Arbs in 2021

Is it still relevant to earn money on arbs in 2021? Some betters claim that sports arbitration is "dead", that it is useless to engage in it, allegedly, bookmakers easily find and block surebetters. This is partly true: bookies have indeed become much smarter in recent years, and technology has advanced far. But the betters do not stand still, there are new ways to hide their tactics, and tools are also being created for effective camouflage from the security service of the bookmaker.

In general, it all boils down to the fact that the bookies and surebetters are always at war with each other, only the scenery and weapons change. Making money on surebets in 2021 can be as effective as 10 years ago, but it is important to adhere to the basic safety rules, as part of our project, we talked about them in more detail.

What is arb?

Betting arbs are an opportunity to place bets on opposite outcomes of the same match and earn income regardless of the result.

In other words, you bet on mutually exclusive events and stay in the black, no matter how the match ends. Let's say they bet in one bookie that Real will score, and in another that they will not score. Obviously, in the end, one of the options will play, there can be no third result in principle. At the end of the match, you get a certain profit. Its size depends on the odds and on the amounts you have risked. It usually varies in the range of 1-20%. For example, they used 1000 euro in total and received a profit of 100 euro (10%).

Earning money on surebets in 2021 is one of the best betting methods. In all other strategies, there is a risk that the match will not end as we need, as a result, a loss. In the case of arbs, you do not bear the game risks, regardless of the score on the scoreboard, you earn money.

Arbs occur between two or more bookmakers, but this is not possible within a single betting company. You take two opposite ones (sometimes 3 or more) in two different online establishments and issue a coupon in each one. Then just wait for the end of the match and fix the win in one of the bookmakers. Naturally, you lose on another site.

Examples of surebets

It's time to move on to examples of how to make money on  surebets in 2021. Let's say that Rafa and Djokovich meet in a tennis match. On the victory of the first in the bookmaker "A" give a coefficient of 2.3, on the victory of the second in the bookmaker "B" give a coefficient of 2.2. That is, clearly everything will be like this:

  • Rafa's victory 2.2 in the bookie of " A»;
  • the victory of Djokovich 2.2 in the bookie "B".

We place a bet on each outcome. In the bookie "A" we put 100 euro, in the bookie "B" we also put 100 euro (for 2.2). A total of 200 euro were used. Now let's calculate the winnings:

Rafa won. 100 * 2.2 = 220 euro. Net profit of 20 euro (220 – 200 = 20).
Djokovich won. 100 * 2.2 = 220 euro. Net profit of 20 euro (220 – 200 = 20).
As you can see, in both cases, we came out in a plus of 20 euro. This is 10%, if you count from 200 euro. Of course, the numbers were taken conditionally and are the simplest for the convenience of calculations, but they also occur in a real situation, and quite often.

Note that tennis is taken solely for the convenience of calculations, in fact, you can flirt with any sport. Football remains the most popular, accounting for the vast majority of bets. You can bet on any discipline you want.

Another example

Surebets can consist not only of two outcomes, but also of three. Let's take as an example a football match between Chelsea and Liverpool. As you know, the game can end with three results: a victory for one of the teams and a draw. These outcomes are sometimes vilkuyutsya. Let's say the coefficients are distributed as follows:

Chelsea victory for 2.0;
victory of Liverpool for 5.0;
draw for 3.8. In
total, we will use 1000 euro. We distribute them to three bookmakers:

we put 273 euro on the coefficient 2.0;
on kef 5.0 we put 208 euro;
on the coef 3.8, we put 519 euro.
In each case, the profit is equal to 40 euro. That is, 4%. This is called a three-way surebet. However, it is rarely used.

But don't forget to round up your bets so that the bookmaker doesn't block you as surebettor

Arbs can also lose

Above, we have indicated several times that there are no gaming risks in surebetting. This is true, but there is still a risk of losing. Anything can happen. Here are some examples:

  • You didn't have time to close one of surebets "arms". This situation is very common, even experienced players are not immune from it. No matter what perfect tools you use, the bookmaker can quickly change the coefficient, or a goal will occur in the match. And then one of the shoulders will be unprofitable. And then you need to overlap in the negative, or wait for the bid to come in.
  • The bookmaker calculated the bet with a coefficient of 1.0. It is also an extremely unpleasant story that happens regularly with each arb. The betting company can cancel a winning bet under any pretext, for example, by referring to an error in the line. Obviously, the second shoulder has lost, which means that you have suffered losses. With such a situation, you can only accept it, there is no point in proving something to the bookmaker, you will not be able to.
  • You did not take into account the BM commission for withdrawing money. It happens more often with inexperienced players. For example, you put a surebet, everything went well, the winnings were credited. But when withdrawing money, it turns out that the bookmaker pays only for a certain wallet, and even rips off 5% for the operation. And then you can go into the negative. It is important to clarify such points before making a deposit.

At the same time, it is important to understand that such troubles do not negate the advantages of surebets, they can also make good money in 2021. This is just a workflow that you need to be mentally prepared for and not panic. All further winnings will easily cover the minus.

How to find surebets

We told  what is the earnings on arbs in 2021. You probably have a question, and where to look for them, how to find them. We answer in order. In the 2000s, people worked manually, that is, they opened several bookmakers and looked at the odds to find a win-win situation. Fortunately, today you do not need to strain yourself so much, because surebets scanners have been successfully operating on the market for a long time.

The surebet scanner is a special service that automatically searches for arbitrage situations in sports.

The network has a large number of different scanners. For example, BetBurger, BreakigBet, Surebet, Arbmate, Oddstorm, and so on. All of them work online, you do not need to download anything. You only need to register, choose and pay for one of the tariffs, and you can view the surebets without restrictions. Then, according to the tips, you place bets and earn money.

Scanners show the match itself, the arb, its profitability, outcomes, suggest what amounts to bet, bookmakers, where a favorable situation has formed. Plus, they have a lot of other auxiliary functionality. But we will not go so deep, we will only note that it is the scanners that will allow you to see hundreds of surebets at any time of the day. You can take a look at our rating of the best scanners and get to know each one in more detail, read reviews and reviews and choose the option that suits you.

The best scanners are paid. The cost of their services is about 70-100 euros per month of use. But this money is repelled quickly, because the arbs bring a good income. There are, of course, free services, but we do not recommend using them for serious earnings, rather they are suitable for training and getting the first experience.

How much can you earn on surebets

Finally, we got to the most pressing question: how much can you earn on arbs in 2021? We will immediately answer, it all depends on the player himself: his hard work, invested money and time. Of course, the more attention you pay, the more you will earn in the end. So it is impossible to give directly specific figures here, but we will simulate the real situation.

Let's say that at first the surebettor  decides to invest 1000 euro. And this is the amount that will be distributed among several bookmakers. Let it be between 4. In each BM there will be 250 euro. It will take 30  euro to pay for the scanner services (the cheapest tariff for a week).

Now the work begins. For each event, 100 euro are allocated from each BM that is, 200 euro. The average yield is 5% from each surebet. And it is not taken by chance, such an indicator is considered a reference. With one match, a profit of 10 euro is net. It seems that a little, but after all, you can find 10 or more surebets a day. Let it be 15 pieces per day (this is 4-5 hours of work). It turns out that the player earns 150 euro a day, and at the same time does not take any risks. If you work only 20 days a month, you will get 30,000 rubles net. Enough to pay for the services of scanners and start betting in larger amounts.

If we assume that 1000 euro are staked for each arb (500 euro for each outcome), then the net profit for the total of 20 days will be 15 000 euro. Agree, this is an excellent result. Rarely in any job will you get the same amount. Moreover, if you continue to invest the earned money further in the arbs, you can go to larger amounts. 

Surebets are a full-time job

Let's add a fly in the ointment to our article. Yes, arbs bring a good income, but you will not be able to work in a relaxed mode, you will literally have to plow. Good money = good work. Many people expect that they will start betting on arbs events and get rich without spending significant effort, but in the end they are disappointed and leave. You should understand that you will need to sit in front of the computer for hours, concentrate your attention and quickly make bets. One eye to watch the series, and the other to look at the scanner will not work, it will lead to an inevitable loss. Plus solve a lot of problems:

  • Where to get the next drop?;
  • Again the bookmaker blocked the account;
  • The money is stuck in the account;
  • They require a residence permit and utility bills to verify their identity.

And this is just a small number of possible problems. In fact, there will be more of them. We do not frighten you, but we warn you that you will have to work as in a normal job, and maybe more. Be prepared. Of course, the effort will not be in vain, you will earn so much that you will more than recoup all the time spent.

What is the result

We hope you have realized that earning money on arbs in 2021 is an activity that can bring a good income. And the beauty is that you do not need to thoroughly understand the sport, just study the scanners, learn how to issue coupons in bookmakers and do everything quickly.

You will need the initial capital, an account in several bookmakers, a subscription to the scanner, hard work and patience. Do not expect that you will immediately start earning hundreds euro, a couple of months, or even more, will be spent on training and obtaining skills. We strongly recommend that you do not buy different training courses for surebetting that pseudo-experts sell all over the Internet, you will simply be told the texts that are easy to find on our site. You can read more about this in this article.

If you decide to bet on arbs, we recommend that you first practice on small amounts to fill your hand, gain experience. In just a couple of months, you will be swimming like a fish in the water and will be able to play big. If you have any difficulties, please contact us in the comments, we will help you, study the articles on our website, they are regularly updated and always relevant. It remains for us to say goodbye to you and wish you great earnings.

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