How much money is needed for surebet

When discussing the betting on various sites, forums, public, a lot of attention is paid to money management and various financial strategies. However, almost always remains behind the scenes, bypasses the issue of formation, the choice of the size of this very game bank. So we decided to fill this gap, to analyze this, in fact, a very important and difficult topic. After all, there should be some criteria for choosing a particular size of the bank. A large bank, in itself, is not the key to success. Of course, an experienced player will get a significantly greater benefit in absolute terms if he works with a larger deposit than messing with a small one. But on the other hand, a large bank can be easily drained without feeling it and making mistakes. And many of these mistakes will be caused by nervousness associated with fears not to lose such a lot of money. So that picking the size of the bank should be strictly individual. On the parameters of determining its size and will be discussed in this review. We will also talk about a number of nuances on working with money in rates.

A bank, game bank or deposit is the amount of money that a player allocates to betting.

Autonomy and specificity

It is very important that the Bank is formalized and separated from your money for current expenses, for some planned purchases and so on. Up to the point that keep them on a separate credit card or e-wallet. And if bet cash in  the office of accepting bets, then in a separate envelope.

This division is very important, especially for beginners and quite gambling people. Very often there are situations when won, won, and then lost. And let me take it out quickly, taking the money set aside for communal, food, clothes and further down the list. It ends sadly. Someone comes to loans,bet on credit money... 

So bets need to be prudent. Allocate a separate amount for the game and do not mix with other money.

About specific examples of a successful player can be found in the article on our website "150% per month - Scam or the true story of the player on the surebets."

Having a specific Bank is very important at the planning stage. It is clear that very few people are engaged in planning before placing. Actually, this is one of the differences between a professional, or a player seeking to become one, from an Amateur, doomed to always drain their money.

The goal, the distance of the game segment, financial strategy and further on the list are tied to the size of the game Deposit. About this set of elements, the mechanism of successful rates will talk in more detail in subsequent publications section. Now it is important for you to understand that the Bank should be clearly marked and separated.

Choose the size of the betting bank



The second important point is the size of the game deposit. The question arises: 10 euro – it's enough?? And 100 euro? 100 000 euro? And 10 million?

Nominally, any amount that we have assigned to play on bets is a game Bank. But it is also clear that the properties and capacities of 10 euro and 10 000 euro, completely different.

Here it is necessary to understand that money has a specific value, which is estimated through purchasing power. What you can buy for 10 euro.? Nothing substantial. And for 1000 euro? Well, some change is possible. And for 10 000 euro? Already something weightier.

If you allocate to the rate of 10 euro. A month betting on 0,5-1 euro. And the result to double, to win on top of net another 1o euro. Will you be satisfied? Was it worth the time spent? The answer is obvious – no. In this mode, can act only quite new, just to feel the process of training. But no more. In all other cases – it's not serious.

That is, it turns out doubling in a month – this is a very good result, but the small size of the Bank negates such a success.

On the other hand, the bank can be 10 000 euro. Let's say a player for a month will make an increase of +30%. This is 3 000 rueo. Not all receive such a salary. In any case, having fixed such a profit, you can already buy something.

And if the capital for the game has a size calculated in millions, then 10% of it can be significant in absolute terms of money.

So playing on the rates always need to think not just a percentage of the virtual wrappers, and specific amounts tied to the value of goods and services in the real world.

It is often observed that the player cannot or does not want to allocate a large amount as a Bank. But at the same time, he expects to win a lot and preferably quickly. For example, use a Deposit of 1000 euro, and for 2-3 weeks to win 10 000 euro. This X10! A very difficult task, especially in such a time frame.

Having set such a goal, the player will simply have to use very aggressive financial strategies, play with a large percentage, take high coefficients on risky outcomes, or even collect Express trains, go "ladders".

Naturally, in 99% of cases it does not end with a win of 10 000, but with a loss of 1000. You should not rely on the remaining 1% of luck. About the ratio of the Bank and the goal of the game we will talk in a separate article. But when discussing the allocation of the Bank as such, it is important to understand this.

If the goal is to make more modest, and the game segment is longer, then there is a question of rationality. For example, does it make sense to play with a Bank of 1000 euro a month and set a goal to double, to win a clean top 1000? Relative profit +100% per month – it's very cool! There is no such profitability even in the drug, arms or oil trade...

But in our example, everything is overshadowed by the absolute value of this profit and its purchasing power. Hardly makes any sense to fool a whole month, even for a few hours on the weekend, over 10 euro. But if the Bank is 1000 or 5000K, and we do doubles, it's quite good.

What determines the size of the game bank

If we are not talking about training, testing some new game strategies, the size of the real game bank should depend on three parameters:

  • Average monthly income;
  • The usual costs in an average day;
  • Experience in betting.

This is a very important point!

We did not specify these parameters from the ceiling. Examples of the hundreds of players who've observed, the pattern is confirmed.

The connection between your game Bank and the amount of bets with money in your daily life should always be maintained.

If you earn per month 1000-2000, you can spend a day up to 50-100 or 1-2 times a month to buy something for 200-500, then you will be not interested in playing with a Bank of size 100 and put 10-20 euro are not talking about smaller amounts. On the other hand, the Bank of 100 000 euro will be too big, and the rates of 500-1000, half-pay, will be too large, cause excessive jitters and nervous burnout. For such income and expenses, a Deposit of 1-2 monthly salaries will be adequate. That is the same 1000-2000, somewhere saved, postponed.

Psychologically comfortable bet size can also be estimated. In a serious game, when the Bank is significant, usually use a surebet 2-5%. This will turn out 20-50 with all the capital in 1000, or 40-100 at 2000. For a game weekend, weekend, it is usually recommended to use no more than 20-30% of the Bank roll. For a person with a specified level of income – it is quite comfortable, because it is comparable to his weekly expenses and average purchases that he allows himself during the month.

Accordingly, for a person who earns 3000-5000, the Bank, in the amount of two monthly salaries will be 6 000-100 000. Comfortable size rates can estimate for yourself.

Of course, there can be no strict rules. The perception of money is different for all of us. But we have outlined the principles and it is better to adhere to these guidelines.

From the above we think it is clear why we are opponents of the arguments about the rates as the only or main source of income. First, when there is a yield of hundreds of percent per month, it indicates a high risk niche. Risks can and should be regulated, reduced, and we will tell you how to do it in other publications. But where possible "x", there is always a great danger of losing capital. And to tie his life, his comfort on the field is reckless. Secondly, if a person is engaged only in bets, then the feeling of real money is lost. When there is nothing to start from, there is no profession, work or business, more or less stable income, it is better not to think about rates. There is a layer of finished gamers, ludomanov, moonlighting handymen, movers, handing out advertisements at the subway, and then draining all the earned pennies on bets or slot machines. This is the bottom! And they started with the fact that they decided not to build a career or business, and earn yachts and villas at rates...

We've painted you a picture. Don't believe me, I can experiment on my life. But remember: the wise learn from the mistakes of others, the smart learn from their mistakes, and the fool – does not learn at all... When experienced in this topic people you something strongly advises – need to listen.

Successful bets on relatively big money are only for those who have income in the real sector, from work or business. Do not hope to "rise" from scratch on some rates. Most likely you will fall to the bottom...

The growth of the Bank and rates should be gradual, in parallel with the growth of income from your core business and with the growth of professionalism in betting.

Bettor experience factor

Let's talk about the professionalism of the player as as a factor in choosing the size of the Bank. A lot of problems, losses in bets comes from the fact that people are dizzy proximity of easy money. Because of the corresponding advertising from bookmakers people are not ready to take bets as a business. Hence many problems. And at their root lies arrogance.

For some reason, no one thinks that it is easy to become a surgeon, an architect, a qualified programmer or an investment banker. This list of professionals in their fields can be continued for a long time. Everyone understands that from the moment of entering the niche to achieving high results, time must pass. Except time need: some personal characteristics, desire to, much work, drive to progress. We want to convey to you one simple truth: betting, sports betting, nothing radically different. You can not come, "throw all caps", put a thousand in your pocket, and tomorrow or in a couple of days to withdraw millions and buy a carefree respectable life. These are fairy tales for fools!

It is also impossible without experience to gain loans, form a million-dollar Bank and win ten million on top. This will result in a very rapid loss of the Bank and getting into an extremely deplorable situation.

A relatively large Bank can be successfully managed only by an experienced player, for whom it is understandable money, not virtual.

In rates can be earn! Ceiling of course there is. But as a good extra income will definitely go. However, it is important to remember that the relatively large and easy money in betting is only for professionals. In other matters, as in any field of activity. If this topic is interesting, like sports topics, feel predisposition to analysis-develop, become a professional. This series of articles, in fact, is aimed at opening your eyes, to give you a ticket to this niche, if you want to develop in it.

Most of those who came to the rates, because of a false sense of lightness, there is no progress. You can't win a lot right away. You need to feel, try, fill the first cones, lose a few small banks. But not to make the same mistakes, but to progress. Then with the growth of your understanding, experience will grow, and with it it will be possible to increase the game Bank.  

That is why various articles of the site provide strategies for banks of different sizes. Beginners will be useful for strategies that use a small Bank with the aim to win is not transcendental, but quite average money. Risks in such constructions are high, but somewhere it is necessary to gain experience. Moreover, the money at risk is small. More experienced suitable layout for the middle Bank. Well, then, with the transition to the big Bank and the safest strategies.