Compare BetBurger, BreakingBet and OddStorm

Betting on surebets really can earn significant amounts, while not virtually no risk. Unsuccessful sessions are connected only with counteraction of bookmakers and elementary lack of time to close one of arms. It is obvious that to find arbs manually is simply impossible for this to come to the aid of the special services that do this automatically.

In the Internet, a fairly large number of surebet scanners, vie with each other, are offering their services in search of an arbs. There are plenty to choose from for european users: both the products of domestic developers and foreign resources function in the network. Sometimes the player is faced with a difficult task - on which service to  choice and which one is the best for work.

To choose a scanner, you need to compare several options for the main criteria: speed, price, convenience, possible errors, additional functions. Then choose the most suitable, pay for his services and start earning. In this article, we consider three large resources: BetBurger, BreakingBet, and OddStorm. To understand which one is the best, and who is suitable.



This resource is aimed at professional betters who are accustomed to comfort and quality services. Immediately it is worth noting that BetBurgers scanning speed  is one of the best on the market, for live mode it is only 3 seconds, and for prematch it is about 15 seconds. Such indicators are considered very fast. Rarely, when a player does not have time to issue a coupon for all events, this is one of the main advantages of the scanner.

BetBurger also has free functionality: surebets with a yield of up to 1% are inclusively available to site visitors and without a subscription, even registration is not required. The truth is that the speed is much lower: the delay reaches 900 seconds (15 minutes). It is obvious that it makes no sense to bet on such offers, arbs do not live for so long. This fact can be brought as a lack of service.


This is a rather “young” website, which started working in 2017. Initially, his services were completely free, but with recent users it is necessary to pay one of the tariff plans. BreakingBet is still at the stage of development and improvement of functionality, here all the time they add something new, they collect customer offers.

Scanning speed is very high, despite the "youth" of the service. According to users, for this item resource can safely give a rating of 9 out of 10. Both in prematch mode and in live mode, arbs are fairly fast. The indicators fully satisfy the needs of professional players.


This scanner is the undisputed leader in its niche in terms of speed. No competitor in the market can compare with it. In the live mode, OddStorm displays the surebets on the screen in just 1 second, and at the same time, the lines of several dozen bookmakers are analyzed in almost all the markets available to them. There is no such “smart” functionality anywhere else. In prematch arbitrary situations resource finds within 15 seconds.

In the free version, the service is ready to show arbs with a yield of up to 1% for free, and there are no speed limits here. The scanner works as fast as in the paid mode.


The leader in terms of speed of work can be safely called OddStorm, in second place is BetBurger, and in third place is BreakingBet. But it should be understood that the latter occupies the third line conditionally, since there are no complaints about its speed.


The second important point when comparing scanners is pricing. Obviously, the better the price / quality ratio, the more preferable the service. Not always the expensive option turns out to be the most convenient, and the cheapest - quite bad.


Current prices are shown in the table below:


1 day

1 week

1 month

6 months

Prematch Arbs





Live Arbs





BetBurger provides really high-quality services and their cost for professional betters is low. Therefore, we can conclude that the price / quality ratio is balanced here.


As mentioned above, the scanner works in test mode, until the functionality is fully launched, new functions are added to it and existing ones are improved. Initially, the service was generally free, it showed any arbitration to everyone without registration and without a subscription. But the "freebie" has recently ended, now customers need to work out.

Testing has also touched financial policy, if at first there were three variants of the tariff plan, now there is only one. It combines prematch and live modes. The minimum period of use is 7 days, the cost is only 4,57$, this is the cheapest option on the market. It is also possible to subscribe for 30, 90 and 180 days, prices 13,7$, 38,07$, 68,62$, respectively. The proposal, of course, temporary. It is relevant at the time of writing, in the future, of course, there will be other numbers.


This ultra-modern scanner has a complex tariff grid. In general, 3 subscription options are available: PreMatch, InPlay and PreMatch + InPlay. There is also a division into VIP and VIP Plus. In the first case, the cost is slightly lower, in the second it is higher, but there are additional features: priority when contacting customer support, more plugs, process automation and much more.

Subscription price in the VIP version in euros:


1 day

1 week

1 month

6 months

1 year













PreMatch+ InPlay






Prices in VIP Plus:


1 month

6 months

1 year









PreMatch+ InPlay




As you can see, the prices for OddStorm services are quite high. Tariff plans are designed for professionals who are accustomed to operate with six-digit amounts.


The cheapest scanner among those considered is BreakingBet. Prices here, such that almost any player can pay for his services. BetBurger and OddStorm are “sharpened” by professionals, so they are more expensive, but the functionality corresponds to the cost. For beginners, it is better to look at the first option, and the experienced two services will suit the last two services.


Ease of use is a relative criterion in evaluating arbs scanners. Each player has their own preferences and their own understanding of the convenience of using a particular service. Nevertheless, there are general indicators by which one can judge the quality of resources.


Convenient scanner that has a thoughtful site in terms of design and navigation. The customer here does not get lost. In the main menu, clear tabs that will be familiar to any user. Design in some way, even ascetic, which indicates the focus of the project on the result and the convenience of players, and not on the promotion and own advertising.

But the page itself with arbs is a bit inconvenient to use. The content here is written in rather small print, which will create difficulties for visually impaired clients, moreover, blocks of information are not very conveniently located, it is rather difficult to understand everything from the first attempt.

Surebets can be filtered by several basic parameters: the “life” time, date of occurrence, yield, sports, bookmakers and outcomes.


Despite working in test mode, BreakingBet can boast of a site that is quite convenient in all respects. The design is simple but functional. There are only three main tabs in the menu: “login”, “tariffs”, “registration”. No need to explain why each section, everything is clear. No unnecessary blocks and unnecessary information.

The arbitration situations themselves are in the center of the resource, it’s enough to “wind off” the start page down. Here, developers have taken care of the convenience of users. Each arb event is presented in the form of a separate block, where the beginning of the match, the outcomes themselves, profitability and bookmakers are indicated. Using the buttons located next to each other, you can filter the necessary events by different parameters and carry out calculations in a calculator.

The scanner can be called convenient and fully functional, there are no complaints from customers in this regard. In addition, anyone can leave their wishes for improving the service through the feedback form. Customer opinions are taken into account primarily in the development of the resource and updating the functionality.


This scanner is designed exclusively for professional players in arbitration situations. On the page of surebets a rather complicated menu, even sophisticated betters can be “lost” here.

But for professionals, OddStorm is the best option. There are a lot of tools, filters and additional functions for work, support is provided at the highest level. A convenient and powerful arbs calculator works, there is an automation of the process of issuing coupons in different bookmakers. The service searches not only surebets, but also “corridors”, tracks the movement of coefficients, finds “Polish middles”.


The best scanner for beginners in terms of convenience will be BreakingBet, the price does not “bite”. OddStorm is designed for professionals who are accustomed to working with sums with six zeros and for which the advanced features of the service are important. BetBurger can be called the “golden mean”, it will not work for beginners altogether, but if there is at least minimal experience in arbitration, then it will become a convenient site for work.


No one is immune from mistakes, including large and powerful resources. It is only important how the administration reacts to them: ignores or eliminates them in time. It should be noted that the services in question are not thrown into “free swimming” and do not function anyhow. By their work it is clear that the scanners are serviced at the highest level, and the creators take care of their products.

It is safe to conclude that the errors that occur are promptly eliminated by the developers of all three resources. It is impossible to give preference to any product.

Additional functions

Surebets scanners have long ceased to be ordinary scanners, most services offer additional features and tools for user convenience and even more comfortable work.


The resource boasts an additional service in the form of Arb Helper plugin. This is a special assistant, designed to facilitate the work of the player and not to resort to various tricks and tricks to disguise in front of the bookmaker. The extension will allow you to forget about the proxy server, VPN, various devices and other tricks to bypass the lock from the establishments.

The plugin works as an anonymizer. Even if the user goes directly to the bookmaker, the security service will not be able to track it. The player can select an event, calculate the amount of bets in the built-in calculator and arrange the coupon in the specified establishments automatically. It is very fast and convenient.

Download Arb Helper in the Google Chrome app store, it is distributed for free. After downloading, you need to make settings and start using it.


This is still a relatively new service, so it cannot boast the presence of additional tools and advanced functionality. So far, only arbitration situations in their pure form without unnecessary frills.


OddStorm does not have any applications and extensions to install and help players. Additional tools include advanced services to individual users who choose a tariff plan with the VIP Plus option. This is the connection with the support service via Skype around the clock, even more arbitrage situations in the issuance, the ability to automate bets using anonymizers, plus a host of other small “buns”.


Here, BetBurger will give odds to everyone with the Arb Helper plugin, which really helps betters, especially beginners. OddStorm is inconvenient because you have to pay for additional features, and a pretty impressive amount, which many players cannot afford.


Comparing the three large scanners on the main criteria, we can safely draw the following conclusions for each service:

  • BetBurger is suitable for experienced betters who are already consistently making money in arbitration situations. But beginners will also find a lot of useful things here: educational articles, free arbs and comprehensive support.
  • BreakingBet is still developing, but already has an extensive customer base. Due to the test period, there is a great opportunity to use the services for a very small price. The service is suitable for beginners who take the first steps, although there is no free functionality here.
  • OddStorm. Resource premium segment, so it is suitable only for professionals who are engaged in arbs for a long time and operate with six-digit amounts. Beginners here have nothing to do because of the overly complex navigation and the high cost of services.

Each site has its own advantages and disadvantages; each player must choose the option that suits him completely.