BreakingBet increases the number of scanned bookmakers

Arbs scannerBreakingBet  has increased the number of bookmakers scanned and has also expanded to 9 sports analyzed by the service algorithm.

The scanner continues to analyze live surebets in beta mode. Only 15 bookmakers are scanned in this mode and this is the only reason why the mode is still called BETA. With the increase in their number, the service will be provided in full combat mode, a more expensive LIVE subscription will be available. Now continues to operate tariff proposal that combines prematch and live arbs.

In addition, it is possible to manually pause the update of the list of surebets ("Pause" mode) and automatic ("auto-Pause"). Also was added new settings for the issuance of arbs: tuning arbs for groups of outcomes, the ability to show/hide plug asian\normal outcomes. Finally, the possibility of payment via Qiwi was added, because previously it was possible to pay only with a card.

What can we say? The service's efforts to catch up with market leaders are clearly visible. The effort is obviously not empty. All innovations, of course, deserve the attention of players.