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Number of scanned BM
Bets comparison
9.8 /10
Scan quality: 10
Scanning speed: 9
Operational safety: 10
Price: 10

ARB365 – scanner for CRYPTO arbs (not bookmaker ones). The principle of operation is the same, but the mechanics are different.


Without registration

  • Surebets up to 0,5%
  • All excanges
  • All traiding pairs


  • Surebets up to 1%
  • All excanges
  • All traiding pairs

Open (1 day – $5)

  • Surebets up to 10%
  • All excanges
  • All traiding pairs

Pro (1 day – $10)

  • Surebets without restrictions 
  • All excanges
  • All traiding pairs


Important: Arb365 is a crypto arbitrage scanner (in other words, crypto arbs, crypto surebets). This is not a surebets scanner. The service is currently in beta testing, providing users with symbolic prices for subscriptions with a possible income level from one (!) surebet above 10%. In the absence of countermeasures on the part of crypto exchanges, unlike bookmakers, who are now extremely unfriendly to arbers.

Many of us have seen advertisements for p2p connections (pitopi, pitupi) in various chats and social networks and are positioned as cryptocurrency arbitrage. Without going into details, that's not what Arb365 cryptocurrency scanner is about. It works like a regular surebet scanner and compares cryptocurrency rates on exchanges. An arb for crypto is not finding outcomes for the same event, but searching for the ratio of rates on different exchanges at which it will be profitable for you to sell a coin in one and buy in another. The principle is the same as that of BM arbs, but the mechanics are simpler.

The main advantages of crypto surebets over sporting surebets

  • Exchanges do not persecute arbers. How long this will continue is unknown, but for now it is. At the dawn of arbering, bookmakers also did not fight against arbers, but now sanctions can follow  immediately after 1 bet. You look like an ordinary trader to excanges.
  • Cryptocurrency markets are known for their high volatility. This creates more opportunities to make a profit.
  • In most cases, cryptocurrency transactions have lower fees compared to bookmaker margins.
  • There are significantly fewer exchanges than bookmakers - there is no need to break the bank into a large number of parts.
  • In case of an error, your money does not completely disappear as is the case with a loss on a bet in a bookmaker. The value of the asset will remain.

Here is a list of exchanges whose data is analyzed by ARB 365

  • Binance

  • Bitget

  • Bitmart

  • Bybit

  • GateIo

  • HTX

  • KuCoin

  • Lbank

  • Mexc

  • Okx

To be objective, there are also disadvantages. The main thing is to make the purchase and sale of coins quickly. There is no pre-match mode, when you can slowly make all the calculations a few hours before the event.

For the convenience of users, the ARB365 scanner provides a direct transition to the exchange website in the section with the desired trading pair.

Beta test

The service is currently in beta testing. What does it mean?

After internal testing, the results of the Arb365 scanner are provided to a limited group of external users in order to identify possible errors, failures and shortcomings.
The development team expects to receive feedback from real users who use the product in various conditions. This will help identify problems that may have been missed by internal testing and make final adjustments before the scanner is released to the market.

During the beta testing period, reduced prices have been set; upon transition to full mode, according to the developers, prices will be increased. For $5 a day, getting 24 hours access to crypto arbs with a yield of up to 10% (or $10 for surebets without restrictions) is great option.

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