How to make surebets a source of constant income

Thanks to the Internet, a lot of people have learned and continue to learn about such a direction as surebetting. The idea is everywhere that this is the only win-win way to earn money in betting, and without risks, at least in the game. After all, no matter how the event ends, the user remains in the black and takes a certain amount of money. You can say he has an advantage over the bookmakers. They, of course, know about this, and they extremely dislike surebettors, although they do not violate either the law or the rules, because bets are made on the coefficients that the bookmakers themselves gave. They deal with unwanted users very simply – they cut the maximum possible amount of bets, this is also not prohibited.

After getting acquainted with sports arbitration in more detail, many people tend to start making money on it, because it is so tempting: sit in front of the computer, count the money, don't go to work. Unfortunately, more than half of the undertakings end in nothing, the players abandon the occupation as unpromising. Firstly, bookmakers are getting tired of constantly cutting highs, secondly, financial investments are needed here, and thirdly, it is quite hard and tedious work. No one guarantees that it will be easy. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to make arbs the main source of income, today we will cover this topic in more detail.

The very first question that comes to a beginner is whether it is possible to make a living with surebets? Ideally, make them the main source of income and live happily ever after. Almost everyone begins to study sports arbitration in more detail, read reviews, communicate with colleagues on forums. However, there is scattered information everywhere, someone believes that arbs have long been "dead", and it is unrealistic to earn on them, someone claims that he earns hundreds of thousands a month and lives richly. So who should I trust?

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but everyone needs to believe. Now we will explain our position. It all depends on the attitude of a person to his business. If he believes in himself, sets a goal to reach a high level of income, constantly learns, treats surebets as a real source of profit, then he will achieve success in any case. If he argues that arbitration is a pernicious occupation, then nothing will work out. So all the statements in the network are true, just someone did not have enough patience, and someone worked hard and became a professional surebet maker.

Unfortunately, a large layer of players is eliminated at the initial stage, because they misinterpreted the arbs, expected more, wanted to earn a million right away. That is, they have developed the wrong strategy. We will give tips on how to start betting on arbitration in sports, what to expect, what amounts of income, how much you need to invest, and so on. We hope that the article will be useful for everyone.

What is given

We expect that the readers of this article are no longer beginners who need to explain the basics of surebets. Otherwise, you should first read the training materials, they are available here, on our website. In theory, you already know what arbitration situations are, you understand that you need to buy scanner services, how to use them. We are ready to cut the highs from the bookmakers, perhaps we have already tried to bet and got some profit. But you are tormented by a natural question: how much can you earn on atbs? Is it really possible to make them the main source of income that will ensure a comfortable existence? And so on and so on.

Within the framework of the article, we will consistently go through the entire path of the arb, starting from the very beginning of the activity to professional work. We will give specific tips, examples and other useful information.

How to start placing bets

First of all, it is worth understanding that at first financial investments will be needed, you can not do without them. First of all, this is the replenishment of the account in bookmakers, the purchase of a subscription to scanners. And these are only the most necessary expenses, then new articles will be added, but we will not discuss them yet.

So, you have decided to become a surebettor, it is planned that in the future this will become the main job that provides good earnings. Many people already make a gross mistake at this stage – they want a lot at once, not realizing that this does not happen. You can't immediately start earning tens of thousands a week by reading a couple of articles and finding a couple of arbs. You need to go to this gradually, gain experience, increase working hours, learn about the principles of each bookmaker. We must be prepared for the fact that at first there will be losses, offensive losses, perhaps even going into negative territory. This is normal, everyone goes along this path.

Determine the size of the pot for bets

How much money do I need? Perhaps the main question for beginners. Someone is ready to immediately invest 10 000 euro, someone is not more than 100. Our advice is to start with the minimum amounts. In general, 500 euro  will go for training. We distribute them to three or four bookmakers, we put them at a minimum, we develop skills, we improve our skills. Over time, it will be possible to invest significant money. In the meantime, the pot should be minimal, it is not so offensive to lose it if something happens.

How many bookmakers to choose

You can often see recommendations that you need to take as many bookmakers as possible, supposedly, so there is more profit. It is, of course, so, but it is difficult for a beginner to adapt to several operators at once. It is better to take no more than 3-4 bookmakers at the beginning of your career and distribute your pot between them. Gradually, the number of bookyes will grow, it will be easier to work with each of them, there will be an understanding of where it is better to play, and which brands to avoid. For the best choice, we recommend that you read the review of the best BM.

Choosing surebets

Initially, we work only on pre-match arbs, they are safer, the risks of not having time to close one of the "arms" tend to zero. Yes, there will be fewer of them, the profitability is lower, but they are ideal for experience and training. Gradually we switch to Live mode, at first we put it only during the break of matches, then we start using any surebet.

Choosing a scanner

Surebets scanners are different, somewhere more expensive, somewhere cheaper. At first, inexpensive services that are looking for arbitration situations in 10-20 BM will be suitable. Their functionality is not as extensive as in large projects, but the prices for services are significantly lower. Professional tools are suitable for surebets makers who earn five-digit amounts and who need a lot of additional tools.

How long does the training last?

It depends on the player himself, his desire to learn, initial skills, level of intelligence. For someone, a couple of weeks of training is enough to reach a new level, for someone, 6 months is not enough. In any case, the player must decide on his own when he is ready for professional activity. The obvious signs are growing incomes, a shortage of arbs, a confident exit to the plus. On average, it takes about a month to fully get used to the topic of sports arbitration.

What will be the earnings

It is difficult to talk about earnings at the initial stage, because the bettor trains, fills his hand, gains experience. Nevertheless, the figures are still encouraging. Let's say that 500 euro of the bank have been allocated for 3 bookies. Each one has 150 euro, as a result, 450 are involved, another 50 is a reserve in case you need to urgently deposit money to one of the BM.

Let's take the average figures for profitability and the number of arbs per day. Let's say that rates with 5% profitability are used, about 10 events per day are involved, this is quite realistic. 20% of the bank is allocated for each arb, that is, 30 euro are used in each bookie for one game session. Now let's calculate what the earnings for one month can be in the future. We get 5% profit from each arbitration rate, that is, 1,5 euro (from 300 euro). There are 10 coupons per day, which gives us 150 euro. For a month, this is 4500 euro. This means that the yield when using 4,500 rubles is 100%. A good result, rarely any strategy can boast of similar indicators.

Yes, the amount is small, but we also used a small pot, we put it very carefully, only 20% of it in each BM. We use surebets only in the pre-match, and only 10 pieces per day. Do not forget, it was a training session, which still gave an increase of 100%. Further work will be much more profitable. 

Mid-level arbs

The training is completed, the player is ready to conquer more significant peaks. The first steps are the most important, they should not be ignored. Already at the training stage, bookmakers can apply sanctions and cut the maximums, in this case they will have to create new accounts, or change the BM. We recommend the latter, since multiaccounting requires even more effort, experience and cash injections. How much can you earn at this stage? We will consider the portrait of the average player and give tips on how to work.

The mistake of most surebettors is that after passing a training session, they begin to consider themselves almost a pro and gain excessive self-confidence. This approach will not lead to good. You need to climb gradually, gain experience. Learn the essence of the work of bookmakers, learn to bet quickly and in Live mode.

Choosing a BM

How many bookies should I use? For beginners, 4-5 operators will be enough, a maximum of 6. We distribute the working bank between them. Each BM needs to know thoroughly how the coupon is issued, how long the bet is confirmed, navigation, the adequacy of the support service, and so on. We give preference to large and well-known bookmakers, who, although they reduce the maximums, always pay out winnings, provided that the identity verification has been successfully completed. Offhand, you can call:

  • PariMatch;
  • Marathon;
  • Fonbet;
  • Winline;
  • Leon;
  • Bwin.

And so on. You don't need to be a genius to understand how each operator treats at surebets. At first, you can do without the giants Pinnacle, Sbobet and Betfair. There are few arbs, they are suitable for professionals working with five-digit amounts.

Operating mode

During training, only the pre-match is used. At the second stage, it is desirable to connect the Live mode. It is more profitable, and there are several times more events. We advise you to abandon the aggressive style and not bet on everything, but only on football, hockey and tennis matches. Moreover, it will be difficult to put during the break of the game, during the match it will be difficult to have time to close each "shoulder", you can simply not have time. We connect the Live service in the scanner, even if it is additional costs, but they pay off with a vengeance.

Arbs at a high level

In the previous part of the material, we outlined how much an average surebettor. Now let's move on to a higher level of work, assuming that after a couple of months the better has accumulated 1000 euro and used them on arbs, this is a very real scenario. Let's make rough calculations and try to predict what the approximate income for the month may be.

Number of bookies

We do not recommend increasing their number radically. 8-10 BM will be enough in excess. We will definitely use Pinnacle, Sbobet and Betfair. At this level, the bettor must thoroughly know each bookmaker, navigate them with his eyes closed and have his own list of establishments where he bets.

What are we betting on

It is unwise to bet on everything in a row, you need to concentrate on 3-4 disciplines. We definitely use football and tennis, competitions are held around the clock on them. You can also use basketball, hockey and volleyball. More exotic options such as handball, water polo only if other events can not be found for a long time. Of course, we work in Live mode.

Real income

Our bank is conditionally already 1000 ruro. This will allow you to find more surebets per day and put it safely, since we do not disturb the security service with too frequent arbs events. Next, we will calculate our potential profit.

We calmly put 30 arbs a day, the figure is quite real, in fact, this is the minimum. When playing in 10 bookies, the number of arbitrage bets is off the scale, many can flirt with both 50 and 100 coupons, but we will not go to extremes. We will prefer a safer option with 30 bets per day. We allocate 100 euro for each of them from the bank in all BM. The yield is on average the same 5%.

Then we make simple calculations. We get about 5 euro from each match, at least 30 of them per day, which means that the winnings for the day are 150 euro. 4500 euro per month. Significant money! Let 500 euro be spent on standard expenses related to the purchase of accounts, commissions, new SIM cards, and so on. There are still 4000 euro left on hand, this is a very good result, you will agree. The amount allows you to already think about how to get away from tedious work and concentrate on surebets. At the same time, you need to understand that the potential earnings are indicated on average, it can fluctuate up or down.

Professional level in surebetting 

It is quite possible to reach the professional level in just six months, but it usually takes about 1 year. This is the average figure. It all depends on the talent of the player and his financial investments. Let's roughly calculate how much a professional in sports arbitration is able to earn. These are the people who work with amounts starting from 10,000 euros.

Number of BM

Experienced professionals can work with both 20 operators and 5 brands. Everything is conditional and depends on the player's preferences. Let's take the average number 10, usually rarely anyone takes a larger number of bookies. The more establishments there are, the more difficult it is to keep track of all of them.

What to bet on

The advice here does not change much compared to the item. We recommend taking all the main sports: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball. Plus, you can add a couple of rare disciplines like table tennis, badminton, water polo. The number of BM will allow you to bet on them without unnecessary suspicion.

Choosing a scanner

At the professional level, you need a powerful scanner with additional tools: an extension for automatic betting, a lot of additional sports, corridors, and so on. Their services are expensive, but the quality and number of bookmakers covered are worth it.

Potential profit

What can be the potential profit. At the professional level, it is not limited at all, but we will consider a special case when a player uses a bank of 10,000 euros. He distributed this amount in 10 offices for 1000 euros each. We will put 400 euros on each arb, the yield is about 5%. This means that each event will bring 20 euros.

It is possible to find 30 suitable bids per day, with each we have 20 euros, which is equal to 600 euros per day. A month comes out 18,000 euros net. Let 3000 go for current expenses, 15,000 euros remain on hand. How many people can boast of a similar salary in a normal office job?

If you make similar calculations for 50,000 euros, it turns out that you can earn up to 80,000 euros per month. Does it seem unrealistic? No, it is quite achievable, but you will need to spend several thousand on the purchase of new accounts, since the higher the income, the more mercilessly the bookmakers cut the highs.

Is it really possible to live at the expense of surebets?

The answer is on the surface-of course, it is real. We have given four stages of becoming a professional, in each we have identified possible income per month. Everyone can get to such indicators, it will take a year and a half, maybe two, but then you can live happily ever after.

Once again, the figures given in the examples are conditional, someone will reach them in six months, someone in 3 years. But this does not change the essence: dealing with surebets is a profitable and promising enterprise. The main thing is hard work and perseverance, plus financial investments. At the start, you need to have at least 500 euros, we train on them, then we move to a higher level. As the skill increases, both the bank and the final profit will grow.

In the future, you can safely quit your hated job and direct all your energy to professional activities related to arbs. It is financially profitable. Earnings are ten times more than in office work, plus you do not need to spend money on the road, on lunches, clothes, and other expenses. Our workplace is a computer at home. In addition, purely psychologically, harmony and comfort will also come. It will not be necessary to listen to the exhortations of the head of the tyrant, to fulfill the sales plan, to come on time, to work in a quarrelsome team. Surebetter works exclusively for himself, isn't it great?!

Important tips for successful work with arbs

It is possible to reach the heights described above in just one year of intensive activity. Someone will get it even faster. The only thing to remember is never to rush and not to drive horses, we are gaining experience gradually. It is important to follow the following tips:

  • There is no need to rush to break all the bridges. Do you have a job in the office or online? Great, let them be, you can't quit right away. At first, we are engaged in surebets in parallel with the main (still) work. Suddenly it won't work, or you won't like the arbitration. What should I do then? In addition, the income will not be too high initially.
  • We don't start playing for large sums right away. The version that the more invested, the more exhaust, is true only for professionals. A beginner can easily "merge" everything due to inexperience. I don't even want to describe what consequences this will lead to. First, we put it at 500 e, then gradually increase it, as the skill and confidence grow.
  • We do not spare money for high-quality scanners, their additional services, reliable sources for the sale of new accounts. Greed can lead to even greater losses.
  • It will not always be possible to go out in a confident plus. It may happen that the profit in some months will be zero. It's all the fault of the sanctions from the bookmakers, or their own mistakes. In no case are we trying to win back, we put it as if nothing happened.

Also, many professional surebetters recommend not to focus exclusively on arbs. In parallel, you can invest money in other areas, just to have a spare source of income, even if it does not bring such a lot of money.


We have figured out that it is quite realistic to make surebets the main source of income, they will feed and clothe all their lives if you approach them with full responsibility. The main thing is to strive for this and be hardworking. Do not expect that from the very beginning of the activity it will be possible to reach the level of tens of thousands of rubles per month, this does not happen. It usually takes at least six months to start talking about a stable and profitable job. We recommend you to be patient and gradually become a professional, the reward will be a favorite and highly paid job without bosses and imposed rules. Strive for this, and everything will work out.