown are excluded.
  • On which teams will come from the League of Nations. This tournament will be held in the spring of 2020. You can also bet on each match of these competitions.
  • Long-term bets on the winner of Euro 2020.
  • Bet on the group winner in the group stage.
  • Which team will take what place at the end of the group stage.

The European championship is still a long time away, but today bookmakers cheerfully report that they have accepted several million dollars for various events. Basically, people bet on the winner of the tournament and on the matches of the group stage. Football betting can be found now, but the closer Euro 2020 is, the more there will be, especially between regional bookmakers.

Top European Championships

We do not forget that the leading European football Championships are in full swing, by the end of 2019 we have already passed half the way, and now we can judge who is a potential champion, and who will take a place in the top four.


The English Premier League is the most popular club championship in the world. For the entire season, the number of viewers reaches up to 5 billion people, an absolute world record. For each match in total, fans bet up to $1,000,000,000, calculate for yourself how much it will be for several hundred events for the entire season. And this applies not only to the battle of the grandees, but also to secondary competitions, where teams from the lower part of the tournament table meet.

In the 2019-2020 season, Liverpool are in the top position with a 10-point lead over their nearest pursuer. And it's not Manchester city, it's Leicester. The townspeople are still content with third place, with Chelsea fourth, followed by Tottenham and Manchester United. If each of these teams consistently passes the rest of the championship, then there should be no surprises. The battle will unfold for the fourth place, which gives the right to play in the Champions League.


The Spanish La Liga (Primera) is only slightly less popular than the NPL. There are two world grandees playing here – Barcelona and real Madrid. The 2019-2020 championship has become interesting because the battle for the first place in the standings has unfolded between them. As long as both teams have the same number of points, the name of the champion will be known only at the end of the season, which we sincerely wish. Sevilla is third, Getafe is fourth, and Atletico Madrid is exactly one point behind. In General, at least 7 teams claim the 3rd-4th place. we will watch the fight with interest. In terms of the volume of bets, the Example is little inferior to the APL. Each match attracts $500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 of money from the bettors. Stand out are the matches of the giants-real Madrid and Barcelona.


The original German Bundesliga has always been considered the standard of pragmatic football. They score a lot here. Until recently, Bayern Munich has always been the champion, but the situation in the 2019-2020 season has changed radically. RB Leipzig is still in the top spot, which is a small sensation. He is 2 points ahead of the nearest pursuer, Borussia Monchengladbach. Borussia Dortmund is third, followed by Schalke 04. Bayern is located on the 5th line, it is behind the leader by 6 points. The handicap is small, it is quite realistic that it will be won back.

The amount of bets on the Bundesliga is impressive. Millions of fans are ready to spend up to 800,000,000 euros on a single event, and this amount increases to 1 billion euros for the most important and most interesting matches.


The last to consider is the Italian championship. Here, too, there is a battle for first place between inter and Juventus. So far, both teams have the same number of points, but the Milan team is higher, as it has the best goal difference between goals scored and goals conceded. The other leader, Napoli, is only 8, there is a risk that he will not even take a place in the top four. Lazio Is third, and Roma is fourth. If these teams go through the entire season without losing points, they will become participants in the Champions League next season.

Fans are ready to bet several hundred million dollars on games in the championship. It is interesting that the bettors load 1.5 times more money for the inter championship than for Juventus. It will be interesting to see how popular opinion will change over the course of the season, especially if the Torino team takes the lead.


Football surebets  in top competitions are not formed as often as we would like. Still, bookmakers are watching them closely, and try not to make mistakes, otherwise they will lose a lot of money, because millions of people bet on major tournaments and Championships. An exception may be bookmakers loyal to the surebetters. Nevertheless, quite good surebets on football can be found in popular leagues and international competitions. For example, at the moment you can place a bet on the championship of Bayern, Juventus, Barcelona at quite decent odds. These clubs are known for being able to go through the rest of the championship without mistakes and snatch a win.

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