Do I have to pay for surebet training

Every day, thousands of people are interested in surebets, they are attracted by the opportunity to earn significant amounts, without having to attend work, get up in the morning, listen to the instructions of their superiors. Half are immediately eliminated, considering that nothing will work anyway, or seeing signs of fraud. Others try, but eventually give up, realizing how difficult and tedious work it is. Only a part of people continue to play stubbornly on arbs, because this is a very promising occupation that can bring in a lot of money every month, if you are not lazy and constantly improve your skills.

Every handicapper who begins surebetting in depth understands how many nuances there are, how many important points need to be taken into account. The first steps usually lead to losses and losses of money. That's when the idea comes to a person's head that it is necessary to learn from more skilled comrades, to adopt their valuable knowledge. Why give money to bookmakers, it is better to invest it in your training. The idea seems logical, but does it have a logical justification? Should I share my finances with all sorts of sports arbitration gurus and experts? Maybe you need to fill your own bumps and learn from your own mistakes? Let's answer all these questions and debunk some of arbs myths.

In the vast network, you can see a lot of offers for training surebetting. So-called "gurus" promise fabulous earnings in a short time and ask for hundreds of euros for services. But you should not believe them, all the necessary information lies on the surface in the open access. We will expose teachers who are cashing in on gullible players.

Demand, as we know, creates supply. The army of those who want to learn surebetting is constantly growing. People are willing to give up their last money, get into debt, if only the "guru" would teach them how to make money on arbitrage rates. The number of various coaches increases exponentially, they write books, develop entire courses, and organize seminars. Of course, not for thank you, for all these dubious products you need to pay, and not a small amount. And after all, many pay without even realizing that the "valuable" knowledge given to them can be found quite independently in the open access, there would be a desire.

Our criticism is justified, then we will try to prove that there is no need to purchase training materials for for a hundred euro. Everything you need to start a professional career, you can easily find on our website, carefully study it, visit the sections, read feedbacks. They are quite enough to start betting without any problems, even from the zero level, that is, if you have not engaged in arbs before, it's okay, our materials are designed to solve this problem. In order to grow professionally, it is necessary not only to understand the rates, but also the basics of financial literacy. But let's talk about everything in order, first let's look at the principles of teaching so-called "gurus" that they are trying to "sell" to betters.

What do "bets pros" offer?

Surebet "experts" promise that they will give very valuable knowledge that can not be found in open sources. They say that these are unique materials that help you earn hundreds of euro a month almost without problems, they say, no one knows about them, but for a certain fee they are ready to share the megatechnics of surebetting. Supposedly, we will teach you:

  • quickly close all "arms" of the surebet;
  • choose the right bookmakers;
  • financial strategy:
  • how not to run into quick account blocking;
  • what payment systems should I use;
  • what sports to use;
  • select markets and coefficients;
  • choose the best scanners;
  • where to buy documents;
  • how to pass verification.

And so on, and so on. It sounds like a beautiful and logical, indeed, the points indicated above are extremely necessary for the surebetter, he must know and understand them. But it is enough to turn on the brain and ask the same questions of the search engine, in response, hundreds of links to various sites and forums will pop up, where similar information can be gleaned by cars and completely free of charge. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you contact the sections of our portal, where a lot of materials about arbs are collected, everything that the player needs to know is indicated. However, we do not ask for money. Know that all points of training at the "guru" have long been known and are in the public domain, I do not want to take it.

You should not fall for the favorite method of sellers of the product when they promise that they will share a secret technique of betting, which does not lead to blocking the account under any circumstances. This is a lie and deception, there are no special tactics and schemes. Despite the complexity of the work, arbitrage bids have a simple structure: we look for events that are wilting – we issue coupons for them as quickly as possible. Do not forget to adhere to basic security rules, in the case of cutting the maximum we change the bookies or buy new accounts. What secret method can there be? Everything has been on a roll for many years, and it is unlikely that it will change in the future.

Psychological pressure on the client

Absolutely all "gurus" focus on a comfortable life, you just need to pay them a certain amount, and the door to the rich world is open. They tell in detail how, thanks to surebetting, they became millionaires, go to the sea every month, ride a luxury car. All this is confirmed by photos. Motivational texts are written, teachers are encouraged not to hump in the office for a penny, offer comprehensive help, friendship and other buns. In a word, it presses on the most painful place of any person – a hateful job with a small salary, a way to get away from it and live comfortably. You must just pay.

"Gurus" are well aware that a person with wealth is unlikely to Express a desire to learn arbs betting, he has a prestigious job that brings good money. People who are dissatisfied with their lives and want to change their field of activity and spend money as they want come to arbitrage bids. It is for them that the enticing texts are written, for them all these photos of luxury, they say, look how I live. You want the same? Buy training!

You should not be led to such nonsense. Luxury is created in photoshop, motivational texts are written by professional authors, their goal is to create the illusion of a comfortable life for the client and make him pay. You don't need to be a genius to realize that all this is empty tinsel, a cover, the only thing the seller wants, your money. He doesn't care about the better himself. A really rich profi doesn't need to put his wealth on public display, let alone offer a course, such pros sit quietly and certainly don't engage in attracting players. The next time you see promises of a comfortable existence, just close the page. Particularly clever teachers show the camera bundles of money, they say, how much I earned in a day. This causes outright laughter, a cheap trick designed for beginners.

What will the novice get?

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for the lure and buying the training from a "guru". A little later, almost everyone bites their elbows and regrets the time and money spent. It is much cheaper to study on your own, and the saved money to direct in a useful direction. Understanding this comes later, when there is already experience and the first bumps in the arbs. Almost no one admits that they have made a mistake by buying courses, it's a shame! A pity, reliable reviews would have saved a lot of newcomers from a rash step.

Training is honestly the "gurus" will tell you about the surebets, to give some screenshots to show examples of the earnings. Will give "valuable" recommendations. That's just nothing new and the supernatural he does not give, so, General tips, obvious technique of betting. That is, the materials that are available on our site, you only need to spend a few hours to get acquainted with them.

In fact, the person will be sold the usual knowledge of arbs, which are already known a long time ago, it was only necessary to strain a little to find them yourself. So was it worth paying for? The answer lies on the surface. However, many teachers try to spice up their courses with something original and pass it off as a chip, "which is unknown to anyone else". For example, someone will give paired bookmakers, they say, bet between them, the probability of blocking will be minimal. Or make a bet after 00: 00 and before 6: 00, they say, the support service is asleep and you will not sleep. Complete nonsense, which should not be conducted, they are invented to give value to training.

Trusting players expect to get really valuable knowledge that will give them a head start before the bookies and allow them to earn significant amounts. he realization that the teacher cheated comes with time, such a nasty and vile aftertaste remains for a long time. But it is almost impossible to make a claim, the person bought the product himself, he was not forced to. "Pros" talked about surebets for several days, even if he gave information from open sources. Didn't like the training? Well, that's your problem, and I've done you a favor, so it's fair.

What will happen after training surebetting?

For example, a surebetter has passed the courses, let's say he was even satisfied and is ready to start betting with full strength. What happens next? Usually nothing like that, the deceived player starts pouring accusations:

  • you said that the n office does not block the account for a long time, but I managed to make only a couple of bets and immediately fell under sanctions;
  • you promised that according to your scheme, I will immediately start earning up to 10000 euro a month, and I can not step over the threshold of 200;
  • you advised me to take only major championships, but it didn't help, I was cut highs;
  • I bought documents from your trusted source, and he cheated me;
  • your betting technique doesn't work.

And many similar queries of the same type. Do you think the seller will repent and return the money? Whatever. He will simply say that he shared his knowledge, and the fact that it did not work is not his fault, because he did not give any guarantees. Like, you yourself made a mistake somewhere, did something wrong. Further consultations and support cost extra money, if you don't want to, then go to the forest. This is the way most of the training takes place.

If you suddenly fell for the bait and realized that you did not get any benefit, do not humiliate yourself, do not write to the seller again. He'll just laugh. It is better to swallow the offense, focus on self-learning, for example, using our site or other sources.

Reasons not to buy training

We have already told you enough about why it is not worth spending money on training with the so-called pro surebeetters. Now let's give a logical argument in favor of the fact that there are no courses that can teach you how to bet correctly, everything is learned from your own experience. First of all, you can ask the seller for a contract for the provision of services, a number in egrip and other details, whether everything is legal. No one will provide this, many even hide their real place of residence, not to mention their passport data. Moreover, if you offer to use a secure transaction in any service, a categorical refusal will follow. If the training is high-quality, why not register legally and hide your identity? In addition, "gurus" trump "thousands of satisfied students", is not this a reason to become a businessman like any normal person?

The second point is connected with the demonstration of a comfortable life. Teachers show luxury cars, post photos from the sandy beach, and brag about bundles of money. If arbs bring such a good income, why is the person still engaged in training? Sit straight and row money with a shovel, why do you waste time and gain followers. Can you imagine a successful businessman who teaches other people and reveals his secrets? This is stupid, because it will produce competitors. Better is  in a similar situation: if you are successful and know the super secrets, you will not share them. This pro and lead to boilerplate objections:

  • Extra money from training will not hurt. Let's say, but if you make hundreds of thousands a month, your services should cost millions. Why spend time for 20-30 hundreds from customers, because you can earn much more on arbs?
  • I want my colleagues to earn money too. It is hard to believe, a person is inherently selfish. It's one thing to teach a close friend, quite another to outsiders. If you want to help really, why don't you teach for free?
  • There is a lot of money in arbs, I am not afraid of competition. Seriously? Any businessman knows that if his chips become known to competitors, they will cease to be chips and revenue will stop. It's just stupid. This leads to the conclusion that there are no chips for teachers who teach betting.
  • I have a lot of free time. Again, the question is, why don't you teach for free? Why don't you spend your free time doing something more enjoyable, like going to a ski resort?

Any arguments of such "professionals" are easy to refute, just turn on the logic and start thinking. The main thing to remember is that no one will share a way to make a lot of money. He will keep quiet and get rich himself. Go to any successful businessman and ask them to teach them the business of opening their chips. Most likely, he will twist his finger at the temple and send it to the far away. No one needs competitors. A businessman can give some General advice, which is already easy to find in open sources. This rule also applies to surebets.

Another aspect that is questionable is the training time. Usually "gurus" offer approximately the following options: "3 lessons for 2 hours", "5 lectures for an hour each". The principle, we think, is clear. That is, for a few hours of chatter, you need to pay several hundreds euro. Courses last even more than one week. What can you learn in such a short time? However, there are particularly clever teachers who are ready to study individually for extra money. But what's the point of changing an awl for soap? Quality training cannot last less than a month. This fact is from the same Opera as: "learn to program in a week", "teach the basics of design in 5 lessons" and other fraudulent schemes.

We have given enough arguments to refuse to buy training surebetting. Do not fall for the bait sellers air. Unfortunately, you can't call them scammers, it's technically fair. They take payment, give some knowledge, fulfill their obligations for the training time. Rather, they are people who profit from someone else's desire to profit. Don't indulge them, see promises of Golden mountains, beautiful motivational posts, just close the tab and don't come back.

Self surebet training

In all sources in the network, the idea that it is very difficult to deal with arbs is a red thread, it requires effort, hard work and financial investments. We fully agree that we have also repeatedly pointed out this fact on our website. It is important to understand something else – you can learn arbitrage rates, for this you do not need to buy dubious training courses from so-called "gurus". Where to start learning, where to ask for help?

It's not that hard. The essence of surebets is ridiculously simple. Find events in the scanner that will give a profit at any outcome of the match, make out coupons for them until the coefficients disappear. That's all. What is more difficult is the endless sanctions of bookmakers who plot against betters, cutting highs, blocking accounts and arranging long identity verifications. All the complexity of arbitrage rates is related to the bookmaker, because they do not want to share with the profit.

This means that our main efforts are aimed at ensuring that accounts in offices "live" as long as possible. At least until the sanctions come. To do this, follow the precautions, you can find out about them in the articles on our site. As you improve your skills, everyone develops their own tactics to counter bookmakers.

The speed of each "arm", which sports to use, and other technical nuances are learned over time. This cannot be taught. If a person is slow by nature, no one will help him. With experience, the surebetter will start putting with his eyes closed, there is no need to be trained.

Where to find useful materials about surebetting

We have already figured out that there is no point in learning the basics from the "guru", all this comes with experience. You can learn about ways to minimize risks in the following sources:

  • Our site. We continue to insist that our resource has a ton of useful material. How much to start with, which bookies to use, how to secure your account, and a lot of other information is in the public domain. Come and study, we are not sorry. Our articles contain all the necessary articles for starting betting, and this is not an exaggeration.
  • Surebets scanners. Almost any service for searching for arbitration situations has training materials, and you can also find a lot of useful information in them. In extreme cases, it is possible to contact their support service and get advice.
  • Major surebet forums. We will not give links. Everyone can easily find the largest forums in the network on arbs. There real players share all the secrets, it is a storehouse of useful materials.

If you are still afraid to start playing for real money, and you need a mentor, then we still urge you not to contact the help of a "guru". In some bookmakers, it is possible to open a virtual account and place so-called "wrappers". A striking example of Betcity and WinLine. If you want, you can practice on them, then go to real money with a full hand. This will be much more effective than giving money to dubious pro betters.


We have clearly indicated the position that buying surebet training is the height of stupidity. After all, all the necessary information lies on the surface and is available to anyone without restrictions. On our site, you can find comprehensive information about arbitration situations, learn how to start, how to consistently move to the professional level, how to bet safely, and many other useful materials. Do not enrich dubious betters who will pour from empty to empty and ask for hundreds euro for this, be smarter.