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Surebets (arbitrage situations) are one of the best strategies for making money in sports betting. You do not need to thoroughly understand the competition, study statistics and do analytics. It is enough to know the mechanism of bets, be able to make calculations and quickly make a bet. Arbitration situations arise in any sport, but most often players work with football, since it is moderately dynamic, and there are always a lot of matches. Not surprisingly, beginners are advised to start with it.

The second most popular rate is always tennis. And for good reason. Firstly, tennis is a beautiful sport!

and if we return to the topic of our site, then....

Advantages of tennis surebets

The following advantages of surebetting in tennis can be distinguished:

  • There are a lot of matches. There are even more of them than football competitions. Almost at any time you can open a line of bookmakers and find there a lot of games of various levels.
  • Since there are a lot of matches, there are also a lot of arbs. Almost always, scanners will find arbitration situations, and without interruptions. This means that you will not have to adjust to the start of the competition, you will be able to work at a convenient time for you.
  • There are almost no breaks in the season, as in football and hockey. A short break happens on New Year's Eve, but it ends quickly. So you won't have any breaks in your work either.
  • All tennis arbs have only 2 arms. Such bets are easiest to make quickly and without mistakes. You can read about how else you can protect yourself from errors in this article on our website.
  • Football attracts a lot of players, so bookmakers especially carefully monitor it and quickly calculate the arbs. There are also a lot of betting men in tennis, but thanks to the huge number of games, it is almost impossible to track everyone. If you don't get impudent, you can put it for a long time and not "get burned" in front of the bookmaker.
  • A tennis match often takes place in a swing format: one tennis player starts to win, then another. Because of this, the coefficients jump, but this is only a plus for surebets, because you can take more favorable offers.
  • Another advantage of rapidly changing coefficients is that you can insure a bet that was made by mistake. For example, you took "total more", and thesurebet was not there initially. During the match, it will be possible to insure it and go to plus, or at least to zero.

In no case do we urge you to switch exclusively to tennis. We just wanted to mention some advantages.

How to start surebetting in tennis

From a technical point of view, there is nothing complicated here. Choose the bookmaker  to your liking and the surebet scanner that suits you - for this we recommend that you use our rating of scanners.

There is no doubt about their honesty and speed. We strongly recommend not to waste time on free scanners, of which there are also many. Firstly, they are inconvenient and have limited functionality, and secondly, there are too many erroneous events in them.

Live or Prematch

Any professional bettor will tell you that it is much better and more profitable to bet on surebets in Live mode. In addition, it is more difficult for bookmakers to track arbitrage situations. However, for beginners it is better not to rush: first you need to fill your hand in the prematch mode.

In general, at the beginning of the activity, it is best not to use a lot of money for bets and start place bets in bookies that you plan to abandon in the future. That is, sacrifice them for the sake of your education. You take the conditional 100 euro and put them on the sly in the prematch, it's not scary even to lose everything, it's normal during training. The main thing is that this money does not become a financial disaster for you.

Got experience - smoothly switch to Live mode. Still, there are more surebets, and they are much more profitable. It is important to take into account that everything needs to be done quickly, since tennis is a dynamic sport, the coefficients here change after each serve. Therefore, start working only after making sure that you quickly and well learned how to make a bet.

What are the best outcomes for betting on tennis?

Arbs on tennis are formed on almost any outcome that bookmakers offer. But there are basic options that should be used in the first place:

  • The best betting option is main outcomes. That is, W1 and W2. Victory of the first or second tennis player. There can be no draws here in principle. A lot of surebets are formed on the main outcomes, since bookmakers often assess the strength of athletes in different ways.
  • Totals are also good. And not only total sets, but also games.
  • Handicaps. They are also diverse. They are given for the victory of one of the tennis players, for the number of games and other indicators of the game.

These three markets should be sufficient. Also, in different bookmakers there may be bets on statistics (who commits more aces, more mistakes, and the like). However, be careful with them, the bookmaker is quickly blocked for such bets.

You also need to be careful when betting on winning games. One rally can take just a couple of seconds, and you simply won't have time to close your shoulder. You need to resort to them only when you already have a lot of experience.

Men's and women's tennis: what is the difference

Obviously, men and women will play differently. Features of men's tennis:

  • Since the men are taller, the game is played primarily over the net. The number of errors with hitting the net is much less, but there are more outs.
  • Even seemingly hopeless balls are often pulled out by longer arms and physical strength.
  • Tennis players are physically stronger, so the speed of the ball during the serve is much higher. It can reach 250 km / h, such indicators are simply not available to women.
  • Strong reception. Men beat off the shell more powerfully.
  • More twisted kicks that are hard to hit, and the ball's trajectory is hard to guess. This technique requires a lot of muscle mass.
  • There are more hits in one play. Again, due to more powerful physical fitness.

In general, men are more resilient and are not so clearly influenced by external factors: rain, strong wind, heat, and the like.

Women are physically weaker, they have less muscle mass and total body weight, so women's tennis has the following features:

  • The feed is weaker. The speed of the ball for the strongest athletes does not exceed 150 km / h. Individual records can be ignored.
  • More pitfalls. Tennis players are more likely to hit the net.
  • The ball is not bounced as powerfully as in men, it flies smoother.
  • It is difficult for women to reach the ball flying into the opposite corner of the court, the length of the arms and physical condition do not allow it to do so.
  • The reaction is weaker than that of men.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions affect women more strongly.

There is no consensus among experts who is more technical - men or women. The most correct point of view would be to accept the fact that technicality does not depend on gender, but on the athlete, his talent.

For surebets, both men's and women's tennis are suitable. Let's just note that the matches with the participation of women are shorter. If it is important for you to place your bets as quickly and as much as possible, choose women . But men have many more surebets within the same set and game, this will allow them to cover more arbitrage rates.

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