What surebets you should avoid

Our website tells about bookmaking arbitrage and its types: surebets, middles, value bets. In this very article we would like to draw attention to arbitrage situations when surebets should be avoided. Though we speak mainly of surebets, these rules would be relevant for other types of arbitrage as well.

High profit surebets

High-profitability surebets

Do not work with surebets promising more than 5% profit. To place such bets, one must be sure a bookmaker will not refund the bet, referring, for instance, to a misprint in the line.

Only experienced betters can determine “passing” surebets and those that will be refunded.  

What are pitfalls of refunds? They can play either for or against a gambler. If they are “good”, then one leverage of a surebet is refunded, and another gives the income. Otherwise (taking place more often), one leverage of a surebet is refunded, and the other loses. It’s not about Murphy’s law. Usually, bets are refunded due to incorrect coefficient, and this very thing creates a surebet. Any bookmaker can cancel such a bet based on their rules. If you strongly decide to work with a high-percent surebet, please involve an insignificant amount.

Here’s another fact. It often occurs that some bookmakers set higher coefficients to detect surebetters and then apply account blockings or limitations. After betting, they can cancel the bet at any time, and the trap has already done its job.

Surebets in bookmakers with different calculation methods

It is not a secret that each bookmaker has their own rules. How can it affect arbs? For instance, let us imaging a basketball or hockey game with added time.

One bookmaker can count victory only within the main time, and another one can count overtime victory. Rules often differ not only in the context of added time, but also in case of cancelling or rescheduling the game.

Some bookmakers make immediate refunds, and others can wait 24 hours until the suspended game proceeds. Some bookmakers wait even for 48 hours. What can it lead to? If a game is interrupted and expected to be finished tomorrow, the one leverage (at BM1) will be refunded, and BM2 will engage the bet for the final result.

It can be good for a gambler. And can be not. Instability, right? But, in the context of SUREbets, we speak of guaranteed profits.

Surebets at unreliable bookmakers

Surebets at unreliable bookmakers

Surebetters that are clients of relatively unknown bookmakers can face some difficulties during gambling − cancelation of a good bet with no reasons, account blocking, or even suspension of withdrawal. Usually, such a situation cannot be remedied, and technical support ignores messages, etc.

All that is typical for nameless online bookmakers. So, a gambler should be careful when choosing bookmakers and place bets only at reliable and renowned ones.

Limitation of bet maximum

It often occurs when engaging good money. Before placing a bet, check max limits of each bookmaker, because these values can differ. Otherwise, you can lose a surebet. Some bookmakers, for example Pinnacle, specify the maximum nearby the bet field. However, some bookmakers share this info only in case of contacting the support center.

Ordinarily, high-margin games, such as soccer games of premier leagues, have tolerant maxes, sometimes exceeding 100,000 euros.

Games of lower grade (III division and youth league games) can have more strict limits.

Surebets at the same bookmaker

Do not play surebets at the only one bookmaker. Soon, this behavior will arouse suspicion, so the longer you stay invisible, the longer you gain. And please stick to this rule even if you are seduced by a chance of the extreme profit.

Large amounts in the game

Profits heavily depend on the amount engaged. Bookmakers watch for deposits, so leave the bulk of your stack “at home” and work with the minor amount − this way you will not be noticed, and there will be lower risk of a refund or loss.

Do not make haste to challenge all your deposit for a good arb. Having placed a bet for a one surebet, move to another one. Do not increase bet to the same position − do not forget about suspicions!

The big conclusion

Today surebets are the main strategy for numerous gamblers; though, this method cannot give 100-percent profits due to lots of dangers within the process. Remember that arbs can lead to limitations, blocking, or withdrawal suspension. So do not play surebets on account most valuable for you, because such gambling can freeze them, and you have the only one ID card to authorize on a website. One bookmaker -- one attempt. One should decide for themselves on whether to work with arbs, but there is the common rule: safety has priority