Comparison of new scanners: 3Bet, TheForks, BreakingBet

Betting has long ceased to be entertainment. Today it is a real opportunity to earn constantly and a lot. Professional players regularly look for new, unfamiliar to bookmakers tools. So on the market there were services-scanners arbitration situations – plugs. Despite the danger of being locked in bookmaker, the need for a watch to seek out a suitable situation, they are many. Today we will review the best versions of scanners that have recently started their work, and compare them with each other.

3Bet is a promising newcomer


This is the assessment given by professionals to this service. The development of this scanner came thoroughly. The mistakes of many competitors in the market were taken into account. There are disadvantages, but to call them rough assumptions or fiasco is definitely impossible. With this system to search for forks can be successfully put on the Prem And live. Real-time software scans the coefficients of football, hockey, tennis, basketball and volleyball with 16 bookmakers (2018). Diverse professionals this is not enough, but specialized in sports cappers and beginners fit perfectly.

The lack of extra

This serviсe for search surebet is based on the domain "3bet.pro". When you go to home appears enticing landing page with the offer of entrance. The first impression is positive: no useless slideshows, a long history of the company, a list of advantages and other things. We came to bet and earn, not to listen to the praises. There is an entrance banner, links to two services of the company (arbs, forecasting), support, tariffs, affiliate program, privacy policy and other information. Simple and concise.

That's interesting! The service does not offer a free trial period, but you can evaluate its capabilities during the day for 1,5 euro.

Do not hurry with the registration, go to the description of the surebets. Among the advantages, the developers note the possibility of a daily test during the day for a modest amount, reducing the risks on the rates, a clear interface and updating the data for 3 seconds. We will check for compliance with reality. Click on "Scanner" - Live. We get to the page with the table of current events. The meeting line includes the percentage difference for the calculation, its date and time, the bookmakers and the name of the match for each, type, odds and life time. The characteristics are clear, the data is updated quickly. Under the interest there is a link to the operational and current calculation of the arbs The calculator is functional but simple. Additionally displayed:

  • rate;
  • currency;
  • profit.

Special thanks to the developers for the lack of colorful, complex background or advertising banner instead. This significantly improves the processing speed. The page generally consists of four elements: logo-links (to the main), surebet table, top and side menu. Let's estimate the last one located on the left side of the screen. There are a number of useful features.

  • Filter-it is very lacking in some similar developments. After the detailed settings offered by the service, we get a list of only the necessary and suitable rates. You can set the sport, the type of contribution, General parameters and mirrors, select the required or optimal bookmakers, set the coefficients and display only in breaks.
  • Pause and alert.
  • History of bets on events.
  • Quick switch to "pre-match".

Why is the list of scanned bokmakers so limited? This is largely due to the desire of the site to automate and simplify the betting process for the player. Evidence of this is the function of a direct transition to the bookmakers coupon . Sometimes it does not work perfectly, but the revision is a matter of time. Also, the service is not suitable for playing on three-waysurebets.

3bet rates 

Prices are among the advantages of network scanner. There are two categories of tariffs: standard and Pro. Prices for the first range from 6,3  to 16,5 euros package 30 days. When you purchase a subscription to the standard "Prematch" get data from 16 offices, the main sports and 1 suspension. With "live" and Live + Prematch everything is similar. With PRO- rates more interesting. By purchasing the Prematch package, we get 20 bookmakers (additional 188bet, Leon, Bwin, Matchbook), 7 sports (plus handball and baseball), filtering by leagues and 2 suspensions. Live Pro missing 4 extra bookmakers.

TheForks-professional betting scanner

Arbs Scanner for professionals THE FORKS

This is how this product presents itself on the sports betting market. The words are true: the scanner has excellent performance, a lot of settings, worked out block of anonymity and functions as an application on the computer. Read more about the features, benefits and prices in our review below.

  • Claimed benefits of TheForks

This tool is hardly suitable for a beginner. TheForks is a professional program with great features. The official website is on the domain "theforks.ru" that testifies to the domestic development. What do the creators offer us? First, a large number of proven BC, a huge number of quickly updated forks. Also noteworthy is the maximum automation of the betting process and anonymity. But we will not all fall into one pile, we will analyze the advantages of the points.

  1. Built-in browser-the сentral place of the utility is occupied by Chrome Windows. There are two: the first opens the site of one arbs shoulder, the other-the second. You can also use the browser for other sites.
  2. High-quality scanner "Live" - provided by the partner service PositiveBet. The team is proven, there is nothing to complain about.
  3. Intelligent calculator-will substitute the values and settings, will offer a bet.
  4. Detailed statistics on the work with the program for any period.
  5. Unique settings-- choose bookmaker, set account parameters, specify outcomes and limits. Opportunities mass, only enjoy.

There are additional features. The utility makes serious demands with hardware: one dual-core processor with 2.5 GHz on each what is worth. However, the softwear offers to configure the application for the computer. The function protects against equipment overload and prolongs its service life. Also stated emulation and quick update of plugs. The utility is designed for Windows machines, but you can use a virtual machine or VDS on Linux and MacOS. Let's check the facts for compliance with reality.

  • Work area

Surebets are displayed in a convenient table format. There are several main indicators: sports, profit, bookmakers, odds, bet, event. Everything is clear and simple. The service is looking for arbitrage on football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, futsal, table tennis, badminton. The main can be considered the first five. Here we begin to understand that 3Bet is not so much inferior to competitors in sports. But in bookmakers TheForks has a clear advantage of the market-more than 30 positions. 

To purchase the program, you must register on the website. Next, download the installer, open the software, entering the login and password of the resource. The main part of the workspace is those two browser Windows. At the top is a menu bar. It is represented by settings, bookmakers, arbs and calculator. The bottom line shows the type of network connection – VPN. In the field of surebets is not recommended to work with a pair of accounts and one IP. It was noted above that bookmakers do not like such enterprises very much. To exclude such development of events TheForks offers a three-tiered filter of anonymity. VPN is the first level. The application offers a choice of a wide list of countries and IP. The parameter is set in the settings. If the VPN stops working, the page either fails to load or the system switches to the second level of protection – Frigate. It is also possible to additionally set your proxy – recommended for reliability.

Attention! A number of bookmakers works only in certain countries. Keep this in mind when setting your anonymity settings.

The program code is constantly being improved. Thanks to this approach, the utility does not hang (when the system requirements are met). This is really noticeable already at the first launch. The auxiliary menu starts with the settings. This is an extensive section that requires study. In the main user waiting for sound settings, browser, currency. The next tab is "Bookmakers". Here everything is as simple as possible: select the bookmaker that will be scanned, set the mirror address, if you use the utility without a proxy. In section surebets and rates users expect simple configuration parameters the yield ratios sports. "Help " and" about " need no explanation.

  • Additional function

As part of this service, they greatly simplify life. In the "bookmaker" tab you can set up the login data on the websites of bookmakers. You can specify multiple options. To use the function, select one of the browser Windows, click "bookmaker", put a tick next to the desired account. As a result, the site immediately automatically loads the required profile – saving time. Calculator in the application is simple and quite functional. In the "Forks" section the player is waiting for exactly the same, only combined with the table of current arbitrations. It is convenient that the current pair of bets is highlighted in green, and outdated – in red. The rest is very clear and simple, we will not stop.

  • Prices

The developers offer 4 tariffs. The first-demonstrative, e having special value. The second was called "Day". It costs about 750 rubles ($11.5) and is valid for 24 hours. The user receives a fork with no limit on the percentage of all sports, full functionality, but without suspend. The week will cost $ 34.5 and includes all the same + 1 suspend. The price of a month to use the program - $ 115. In addition to the increased period, the player is given 2 suspens.

Generous developers can not be called, but the product is worth the money. The utility works like a clock, has a rich functionality, offers full automation of bets. Just go, configure everything for yourself, select the event in the table and quickly put on outcomes. According to users, everything pays off in full in the first month.

BreakingBet - universal scanner for reasonable price

This scanner is great for both novice and professional. Innovations in the world of betting are no different, but this is truly a universal option for forks. The service does not have an application similar to 3Bet, but provides rich functionality, high-quality arbitrage by well-known bookmakers and a wide range of sports. This service is one of the few offering MMA arbitration. But the majority of players and kappers are attracted to others by the price. Month price for Prematch and Live will cost 12 euros. It is really tempting. We will see if this scanner is good.

Why do we need too much? When developing BreakingBet, they adhered to this principle. Going through the domain "breaking-bet.com", we get to the page with the main table of arbs. The information in them is already being updated, but the values ​​of the key parameters are hidden until the subscription is paid. The advertising company was straightforward, but effective: the creators simply gave the opportunity to use their scanner for a free game. The result was a simple but effective product, which is appreciated by many professionals and is actively being mastered by beginners.

At first glance, the developers did not make us happy with the panel of additional functions or the context menu, but everything is available in one window. Click on the "Profit" and enter the values ​​of the variation of interest, on the "Bookmaker" and select the bookmaker. You can also set the lifetime of the event. Although wait ... Found ugly, but an extensive panel of surebet settings in the upper right corner of the table. Here you can select the time zone, set the sound and alert options. Click on the gear, a window pops up full settings. Here we see:

  • profit, time, bookmakers;
  • available convenient sorting by percentage, period of life;
  • there is a setting for the type of event (Prematch, Live), the sport;
  • additionally there are columns of originality and its groups.

Having studied the table in detail, we find the personal parameters of the events on the right side of each row. It can be deleted, noted, instantly calculated on a calculator. The latter is a standard instrument with settings such as the rate and its amount, odds, currency, , profit. You can also activate the function of rounding the fee, accounting commission and even your own exchange rate.

Your suggestions for BreakingBet

The BreakingBet resource has become very popular due to the maximum interaction with users. The developers decided not to rely on their own self, but to take into account the experience of competitors and listen to the players themselves. The site has a special section "Your suggestions". Registered users regularly leave personal wishes there. The decision on implementation is made by voting within a certain time. The service also maintains its own blog. There is information about changes. This is not about world betting news, but useful information on the resource. For example, adding new bookmakerss, connecting payment systems and other. Many players mark the online arbs scanner support service. The administration does not pull the answer, but actually solves the problem as soon as possible.

Which scanner is better

An unequivocal answer to this can not be given. Each service is effective in specific cases. If you are talking about a beginner, then 3Bet is the perfect option. No confusing functionality, fast loading, clear and convenient interface. More advanced players should not immediately switch to TheForks. It is better to master the standard set of professional tools at the BreakingBet site, to understand the intricacies of forks, to get answers to important questions from professionals. TheForks - a resource for masters. It is not cheap, but it gives a real opportunity to make a profitable betting business.