Value bets scanners

Value bets provide a stable income to the player at a distance, while the rules of bookmakers are not violated. The client simply puts on outcomes in the line, which he believes are underestimated, so in the long term they will bring in a plus in any case.  The value gives a mathematical advantage over the bookmakers.

To find value bets by yourself , you need a lot of experience, analytical mind and deep knowledge in a particular sport. Obviously, not every better can boast of such a set of qualities, most do not know how to find valuable coefficients. But there are special services that automatically search for overrated outcomes and display them on the screen. The user can only use their services and make a bet, or on the basis of a recommendation to make their own opinion about the event.

Work of such services  is quite simple. Quotes for a certain match and its outcome from several institutions are taken, and the arithmetic mean of the coefficient is displayed. It is considered to be the most fair and objective. Those institutions that offer higher numbers obviously underestimate the probability of market passage.

There are quite a few scanners on the net looking for overvalued quotes. But not all comfortable and provide quality services. Below are the best services.



Well-known scanner, working since 2009. The main direction of its activity is the search for arbs. In addition, the scanner scans positive and negative middles, and of course, value bets. The resource analyzes only the pre-match line, the functionality in real time (live) is not provided.

Surebet is made in a minimalist style, the design is simple, bright and eye-catching colors there. In the menu, tabs leading to the relevant sections with the services of the site. There are no additional tools, training materials.

Resource without restrictions displays bets on the screen, their number daily reaches tens of thousands. Supports almost all types of sport analysed line 74 bookmakers. Although their number may vary both in greater and lesser direction. We must pay tribute to the scanner, events with overvalued quotes here very much, they are presented in order to reduce the probability of passage. At the top are outcomes that will play with odds of 98% or more.

A convenient filter on the right side allows you to exclude bookmakers from issuing, display events that will begin at a certain time. And also set the minimum number of bets in the calculation.

Among the shortcomings of SureBet is worth noting the lack of live mode, the presence of obvious errors in some matches and coefficients. The rest is a very convenient and high-quality portal to search for overvalued quotations in the bokmakers, besides with completely free functionality.

SureBet was one of the first scanners of arbs. Therefore, he has a lot of fans and an extensive customer base.



BetBurger is one of the most famous scanners. Objectively, this is the most powerful service for finding arbitrage situations, middles and value bets. The latter are presented in the tab Valuebets and  displayed both in prematch and in live mode. The service is paid, it becomes available immediately after the payment of any tariff plan for any period. Over 100 bookmakers and all sports are supported.

The resource needs no introduction, it is known almost by all professional players. The portal is professional, there are descriptions of each section, there are a lot of training materials. With customer support provided high-quality two-way communication. There are additional applications for more comfortable and convenient work with the service.

In limited mode, BetBurger shows overestimated odds up to 1% with a delay of up to 60 seconds. The restriction is removed after the payment of the subscription. The functionality of the resource is implemented at a high level, the events are displayed on the screen in the form of a table, each is in a separate cell. Here is the match itself, the time it began, the percentage of overweight. On the right is a calculator, access to it is also closed until the payment of the tariff plan.

BetBurger boasts powerful filters with many parameters:

  • by the start of the match;
  • bookmakers;
  • sports;
  • percent;
  • age

There are page scale settings, content display and more. The disadvantage is perhaps the high cost of a subscription, but it is justified, since the quality of the scanner services is really high.

BetBurger is the most popular scanner.  Its customers number in the hundreds of thousands users.



One of the market leaders in the search for arbitration situations in terms of speed of work. OddStorm has few worthy competitors in the network, who also quickly and efficiently analyze the line of bookmakers and display the necessary information. The service was created in 2006 and in a short time became popular product among betters, today it is a large and powerful portal that helps its customers to earn sports betting.

In seconds, OddStorm scans a line of more than 60 BC and gives information about surebets, middle, value bets. The latter are displayed absolutely free of charge and are available without any payment or even registration. Overvalued events can be detected by clicking on the "Odds" tab.

Information about value bets is presented on the resource in the form of a table with a list of matches and their outcomes. There is data on the movement of coeff. in the direction of increase or decrease. If you click on any event, a detailed list will be opened on it and bookmakers with the highest quotes.

The portal, of course, will give odds to many competitors in a number of indicators, but at inflated rates it is inferior to other resources due to shortcomings:

  • Not very convenient menu and navigation. The content in the search section of overvalued odds is not entirely successful, it is difficult to understand what it is responsible for.
  • Events are not as many as we would like.

OddStorm can be called as a tool for professionals who make a living by sports arbitration, for them there are created comfortable conditions. This site is hardly suitable for beginners, due to the high cost of its services and not very convenient menu and functionality.

OddStorm accepts payments in euros only

Value Checker

Value Checker

ValueChecher is scanner, focused just on the search for value bets, comparing quotes and analysis of the betting lines. 8 bookmakers and the Betfair exchange are supported, the portal scans their markets around the clock and, at the slightest change in coefficients, reports “strange” movements to customers on the site. The resource has only English language, however, it is impossible to “get lost” here, the tabs are intuitive. Any player familiar with betting slang can easily figure out what's what.

Immediately upon opening the official website, the user is taken to the “Odds Comparison” page, here the bookmakers' quotes are compared. On the left there are filters for 20 sports and hundreds of championships in various countries. It is enough to click on the desired event to study all the offers from the resources supported by the BC resource.

Value bets are in the “Finding Winners” section, they are designated as “Value Bets”. Events are displayed in the form of a convenient list, which contains information about the start time, kefah, market, percentage of profitability with the value. The last point is conditional and it is not guaranteed that the profit will be the same as stated.

In addition to overpriced matches, the service offers other tools:

  • "Steamers". Here are quotes that have significantly "fallen" after the release of the BC line.
  • "Drifters". Ratios are shown, which have increased greatly compared to the original line.
  • "Sleepers." Quotes for some bookmakers who are in "sleep" mode, that is, do not change for a long time. Because of what a potential plug is formed.

Using this functionality with value bets, you can significantly improve the quality of the game and get a stable profit in the future.

Value Checker has a separate section with football statistics for various championships. It contains information on the results of several rounds and international competitions, personal meetings, yellow and red cards and much more.

Bet Catcher


Special mention and review deserves BetCatcher. Bet Catcher works only in two directions: the search for values ​​and the analysis of the movement of coefficients.

The design and functionality of the portal are implemented in a minimalist style, there are no additional tools, bright banners and advertisements. There are very few tabs, and only three are needed for work:

  • "Value Bets". Actually there are inflated quotes.
  • "Betfair Moves." Strongly fallen coefficients on the exchange Betfair.
  • "Bookmakers". List of supported bookmakers.

BetCatcher is notable for offering users value bets in an unusual format. It compares the offers of the Betfair exchange and bookmakers, and if the quotes in the second turn out to be higher, they are automatically added to the value exchange. This opinion, of course, is very controversial, but definitely worthy of attention.

Service services are completely free. However, to get access to all the information you need to pass a simple registration. Information about underestimated events are displayed in the form of information blocks, if you click on the selected match, the full data about it will open.

Of the minuses, it is not very convenient navigation, a small number of scanned bookmakers. Plus, you will have to get used to the unusual method of searching for inflated coefficients.

In the “Archive” section, statistics on underestimated coefficients from November 2015 are collected. This is a very useful section for lovers of analysis.

Other resources

Services to search rates with a margin not so much. The above are the most popular and high-quality sites that provide services of this kind. Below are listed sites worthy of mention.

  • Melbet;
  • Bet-mate;
  • Oddsportal;
  • Oddsfan;
  • BTFOdds;
  • OddsXP;
  • Scan-bet;
  • OddsMath;
  • OddsMeter;
  • Odds scanner.

But always be on the alert! When resorting to the services of free scanners, you need to understand that the quality of the services they provide will not be up to par. Quite likely errors in the quotes.

Brief conclusions

There is no such universal service for search value bets  that would satisfy the needs of each client. Certain functions and advantages of the scanner are important to any single player. Therefore, the better must search and select the portal that is suitable for him.

BetBurger and OddStorm are perfect for professionals, the prices for their services are quite high, but the quality of service is at a height. For beginners and inexperienced players, it is better not to buy a subscription here, they are unlikely to be able to appreciate all the functionality and use it in full.

Beginners can safely recommend Surebet. Firstly, the functionality is very simply implemented here, even the most inexperienced better can figure it out. Secondly, the values ​​are shown absolutely free of charge and without registration, just open the corresponding section of the site and find the necessary information.

Value Checker and Bet Catcher are suitable for those who like experimenting and finding new strategies for making money in bookmakers. The functionality of these scanners will satisfy their needs. You can safely use their services and invent sports schemes related to inflated prices.