Arber checklist

Let's go through all the stages together and remember point by point what any arber, not just a beginner, needs to do.

What should an arber do in advance?

This section will include everything that needs to be done before any action to make money. If you already have experience, you can skip these points.

  • Get training

At least its basic version. What are fsurebets, how does it work, what is a scanner, how to use and configure it. Which bookmakers to choose, what are drops and how to buy them. The deeper you go into the topic before you start, the easier it will be.

It is also recommended to practice for at least a week with the game “for candy wrappers” - simply select arbs in the scanner during the trial period or in the free version and try to place them, without betting real money.

  • Select the bookies where you will bet

Choose a bookmaker to suit your needs. Based on the ability to deposit/withdraw (check the availability of certain payment systems at the bookmaker). Based on the ability to buy drops (if there is no option to purchase a British drop for a British bookmaker, then you will not be able to register with such an office). Based on your experience (take less risky ones first, then you can move on to more marginal options).

  • Study the bookmakers rules

This applies to both general rules and the rules for accepting bets on those sports that you are going to use in your work.

  • Find out the rules of sports in detail

Especially if these are not the most popular sports. You must always understand how it “works”, what is happening at a particular moment in time, in order to know whether the bookmaker has set adequate odds and whether the scanner has made a mistake.

  • Go through verification

Even if the bookmaker does not require you to undergo verification immediately, they will do so later. So if a feature is available right away, do it as quickly as possible. Suddenly there are some problems, and it is better to find out about them right away than when there is money in the account, but they will not allow you to withdraw it. In addition, sometimes verification is a lengthy process, and it is better to start it early.

  • Buy a scanner subscription.

There is no point in working without a scanner in modern conditions. For example, BreakingBet is a good option. Or BetBurger, a long-time industry leader. If you want to delve deeper into how the programs differ and which one is right for you, be sure to read our material about what a scanner should be able to do.

  • Stock up on a sufficient number of drops (this point is not for beginners, but intermediate ones)

The more often you place bets in the bookmakers, the more accounts you will need in it, since they will cut often. Do not take accounts at bargain prices from unknown sellers - it will cost you more. A good drop should always be in touch and be ready to undergo verification, even if it is a video conference. Scans of documents should be immediately in your hands so as not to waste time and contact the seller only if the option with scans does not suit the bookmaker.

Preparing to surebetting

  • Honestly answer the question “how do you feel?”

Perhaps you are very tired, did not get enough sleep, are angry because of an unpleasant incident, or simply drank alcohol. Do not sit down to work until you eliminate the cause of your poor health. Rest, sleep, calm down. Then continue.

  • Check the accounts in all bookmakers that you are going to use during the session.

So that later the lack of money in the account does not become an unpleasant surprise. Why should you do this before work and not after? Unfortunately, during this time you could have been banned somewhere or had your maximums cut. Go ahead and test popular matches. If the limits are the same, everything is fine.

  • Check the functionality of the scanner and its settings.

Has the subscription been paid, are all functions working, are there any temporary problems with the software. Have you switched to another profile with completely different settings? Or maybe there’s a setting you’d like to change to improve efficiency, but you keep forgetting.

Be sure to enable the setting that allows you to see surebets only with the same rules in different bookmakers. This is done to avoid bets where one leverage will be, for example, with overtime, and the other without.

  • Limit the number of sports.

No more than 2-3 sports should be allocated for one bookmaker account. If you have little experience, bet only on popular events and the most popular outcomes (win, handicap, total). Otherwise, the bookmaker will quickly suspect you of violating the rules.

  • Set a clear money limit

You must clearly understand what percentage of the pot you will bet on each arb. This should not depend on other factors: only a clear plan.

  • Check the Internet

The speed and quality of the connection are very important for the surebettor.

Surebet in pre-match

There won’t be a lot of special advice for the pre-match, since the most money is now earned mainly in Live mode, where arbers are gradually moving with experience. But in general, the points described below for Life are also suitable for the pre-match.

  • To work in pre-match, make sure you have 10+ active bookmaker accounts.

Arbs here have little profitability, so you will need a large number of betting firms if you want to earn more or less adequate money.

  • Check your rates after a few hours.

After 2-3 hours, check the positioned "arms" of surebet. Sometimes bookmakers cancel them, citing an error in the line. In this case, you need to look for another option to close the plug. Even if it's negative.

Arbs in Live

  • The coefficient of any leverage is at least 1.4.

If the odds are lower, then the bet on one of the arms will be significantly larger than on the other. Two or three opposite outcomes, and there will be no money left in the bookmaker. You can take lower odds if you have a large bank.

  • Wait until the surebet is off for a few seconds.

It is not necessary to switch to the fork when it is 2 seconds old. Arbs often disappear within these very 2-3 seconds. And at best, you will waste your time on calculations for a situation that no longer exists, and at worst, you will not have time to add a second leverage. Often scanners have a setting that allows them to cut off forks that have existed for less than a specified amount of time.

We place bets on surebets


  • Round up your bet

After moving from the scan page to the calculator, round up your bets. The bookmaker will immediately understand that you are an arbitrageur if the bet is not round (especially with kopecks). Round to at least ten. Depending on the amount - up to a hundred, because the rate of 3610 also looks strange.

Usually the calculator itself offers this function. Don't forget to turn it on.

  • Check the match score before betting.

Be sure to double-check which account. Information is often delayed, so it is better to use information from independent resources like LiveScore. Sometimes the scanner can rearrange commands, and this is also a reason to play it safe.

  • Check the coupon.

Double-check all information in the coupon. Odds, outcome. By spending these couple of seconds, you will save a lot of money over the distance: for beginners, the percentage of “defects” when setting the shoulders is usually 10-20%, which is a lot.

  • Look at the maximums you can bet.

It may happen that you will not close the arb because the maximum bet on the second shoulder is too small.

  • Evaluate the coefficients for adequacy.

For example, if after 15 minutes of a football match the odds on the total are more than 2.5 as much as 1.55, then with a high degree of probability this is an error. This rate will be returned in 99%.

  • You cannot bet on the last minutes of the match.

Before the very end of any match, the bookmaker may stop accepting bets at any time, and you will not have time to place all your bets. About 5 minutes before the end, it’s better not to touch the match, especially if you have no experience.

The first leverage that is placed with the bookmaker-initiator should be placed, because this is the coefficient that will disappear first.

  • In any case, place all the legs of the fork.

Even if you did not have time to place the second leverage at the required odds, you need to bet on the changed odds. Let it be a negative arb, but in the long run you will lose less than if you do not set the second odds at all. In this case, good scanners make it possible to find the best option among other companies.

  • Do not bet more than half the amount on your bookmaker account

Do not bet a lot, even if the situation is favorable - this is a signal for the bookmaker. It’s especially bad if you bet amounts of 75-90% of the bank. Regular players don't do this.

  • Do not place many bets from one account.

If you bet a lot on sure bets alone, the bookmaker will start putting spokes in the wheels. It is difficult to name the exact number of bets - they are different for each office. Start with 5 bets a day from one account, then you can carefully increase them, taking into account your experience of playing in each office. As soon as you reach the limit, switch your account to another.

Before withdrawing money from your bookmaker account

  • Check when you last withdrawn money.

If the cashout was less than three days ago, then it is better to wait. Ideally, at least a week should pass between withdrawals, but the specific figure depends on the office.

  • See how much you earned in the last period.

If since the last cashout you have earned less than 50% of the bank (specifically on this account), then withdrawal is not recommended. It's better to wait until the number is 50%+.

  • Be prepared for verification/

The bookmaker may arrange additional checks (even if the account is verified). Make sure that you have photos/scans of documents on hand and have a connection with the drop.

Conclusion about the arber's checklist

Of course, our recommendations are general and do not take into account the individual characteristics of the better. With the accumulation of experience, you will be able to do most of the listed actions, as they say, automatically. As in any business you do, everyone will eventually develop their own secrets and professional developments. As they say, keep walking!