Arbs 2023

Professional arbers are well aware of the current situation on the market and quite successfully bypass the obstacles that bookmakers put in their way. Thanks to their experience, they know exactly what to do in a particular case. But all the basics are available to novice betters, it is only important to carefully approach the issue and familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of the process.

Why should you use a surebet scanner?

Betting Situation Scanner is a professional program designed to analyze the quotes of a certain number of bookmakers in order to determine the occurrence of arbitrage. This applies to surebets, overvalued odds, and middles. All these strategies have their own characteristics and advantages, but for competent work with them, it is almost impossible to do without a scanner. There are several reasons for this:

  • The speed of the programs allows you to get several dozen selected arbitrage situations in a few seconds. Some betters try to work manually to avoid the risk of possible incorrect quotes, but as long as one surebet is found in this way, the scanner picks up several hundred. The number of detected situations directly depends on how many bookmakers are scanned and how many sports are used, since there are programs that work, for example, only with football, and there are those that scan more than a dozen types.
  • Programs are able not only to determine surebets, but also to work with other arbitrage. For example, to find positive and negative middles or value bets. This function, again, depends on each particular scanner and its functionality. At the same time, software developers act differently: some create a common subscription for the entire arbitration, while others split the rates, as a result of which it is necessary to subscribe to surebets and conditional values ​​separately.
  • Betters who wish to act according to this strategy are counting on providing themselves with a stable income over a long distance, which will gradually increase. In order to go into a noticeable plus, you need to make a fairly large number of bets. However, if you select them manually, then it will take a lot of time. At the same time, with the help of a scanner, you can practically not apply any effort to the process.
  • Often, a subscription to a scanner is refused, due to its high cost. But there is no understanding that the amount spent on a subscription, with its help, will be completely repaid. By purchasing a monthly tariff in one of the scanners, you can return the money spent in a week and continue to go in a stable plus, using the options presented. Moreover, there are free platforms with their own features.
  • Surebet scanners work around the clock at any time of the year, the analysis of bookmakers does not stop for a minute, so here you can always find the right odds.
  • Platforms are equipped with additional functionality designed to make life easier for betters. Various filters are selected, with the help of which the necessary events are sorted, as well as calculators with hardwired formulas. Thus, you can not only immediately determine the presence of a surebet, but also automatically place bets on its "arms".

This is only a small part of the advantages that programs for finding surebets have. You just need to look at the available offers and choose the most suitable one.

Top arb scanners 2023

The rating presented on the site includes the best scanners that have passed numerous tests and have proven themselves from the best side. Why you can trust this rating:

  • Each scanner is reviewed in detail for its advantages and disadvantages. An unbiased expert opinion is provided, objectively reflecting all the features.
  • The proposed functionality is described in detail. All arbitration situations that the program is equipped with, as well as filters and calculators, are analyzed.
  • Users can leave reviews for each service. This helps to form an honest opinion based on observations from bettors.

The compiled rating is not just a list of popular resources. Here are only the best offers, which, depending on the changing functionality, can either go up the list or go down. The first eight places compete with each other, while the rest are actively pushing them from the bottom. At the top of the top are the following scanners:

  1. BetBurger. One of the most popular scanners that conquered betters with its non-standard approach and active development. For example, ABB was the first scanner to formally partner with a crypto wallet, allowing users to pay for subscriptions with bitcoin. The key advantages of the scanner are its speed and user-friendly interface. Users regularly note the convenience of working when all the necessary functions are at hand, and making any bet takes a few seconds. Another bonus is the possibility of subscribing for one day. With the help of such an offer, the better gets a chance to get acquainted in detail with the work of the service, study all the advantages presented and determine for himself whether it is worth purchasing a longer subscription or looking for some other option. Also, the one-day tariff is suitable for those people who do not regularly engage in arbitration, but prefer to visit on weekends or when they have free time. An additional feature is the presence of a large number of informational articles, with which you can both learn the basics and replenish knowledge with expert data.
  2. BreakingBet. The leader of the rating, rightfully considered one of the best scanners in the world. Having appeared in 2016, much later than its main competitors, the scanner functioned for free for almost two years, building up a client base and improving its own functionality. The developers actively listened to the opinions of visitors and improved their creation. This practice has been preserved to this day - sensible offers are encouraged by additional subscription days. To date, the platform continues its active development, having increased the number of viewed sports to 12, and the amount of analyzed bookmakers has already exceeded 180 pieces. It is not difficult to guess that with such a volume, arbitrage situations are pouring in. Despite their number, failures are extremely rare, subscribers practically do not complain about freezes or dead odds. The functionality of the resource includes detailed filtering, thanks to which you can select only the necessary bookmakers and use each available offer, as well as a simple and convenient calculator for making the necessary calculations. Users appreciate that despite the high reliability of the scanner and its technical advantages, the subscription price remains affordable. Users can choose the desired tariff for themselves both by time and by type of game - prematch, live or prematch+live.
  3. PositiveBet. A scanner developed and released in 2013. Over the past 10 years since the release, the specialists managed to systematically develop their creation, bringing it to the top scanners around the world. Unlike most other programs, Pozitiv is famous for being equipped with a minimum number of functions. Developers are not scattered to create all sorts of functions, many of which no one will use, but direct their activities specifically to the development of the search for surebets. Due to this, the scanner is famous for its fast selection of arbitrage situations, which applies to both pre-match and live. In addition to surebets, the site features middles and values ​​displayed in a convenient format. The user immediately sees the sport, the teams playing, the offered quotes and the percentage of possible income.
  4. RebelBetting. This is a classic familiar to every arbitrator. One of the oldest programs on the market, to this day delighting users with the benefits it offers. A distinctive feature of the scanner is a full-fledged developed software in the form of a separate program that is installed on a computer. To date, the owners of Rebel claim that they have over 100 thousand active users, and even if this information is exaggerated, the scale still says that the scanner can be trusted, since bettors from all over the world cannot be wrong. The program contains modern functionality and additional features, such as filters and calculators. The interface is made in more than ten languages. Despite the fact that the scanner has been on the market for more than 15 years, the creators continue to pay regular attention to it, making prompt updates and increasing the coverage of betting companies whose quotes are scanned to identify arbitrage situations. At the same time, cooperation is not only with bookies, but also with exchanges, which, as you know, are more loyal to arbitrageurs. Rebel's regular customers note a rather high subscription price, which, however, is quickly recouped, as well as a user-friendly program interface that allows you to quickly find the necessary function.
  5. ArbMate. A relatively new scanner developed in 2018 and immediately established itself as one of the best programs for selecting arbitrage situations. The developers managed to combine the modern design of the site, which includes advanced functionality, and powerful technical equipment. Work can be done both in pre-match and live, and in addition to surebets, there are middles and even Polish middles, which are not so common. The subscription to the scanner is created in a unique way - it is divided into two types, one of which includes only the main bookmakers that are respected by betters and often flicker in the selection of arbitrage situations, and the second - all other companies. Such a division allows the user to pay only for the necessary information, since in other scanners there are often situations when the program analyzes data from more than 100 bookmakers, and the client uses only 5 of them. Additional advantages of the resource are high speed, thanks to which information is delivered as quickly as possible, as well as the possibility of subscribing for one day, which gives a chance to get acquainted with the work of the resource and draw your own conclusions.
  6. The Forks. The compact and accessible program is distinguished by its ease of use and the possibility of free monitoring of 1% surebets. The scanner was developed by the creators of PositiveBet and uses the same data, but at the same time it is equipped with its own advantages, such as a convenient calculator that can automatically place the surebet shoulders, as well as a built-in web browser, thanks to which the selected event is immediately added to the coupons of playing bookmakers, and the user remains just place a bet. Such functionality significantly speeds up the process of placing a bet, which is especially important when working in live. At the same time, the quality of the arbitration situations themselves offered to users is beyond doubt, since Positive is famous for the reliability of the data provided, which was reflected in its younger brother.
  7. Oddsjam. This scanner is quite different from the rest, as it was developed by North American specialists and, first of all, is intended for work in the domestic market. This imposes a number of features on it that distinguish it from other representatives of the scanner rating. The program works mainly with American bookmakers. Despite the fact that data from more than a hundred companies is analyzed, most of them are unfamiliar to global bettors. There is a minus in this, since the user does not know what to expect from this or that bookmaker, but there is also a plus - North American bookmakers do not often encounter betting arbitrage, which means they are more loyal to arbers. Another feature is that sports that are popular in the United States are used. Having entered surebets or values, at the top of the proposed events, the better will see offers for baseball or American football. Hockey and basketball are also held in high esteem, but other sports, such as football or tennis, are not so common. Among the declared types there is even golf, but it will not be easy to find arbitration for it. In terms of functional features, it cannot be said that Oddsjam is ahead of the rest, but everything is done soundly and works without interruption.

Special attention should be paid to recent data. Judging by the available information, a new scanner - Arbray - will start working in the near future. At the moment, the program is undergoing final tests and will soon be available to the public. Information coming from specialists indicates that it will be one of the most powerful and reliable scanners, which means that betters will soon be able to find mention of it in this rating.

Features of betting arbitrage

Every year, despite all the incoming news and rumors, betting arbitrage is gaining popularity all over the world. Each person who has an account in one of the bookmakers does not disregard information about the strategy with which you can have a stable profit. Even if the better does not become an arber himself, he still studies new data and tells others about it.

The growing popularity can also be noticed with the help of scanners. If arbitration were dying, then new scanners would not appear every month, as this would not be financially profitable. And now, on the contrary, programs are being developed around the world that are tuned to study the quotes of all bookmakers and find a good bet.

However, betting surebets, overvalued odds and middles are no longer profitable as easily as they were a few years ago. Bookmakers actively oppose arbitrageurs, despite the fact that this is an absolutely legal process. The company does not have the right to directly block the account (although there are such cases), but it can harm the better by making further use of the personal account impossible. In order not to encounter difficulties, it is enough to follow simple rules known to every professional arbitrator:

  • To successfully build a strategy, you should have accounts in at least 5-6 bookmakers and rotate them regularly so that too frequent bank changes do not fall on one particular office. The more active the arb is, the faster they will pay attention to it.
  • It is important to round the bets. Scanners and exact formulas when calculating arbs arms offer fractional numbers. They must be rounded up to an integer value. This is due to the fact that in offices no one uses such amounts for standard rates. Usually standard players bet 5-10-15 dollars, and if the security service sees an account from which bets are made every hour on amounts like 17.19 or 8.74, then this is a clear sign of arbitrage use.
  • Also, arbers often make mistakes when working directly with the bank. Betters try to keep the same amount on their account by regularly making deposits and withdrawing money. Standard users don't do this.
  • Bet on unpopular sports and matches. Scanners analyze the entire line, finding arbitrage in regional table tennis tournaments or the second handball division of one of the countries. As a rule, such games attract the attention of users only when there is nothing else in the line. If there is an account from which such bets are regularly made, and popular championships are ignored, then suspicions arise. At the same time, in such a situation, you can become an unwitting hostage, because if a popular scanner finds a surebet in such a game, then many people who see an attractive coefficient will attack it. And promptly responding to unhealthy activity is one of the main duties of every self-respecting bookmaker.
  • It is enough to adhere to the standard manner of behavior. If an ordinary person loses the amount, then he, focusing on the basics of psychological behavior, tries to return the lost money as soon as possible, taking risks, choosing a higher coefficient and increasing the amount of the bet. If there was a win, then, on the contrary, the bet amounts decrease, and active actions occur less frequently. The arbitrageur, in turn, does not pay attention to the outcome of the bet at all, systematically doing actions that seem illogical at first glance.

The more competently the better acts when using one of his accounts, the longer this account will be able to work without any problems.

Why can't you succeed in surebetting?

Despite the possibility of working with minimal risks, there is always a chance not to achieve the expected result. Unlike ordinary bets, where the better can simply not guess the outcome, in betting arbitrage, losses are associated with various third-party problems that can arise at any time:

  • Modern scanners are tuned to be as fast and efficient as possible 24/7. However, even the best programs are not immune from a possible technical failure. This happens extremely rarely, but it is always very noticeable, because several thousand affiliates can be on sites and specialized programs at the same time, each of which risks suffering. This can be expressed in the hanging of the selection of situations when the resource simply does not provide operational data or provides it with a delay. That is, the better is offered a arb with selected outcomes and a good percentage of profit, he makes a bet in one click, and then it turns out that the quotes have changed a long time ago and there is no arb. If you are lucky, then a larger shoulder will pass and the plus will remain, but you may not be lucky. Such delays are especially noticeable in live arbitrage, when every second counts. During the game, you can make a mistake even without delay. Having placed the first bet, the arber sees that the second quote has changed. The solution to a sticky situation is either taking a risk or waiting for the odds to return to its original position, which may not happen.
  • Classic betting traps created specifically to identify arbitrageurs and further control. The rules of this game are familiar to everyone: one of the events is set to an overestimated coefficient, which is immediately clicked by all scanners. Betters make a profitable deal, and then the bookmaker reports that there was a failure, and this bet will be calculated at odds of 1. Not only are all accounts from which bets on the selected outcome come under surveillance, but the surebet is also collapsing, which carries with financial losses. Fortunately, scanners are gradually learning to cope with such setups. Some programs mark suspiciously high quotes with a corresponding label, which allows you to avoid a possible trap.
  • Separately, it is worth noting the situations when the better finds a suitable arb, enters the specified bookmaker and sees that he has a different coefficient reflected there. This is due to the fact that some betting companies may vary quotes depending on the account. If everyone sees a coefficient of 2.3, then a particular better sees 2.1 and vice versa. It is impossible to say for sure what this is connected with, but it is highly likely that in this way the bookmakers mark suspicious bettors.
  • Account issues. You can face difficulties regardless of how the bookmaker treats this or that better. For example, a arb strategy involves the regular movement of funds between accounts, and there may be problems with the withdrawal. If the deposits in all companies are set up perfectly, then the withdrawal may get stuck. Either it will be canceled for some far-fetched reasons, as the operators of some popular companies like to do, or it will be confirmed, and the money will go to the recipient for three days. The stuck funds required to continue the strategy have a serious impact on the final income, because without them the pot becomes smaller, and with it the amount of winnings decreases. Also, the problem may arise with the direct participation of the bookmaker. To prevent the loss of their own funds, bookies identify arbers and cut their maximum limits. In other words, the size of the maximum bet on a particular event is reduced to negligible values, which automatically removes the account from the list of those who can participate in the construction of an arbitrage strategy.

The bettor has no way to influence most of these situations, so it remains only to follow the unspoken rules and be prepared for the fact that there is a risk of losing some of the available funds.

Using the information provided on our website, each person gets the opportunity to get acquainted with all the intricacies of betting arbitration. Despite the focus on compiling a detailed rating of scanners, we also offer a lot of useful information, among which both novice bettors taking their first steps and professional affiliates can find the necessary data. We monitor the situation in the field of arbitration, check the leading platforms, create special chats in our Facebook group where arbers can communicate with each other, and all this is done with one goal - to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.