Professional scanners: surebet pro

Novice and amateur gamblers usually consider betting as an exciting hobby, applying simple strategies and calculating manually. Professionals are those who go a more difficult but by far more efficient way, creating their own schemes and engaging rich sets of special tools. Firstly, they use surebet scanners. Such a keyword extends searching opportunities, brings best-product ratings, and allows for working with the information obtained.

Surebet scanner capabilities

Interaction between a gambler and a virtual “assistant” must be apparent, especially speaking of terms and definitions. Using online services makes gambling simpler, reduces risks of mistakes, and saves huge time to look for most profitable situations. A high-grade approach to surebetting that involves scanners such as Allbest bets, A-bets, PositiveBet and others, multiplies the chance of overtaking bookmakers. These tools can be truly handy when flicking through numerous surebet situations in the market. The trump card of monitoring is swiftness. The service can be set up to search among dozens and hundreds of bookmakers — one must agree that a better cannot track all the variants alone.

To pay or not to pay?

The information emerging on bookmaker lines and then obtained by the resource, is analyzed. By calculation, lines are compared and surebets are found. A gambler gets the result using special software on the scanner website. Such computer-assisted searching can be free or paid. Professional betters are those who appreciate rapidity and rich functionality, so it is clear that maintenance of the resource requires grave investment. These spends include salaries of system admins, coders, marketers, and support desk engineers — in a nutshell, surebet searching is a job that deserves good compensation. However, free subscription does not mean low quality — a gambler will just get fewer services, and 10-minute delay when searching surebets of less than 1-percent profitability. The context of stable gaining will always require paid surebet scanners.

Recommendations for choosing a scanner

It is only subscription-based scanners that can bring effective results. Otherwise, a better will be given access to low-profit arbs, negative middles, and value bets — nothing more. Scanner ratings should be taken into account for a perfect choice, as it can:

  • Prevent a gambler from getting fake software;
  • Introduce scanner capabilities to a gambler;
  • Help choose the most appropriate plan.

Ratings give notes on key properties: scanning swiftness, overall search quality, information credibility, and the price — all these features are presented in the form of a combined quantitative parameter. This parameter is the corner criterion that enables to evaluate the scanner potential and the grade of services provided.

TOP 4 noteworthy scanners

At a proper approach, surebetting can yield significant amounts. Just for comparison: a market-average 3-percent deposit profitability in a quite-prosperous country equals a surebetter’s daily income. The thing is catching good coefficients — and this is the scanner’s mission.

#1 BetBurger

Crafted by betting professionals for not only professionals. Famous for deep scanning algorithms. Requires no additional software, works straight through a simple browser. Updates come every minute. Because of the one-of-a-kind system, this scanner overtakes its competitors with high-speed Live-surebet and middle scanning. Offers several subscription plans, with a 24-hour trial available for each. Significant-profit surebets can only be scanned under a paid subscription. Provides tools for betting on the same event in various bookmakers to get guaranteed income, as well as for comparing coefficients of bookmakers analyzed. Displays results that can be sorted by event start time, emergence time, and profitability degree. Enables to calculate profit margin of investments. The combination of a free and subscription-based service makes BetBurger good both for amateurs and professionals. Paid plans give multi-facet information on surebets, middles, and coefficient analysis, at fair prices.

#2 Surebet

Works with around 70 bookmakers. Beside the free version, plans include Surebet Pro and Surebet Pro Plus. The first one requires $10 pay for 7-day use or $30 for a month — this unleashes the full capabilities of searching all surebets, value bets, almost in real time. When finding a specified event, Surebet notifies a gambler via a pop-up or by another means. Live-scanning makes surebets relevant when betting. Surebet Pro Plus ($33 for a monthly subscription) comes with the same functions accompanied by extra access to all middles scanned.

#3 Positivebet

A live-surebet and middle scanner, works in real time. Scans lines of 32 bookmakers for most popular sports: volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and soccer. Pre-match surebet scanning is unavailable. Oriented on handicaps, totals, and main outcomes. Displays bet profitability (%), quotes, and Live-surebet lifetimes. Also, can show the number of middles or surebets having the specified profitability degree.

For further simplicity, offers extensions for popular browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox). Enabled with an active subscription.

#4 OddStorm

The fastest arb scanner is the best scanner. Speaking of the operation speed, OddStorm undoubtfully holds the leadership. The service provides tools for analyzing a wide range of abs — both pre-match and live ones. Processing such a bulk of information, it flicks through dozens of bookmakers within seconds, and therefore this software totally deserves the top place in our rating. Let’s figure out why.

In fact, this rating can be continued as the number of gamblers preferring working with surebets increases, while technology accumulates the potential. Solid surebet gambling always requires paid scanners. Trust verified products only and you will earn well.