Ice hockey arbs

It is known that over 90% of bookmaker customers lose remotely, and only a small part regularly makes a profit. This applies to ordinary users who argue with bookmakers on equal terms. There is a separate category of bettors who bet on Arbs and win money, regardless of the outcome of the match. They call themselves profit. There is no risk of loss here, only intrigues of bookmakers and banal mistakes in betting are possible. Sooner or later, any bettor gets tired of giving money away just like that and first of all begins to study sports arbitration.

The first thing that comes into the field of view of beginners is football, it is the most popular sport in the world, thousands of arbitration situations can be found on it every day. But today we will talk about hockey arbs, about their features, varieties, betting options, pre-match and live mode. Also consider the two most popular leagues in the world - the KHL (Russia) and the NHL (North America). We will tell you about the standings of the teams, the prospects for the championship and other important points. Hockey surebets are not so popular with surebets, because it is not so easy to find suitable bets, and not all players are ready to work with this sport.

Hockey is a very popular sport in many countries. It is clear that surebettors tend to bet on this discipline and believe that betting on it is safer, since all the attention of bookmakers is focused on football. A rather controversial statement, which we will definitely deal with in the course of the article. Hockey arbs are formed between different bookmakers both in pre-match and live mode. The game is very dynamic, so it takes experience and skill to have time to close all the "arms".

We hope that the readers of the article have at least minimal experience and know what arbitrage bets are in general. We will not talk about the basics of surebets, the need to dress up and other elementary things. Within the framework of our project there are separate materials on this topic, if you are interested, you can study. Today we will focus on hockey arbs, their characteristics and other important points. We will be glad if the article turns out to be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced players.

What are the bets on hockey?

First, let's consider the options for betting on hockey. Compared to football, there are not so many of them. In general, the main offers in bookmakers are as follows:

  • The winner of the match or a draw. Standard bets that look like W1, W2 and X. There are absolutely in all bookmakers where hockey is supported.
  • Double chance. It looks like 1X (the first one will not lose), 2X (the second one will not lose), 12 (there will be no draw).
  • Total. The range of the number of goals scored in a match. The value usually starts at 2.5 and continues to 7.5. Depending on the teams playing, it can rise or fall by several points.
  • Handicap. Asian or European handicap teams. Here the values are standard, the handicap can be either zero, minus or plus. The range is the largest depending on the strength of the competing teams.
  • The exact number of heads. You need to guess how many pucks are thrown in the game. Starts at zero, continues with arbitrary values.
  • Both will score. Both teams can score at least one goal each.
  • The time of the first / last gate. The time range is specified, for example, from 1 to 9 minutes.
  • Which team will score the first goal. Everything is clear and obvious.
  • The most productive period. In which period the most goals are scored.
  • Will there be overtime? Whether the teams will play in extra time.
  • The exact score.
  • Betting on statistics. Deletions, penalty time, goal shots, saves from goalkeepers.

Each bet can be placed both for a separate period and for the whole game. In addition, do not forget that almost all bookmakers accept bets with or without an extension. There are completely different coefficients here, do not confuse them.

Also in the bookmaker line you can find many other options, including combined options: total wins, draw and total and so on. There are also openly exotic offers: the sum of each period is more than 1.5; a goal in the minority yes; time / game. Firstly, it is unrealistic to analyze these results, and secondly, in hockey, surebets are almost never formed between them. We recommend flirting only with clear and uncomplicated markets.

How do I find Hockey Surebets?

We will respond immediately: just like football and other sports. Arbitration situation scanners come to our aid, they will automatically detect hockey arbs and provide comprehensive information on them. We register in any service, pay for its services, set up filters accordingly and start earning. It is necessary to choose the best scanners, their description can be found within our project. It is important to clarify in advance whether there is support for the sport we need in the surebets service, otherwise it will be very disappointing to lose time.

We are also looking at making sure that the scanner covers as many championships and tournaments as possible, not just the KHL and NHL. Of course, the price of the issue is not in the last place, there are expensive services suitable for professionals, there are simple sites aimed at beginners. We make the right choice depending on our experience and skill.

Is it possible to search surebets by yourself?

Some bettorss try to look for hockey surebets in manual mode, that is, without resorting to the services of scanners. Everyone understands how difficult and tedious this is, however, many resort to it out of principle, or without having the financial means to pay for services. There are surebetters who just got the hang of it so much that they can find arbitrage bets on hockey on their own. They know the leagues where many suitable options are formed, they know the bookmakers who are well connected with each other. Such knowledge comes with time, it is almost impossible to teach it. If you feel the strength to engage in manual search for hockey surebets, we will not dissuade, everyone has their own idea and philosophy of betting.

Let's give just some regarding the search for hockey surebets. The easiest way to look for them is on totals. Often, analysts from different bookies disagree with each other and set directly opposite coefficients for the same value. Another common option is the main outcomes. In one bookie, you can easily take the victory of a certain team, and in another BM, a draw or a victory (X2) of the second team. At the same time, do not forget that all coupons are issued either with or without overtime, we repeat: this is the most important moment, a lot of players who did not bother to read the rules of bookmakers burned on it.

Hockey surebets in coefficient comparison services

There are special coefficient comparison services on the market, and there are even free options. Recall the essence of their work. The parser collects quotes from several dozen bookmakers for certain events, in our case, hockey. Then it analyzes them and shows them to users in the form of a table as the value decreases. Usually all opposite outcomes are compared: Total Over/Total Under, handicap -/+, both will score / not, and so on. Then it's a matter of technique to find a potential arbs, just look through the output and find the options that suit us. Of course, the functionality is much inferior to conventional scanners, but it is ideal for training or primary work.

Surebets combinations for hockey

Let's consider which hockey arbs are usually used by players of bookmakers. These options are the most common among surebetters.

Two - ways hockey surebets

Hockey arbs, having only two options for betting, it is obvious that they should be opposite to each other. The essence is simple: it is necessary to find mutually exclusive markets and issue coupons for them in two establishments. As a rule, the following opposite outcomes are taken in hockey matches:

  • The victory of one team and the failure of the other. Schematically it looks like W1-X2.
  • There will be no draw and no draw. D-12.
  • Both to score yes/ no. The bid is recorded in this way.
  • Total Over/Under. The obvious option.
  • Handicap plus/minus. Everything is also clear.
  • Time of the first goal: from 1 to 9 minutes yes/no.

Perhaps, it is impossible to specify other options, they are combined (the total will win), or they have too complex a condition (each time is more than 1.5).

Three - ways surebets

In hockey surebets combinations, three-way options are rarely found. Usually these are only the main markets for the winner: W1, H and W2. Sometimes it is possible to catch totals: Total under 4,5, the number of washers is exactly 5, Total over 5,5 and the like. Other arbitrage rates are rare.

Combination surebets

Such surebets are usually called bets consisting of 4 or more outcomes, while all overlap. In football and tennis, such options are still acceptable, but in hockey they do not exist. At least, we have never seen them and could not find them. Theoretically , they can be formed like this:

  • the most productive period: 1,2,3 or 4 period;
  • complex variant: 1X + TO4.5; 1X + TU4.5; X2 + TU4.5; X2 + TO4.5.

But again, this is from the field of theory and fantasy, in fact, no one can detect such arbs.

What events in hockey are better to bet on?

In fact, the choice of players is not too big, at least compared to football. On certain days, not a single match may take place at all. If you answer the question of what events to flirt with in hockey surebets, then these will be:

  • KHL and NHL without restrictions. These are the most popular championships in the world, which account for a large number of bets. We place bets on any match. Our surebets rates are likely to get lost in the general mass.
  • Leading European championships. This includes Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark.
  • International tournaments. World Cup, World Cup, Euro Tour, Olympic Games. We generally use them first of all, and we do not hesitate to ship large amounts. The highs quite allow it.
  • Various exhibition matches. Like the KHL all-star game, east vs. west, and so on.
  • Off-season cup tournaments. Usually they pass unnoticed, but this is not a reason to abandon them.
  • Minor and youth leagues in Russia and North America. This includes the VHL, MHL, AHL.
  • With caution, the championships of Norway, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries where hockey is only at the stage of development and popularization.

We definitely avoid surebets on hockey at secondary and unknown games. For example, the 3rd Danish division, the Norwegian Junior Championship and so on. In the eyes of the bookmaker, this will look more than suspicious. We also do not take women's tournaments, children's games, friendly meetings.

Hockey surebets in prematch

There are two types of hockey arb bets: pre-match and live. Let's take a closer look at each option, outline their advantages and disadvantages, describe the features and give an objective assessment. We will also give advice on when and how to use different types of arbitrage bets in hockey. First of all, pre-match surebets will fall into our field of vision. As the name implies, they are located even before the event starts. The betting mechanics here are standard: the scanner detects a suitable match, then the user must issue coupons until the odds change. There is nothing complicated or incomprehensible here.

Hockey surbets are in abundance during the playing season, which usually starts in September and lasts until June. At this time, it’s realistic to find up to a hundred surebets every day, and these are not only major leagues like the KHL and NHL, but also less popular championships of other European countries. Well, during large international competitions, there is no shortage of events in principle. It is only necessary to exclude frankly second-rate matches, we mentioned them a little higher. It is easy to fulfill a financial plan for earning money with the help of hockey bets on surebets, especially in the midst of competitions, but in the summer we advise you to switch to other sports, for example, to football.

Types of surebets by time

This division is not accepted among the players, we use it purely conditionally. Let us describe some varieties of hockey surebets according to their start time.

In a few hours

They are detected by scanners a few hours before the start of events, maximum within a day. These are the ones we recommend playing first. Firstly, the bank will turn around quickly, secondly, the money will not lie “dead” on the account, and thirdly, the calculation of coupons is fast. As for the shortcomings, there is only one – the odds can change at any time, and this is the risk of not having time to close one of the “shoulders”. Plus, suitable matches may not be found on all days, in which case you will have to switch to other sports.

In several days

Let's conditionally denote that these surebets in hockey are formed a few days before the start of the event, but no more than one week. They are generally difficult to recommend, as they have obvious disadvantages:

  • The money will be put on one surebet for several days. That is, they do not work at this time and do not make a profit.
  • The bank will turn around for a long time, since coupons are also calculated for a long time.
  • Over the next few days, more profitable options may turn up, it's good if there is a reserve of money. And if they are not, then the opportunity will be missed.
  • Need urgent money? Nothing can be done, you have to wait until the event takes place and the bookmaker makes the calculations.

The only case where long-term bets are justified is the impossibility of work in the near future. Then yes, you can bet and wait. At least the money will not lie idle, but will bring at least some income.

Long term surebets

Hockey surebets can appear even for the whole season. For example, "Team Washington will take the Stanley Cup yes" or no. In this case, the calculation of coupons will have to wait several months. We boldly classify such bets as fan bets, not professional bets. They are made by amateurs. On the other hand, if there is a certain amount that will not affect further earnings, you can bet. If only it did not affect the overall income.

Advantages of hockey surebets in pre-match 

Let's list the most obvious advantages point by point:

  • Odds do not change quickly, which allows you to comfortably place bets without rushing anywhere. The risk that a mistake will be made is minimal. The mode is perfect for beginners and novice arbers for training.
  • It is not necessary to sit and look into an open scanner. You can go about your business, when a hockey surebet appears, the service will notify you with a sound or other signal.
  • Simplicity in work. This point follows from the previous two.
  • The arber does not get tired like when using Live arbs.

Another significant plus is that the cost of tariffs in scanners for the prematch mode is significantly lower than for live.

Disadvantages of prematch surebets

We also denote the obvious disadvantages of prematch arbs for hockey:

  • Low profitability of surebets. 5% profit from bets is considered an excellent indicator here, and higher values ​​are a big success.
  • Bank turnover is slow. It takes several hours until the coupons are calculated and it will be possible to place a bet on other odds.
  • A high percentage of profitability most often turns out to be a bookmaker’s banal mistake, which he will then gladly correct by calculating coupons with odds of 1.0.
  • Bookmakers take a more careful approach to the formation of quotes before the start of matches. As a result, there are not as many arbs for hockey as we would like. Other days you can't find them at all.

Big competition. There are a lot of arb beginners who load outcomes, which leads to a drop in quotes and other unpleasant consequences.
Bookmakers have perfectly learned how to deal with surebets for hockey in the pre-match. Cutting highs comes much faster.

Hockey Live surebets

Consider further the features of hockey surebets  in Live. Everywhere you can find an opinion that they should be used whenever possible, and prematch should be abandoned. We partly agree with the opinion: professionals do go live with time, at the same time, it is not forbidden to resort to options before the start of the match, especially if you manage to find a good offer. In live, the work is much more intensive, which allows you to earn a good amount within a couple of hours. At the same time, a prematch can bring half the income with a large time investment.

The mechanism for betting on surebets in hockey in Live is no different from a pre-match: the scanner finds a suitable option, the user must have time to issue coupons for it and wait for their calculation. True, there is no need to talk about relaxed work here, you need to make bets quickly, otherwise it’s really possible to lose significant money.

In the midst of championships and game days, you can find hundreds of surebets for hockey in live mode. We repeat once again: you just need to avoid frankly third-rate events, on which even "priests" do not bet. Otherwise, you can confidently raise the bank by completing a weekly earnings plan in a couple of days, while on weekdays you can relax.

Advantages of live hockey surebets

Switching to live surebets in hockey is recommended only after acquiring the appropriate skills and training in the pre-match. Otherwise, losses will be difficult to avoid. At the same time, the following advantages of Live arbitrage bets can be noted:

  • There are more of them. Compared to the pre-match mode, a large number of suitable bets are formed in live. Even within a single match, you can find several surebets right along its course. At the same time, there might not have been any arbitrage situations before the match.
  • The bank turns over much faster. Due to the fact that coupons are calculated quickly, and you have to wait just a few minutes, it is really possible to make dozens of bets a day.
  • It is realistic to find hockey surebets with a yield of up to 10% or more. There are no limits. In live mode, the situation changes so quickly that bookmakers do not have time to keep track of everything. As a result, very profitable betting options are formed.
  • Due to the fact that coupons are calculated quickly, and there are much more events for bets, the arber's profit is significantly higher than when playing in a pre-match.
  • It is easier to rectify the situation if we failed to close one “arm”, in Live the odds change every few seconds, which can play into our hands.

Bookmakers are not so active in blocking accounts and cutting highs, it is more difficult for them to keep track of the flow of hockey bets.

Disadvantages of Live Hockey Surebets

There are obvious disadvantages in hockey surebets that are definitely worth mentioning:

  • There are high risks of not having time to close one of the “arms”, since the coefficients change very quickly. Even experienced arbers often have situations where they do not have time to put both ends. In this case, you have to issue a second coupon with a minus, or hope that the affixed bet will play.
  • Hockey arbs in live "live" for just a few seconds. If you gape, the arbitrage situation will simply disappear. It is necessary to bet very quickly, there is practically no time to think.
  • Since you need to work quickly, banal errors may occur due to the human factor. For example, the player took the wrong outcome, indicated the wrong amount, and so on. An extremely unpleasant phenomenon, but no one is immune from it.
  • Different bookies interpret the rules in their own way, especially in the live mode. Some operators accept bets with overtime, others do not. You need to carefully study the rules before the hard work begins.
  • Lots of wrong odds. In Live mode, a surebet for hockey may be formed due to an error by the bookmaker's employees or the program. They will put the wrong odds, then come back with odds of 1.0.

You have to work hard, which leads to fatigue. And she, in turn, generates stupid errors. It is important to take a break from hockey arbs and take breaks regularly.
Surebetting should be during a break between periods. During the match, it is very difficult to manage to issue coupons and close both "arms". Moreover, it is actually unrealistic.

Surebets by geographic features

Let's dwell a little on such an interesting phenomenon as geographic surebets in hockey. They are quite viable and it is almost impossible to catch a ban from bookmakers for them. In short, the point is to bet on opposite outcomes in regional bookmakers. Let's take an example right away. Let's say the national teams of Russia and Canada are playing. This is an eternal confrontation with varying success. Odds in international bookmakers for W1 and W2 and double chances are given at approximately the same level, there are no surebets here.

But we turn to regional bookmakers that are focused on Canada and Russia. Firstly, the advantage is given to Canadian athletes, and secondly, to the Russians. Between them, a bunch of arbs are formed for the main outcomes, totals and odds. This happens because the fans of each country massively bet on their favorites, under the pressure of the crowd, the offices are forced to move quotes in different directions. We play on this, catching good arbitrage situations.

It should be noted that geographic surebets in hockey arise only if teams of approximately equal level meet. We have already given an example above. In addition, you can take games between Finland and the Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland, and so on. If Canada and Great Britain compete, it makes no sense to look for surebets, since who will be the winner is known in advance.

The best leagues in the world for hockey arbs

Continuing the theme of surebets in hockey, let's focus on the best leagues that we recommend playing in arbitrage rates. Fans of this sport will immediately be able to name the two best leagues in the world: the NHL and the KHL. Let's take a look at the situation at the end of 2019.

NHL surebets 

The National Hockey League is considered the strongest in the world, the best hockey players on the planet play in it. Every game is exciting. According to independent sources, each match attracts up to $500,000,000 in total bets, it is easy to calculate how much money will be in circulation for the entire season. At the playoff stage, the volume of bets almost doubles.

As of the end of 2019, the Washington team, in which the famous Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin plays, is in the lead in the overall standings. The gap from the closest pursuer, Set Louis, is only 3 points. The teams below are also not far behind, they have from 44 to 49 points. In the Eastern Conference, Washington is also the first, followed by Boston and New York. In the Western Conference, St. Louis is leading, and Colorado is in second place.

Who will become the champion is difficult to predict. Hockey is such a sport that any team can win, even the one that dragged somewhere at the end of the table all season, but suddenly blossomed by the playoffs. The more interesting it will be to follow the games.

KHL surebets

The Continental Hockey League is the second most powerful league in the world. Matches here attract a slightly smaller amount of bets, but we can safely say that in total bookmaker customers around the world bet up to $100,000,000. At the playoff stage, this value grows.

Conclusion about hockey surebets

Hockey surebets are a great option for the job. In the midst of the season, it is realistic to find dozens of arbitrage situations a day and climb them. Note that bookmakers pay a little less attention to them than to football, this is an undoubted advantage of hockey arbs. We recommend that you play them.