Bookmakers for surebettors

Professional gamblers rarely satisfy themselves only with bookmakers of a certain region. Most Europeans prefer Asian and American bookmakers — and it is about not only high coefficients (quite a significant factor though), but also new emotions, experience, and drive for ensured income.

However, not all the bookmakers are that good as they may seem to most novices and amateurs. One shouldn’t start working with a bookmaker with no information about it. This is why we have composed a brief review of the most popular bookmakers of high reliability, offering fair coefficients and limitations.


Having 2M active players and 20-year expertise, Bwin comes as an optimal place for gambling with foreign bookmakers. Located in Vienna, Austria, the bookmaker has all required certificates. Therefore, depositing and withdrawing funds must cause no problem.

Advantages of Bwin:

  • English version supported;
  • High-level help and assistance system;
  • Postponed limitations;
  • Early event appearance;
  • Wide range of supported payment systems (including Visa, Maestro, WebMoney);
  • Fairly high coefficients (value bets emerge sometimes).

Pitfalls of Bwin:

  • Penalties against gamblers considered professionals, up to forced account block;
  • Postponed block of inactive accounts;
  • Small number of sports supported.

Bwin is undoubtfully reliable — one gets in no trouble when withdrawing funds. However, disputes are not resolved as easy; but a gambler still has a chance to assert themselves. Online-chat support desk is rated for 3/5, so submitting a ticket would be the best way to solve a problem.

Sbobet logo Sbobet

A British bookmaker, one of the most affluent international bookmakers. Empowered to accept bets both in Europe and in Asia. Located on the Isle of Man, founded in 2004, distinguished for its tolerance to professional gambling.

Advantages of Sbobet:

  • High coefficients are preserved even for professional gamblers;
  • Fair limitations;
  • Frequently occurring value bets;
  • Arbs often take place;
  • Rich variety of sports supported.

Pitfalls Sbobet:

  • Integer-value bets;
  • Poor event lines;
  • Poor live lines.

WilliamHill logo WilliamHill

Originated in Great Britain and located in the heart of London, WilliamHill belongs to the league of the senior and most powerful bookmakers in the world. Founded in 1934, it secured its weight in betting despite the turnover of owners. Reliability of the bookmaker is unquestionable, and reputation is almost perfect. Besides, professional gamblers should be too impudent to get a penalty.

Advantages of WilliamHill:

  • Wide range of supported payment systems (including WebMoney and Qiwi);
  • Fairly high coefficients and non-strict limitations;
  • Simplified account verification;
  • Rich action and event number lines.

Pitfalls of WilliamHill:

  • Should a gambler be caught and not be going to change their behavior, they are to get significant limitations;
  • Operative termination of bet acceptance for some live outcomes due to continuous monitoring of the sport event situation;
  • Time mess due to the variety of time zones.

WilliamHill would be good to gambling for either a beginner, or an amateur, or a professional.

Pinnacle logo Pinnacle

One of the most popular among professionals, Pinnacle is famous for high coefficients and tolerance to professional gambling. Limitations and account blocks are a rare thing there.

Advantages of Pinnacle:

  • Low fees;
  • Fairly high coefficients and non-strict limitations;
  • Transparent depositing and withdrawal;
  • Tolerance to surebet and just lucky gamblers.

Pitfalls of Pinnacle:

  • Poor number of sports in a line;
  • Poor outcome line, particularly for live events;
  • Too slow bet acceptance for live events;
  • Paid withdrawal (if funds are withdrawn more than 1 time in a month).

Bet365 logo Bet365

Found in 2000, this British bookmaker attracted lots of gamblers from all over the world for almost 20 years. First of all, it is loved for high coefficients, and this factor somehow compensates its unfriendliness to professional gamblers. Bet365 works for Europe only.

Advantages of Bet365:

  • Rich range of sports supported;
  • Fair line (including live events);
  • Video broadcasting of events;
  • Non-strict limitations.

Pitfalls of Bet365:

  • Complicated account verification through classic mail;
  • Penalties against professional gamblers;
  • If caught gambling professionally, scans of documents can be required to be submitted by means of classic mail.

The reviewed 5 bookmakers are truly worth noticing, regardless of bets and surebets you prefer in gambling.