Spoiled for choice: polish and negative middles in sports betting

When choosing a bet strategy, it should be clear which method would be most suitable for ROI (Return of Investment), and for your personal convenience. The mid-range not only allows not only to reduce the risk of bank losses, but also leads to a stable positive account balance in the medium and long term. And here, the most promising polish middles and negatives would be in the midst of the benefits as the most effective but at the same time understandable game strategies.

What is a polish middle?

The essence of the Polish middle (PM) in the overlap of both shoulders the maximum possible number of options for the outcome of the match (3 of 4) with an obvious profit for the player. Purely mathematically you achieve 75% Chance, which is a good amount in itself. But also a loss does not cause serious damage using this strategy. The profitability of individual applications will be about 12 to 15%, in the case of failure the Minus is not more than 20%.

In simplified terms, a polish middle is used in the following cases:

  • First, after the Asian Handicap will be settled where the Bets will be distributed in two parts (the calculation will be calculated depending on the conditions for the entire bet or half bet) - with the main bet on the favorite;
  • The second bet is on the negative result (draw or victory of the 2. Team).

You must pay attention to the odds-both Sure Bets of the Middle must be the same. In this case, you should expect only minor damage in case of loss.

Important to know! Polish mids are not pure Surebets, which look like an ordinary single bet to a bookmaker, therefore the weather on the part of the bookmaker is not punished. Scanners working with Polish corridors are  OddStorm and ArbMate.

Negative Middles

To put it simply, the negative middle is somewhat similar to the polish middle, but in fact it differs by slightly higher profits. The main points should be considered for non-convergence of operations. In this case, the sporting event must have a high rate in order to fully recover the possible loss.

The essence of the strategy is the formation of the middle based on quotas, which represents the upper (probable) and lower (slightly less probable) boundary. The odds cannot form surebets. If the player gets into a middle, you get as soon as a large sum-because both surebets instead of one become active, as in the case of the polish middle, or surebet strategy. Accordingly, the loss becomes a defeat of both stakes. But there is another way to bet through a negative middle that allows to reduce the number of losses at unfavourable result:

  • On the more likely outcome (upper surebet) you bet more in relation to the odds;
  • On the less likely outcome (lower surebet) you bet with your remaining bank balance.

It's a little like a surebet, but there is an important difference in the size of bets. Thus, it becomes possible to compensate (or substantially reduce) the risk of loss, or to obtain a good profit at the upper surebet.

Important to know! The negative middle, as well as the polish middle, refers to a partial arbitrage, which does not impose sanctions on bookmakers. The bookmaker directs the player to normal betting.

Which method to choose?

If there is a choice between a polish middle and a negative middle, it is important to understand - despite some similarities they differ greatly after the profit. Making a choice between the negative and the Polish corridor, it is important to understand that despite some similarities, they differ significantly in yield. Given that the corridors are not suitable for high coefficients, a positive ROI at the middle distance will show only a negative result.

Polish middles (PM) have a slightly greater attraction for player, especially if you have not yet reached a high level of dexterity. Strategy is remarkable with stable ROI on short and medium distance, and, most importantly-it is easy to analyze. At the same time, Polish centers are much more mathematically advantageous:

  • 75 out of 100 bets bring over 12.5% profit;
  • 25 out of 100 bets bring a minus of 18.75%.

For a $ 200 betting bank, the total return on polish mid-market will be $ 875, which is 4.38% of the ROI. In the pre-game strategies, polish mids are optimal for player of any level, from beginner to professional. Polish middles can also be found in Live surebets, especially in the dynamic sports, where Totals and Handicaps move quickly-tennis, football, basketball. This allows you to leave scanners and use simple betting sites.

With the negative middles it's all a little easier. In the pre-game strategy, the negative middle may also appear in dynamic sports (it would be useless to look for it at Cricket or Golf), but there is one limitation: you must ensure that the odds are not the surebet Odds and can play both bets. Despite the almost complete lack of positive mids, even they can be seen. With Live surebets it is a bit too difficult because of the dynamics of negative mids that exceed those of Polish mids.

If you bet on this strategy, you place a great value on the odds. But you don't have to forget - middles are no guarantee of winning.