Surebet insurance

Types of surebet insurance

The question of how to insure a bet is often resolved by the bookmaker himself, by providing the appropriate service. The types of insurance are:

  • You can hedge your bets on your own by betting on the opposite outcome. This is not a arb, since the bet is placed at the same bookmaker, and the final winnings may be less. However, good protection in live, when there is a possibility of losing the first bet. Having decided to defend in this way, the bettor must calculate how much it costs to bet on the second option in order to avoid making a mistake, since the closer the first bet is to losing, the lower the odds on the second outcome.
  • Bookmakers often run promotions to insure against a goalless draw in football. If a client places a bet on the correct score or the victory of one of the teams, and the match ends with a score of 0:0, then the original bet amount is returned to the bonus account in the form of points or a promotional code. The conditions are generally similar for everyone, but for more accurate data you should check with the bookmaker.
  • Express insurance. In some cases, bookmakers insure users' express bets. The number of events in the coupon and the conditions are individual, depending on the office, but, as a rule, promotions are used when, in case of winning all events except one, the client is returned the original amount. Moreover, all but one must be won, without refunds.

In addition, there are specific offers from different bookmaker companies, but they have the same meaning - to please the client a little after a loss. Such insurance, as a rule, does not imply payments in real money; everything is tied solely to points, which can easily be lost later.

How can you lose on surebets?

Unlike standard bets, where there is always a risk of loss, bookmaker arbitrage can protect against loss of funds and ensure stable profits over the long term. Surebets require more effort than regular betting, requiring the use of several bookmakers, making calculations or paying money for specialized surebet scanners, but the result is worth all the effort, as the bettor gets the opportunity to earn money.

However, even this seemingly 100% option can cause loss of funds. There are several reasons for this:

  • Poor quality information. Even the best programs from the top of our ratings can sometimes provide erroneous information. Either incorrect quotes are indicated, or the places of the match participants are confused. The volume of information supplied every minute covers up any flaws that are almost invisible, but there is always a risk of encountering a software error that will destroy the strategy being built and deprive you of profits.
  • Bookmaker traps when one of the bets is reset and is settled as a refund. When setting the leverage, it may turn out that one of the inflated odds is a fake one, created specifically to identify arbitrage traders. In this case, it can lead only if the opposite coefficient passes. It is worth noting that there are scanners that pay attention to quotes that stand out greatly from the general mass and mark them so that the user is aware of possible risks.
  • Sudden changes in quotes during work. This problem is especially relevant for live surebets, when the odds change every 10-15 seconds. The entire procedure must be carried out quickly and carefully, since there is a risk of encountering a problem when one shoulder is placed, and the quotes on the second have changed for the worse, and the fork has disappeared. Next, you can act at your own peril and risk, but it is better to better to skip this arb.

Despite the fact that the arb itself is the best insurance against loss, there is always a small probability of losing money. Experienced arbitragers are aware of possible risks and are ready to cope with the consequences, but for novice bettors this situation will be an unpleasant surprise.

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Additional surebet insurance

The best scanners for finding sure bets are created taking into account all the needs of potential clients. Analysis of a large number of bookmaker companies in several sports is carried out in a few seconds, the functionality includes all the necessary functions and makes the work process as easy as possible. Scanners work not only with arbs, but also with corridors and overvalued odds. However, even the most expensive subscription does not guarantee 100% protection. In order to further protect yourself from possible problems, it is recommended to follow the following rules:

  • Setting up surebet "arms", you need to start with a lower ratio. That is, if you have selected an arb with quotes of 1,2 and 9, then it is important to bet on 1,2 first. The reasons for this action are obvious - if the quotes suddenly change, then there will remain a high probability of winning the bet. If you bet on nine, and then the quotes for the second outcome collapse, then you can be left without money.
  • It is necessary to first check all received data. Betters who prefer to work in the pre-match have time to carefully study the offered quotes, but in live it is more difficult. This is especially important for users of those scanners that have extensions installed that can open bookmaker sites with one click and collect coupons. In this case, users rarely look at what exactly they are betting on, trusting the program. And if it turns out that the quotes are completely different, it will be too late.
  • In some cases, it is not the quotes that are changed, but the participants in the match. For example, matches on neutral grounds or tournaments held at the same location require a nominal host and a nominal guest, but bookmakers may switch them out of ignorance or if there is no information. That is, for example, a tennis challenger held in a city has 16 players, but which of them is the host and which is the guest in each match can only be determined by the tournament bracket. Having entered the scanner, the user sees an excellent offer when both outcomes have odds of three, and happily places bets. And then it turns out that both times the bet was made on the victory of one player, and there is a serious risk of losing the entire pot allocated for the bet. That is why it is important to review not only the quotes, but also the outcomes for which they are placed. In this case, the scanner is not even to blame, because it honestly considered the opposite outcomes and found a profitable arbitrage situation, but this will not save you from defeat.
  • Another good way to protect yourself from possible financial losses is to use bonus bookmaker accounts for placing bets. Most bookmakers try to support customers with promo points, which can be used to place bets and turn them into real money, but this point requires a few clarifications. Firstly, if an office gives a ready-made promotional code, then, as a rule, it has wagering conditions that are not suitable for surebets. These are either mandatory express bets, or bets are only possible on the exact score, or there are restrictions on odds. Accordingly, if you use a bonus account, you need to do it correctly. If you act correctly, you can earn money on sure bets and turn points into real money.

In addition to all the factors listed above, you should not forget about the classic actions with bookmakers (How bookmakers’ anti-fraud systems work), when you need to track your own betting history, change bookmakers and not get caught by the security service once again. By following all these rules, sure bets in sports betting will be maximally protected from possible difficulties and will be able to guarantee the user regular earnings. At the same time, there is practically no need for surebets insurance, because the better took care of this issue on his own.