Arbs in 2022

Recently, the cries of “surebets are dead” have been joined by quarantine fears that many sports will be canceled, as has happened more than once.

We hasten to dispel both misconceptions. Surebets “die” every year, but arbers continue to break earnings records with the same regularity. This means that the problem is not in surebets, but in the surebets themselves (but this is a topic for a separate discussion).

As for quarantine cancellations, this is hard to believe. Humanity is already accustomed to the coronavirus, as a given, global lockdowns are no longer expected. As a last resort, we are waiting for competitions without spectators, but this does not prevent bookmakers from setting odds.

Will there be enough events in 2022 to deal with surebets? Necessarily. In this article, we offer to look at only some of them, but in reality there will be much more events.

Arbs in January

In January, we are waiting for such significant competitions for arbers:

  • African Cup of Nations (CAN) football;
  • Australian Open Tennis.

Let's dwell on each in a little more detail.

On January 9, the Africa Cup of Nations football begins. This is an analogue of the European Championship or South America for African teams. The layouts are mostly known in advance, but this year we are waiting for an exception: the Premier League clubs have already announced their unwillingness to release players to the CAN. After all, there is still a problem in quarantine for arriving players: they can be forced to sit in isolation for a couple of weeks. There is an option that all the leading championships will not let players go, so there will be a solid mess with the odds, which means surebets are inevitable.

The Australian Open will take place on the 17th. Federer has already said he won't come, Nadal is questionable and Djokovic doesn't want to be vaccinated (this is a must for players). The absence of two Russians from the TOP-5 is also likely. As a result, we get a violation of the balance that has been holding for 10 years. There will be no more odds for winning 0.01, as “in the good old days”. This means there will be a lot of surebets, especially in the first week of the competition (up to 64 matches a day, not counting greenhouses).

Surebets in February

The Winter Olympic Games start on the 4th. Does it make sense to comment? There are dozens of sports, and some of them are amateurs, which is sure to lead to inconsistencies in the opinions of bookmakers about their strength.

Arbs in March

March is poor for major sporting events. Therefore, at this time it is better to turn your attention to the regular championships, which we will dwell on a little lower.

Surebets in April

At the beginning of April, the Masters of Golf is held, and at the end of the World Snooker Championship. Do you think that these events are not worth attention? In vain, in the West these are very popular sports, and there will be more than enough surebets, especially in foreign betting shops. And in order to have time to cover
that's all, learn to use bots - read more.

Arbs in May

May is rich in events, we will highlight only the main ones:

  • Ice Hockey World Championship;
  • Opening French Tennis Championship (aka Roland Garros);
  • Champions League Final.

There is not much to say about the World Hockey Championship: a lot of teams, a lot of matches, a lot of arbitrage situations. Do not miss.

For tennis. Nadal's long-term dominance of the tournament is already in question, meaning no clear favorite and a lot of volatile odds.

The Champions League final is a high-profile event, but you should not count on it in terms of surebets. Everything will be so calculated in advance that surebets are unlikely, unfortunately. Just enjoy football.

Surebets in June

The NBA Finals are unlikely to be rich in surebets, just like the Champions League finals. But be sure to pay attention to the US Open Golf Championship: this is an analogue of the Grand Slam in tennis, there will be a huge number of arbitrage situations.

At the end of June, the "father" of all tennis competitions, the Wimbledon Tournament, starts. We are waiting for the return of Federer (connoisseurs will understand) and big profits (everyone will understand this).

Arbs in July

While all the major championships are resting, it's time to make a profit in the "second tier" competitions. Not in importance, of course, but only in terms of arbitration. But the fact is that during the big summer break, the bookmakers begin to give wide lists for events that usually do not collect an extensive stream of bets. Therefore, do not leave the scanners during such events:

  • the Tour de France cycle race;
  • British golf championship;
  • Commonwealth Games (similar to the Olympic Games for the states of the British Commonwealth).

Surebets in August

In August, you can take a vacation and relax. It is worth returning at the end of the month, because. The US Open tennis championship starts. This is the fourth Grand Slam of the season, so the TOPs are already very tired by the beginning of it. This explains a large number of unexpected results and errors of bookmakers in setting odds. Therefore, this is a good tournament for arbers.

Arbs in September

In September, you should pay attention to such events:

  • Asian Games (similar to the Olympic Games for Asian countries);
  • table tennis world championship;
  • volleyball world championship;
  • major golf tournaments in the US and Italy.

Unfortunately, for many tournaments, the exact date has not yet been determined, so stay tuned for announcements. It is not worth waiting for an incredible number of arbitrage situations for each event separately, but this is more than offset by the number of competitions. In order to manage to set such a number of events, it is advisable to use extensions for quick work.

Surebets in October

Immediately on the 1st, the South American Games (another regional event in Olympic sports) begin. Next up is the World Championships in Athletics.

But, perhaps, the main event of October will be the baseball world series. Baseball is one of the most unpredictable sports. Don't believe? Look at the results of any of the commands. Therefore, we expect large line fluctuations and large profits.

Arbs in November

So we come to the most significant event of the year - the World Cup, which "moved" to November due to the unrealistic heat in Qatar in the summer. Yes, not only here, winter comes as a surprise to officials: FIFA did not know that it is hot in Qatar in summer.

We do not advise you to flatter yourself much about making money in this tournament. Usually, at competitions of this magnitude, everything is calculated quite accurately and is close to the mathematical probability of outcomes. There will not be many “fat” arbitrage situations.

Surebets in December

There are no big events in December, but there is no time to rest (it was necessary to rest in August). The big regular championships are still in full swing at this time. About them and will be discussed further.

Surebets for matches of regular football championships

Are they worth the attention on football surebets in 2022? Let's try to understand the example of the most significant championships in this category

  • England. The strongest championship in the world at the moment (subjective opinion, but most will agree). The championship is in plain sight (as, in fact, all of the above), so it is difficult to get an advantage over the lane. But the number of events and an extensive painting compensates for this shortcoming: something is sure to be found.
  • Interest in Spain is no longer comparable to that which was in the days of Ronaldo and Messi. But it is still one of the most popular championships with a lot of players' interest. This means that bookmakers will give the maximum number of outcomes, and mistakes in this variety are inevitable.
  • Italy is now one of the most spectacular championships. Both in terms of game quality and performance. Therefore, his popularity is constantly growing, and even the departure of Ronaldo did not affect this. You, too, do not lag behind, there will be surebets.
  • Germany is first and foremost Lewandowski from Bavaria, undeservedly offended by the absence of the Golden Ball this year (and in the past, to be honest). There is much less interest in other teams (except for Borussia and Holland, perhaps), but even this is enough to create a stir. It will definitely be profitable to catch arbs here.
  • France has made a huge leap in terms of fan interest. “Guilty” for everything PSG – first there were Neymar and Mbappe, now Messi has joined them. This is a guarantee that bookmakers will give huge lists with a considerable number of errors.
  • Eurocups are always a storehouse of arbs, because it is more difficult to predict the result here. Plus, in each country they tend to bet more on their own, and bookmakers do not always have time to correct these distortions. The most “fat” time is the end of summer and autumn. At this time there are qualifying rounds and group tournaments. There are many matches, and at that moment it is still difficult to assess the strength and prospects of each team.

What about other championships? You can make money on surebets at almost any European championship - enough bookmakers give murals on them. Sometimes it’s even more profitable to work for them: there is less information, which means there are more bookmakers’ mistakes. You can also add to your circle of vision such championships in 2022:

  • Japan;
  • South Korea;
  • Brazil;
  • Argentina;
  • Mexico;
  • USA;
  • Australia.

In general, the steeper the championship, the more bookmakers give them a line and more outcomes in them. The weaker the championship, the less information about it and the higher the probability of catching a surebet. In the first case, the benefit is in the number of proposed outcomes and bookies, in the second case, in the number of book errors.

Basketball championships and surebets

The Basketball Championship is, of course, the NBA. While Brooklyn lives up to expectations in the Eastern Conference, the Western Lakers lag behind at the end of the playoff zone. The more interesting and unpredictable will be the spring part of the championship. We are waiting for a lot of "tasty" basketball surebets .

But not the NBA alone, as they say. If you hunt not for the quantity, but for the quality of surebets, then European championships are perfect for this. Although they have not been opened for bookmakers for a long time, it is easier to catch mistakes here than in the NBA. Among the TOP European leagues:

  • Turkey;
  • Czech;
  • Spain;
  • VTB League;
  • Latvia;
  • Greece;
  • Israel.

You can also pay attention to China, the Philippines, Argentina. Basketball is very popular in these countries and bookmakers usually try to please them with a variety of lines.

Arbs on regular hockey competitions

The NHL does not need any special introduction, so let's talk about other competitions worthy of attention.

You will be surprised, but among the TOP 10 hockey leagues there are several American ones at once. Have you heard of the OHL (Ontario League), NCAA (Collegiate League), AHL (NHL Farm Club League)? These leagues are popular and at the same time little studied, which creates a lot of arbitrage situations. Definitely worth checking out for them.

In addition to America, pay attention to such popular competitions:

  • KHL (continental hockey league);
  • Sweden;
  • Finland;
  • Czech;
  • Switzerland;
  • Germany.

Arb Conclusion 2022

Will surebets be profitable in 2022? Definitely. Methods, software and people are changing, but surebets still do not die and are unlikely to die. The only risk is that there will be only one bookmaker left in the world. The probability of such an event tends to zero, as you understand.

Will there be enough sporting events in 2022? Without a doubt. The pandemic is no longer interfering with sports competitions. For example, the Premier League refused to postpone matches due to an outbreak from a new strain of Omicron. This is a signal that sporting events will take place as usual.