Surebet scanner overview DevilBets

Number of scanned BM
5.5 /10
Scan quality: 7
Scanning speed: 6
Operational safety: 6
Price: 3

Quite expensive but reliable and convenient. Works through the browser plugin boosting surebet scanning and significantly cutting risk of bookmaker’s fraud.

Special focus should be made on the assisting system (tips and hints) of the scanner. Even an unexperienced gambler will get best of surebet scanning, assuming that the user speaks English or German, as the scanner is available on these languages only.

The picture is spoilt by poor technical support that can even ignore a request and leave it without any solution. Anyway, it is quite weird, as developers of such a not altogether bad service should realize importance of customer care.

Alack, pricing policy is not the best, as it cannot be called fair totally.

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15.07.2019 10:55
Feedbacks of scanner DevilBets (5.5/10)


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